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Will Fall Guys Come To Xbox

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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Xbox Release Pushed Back To 2022

Will Fall Guys Come To Xbox? (get fall guys on xbox?)

Xbox owners will have to wait a bit longer before they can partake in the game show hijinks of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. Originally due out in Summer of this year, Mediatonic announced back in April that it would be delayed without mentioning a new window.

It was rumored that Fall Guys would arrive on Xbox with the launch of Season 6 thanks, in part, to the progress made with cross-platform progression and cross-platform play however, Mediatonic announced that would unfortunately not be the case.

The company promised to share more details with us in 2022, and the original Xbox Wire post was updated to reflect the new 2022 launch window. So it would seem, barring any unforeseen delays, that Fall Guys is now set to launch at some point in 2022.

The delay is disappointing, but its important to remember that Mediatonic is still a relatively small studio so bringing the game to other consoles is not as easy as a bigger company. That being said, getting the game on these additional platforms continues to be a main priority for Mediatonic.

In the meantime, Fall Guys remains playable only on PlayStation and PC. When it does arrive on Xbox, it will be playable on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. And while this hasnt even been talked about, I wouldnt be surprised if it arrives on Xbox as a Game Pass launch title. Doing so would make it free to download for anyone who is an Xbox Game Pass member.

Does Fall Guys Support Crossplay

Considering how much of a success Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has been on its current platforms, yet another form of expansion would be to introduce crossplay to the game. This is something that’s been possible for other battle royale games like Fortnite, , and even Apex Legends.

“At launch, we won’t have cross-play,” a now removed support page read. “It’s something we really want to do in the future.” Mediatonic was able to provide a more hopeful update alongside the announcement that Tonic Games Group was acquired by Epic Games.

Fortnite and Rocket League already have tons of features weâd love to bring to Fall Guysâaccount systems, cross-play, squad vs squad modes, etc,”a blog post says. “Weâre going to work hard on bringing more of these features to Fall Guys too!” Hopefully, that means we won’t have to wait too much longer for crossplay, especially with more ports on the horizon.

It is unknown if the Chinese mobile version of Fall Guys will have any kind of compatibility with the PC and PS4 versions of the game. The developers are looking to gauge fan enthusiasm, so anyone who wants cross-play should say so on the game’s official Discord.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is currently available for PC and PS4.

This article was originally published on 8.12.2020 6:25 PM

When Will Fall Guys Have Crossplay

In the aforementioned blog that announced the delay for Fall Guys on Xbox and Switch, Mediatonic said, This delay gives our team some time to add features like crossplay, so when we add new platforms, players will be able to stumble in harmony with their pals, regardless of their platform of choice.

That makes it sound like the day on which Fall Guys gets crossplay will be the same day as the Xbox and/or Switch launch, which sounds like a recipe for lots of multiplayer fun if you ask us.

As and when Mediatonic puts any firm dates on the table, well be sure to let you know! Watch this space, and well bring you the latest news as we see it.

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What About A Fall Guys Mobile Release Date

Fall Guysis actually making its way to iOS and Android, though it’s doing so in a way that will be disappointing to western fans.

On August 22, analyst Daniel Ahmad that Chinese company Bilibili had gotten the right to release a mobile version of Fall Guys in China. No release window was given for this port, and even when it comes to fruition it’s unknown if this version of Fall Guys will ever be released outside of China.

Fall Guys developer Mediatonic did officially confirm that the port was in the works to “We can confirm Bilibili have secured publishing rights to a mobile version in China,” Co-Founder Paul Croft stated. “As you can imagine, we’ve had a lot of questions about platforms since launch, and of course we’d love to release on more platforms in the future but for now we’re focusing our efforts on PC and PS4.”

Croft’s statements affirm what the website says about ports of Fall Guys coming to other platforms, but they also don’t bode well for anyone hoping to try the game on iOS and Android outside of China. For now, just avoid scams claiming its already available on mobile and play the game on PC or PS4.

When Is The Fall Guys Nintendo Switch Release Date

Fall Guys

The Nintendo Switch version of Fall Guys is in the same position as the Xbox version it was planned for summer 2021, but now it has been pushed back to an unspecified point in the future.

Mediatonics delay-announcing blog added: While we want to launch on these platforms as quickly as possible, we believe the Switch and Xbox releases are really going to be worth waiting for and were super grateful for your patience.

The official Nintendo website says Fall Guys on Switch will be available 2021, so we hopefully should still be able to play the game on Nintendos handy household/handheld hybrid console before the year is out.

