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Why Is My Xbox One Stuck On The Green Screen

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Xbox Stuck On Green Screen Then Goes Black


Discus and support Xbox stuck on green screen then goes black in XBoX on Consoles to solve the problem This has happened twice now in the past MONTH! This instance being #2.I have an Xbox One S and when I turned it on, it will stay on…Discussion in ‘XBoX on Consoles‘ started by Archangel Eliza, .

How To Fix Xbox One No Video

This guide will show you the troubleshooting steps that you must do if your Xbox One has no video, or if its stuck in a black or blank screen. By default, your Xbox One should automatically detect your TV and set the ideal settings for your particular setup. If your console seems to be having trouble showing images, or if theres simply no video at all, there are a number of possible solutions that you can try.

The 10 Minutes Of Agony

When the Xbox ONE boots it runs a serious of checks on hardware and firmware to validate the system. This sometimes could take several minutes . Power on your Xbox ONE and leave it alone for at least 10 minutes. Sometimes patience is the best solution as electronics can sometimes work things out on their own.

*NOTE: We have let systems boot for longer than 30 minutes before, and they finally resolve the issue.

While you are waiting for the system to boot, listen for abnormal sounds coming from the system such as “clicking” or “ticking” noises. Make sure to be in a quite place as these sounds are sometimes hard to hear. Also make sure your system stays powered on for the entire test. If it turns itself off, you may be experiencing a different problem, or if your system loses power during the test other damage could be done.

Troubleshooting Hint:If you do hear abnormal noises coming from inside the system such as “ticking” or “grinding”, the internal hard drive could be defective and you should proceed to Step 4 below. Boot times longer than 10 minutes could indicate a faulty internal hard drive, or a soon-to-be faulty hard drive.

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Fix #: Press Right Trigger + Left Trigger + Y Button

This is another effective method that allows you to access and reload the dashboard. This method is practiced as soon as you have powered up the console. Follow these steps:

  • Turn on your Xbox One X as normal.
  • Wait for it to move your pins on startup.
  • As soon as the pins start moving, press Right trigger, Left trigger, and the Y button altogether.
  • This should restore the dashboard functionality and it wont fade away anymore.
  • How Is My Xbox One Not Loading Up

    My Xbox had the green screen of death so I reset it and ...

    While the Xbox one is not loading up, try working the hard reset. Hold the power button at the console for 8 seconds until the power shuts down. Unplug the power cord of the back of the console for 5 minutes. Plug the power cord back in also restart the console.

    There were several solutions to fix the green screen of death issue on the Xbox One console. Do let me know which solution worked out the most suitable for you!

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    Fix #: Perform A Hard Reset

    The first and easy step to get rid of the Xbox One X black screen issue is to do a hard reset. Heres how to do it:

  • Turn off the console by holding the power button on the front for 10 seconds.
  • Now turn it on by pressing the power button again.
  • This will force the console to go into a full reboot cycle, and once it loads, the dashboard should start working.
  • This method can work quickly, however, it is usually only a temporary solution. If the black screen appears again, you must try the below fixes.

    What Cause I Do If My Xbox One Is Stuck On The Green Loading Screen

    To fix Xbox stuck on the green loading screen issue, the most obvious and direct way is to perform a hard restart Xbox One. Press and hold the Power button on this console for about 10 seconds. The system will reboot. If there is no additional serious issue, Xbox One green loading screen issue should be fixed.

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    Check Your Hdmi Connection

    • Make sure your TV is set to the correct input signal .
    • Check the HDMI cable connection on both ends and make sure the cable is properly plugged in. You dont want loose cable.
    • Make sure the HDMI cable is plugged into the out to TV console port.
    • Switch to a different HDMI port and check if you notice any improvements.
    • Use a different HDMI cable, maybe the one youre using is faulty.
    • If possible, connect your console to a different TV.

    Xbox One Green Screen Help

    Fix Xbox Stuck on Green Loading Screen

    Troubleshooting the Green Screen of Death.

    If you turn your Xbox ONE on and it seems to be stuck on the green Xbox ONE boot screen, then you may be experiencing the Green Screen of Death. We have put together several useful troubleshooting steps to help you find a possible solution for your Xbox ONE problem.


    If at any point after following this guide you start to experience a blank or black screen , you should proceed to our Xbox ONE Black Screen of Death Troubleshooting Guide.

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    Fix 4 Format Hard Drive Of Xbox One

    The hard drive damage or corruption can result in the green screen of death. To fix this issue, you need to format the hard disk with the right file system. As we all know, hard drive formatting will lead to data loss. So if you want to keep the files on the drive, You should recover the data before formatting it. But how to make it? Again, use EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard mentioned above to recover data from the corrupted hard drive with the same operating steps.

    Xbox One Stuck On Green Screen Of Death

    Xbox One green screen isn’t a screen that anyone wants to see, but it’s quite common among Xbox One Users. If you search for it online, you’ll see that many users have come across this issue. But what exactly causes the Green Screen of death? Truth be told, there are many different things that can result in this type of Xbox error. Included within these are system update failures, system update interruptions, hard disk corruptions, and communication errors. But more important than knowing what caused the error is knowing how to fix the error. So what can you do to fix the Xbox One Stuck on Green Screen Error? Today we’ll teach you how to deal with this issue effectively.

