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Why Is My Xbox So Slow

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Change Your Dns Settings

How to (usually) Fix Your Slow Xbox One!

Domain Name System is basically a contact list for the internet. When you type in a website like, your DNS searches through its contact list to find the IP address that matches the domain name you typed in. That way, you dont have to type in a long string of numbers for every single website you want to visit. Instead, you can just type in the domain name which is much easier to remember.;

Your home network is assigned a default DNS that is usually provided by your internet service provider. While the default DNS works, there are other DNS servers that are faster and run more efficiently. Switching to one of these faster servers can speed up your Xbox One download speeds. We recommend using Google DNS. To change your DNS settings:

  • Open the Settings app on your Xbox.
  • Find the Network tab.;
  • Select Network Settings >Advanced Settings >DNS Settings >Manual.
  • Once you select Manual, you will be able to enter a new DNS address. To use Google DNS, enter
  • After you confirm this address, youll need to enter a second one. For Google DNS this number is
  • After following these steps your download speeds should increase. If you notice that your speeds have not improved over time, you can always revert back to your default DNS settings. To do so, follow steps 1-4 above. Instead of selecting Manual in step four, select Automatic. Your settings will revert back to the default DNS.;

    Game Or App Downloads Are Slow On Xbox One

    Xbox One is incredibly popular gaming console but often runs into problems that Microsoft find difficult to fix. For instance, the device is designed to be always connected to the Internet. So, every time you insert a new game disc in the console, the system automatically starts downloading and installing the game updates along with the game on the hard drive. This results in the;slow game or app downloads on Xbox One. How? Suppose a game has over 1 GB worth of updates, the installation of the core files will take much time and not complete until that 1 GB is downloaded and installed.

    How To Increase Your Xbox Series X Download Speed

    Xbox Series X and Series S may have Game Pass as its trump card for a large and accessible catalogue of games to play. But it’s going to be a problem making the most of this if you’re dealing with;slow Xbox Series X download speed. As game sizes continue to get bigger, where 50GB is fast becoming the norm, or often double that, you’re going to want to make you you have the best download speed for your Xbox, whether you’re still using an Xbox One or have upgraded to Xbox Series X|S.

    In this guide, we’ll be going through the ways you can improve your Xbox Series X|S’s download speed. Some of these are free and simple – or rather anecdotal – though the most effective solutions will require spending money. But if you’ve opted for the all-digital Xbox Series S, then being able to;increase your Xbox’s internet speed is absolutely paramount. This guide should give you all the tips and advice you’ll need to get those download speeds up.

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    Make Sure That Your Internet Router Can Support Your Download Speeds

    Routers are only designed to handle a certain amount of download speed, and some routers can handle more than others. If youre paying for an internet plan with download speeds up to 500 Mbps, but your router can only handle speeds up to 250 Mbps, you will never get download speeds faster than 250 Mbps. This is a waste of money because youre paying for twice the speed that youre actually getting. To find out if your router can support your internet plans download speeds, google your routers make and model. This information should be printed on the back of your router.;

    Avoid Peak Times Where Possible

    Why is my download speed so slow ? I have a MacBook Pro ...

    When your Xbox One downloads suddenly drop below the norm, it may be out of your control. Experiencing slower-than-expected download speeds can tie back to your ISP or Xbox Live, often linked to high traffic. While peak hours have become less of an issue as connectivity advances, it’s still a factor to consider. Xbox Live experiences somewhat frequent slowdowns and outages, impacting your ability to download content.

    Peak times fall during the late afternoon and into the evening, when returning home from work or school and jumping onto Xbox Live. We also see downloads slow in other high-demand scenarios, like users scrambling to redownload Fortnite, ahead of a one-of-a-kind event. In situations like these, check your ISP and Xbox Live status pages for updates, or return another time.

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    How To Test Your Xbox One Network Connection

    Problems with your Xbox One downloads can be the result of countless factors, including your console, your home network, your internet service provider , or even Microsoft itself. These all power your downloads over Xbox Live, with a multi-step approach to addressing issues likely to spotlight a root cause.

    Before attempting to address any issues with Xbox One download speeds, we first recommend checking your console’s internet connection. The Xbox One features an inbuilt tool designed to help users analyze their Xbox Live connectivity, which outputs several valuable troubleshooting statistics. These help to provide a bearing on your network speed and stability, both crucial to consistent downloads. The network statistics sit just a few button presses away on Xbox One.

  • Open Settings on your Xbox One.
  • Navigate to the General tab.
  • Select the Network settings tile.
  • Select the Test network speed & statistics tile. Your Xbox One will perform a network test.
  • Your Xbox One will display a variety of internet statistics, following a successful network test. The download speed is crucial, visualizing how fast your Xbox One can download data, and providing the closest bearing on expected download times. The value is often displayed in megabits per second , with eight megabits translating to one megabyte. For example, in an ideal setting, an 80 Mbps connection could deliver up to 10 MB to your Xbox One every second, or around 36 GB each hour.