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Nintendo Direct Catch Up Skyward Sword Hd Splatoon 3 And All The Other Announcements

Its not long since the official Xbox Instagram account stated that smash hit multiplayer scramble Fall Guys was coming to Xbox Game Pass as well but Devolver Digital have quickly refuted this claim. A mobile version of Fall Guys is also in development for the Chinese market and Mediatonic will be closely monitoring how that performs.

Thats incorrect.

Devolver Digital

The success of the game has meant Mediatonic have been expanding quickly, bringing on new staff to work on the game to satiate the hungry players who demand regular content, Its unbelievable how insatiable peoples appetite for content is, comments Bailey.

Theres clearly more afoot than just the regular season and mid-season drops, and Nintendo Switch is likely just the first announcement of several to come through the first half of this year. For now though, the game remains off in the distance and developer Mediatonic are likely still focussing on producing more levels, game modes, gameplay quirks and cosmetics for the upcoming Season 4 update. We dont know when that will kick off exactly, but they recently released a Fall Guys mid-season 3.5 update to keep things fresh for players.

Fall Guys Reveals New Sonic The Hedgehog Collaboration

During today’s Sonic Central presentation, Sega revealed that Fall Guys will be getting a new collaboration with Sonic the Hedgehog. Fall Guys fans might remember Sonic and Knuckles skins were previously released in the game, and both will be made available once again. However, this time around, Sonic and Knuckles will be joined by Miles “Tails” Prower! While footage of the collaboration was featured during today’s Sonic Central presentation, the skin based on Tails was not featured. Hopefully developer Mediatonic will have more to show as the collaboration draws closer.

Sonic the Hedgehog x Fall Guys Gameplay TrailerThis August, players can take the form of Sonic, Knuckles and Tails with the all-new Sonic collaboration in Mediatonics massive multiplayer battle royale game, Fall Guys, which will be free to play on all platforms on June 21st

Idle Sloth

While long-time Fall Guys players might question why the game is receiving another Sonic tie-in, it does make a bit of sense. After all, Sega’s blue blur just appeared in a hugely successful new movie, and it’s been a while since these skins first released. More importantly, Fall Guys is set to release on Nintendo Switch and Xbox platforms later this month this collaboration will be the first time that players on those systems will have the chance to snag these Sonic skins. Adding a new one based on Tails is a way to make the whole thing more appealing to everyone!

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Fall Guys Is Not Coming To Xbox Or Switch Soon

“Thank you for being patient with us, it’s one of our top priorities in active development and we can’t wait to share more details with you in 2022.”

Mediatonic has spoken on rumours that Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout will be coming to Xbox and Nintendo Switch with Season 6.

Fall GuysSeason 6 Party Spectacular is officially live and players around the world can now play the latest content including new limited-time events, 50 tiers of rewards to unlock, and a new patch to earn exclusive costumes. Many players believe that an Xbox and Nintendo Switch version of the battle-royale party game will also be released alongside the update.

There’s some speculation that were launching on Xbox & Switch in Season 6Unfortunately, that’s not true Its still one of our main priorities. Adding cross-progression today was the first step towards that!Excited to share more in 2022!

Fall Guys – Season 6 Out Now!

The developer has addressed these rumours in a new blog post saying that the rumours are false but it’s a top priority and adding cross-progression today was the first step.

The Nintendo Switch and Xbox versions of Fall Guys was scheduled for a Summer 2021 release date, however it was delayed earlier this year with Mediatonic saying that it was “just too soon.”

Alongside the new content launch, the update also includes a new cross-platform progression feature with Epic Game accounts and cross-platform play between PlayStation and PC.

Will Fall Guys Come To Ps5


Fall Guys doesn’t officially have a dedicated PS5 version, but since it’s available on PS4 it can be played on the newer Sony console using backwards compatibility.

There’s no word yet on whether a ‘proper’ PlayStation 5 port of the game will launch in the future that’s optimised for the more powerful hardware – surely Big Yeetus won’t be complete until he supports ray tracing, after all.

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When Is The Fall Guys Xbox Release Date

Initially, Mediatonic had intended to release Fall Guys on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S at some point in the summer of 2021. However, an official Mediatonic blog post in April revealed that things have changed behind the scenes, meaning that summer 2021 is no longer the goal.

The developers said in the blog, With so many new opportunities now in our hands, weve realised that our previously announced Summer 2021 Switch and Xbox release schedule is unfortunately just too soon for us to include all of the tasty new features were working on.

Microsofts official Xbox Wire blog still says that Fall Guys will be coming to Xbox consoles later this year, so heres hoping well see it launch on Microsofts range of consoles in the autumn or winter. Well be sure to let you know when an exact date is announced.

Fall Guys Is Finally Coming To Xbox

Fall Guys is finally coming to Xbox consoles later this year, according to a Tweet from the official Fall Guys account.

