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Will Ps5 And Xbox Be Cross Platform

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Cross-Platform Games Should Be Standard for PS5 and Xbox Series Consoles

The Witch Queen expansion for Destiny 2 will finally take us to Savathn’s throne world after years of hype. In addition to her formal introduction in the Season of the Lost, we’ve had a good look at what’s to come in the next expansion and beyond as we reach the peak of Destiny 2’s story.

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Ps5 And Xbox Series X Cross

Fortnite launching on PS5 and Xbox Series X with next-gen cross-play

ByShabana Arif Last updated 2020-05-14T09:02:28.268Z

Epic Games has confirmed that the PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles will feature cross-platform play and cross-gen play. The developer announced that its battle royale smash Fortnite will be coming to the new consoles, and that the game will “support cross-play across all platforms, including current and next-generation consoles.”

The title was the first cross-platform game between Microsoft and Sony’s consoles and set a milestone for the industry, and it’s positive to see that the standard is going to carry on to the next-gen hardware. The fact that Fortnite’s cross-play will encompass all platforms and console generations will also be fantastic news for players.

Epic also teased some next-gen features for the game on the new systems, saying:“While we cant share specifics at the moment, more powerful hardware will allow us to improve performance and visuals.”

Epic was keen to point out that it’ll be the “same Fortnite you know and love,” but will be optimised to “take advantage of the new hardware and features on next-gen consoles.” Those optimisations include improved visuals and performance, but there are likely next-gen specific

What Is The Difference Between Cross

Cross-progression is when a gamer continues his/her progress from one platform to another. For example, if you have an Epic account, then any progression that you make in Borderlands on your PC will transfer over to the Xbox One version. On the other hand, with Cross-platform, players can team up regardless of the platform they are playing on.

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How Do I Enable Cross

How to set up crossplay on the webIf using the Xbox app, first open settings.Click manage privacy settings. If going through the web, go to and login.Click on your childs profile.Click Xbox One/Windows 10 Online Safety.Ensure the first box, relating to crossplay, is set to allow.

Tetris Effect: Connected Cross

Is Ps5 And Xbox Cross Platform

Tetris Effect owners will be getting a free upgrade to Tetris Effect: Connected this July, alongside cross-play for all platforms. On the PlayStation Blog, it was confirmed that the fan favorite Tetris Effect is getting the free update which should bring all versions of the game in line with each other.

GamesRadar on

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Is The Forest Cross Platform Ps4 And Ps5

Well, the answer to this query is yes. Players have a great opportunity to play Forest cross platform between PS4 and PS5. In simple terms, people or players who are playing the forest game on PS4 can be played with the players who are playing the game the forest on PS5. Not just the single-player mode but also multiplayer mode is supportable. The saved data can also be transferrable to PS5 if you played the forest game on PS4 previously.

Is Dying Light Cross

Yes, Dying Light is cross-platform. That means you can play the game with your friends on different platforms – such as PC and consoles without having to buy more than one copy of the game!

As the demand for cross-platform games has increased over the years, many titles have been released that allow gamers to play together regardless of their choice of hardware or OS.

Dying Light was one of these cross-platform releases, and it proved its worth right at launch – allowing PC users to join friends playing on consoles without any issues regarding controls, framerates, or other technical problems you would expect from a game not designed for multiplayer gameplay.

There are lots of benefits of Dying Light being cross-platform, including,

  • Being able to play with friends on different platforms.
  • The player base is increased by opening up the game to more gamers overall .
  • Optimizing of servers and gameplay mechanics over time as more players give their input.
  • No need for a console to PC port .
  • More options in terms of modding the game.

After getting the news that Dying Light is cross-platform, gamers were pleased with the decision from Techland to allow them to play together. It’s one of those games that have been around for a while and is still being talked about today – even after its release date in 2015.

Now, to get more information about which platforms Dying Light supports cross-platform, keep reading.

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Battlefield 6 Cross Platform Bombshell Is A Blow For Ps5 And Xbox Series X

ByShabana Arif12 May 2021

Battlefield 6 will be coming to PS4 and Xbox One, but that’s not the news gamers want to hear

EA has confirmed that Battlefield 6 won’t be restricted to PS5 and Xbox Series X, getting a cross-platform launch on PS4 and Xbox One. The news will come as a blow to fans who had expectations of a true next-gen experience for the franchise’s return this year.;

EA CEO Andrew Wilson confirmed the multi-platform release during an earnings call this week, saying the game will be available “for both current-gen and next-gen as will our sports titles.”

