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Will The Xbox Series X Have Vr

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Xbox Series X Vr: Microsoft Working With Valve And Hp To Develop Next Gen Vr Headset

Should Xbox Series X Have VR? // Xbox Series X VR Headset?

Could the Xbox Series X offer virtual reality?

As the PS5 vs Xbox Series X console war is heating up, one of the few advantages that Sony’s next-generation console has over its competition is its VR functionality. But could the Xbox Series X offer VR?

Previously, virtual reality has not been a priority for Microsoft, but considering how ahead of Sony’s new console they are, could they be looking to add the final nail to the coffin of the PS5?

HP has teased a next-generation headset with some very hefty claims attached.

Although no details are available at this time, HP has revealed they are collaborating with Valve and Microsoft to deliver this next headset.

Of course, Valve has only just released its brand new VR game Half-Life: Alyx, a game which has been built from the ground up for virtual reality and has had incredible reviews.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is hard at work getting ready to deliver their next-generation console the Xbox Series X.

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According to HP, this headset is a “more immersive, comfortable, and compatible experience than the previous generation,” along with setting a “new standard in VR.”

Vr Continues To Grow Xbox Continues To Ignore It

In recent months, its evident to anyone paying attention that Xbox has been on a bit of a roll. While Phil Spencer and Co. have finally secured some long-coveted big exclusive franchises such as Fallout and the much-anticipated new IP Starfield, their patient long game approach with GamePass also seems to be finally paying dividends as well.

But while the short term outlook for Xbox looks bright, all of this positive progress could be in danger in the longer run, due to the companys continued and, frankly, bizarre refusal to even consider a move into VR gaming. This is a huge mistake on their part, and while they continue to ignore VR, their competitors are quickly taking advantage of their inertia.

Speaking at a recent Wall Street Journal Tech Live Event, Xboxs Head Phil Spencer reiterated his companys decision to ignore VR gaming. While he called all of the VR stuff everyone else is doing great and important, he says that Xbox will continue to stay more on the software side of that enablement, whatever that means.

In 2016, one could forgive Spencers attitude VR at that point was so new, so experimental that it might well have remained niche for all any of us knew. Heck, even I wrote in 2015 that VR gaming would fail, citing a host of major hurdles it would have to overcome to ever be a mainstream gaming platform. I went so far as to use the word undoubtedly, I was so smug and confident in my dismissal of the technology.

Which Vr Headsets Work With The Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has a well-earned reputation for not playing it safe when it comes to hardware. From the Wiis motion control focus to the 3DSs stereoscopic graphics to the daring hybrid design of the Switch, theyve never been afraid to push the envelope and find new and innovative ways of adding some variety to their games.

In fact, they were even well ahead of the current VR craze. Way back in 1995, before the N64, Nintendo launched the Virtual Boy. An ungainly device that rested on stilts, the Virtual Boy rendered games in crude, monochrome 3D. If you dont recognise it, its because it fared so poorly in Japan and North America that it was discontinued before it launched in Europe.

However, there will be no such repeat of the Virtual Boys early trailblazing with the Switch. Though theres no game developer youd back more to find novel uses for the possibilities of VR than Nintendo themselves, the Switch is already squeezing every last drop from its miraculous hardware. Asking it to run a VR headset at the same time is simply too much.Not only that, but as the Switch is limited in terms of streaming capabilities, meaning that while you can use an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive to stream in the same fashion as the Xbox One, its a lot more complicated to set up.

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Xbox Head Unveils His Plans For Vr Moving Forward

It appears as though Xbox is playing the long game.

Compared to competing gaming platforms, Xbox is way behind the curve in terms of VR. Headsets such as the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift have made PC the go-to platform for a majority of AAA VR developers. Meanwhile, Sony is effectively dominating the console VR space with the Playstation VR. Even Nintendo has gotten in on the action via Nintendo Labo VR.

Microsofts Xbox, on the other hand, has remained continuously skeptical of VR technology and its place within modern entertainment. Based on a recent interview with Xbox head Phil Spencer, it sounds as though this attitude is unlikely to change any time soon.

The latest upcoming addition to the Xbox hardware lineup.

Earlier today, gaming-themed podcast Gamertag Radio released the 1,000th episode of their long-running show during which Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox, appeared as a special guest in honor of the occasion. During the interview, Spencer expressed his excitement regarding the newest piece of Xbox hardware, the Xbox Series X, including his relief after seeing fans respond so positively to its surprise reveal.

In addition to the Xbox Series X, Spencer provides additional insight into the companies plans regarding VR. Spoiler alert: its not looking good:

The OG Oculus Rift came packaged w/ an Xbox One Bluetooth controller.