DID SOMEBODY SAY XBOX?I SWEAR I HEARD SOMEBODY SAY XBOX Fall Guys is coming to Xbox Series XIS and Xbox One SUMMER 2021 RT if it was u that said Xbox

Fall Guys on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Xbox One will arrive sometime in Summer 2021, but there’s no set date yet – however, considering the game first released last August, I wouldn’t be surprised if it came to Xbox on its one year anniversary. It’s great to hear that one of 2020’s hottest games will make the summer months even hotter, as Xbox players have been waiting for a chance to compete as six feet tall jelly beans since last August.

Last month, rumors swirled that Fall Guys would come to Xbox Game Pass after the official Xbox Game Pass Instagram flat out said that would happen, but publisher Devolver Digital quickly shut down the claim. And while it may not be coming to Game Pass, it’s certainly coming to Xbox, which is great news for those who have been dying to get into the colorful fray.

There’s no word yet on whether or not Fall Guys will get cross-platform support once it drops for Xbox and Switch. It’s not cross-platform currently, but with the addition of a handful of new massively popular consoles, Mediatonic may end up making it cross-platform. Perhaps this is how we end the console debate once and for all – with a Fall Guys championship for the crown.

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What Kind Of Cosmetics Are In Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

The charm of Fall Guys comes from the ridiculous outfits players can purchase for their beans. A number of those charming outfits are from popular video games and media. Just like games like Fortnite, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has many legendary cosmetics. It has since turned into a bizarre crossover, where Sonic the Hedgehog can run shoulder to shoulder with Gordon Freeman from Half-Life. Perhaps we’ll see a Master Chief skin when it launches on the Xbox?

Fall Guys Free For All Trailer


Fall Guys will support cross platform play and cross progression on all platforms.

Existing owners will receive a free Legacy Pack when the game goes free-to-play. It will include three costumes and access to Season 1s new premium season pass, which will run alongside a free season pass.

It was also announced on Monday that a new mode enabling players to create their own Fall Guys rounds is in development, although its not planned for release in the near future.

Epic Games acquired Tonic Games Group, the parent company of Fall Guys developer Mediatonic, for an undisclosed sum last year.

Fall Guys was originally due to be released for Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S last summer, but it was delayed to give Mediatonic time to implement new features like cross-play.

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Fall Guys For Xbox: Release Date Xbox Game Pass And Everything You Need To Know

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout was one of the biggest games on the PC and PS4 when it released last Summer. The goofy, squishy bean-shaped contestants captured the internet’s hearts as they bumped and pushed dozens of challenging obstacle courses in a mad dash for the grand prize a bright and shiny crown. The game quickly became one of the best multiplayer games on the PC, however, Xbox owners have been left out of the madness until now, that is. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is heading to the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. Here’s everything you need to know about Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout on the consoles.

Is Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout Coming To Xbox One And Nintendo Switch

No, Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout is not coming to Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

However, while it wont be on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch when it releases on PS4 and Steam, theres still a chance Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout will eventually come to more systems.

This is because the games official FAQ says that developer Mediatonic would love to bring the game to other platforms.

It seems to be a case of how much demand there is, and you can find the FAQ response down below:

To start with, Fall Guys will only be available on PS4 and Steam. Wed love to bring the game to other platforms further down the line. Please let us know on Twitter and Discord which platforms youd like us to release on next wed love to see how much demand there is!

So, you heard them Xbox One and Nintendo Switch gamers. If you really want the game you have to be vocal and let them know on Twitter and Discord.

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Is Fall Guys Coming To Xbox One

Update: Fall Guys has today been confirmed to be coming to the Xbox One in Summer 2021. A more specific release date hasnt been shared as of yet, but well update this post with further details as theyre announced.

As it currently stands, Fall Guys is only available on PC and PlayStation 4. This doesnt mean that down the line, there could be an Xbox One port of the game, but for right now, it does not exist.

Here is what Mediatonic says about an Xbox One release on their website.

To start with, Fall Guys will only be available on PS4 and Steam. Wed love to bring the game to other platforms further down the line. Please let us know on Twitter and Discord which platforms youd like us to release on next wed love to see how much demand there is!

So its not impossible, all you have to do is let Mediatonic know on their official and Discord that there is a demand for an Xbox One version.

Down the line, if they do release an Xbox One version of Fall Guys we will be sure to update this post with that information so be sure to keep an eye out.

Well, thats everything you need to know about whether Fall Guys is coming to Xbox One. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to stay connected with Twinfinite.

If youre interested in checking out Fall Guys on PlayStation 4 for the time being, its currently free this month on PS Plus.

You can also check out our preview coverage of Fall Guys from E3 last year if you want to know even more about the game.

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