After rumors that Battlefield 6 might be exclusive to the new consoles, the revelation casts doubts on just what kind of next-gen improvements the game will actually have.;

Andrew Wilson, CEO of @EA announced that the next @Battlefield will be revealed in June as a true next-generation game:He said to expect:- Epic scale- All-out warfare- Game changing destruction 11, 2021

Wilson’s bombshell has sparked a dialogue on Twitter, with some fans feeling disappointed in the wake of previous comments, like the above from Geoff Keighley which frames Battlefield 6 as a “true next-generation game.” 11, 2021

The statement is likely true and this is the return of the downgraded current-gen versions with things like smaller player caps, echoing things like the disparity between Bad Company 2 on console and PC.May 11, 2021

Ps5 Vs Xbox Series X: Performance

Xbox & PS5: Why Cross-Platform Gaming Took So Long

When it comes to performance, for the full lowdown you can read both our PS5 review and Xbox Series X review for full breakdowns but there are a few key takeaways where each console shines.;

First off, the PS5 relishes being a new generation console with the fully redesigned DualSense controller. With built in haptics and adaptive triggers, it really pushes away from the previous generation, making you feel like a part of the game. Whether youre feeling every spring in Astros Playroom or terrified by the steady thrum of Returnal through your hands, theres a true sense of immersion here. Add in the impressive Sony first-party titles, each making the most of this shiny new tech and it feels like only a tease of what to come. And if that feels like a gimmick to some, the PS5s visuals certainly arent. Shining especially in first-party games but beautiful across the board, the impressive graphics are also clearly only just the beginning but a very noticeable upgrade from the previous generation. Oh, and if youve always had to wear headphones because of the noise of your PS4, youll be very pleased to know that the PS5 is near silent.;

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Ps5 Vs Xbox Series X: Xbox Game Pass Vs Playstation Now

At $14.99/£10.99 a month, Microsofts Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is, for many, an automatic reason to choose an Xbox Series X over the PS5. And its easy to see why. Xbox Game Pass now includes over 100 games available to download as and when you please. Some of which even arrive on the service on the same day as the main release on other platforms.;

Most recently, Outriders arrived on launch day completely free for Xbox Game Pass owners. Game Pass also now includes EA Play, which is an additional 81 games, including titles like Star Wars Squadrons and some of EAs biggest sports offerings And, given Microsofts purchase of Zenimax Media, this also where you can find 20 Bethesda Games and where were expecting future games from the publisher to arrive first.;

While it hasnt been confirmed officially that Bethesda games will be Xbox exclusive, Xboxs Phil Spencer recently said; “If you’re an Xbox customer, the thing I want you to know is this is about delivering great exclusive games for you that ship on platforms where Game Pass exists. Given that theres no Xbox Game Pass on PS5, were erring on the exclusive side of the deal;

Why Arent All Games Cross Platform

For a lot of games, specifically shooters, it can come down to imbalances with input devices. Keyboard and mouse players had a distinct advantage, even with that aim assist nonsense that seems to feature with some FPS games.

It is also possible that cross play isnt desirable when we think about the different platforms policy enforcement. For example, Sony cant really take action against Steam or Xbox when there is abusive behavior.

Regardless, we would all like the majority of games, if not all, to feature cross platform support as it just makes our lives a lot easier.

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Pes 2022 Is Officially Titled Efootball Is Free

Konami has officially announced eFootball, the game previously known as PES 2022, for release on PS5, PS4, PC, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One in Fall 2021. In a major step forward for the franchise, eFootball will be completely free-to-play eFootball will be powered by a new game engine,

Play Station Universe

Does Crossplay Depend On The Game Or The Platform

Will Ps5 Be Cross Platform With Ps4

For a game to support crossplay between platforms, you need both. Think of it as a handshake . For a connection to be made, one has to extend their hand and the other has to take it. So even if the developer does everything required on their end to make it possible, they still need the platforms green light.

Thankfully, all systems are a go.

Microsoft had traditionally been more open about improving accessibility and sharing technology. The major obstacle for the longest time was getting Sony to show up to the crossplay party. Fortunately, however, all that changed last year.

In a 2019 interview with Wired, PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan expressed a desire to see the platform, by then infamous for its general recalcitrance towards growing pressure from fans and developers, evolve and grow announcing that the PS4 would support any crossplay functionality implemented by the developers.

A big, big deal and certainly a step in the right direction for tearing down the borders between players of different tastes and income brackets, as well as a surefire way to clamp down on the platform partisanship that had grown increasingly toxic with time.

But, with the days of the PS4 and Xbox One now limited, and the next-gen consoles hurtling towards us at lightspeed, the question on a lot of gamers minds is undoubtedly:

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Who Sells More Xbox Or Playstation

The PS4 dominates the market Its worth noting that the console sold more units in its third and fourth year than in the first and second which is unusual, but certainly welcomed. According to a 2020 presentation by AMD, it was estimated that the PS4 and Xbox One have shipped over 150 million units combined.