For more insight on the future of Xbox, check out the full conversation here.

Image Credit: Microsoft Xbox

Xbox Series X Hardware And Design

Xbox Series X se možná doÄ?ká podpory pro VR â

The Xbox Series X casts a commanding silhouette. It’s a monolithic slab of matte black plastic that stands 11.8 inches tall, 5.9 inches deep, 5.9 inches wide, and weighs in at 9.8 pounds. On its face, you’ll find a pairing button that handily conceals an IR receiver, a 4K UHD Blu-ray optical drive, a USB 3.1 Gen 1 port, and an Xbox logo power button that lightly glows white while you play.

While the Xbox One was built to fade into the background of your home entertainment centre, the Xbox Series X is designed to quietly dominate it. If you can find a suitable place to stand it , it’ll soon feel like another fixture not unlike that of a PC tower. The Series X doesn’t draw attention to itself, like the provocatively designed PS5 an angular mass complete with pulsing strips of blue lighting that seems purpose-built to attract the eye.

Even with all of these system-intensive features in play, I have been pleasantly surprised to find that the console runs quietly and efficiently, even after lengthy sessions with games optimised for Xbox Series X. The console also runs considerably cooler than the Xbox One X, although there is clearly some expectation that owners will think carefully about where they place the Xbox Series X so that air is able to flow unimpeded from behind the console and up through the curved venting array that sits at the north end of the console.

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Six Degrees Of Freedom Input Device

Alongside the virtual mat, a patent was also filed for 6Dof input device hardware. 6 degrees of freedom refers to movement in full 3D space. The patent calls for an input device with sensors configured to sense motion, data and communications to a central console. It sounds a lot like what a VR headset and controllers do today.

The patent talks about some components in the hardware that aid in performing 6DoF measure:

  • inertial measurement unit
  • magnetometer

Again, these are all components that exist in todays VR hardware.

The patent also lists the ability to sense gestural input, which sounds a lot like hand tracking. It describes the gesture sensor as being capacitive resistive, optical, acoustic, and/or any other suitable sensing technology.

Windows Mixed Reality Status Uncertain

There is an important background to be aware of when it comes to Microsoft’s history with desktop VR. The Windows Mixed Reality initiative started off strong and many headsets received good reviews, but there was soon a curious lack of motivation from Microsoft. At first, Windows Mixed Reality seemed like it could be a central pillar of IT, but the original Steam manager seems to be gone for now.

In 2019, Road to VR noted that Windows Mixed Reality headsets were disappearing from the Microsoft store. At first it looked like a potential lull before a new generation of WMR headsets hit the market, but that wave of new WMR hardware has yet to emerge. Some headphones, like the HP Reverb G2 are indeed WMR compatible, but this is not underlined. If you visit the WMR page, you will mostly find SteamVR titles in the spotlight.

We don’t know if Windows Mixed Reality will suddenly get a boost, perhaps after the launch of Windows 11. Oddly, it looks like there may be an edition of Windows 11 Mixed Reality, although it’s unclear. if it is aimed more at the high-end Hololens helmets.

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Do Any Vr Headsets Work With Xbox One & Series X

No. Not every VR headset is compatible with Xbox. According to the latest update from Microsoft , VR support is not available for the Xbox One or the newer Xbox Series X.

However, this does not mean that you cannot connect a VR headset to an Xbox One or an Xbox Series X console.

You can connect popular VR headset brands like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive to your Xbox consoles without much fuss.

It is very easy to do so as long as you have the right equipment and streaming software.

The only difference is that you wont have that immersive experience as is the case with other applications that support VR headsets.

Xbox does not support any VR headsets meaning the immersive elements and real-life experience will be missing as the headsets only function as a second screen.

This is not the full VR experience that gamers are looking for, but it remains an interesting option for those who want to play with a VR headset.

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It appears Microsoft is not ready to pursue the idea of manufacturing their own VR headsets. Apparently, producing wireless headsets for the Xbox One and the Series X is somewhat expensive, thus Microsoft is reluctant to provide native support for VR headsets.

At one point, Microsoft had its own VR system known as the Kinect, which combined elements of augmented reality and virtual reality. The VR system was however discontinued after it became too costly to pursue the idea.

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Xbox Series X Controller

XBOX SERIES X – XBOX Getting a VR HEADSET? (Patents Awarded)

Microsoft hasn’t changed the basic layout of the Xbox controller in 15 years, and for good reason the Xbox 360 gamepad is still considered by many to be the gold standard. As a testament to its enduring legacy, Microsoft has opted to leverage small iterations on the Xbox One gamepad that leave a large impact. Adjustments have been made by the millimetre to ensure that it is a better fit for your palms. The grips have been resculpted and reweighted, with a balance born out of that decision that stands up to the scrutiny of lengthy play sessions. As does the gentle, tactile textured effect that has been applied to the top and back of the matte-black chassis.