    Pay For A Better Internet Connection For Your Xbox Series X

    Have you been using the same internet connection for years? If it’s just standard broadband, you’ll want to switch to something like Fibre Broadband, which provides a much faster service that’s essential for your Xbox Series X|S where you’ve got loads of huge files to download regularly.

    In recent years, many internet providers have also begun rolling out Ultra-Fast Fibre Broadband where download speeds can go from 100Mbps to 900MBps!

    Ultra-fast options may depend on the provider and whether or not it’s available in your area. Check if your current service can let you upgrade. Otherwise, if you’re out of the minimum contract period, it pays to switch to a new provider who can offer better rates. In some cases, you’ll be getting much faster broadband while saving money. This will let you download big games, like Forza Horizon 4, much quicker than before.

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    How To Restart Your Xbox One Console

    While most people know how to restart their Xbox console, you may be having issues understanding exactly how to do it. Do you need to use the console, or can you do it from the controller?;

    Restarting your Xbox One console is not that hard to do. You may restart it by following these steps.;

  • Press and hold the Xbox button on your controller.
  • When the menu pops up, select Restart Console.
  • Select Restart one more time. The system will suspend any downloads, shut down, and then boot back up.
  • There are many reasons you would want to restart your Xbox One. One of the biggest reasons is beauce the console is having issues and a soft reset will normally fix any issues like this. This is true which is why most people know how to restart their Xbox One.;

    Hold Up What’s High Packet Data Loss

    How to FIX SLOW XBOX ONE and MENU LAG Slow Dashboard | (5 Tips and More!)

    Online data isn’t sent all at once. Its broken apart and sent in packets, like mailing a couple pages of a book in a bunch of different envelopes. High packet data loss is like losing too many of those envelopes along the way. A better, more advanced network means fewer of those envelopes get lost and they take less time to get to their destination .

    A next-generation network like Starry has average latency as much as 4 times lower than competitors who offer the same download speeds

    Hopefully, one or more of these methods can eliminate your lag spikes. Go forth and good luck.

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    Put Your Console Into Rest Mode

    If your console is turned on, it will be using bandwidth to check for new messages, friend requests, notifications, or updates that will, again, get priority over any Warzone update.

    One thing you can try is putting your PlayStation or Xbox into Rest Mode, as this will prevent your console from using the internet for these checks.

    If you do this, make sure to turn on the automatic download or select Stay Connected to the Interneton your console, and the Warzone update should download much faster.

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    Slow Game Or App Downloads On Xbox One

    First, find if your Xbox One is downloading a game at a very slow speed. If yes, you may be experiencing one of the following symptoms-

  • Your installation is taking unusually long time to complete.
  • The progress bar for your download or update hasnt advanced for a while.
  • How to fix this? Try these solutions to fix slow app or game downloads on Xbox One:

  • Check the internet speed
  • Check your consoles network connection
  • Cancel the game or app installation and then reinstall.
  • 1] Check the internet speed

    Open Xbox Live and scroll right on the Home screen to select Installing. Thereafter, under the Queue section of My games & apps, note the download speed shown on the game or app that is being installed. This indicates the current download speed. If you notice slow speeds, it may take some time to download the game. The ideal speed when you are connecting to Xbox Live should be around least 1.5 Mb/s for the best experience.

    2] Close any running game

    Often, background downloads are constrained while a game is running. So, to avoid such instances, close the running games by,

    Navigating to the Home screen and then move to the most recently run game from the list of games and apps.

    Select the game and press the Menu button. Then, from the list of options displayed, select Quit.

    After youve closed the most recently run game, check the speed at which your game or app is downloading. It should improve the download speed!

    3] Restart your console

    Now, run a Network speed test:

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    Close Down Extraneous Software To Boost Your Xbox One Speed

    If restarting doesn’t do anything, you can try to close down software on the system you aren’t using to try and bump up your speed. Games and streaming apps can pause your background downloads, or slow them down further. Be sure to close down all of the programs you aren’t using so as not to impede your download progress by going to your Xbox Home screen, choosing the program that’s running, then pressing your Menu button on the controller. Choose Quit, and that should close down your app.;

    If you close down extra apps that are running on your system, but you don’t see an improvement in speed, don’t panic ;there’s still something else you can try out, and it’s very simple to do.;

    How To Change Your Xbox Dns Settings For Faster Internet

    How to FIX SLOW XBOX ONE and MENU LAG + Slow Dashboard ...

    Now changing your Xboxs DNS settings could have a MASSIVE impact on your download speeds, no matter if youre using a wired or wireless internet connection or whatever Xbox you currently own.