Is Fifa 21 Cross Platform Has Been One Of The Most Asked Questions Amongst The Gaming Community So We Have Answered All Their Doubts Right Here Read More


A number of gamers have managed to get their hands on the next-generation consoles but there is a small confusion if some games have been made available for cross-play or not. Fifa 21 is one such game and the players are curious to know more about the availability of the cross-play feature. They have thus been trying to ask some specific questions like is Fifa 21 cross-platform? To help out these players, here is all the information that could help answer the players questions about FIFA 21 cross-platform function. Read more about EA Sports FIFA 21.;

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Whats The Difference Between Cross

We know, there are a lot of terms with the word cross-something in gaming these days. Cross-play and cross-platform are two that can be easily confused. The difference between cross-play and cross-platform games is, mainly, that a game that supports cross-play is one in which players on different platforms can play together via online multiplayer. So, for example, even though youre on Xbox and your friend is on PlayStation, you can still play together on Fortnite.

A cross-platform release is slightly different. It just means that a game is available on multiple platforms. A game might be released with Xbox, PlayStation and Switch versions, making it cross-platform, but it won’t necessarily include the cross-play support that allows players on these different platforms to play online together.

Nba 2k22: Crossplay Status Explained How To Pre


NBA 2K22 was announced yesterday and 2K games have answered whether there is cross-play and cross-platform multiplayer. They have also told fans how to pre-order the cross-gen bundle.

Cover stars for the upcoming iteration include Luka Doncic and Candace Parker. There are four editions that can be purchased, and each of them come with their own bonuses and hefty price tags.

Hoop fans have been jaded with the series for a few years now, so heres hoping this instalment delivers enough changes to be satisfying.

  • FIFA 22: Early Access release date and all pre-order bonuses

NBA 2K22 Announce Trailer | PS5, PS4

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Is Nba 2k22 Cross

Unfortunately, it doesnt look like 2K Games has any intention of making NBA 2K22;a cross-platform title. Heres the official word from the FAQ section of the games website: There will not be crossplay between different consoles or PC.

There is cross-progression within console families for MyTeam, as the game is being released on two generations of consoles. If you upgrade to a current-generation console, PS4 to PS5 or Xbox One to Xbox Series X, youll be able to take your well-crafted MyTeam roster and progression with you. Thats great news for players eyeing a console upgrade this fall but a big let-down for anyone interested in real crossplay.

With massive games games like Splitgate, Warzone, Apex Legends, and Fortnite including crossplay, sports fans cant help to ask, What gives? Sure, NBA 2K22;has a pretty oddball marketplace of MyTeam cards, MyPlayers, and constant rating updates to manage, but we should at least be able to play a quick PlayNow game with a buddy. The smack talk can only go so far playing local games where one player is using a foreign controller.

Maybe next year! Were hoping that that sports sim genre comes around to cross-platform one day.

Editors’ Recommendations

What Happens To Ps4 And Xbox One Support

PS4 and Xbox One users have no need to panic for the time being. Sony and Microsoft wont be flipping a switch on next-gen launch day and sending the PS4 and Xbox One to the shadow realm anytime soon. Theres still many millions of dollars to be made for them on both consoles and support is likely to continue for both devices for several years at least.

So take a deep breath, and make your decision about which console to go with peace of mind that there is no rush.

Which console are you going with, and why? Who do you think had the better lineup of exclusives? Let us, and everyone else, know down below.

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Cross Platform Vs Cross Play Whats The Difference

Generally speaking, both of these terms can be thought of to mean the same thing when it comes to gaming. Cross play and cross platform games allow you to play with your friends, regardless if they are on PC, Xbox, Playstation, or Nintendo. Some games only allow specific cross play features though, for example between Xbox and Playstation, or between Xbox and PC, whereas others allow full cross platform action!

If we delve deeper into it, cross play has been typically used to show a game can be played multiplayer across different platforms, whereas cross platform was traditionally used to show a game is coming out for multiple different platforms, however, this is no longer the case.

Is Fifa 21 Cross Platform

Will Ps5 Be Cross Platform With Ps4

You won’t be able to play across console generations or cross-play in #FIFA21.However, you will be able to carry over your FUT progression from PS4 to PS5 and Xbox 1 to Xbox Series X.

FIFA Direct Communication

FIFA 21 is popular for its online gaming modes like the FIFA Ultimate Team, Online Seasons and Pro Clubs. The release of next-generation consoles has created a lot of doubts amongst the game. This is because they want to know if the cross-play feature has been enabled for the game or not. FIFA Direct Communications recently took to their Twitter account to confirm that FIFA 21 PS5 players will not be able to play the game with their friends.

They will need to download the PS4 version of the game on their next-generation console. But this does not mean that your old data from the previous generation console is gone. They have added options to recover the; FUT progression from PS4 and Xbox One consoles. No other information has been released by EA to solve their players doubts. Thus waiting in for any more updates might be the best option for the players currently.;

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