The bumpers have been comfortably reangled for the Xbox Series X controller, while the analogue triggers have been given a little trim too. They are ever so slightly deeper, requiring a little more force than before to achieve a full depression a key differential as developers look towards dialling in greater precision and intuitive control in this generation. The Xbox Series X controller also comes equipped with a new and easy to reach Share button, improved analogue sticks, and a new hybrid directional pad.

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Can You Connect A Vr Headset To An Xbox One Or Xbox Series X

Yes. While theyre not officially supported by Microsoft, theres still a way that you can use a VR headset with your Xbox One or Xbox Series X. Although, you should note that it doesnt work as it normally should.

As Microsoft doesnt support VR headsets, you wont actually get the 360-degree experience. Instead of being in an immersive world that VR offers, you essentially can just use it as an additional screen.

You shouldnt necessarily buy one in hopes that itll give you the VR experience on your Xbox. However, if you already have one, you can connect it.

Using any of the most popular VR headsets, , you can. Its just a case of having the right equipment and software to do so.

Youll need:

  • An HDMI cable
  • The Xbox streaming app

To be able to use any VR headset with your Xbox One or Xbox Series X, itll need to be compatible with the Xbox streaming app.

The Head Of Xbox Is Still Holding Off From Supporting Vr As Platform For Game Consoles Xbox Is Focused On Software Not Hardware

Xbox head Phill Spencer has been reluctant to invest in VR hardware for the Xbox platform for years, and despite the growth in the market, he’s still holding back from jumping into the mix.

Microsoft has VR headset technology, and the Xbox Series X has the horsepower to drive a VR device, but Spencer just doesn’t see value for the Xbox brand right now.

Spencer sat down this week for a chat with the Wall Street Journal, during which he outlined his thoughts on the subject. Shoutout to Video Games Chronicle for the transcription.

“I think that when we think about immersion, we think about mixed reality, virtual reality, I’ll even take it to ‘metaverse’, which seems to be the buzzword of the day now. We’re big believers in that software platform and the devices that will enable that. Absolutely. we’re focused a lot more on the software side of that right now. When I think about immersive worlds and I think about the connection of a player and community, that’s something that’s very high on our investment list.”

There was a time that Xbox was willing to support VR. During the initial reveal of the Xbox Project Scorpion years ago, Spencer announced on stage that the console would support high-fidelity VR. Sadly, before the console hit the market, Xbox pulled that messaging from its website. VR support for Scorpion, and all subsequent Xbox consoles, has yet to materialize. Spencer believes that VR innovation belongs on PC.

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What Is The Best Virtual Reality Headset For Gaming

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Throughout recent generations of gaming consoles, constantly improving performance and capabilities have led to the implementation of a variety of accessories. One of the most innovative and exciting of these is VR.

With the leap in performance to the latest generation of consoles, the Playstation 5 and Xboxs Series X|S – we should expect to see far more of VR.

With the previous generation of consoles, Sony pursued VR much harder with the PS4 than Microsoft did with the Xbox One. Sony created the PlayStation VR headset, designed specifically for use on the PS4 and PS4 Pro. Whereas for Xbox users, they were reliant on other companies producing compatible VR headsets .

This guide will explore the differences between the various VR headsets available currently, what works with what console, and whats on the horizon for the world of VR gaming.

The Oculus Quest 2 Has Proven A Popular Vr Headset And Recent Finds Have Provided Some Hope That Xbox Series X Virtual Reality Support Could Rival The Playstation Vr 2 On Ps5 And Now A New Update Has Provided The Latest On The Situation

Microsoft Shoots Down Talk of Xbox Series X VR Support

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The Oculus Quest 2 has proven one of the more popular VR headsets on the market, and while it comes with plenty of its own content, it can also connect to PCs, providing additional compatibility options.

So its important to keep tabs on what other platforms could be preparing for virtual reality support, with Xbox Series X seemingly the next obvious choice. And it was interesting to see an Xbox error message provide some hope for those interested in further support.

First spotted by IGN Italy, an error message was seen which reads: An update for the VR headset is available.

This reportedly happened when trying to connect the new Xbox Wireless Headset to Xbox Series X consoles.

This provided some hopes for gamers that Microsoft could be building towards Xbox VR support, perhaps by partnering with others.

And with Oculus Quest 2 already branching out to different platforms, it could be seen as a perfect team-up.

The only dampener is that Microsoft has moved to dispel rumours regarding Xbox VR support, telling The Verge that virtual reality is not a focus for the gaming brand right now.

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