    Before you change the DNS settings make sure you;do the following steps

    • Disconnect your Xbox from a Wi-fi booster as wi-fi directly from the router has the best connection
    • Remove wi-fi power setups
    • Move your console into more open airspace away from other electronic devices that are using the Wi-fi
    • Move the Xbox away from brick walls
    • Try to position the Xbox in the same room as the router or the room directly below it
    • Try to limit the number of electronic devices using the same Wi-fi as your Xbox

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    Xbox One Games Not Loading Console Too Slow Here’s Something That Can Help

    Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a heated gaming session on your Xbox One only to suddenly have your game slow down, or seen things freeze when there weren’t any problems earlier? Some people have also reported problems with loading games where you keep seeing the loading screen of the game but it doesn’t actually load.

    The issue might be with the cache on your console, so before you try re-installing the game or sending your console for repairs, try clearing the cache. This handy how to should save you some trouble if your game suffers from slowdowns, freezing, or is unable to load. Unlike Xbox 360, the Xbox One does not have a menu option to clear the cache on your console. However, clearing the cache is really simple and you just need to follow a few steps.

    There are two methods you can try and follow. The first has a single step, and might be the quickest way to solve your problem. The first method is to just hold the power button for 10 seconds, which will reset the console. In case that doesn’t work, there’s a slightly longer method you can try.

  • First, press and hold the power button on the console until it completely switched off.
  • Unplug the power cable from the back of the console.
  • Now you have to ensue any remaining power in the Xbox One battery is drained, so wait for two minutes and then press the power button four times.
  • Plug the power cable back into the console.
  • Wait for the light on the power brick to change from white to orange.
  • Is You Xbox One Running Slow

    Have you ever been knocked off your gaming stride because of a slow Xbox One?

    There is nothing worse than sitting down, ready to enjoy an epic gaming session to only find that your console is holding you back!

    From time to time, you may notice your Xbox One running slow. This of course will then have a massive knock on effect to your gaming experience. Not only will your overall gaming feel sluggish, but it may effect your performance and also make you fall out of love with gaming.

    And we at Console Therapy of course dont want you to have to put up with this!

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    Does Xbox Series S Download When Off

    What you may not have realised is that you can actually download your games even while your Xbox is off. This has the benefit of letting you get on with the rest of your day. When you return to your console, you wont have to start up the download where you left off, saving you a lot of time and frustration.

    Anybody Having Extremely Slow Download Speeds Plus Other Issues With Xbox Series X

    Why Is The XBox One So Slow?

    Firstly I have a 100/40 Mb connection which is working fine. Location Sydney Australia.I checked xbox lives status and all is good and Im on a wired connection.When I first setup the console it took nearly an hour of having a white spinning circle before I got to the dashboard.

    I cant download any of the apps in the store. Its taking nearly 30 mins just to check for any game updates if it works at all.

    The watch dogs update took over 10 hours to download.

    Ive still got another 200 odd GB to download in game updates and currently Im get 250 Kb/s download from Microsoft.

    Other issues Ive come across:

    DTS doesnt work at all it reverts back to dolby digital. Randomly the console changes from 4K to 1080p and your cant change it back to 4k without a reset.The reset console option doesnt work from the settings menu or controller, the screen goes blank and it hangs.

    Only way to reset the console is holding down power button for 10 secs to do hard reset.

    I expect the servers are taking a hammering today. Not only because of this new release where everyone is downloading a bunch of stuff, but EA play going into gamepass as well.

    Yep its this. Even though its Microsoft Im sure their server farms are being slammed.

    3 hours to download 4 Gb. Failing to retrive saves in the cloud multiple times. Yep, thats a launch day alright.

    And I have a laundry list of games to redownload of course. Maybe Ill play some on the weekend !

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    How To Change Your Dns Settings Advanced Method

    This method is more time consuming than the first but If you want the VERY best DNS settings possible, this is what you need to do. If you get confused follow the above videos guidelines, yes it is about PS4 but the process is exactly the same for Xbox

    All you need is a;computer that is running on the same connection as your Xbox ;preferably with a;wired connection;that is running;Internet Explorer/Google Chrome

    This method will give you the best DNS settings for every device from an Xbox or a computer

  • Turn on your PC and navigate to this;website;which is Googles DNS Benchmark tool
  • Download and extract the namebench program which matches your operating system for Mac it will be the one at the top, for Windows the one directly below it namebench-1.3.1-Windows.exe
  • Remember for best results have your laptop/computer;directly connected to the router via an ethernet cable;as this helps eliminate any external factors that could interfere with your DNS settings to get the best results possible.
  • Make sure you tick the two options near the nameserver and have the health check performance as fast I recommend having the number of queries as 250 which will take longer but give you much stabler results
  • Now this will take between 20-30 minutes so start playing your Xbox or do whatever in the meantime
  • An internet explorer tab will open up giving you various forms of data;avg of Ping, the difference between mini & max-min, and much more
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