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    If You Are Suffering From A Black Screen After You Startup Your Xbox One Heres What You Can Do About It

    If youve recently switched on your Xbox One and presented with what some users are describing as the Black Screen of Death, you are not alone.

    But if you are worried that this is the end of the beautiful relationship you and your games console have built over the years, then you can stop. There are ways that you can overcome this undeniably stressful situation.

    Well cover everything you need to know in this article.

    How To Fix The Xbox One Black Screen Of Death

    Xbox One clicking noise, stuck on green screen.

    The Xbox One black screen of death is a software glitch that first appeared around January of 2019. When you get the Xbox One black screen of death, you can navigate certain menus, but large portions of the dashboard are blacked out and completely unusable. This problem can be frustrating, but fortunately weve come up with more than one way to fix your Xbox One.

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    Servicing Your Xbox One

    If you have completed the previous steps, and are still experiencing the Green Screen of Death, your console requires repair.

    At this point you have done all you can from the outside of the system. Further troubleshooting can be done, but requires the system be disassembled and the individual components be tested. See the Troubleshooting Tips below.

    Xbox ONE Start Up Repair

    We have repaired thousands of game systems. We possess the knowledge and the equipment to do the job right–The First Time!

    Our service, knowledge, and courtesy make us the Best Alternative Solution to the manufacturer! Get your system repaired, and GET BACK TO GAMING!

    To get started simply click the button below, select which Xbox ONE you have, select “Start-Up Repair” for the repair type, and select your shipping preferences. Then continue with the checkout process!

    Troubleshooting Tips:

    If you hear “ticking” or “clicking” or even “winding” noises coming from inside your Xbox ONE it could mean the internal hard drive is defective. The system requires the hard drive to be healthy for it to boot. At the time of writing this, the hard drive is replaceable but requires intermediate technical skills to complete the process.

    What Causes Xbox One Green Screen Of Death

    There are no specific reasons yet classified but some of the possibilities of a green screen of death in Xbox include-

    • Corrupt hard drive of your Xbox If your Xbox hard drive is corrupted it faces the read and write error which may make your Xbox stuck on the green screen while playing games.
    • Server communication error between Windows and your Xbox When there is some error in communication between your Xbox device and Windows server, it can lead to a software error which further may show you the green screen of death.
    • Incomplete or failed system update- If the update gets interrupted or fails while installing, this too can lead to the green screen of death.

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    Best Method To Recover Lost Xbox One Data

    Before we jump into how to fix the Green Screen of death, let’s first talk about a common problem associated with the error lost data. When you encounter the green screen of death, sometimes you can recover your data, but other times it is erased. Does this mean it’s erased forever? While lost data resulting from the xbox one stuck on green screen error can be difficult to recover using regular methods, there is a program that can help you to do it it’s called AnyRecover.

    1,000,000 + Downloads

    Recover your lost data with a high rate of recovery.

    Ensure that all of your recovered data remains 100% secure and private.

    Follow a set of simple instructions to regain access to your lost Data.

    Recover data on other devices like your digital camera, computer, SD card, External disk, PC/Laptop, and many more.

    Fully compatible with Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP and almost all Mac versions.

    Here’s how to restore data on your Xbox with AnyRecover:

    Step 1. Connect your external storage device to the computer. Download, install and open AnyRecover. Choose the right location under the “External Removable Devices” section. Then click the “Start” button.

    Step 2. The program will start an all-round and deep scan on the selected location. You can pause, resume or stop the process anytime you want.

    Step 3. After scanning is complete, preview the files you want to recover and click “Recover”.

    Update The System To Fix Xbox One Stuck On Green Screen Error

    How to fix xbox one green screen

    As mentioned at the beginning of this article, sometimes the Green Screen of death error can be caused by System update failures. When your Xbox One is in this case, you don’t always have to go to extensive measures to retrieve your Xbox Data and fix the Green Screen error. Rather, in such a case, the fix may be as simple as updating the system. Here’s how to do it:

    • 1. Turn on Xbox and go directly to

    • 2. Choose the game you wish to play.

    • 3. Click on “System” and then “System Update”.

    • 4. Click “How to use the Offline System Update Diagnostic Tool”.

    • 5. Download “OSUDT2”.

    If this option does not work, select “Restore Factory Defaults” instead and then:

    • 6. Press Eject and Accessory pairing simultaneously, and then press the power key.

    • 7. Wait for “Applying Update” message to appear and then insert the OSUDT2 USB drive.

    • 8. If installation is not successful, download “Restore Factory Default” in USB and connect it to the Xbox console.

    • 9. Select “yes” to keep installed games.

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    Xbox One Stuck On Logo Screen After Update


    My xbox one is stuck on the green logo screen after rebooting for an update… I have tried to do an hard reset but I get an error message . Also tried hard reset with an usb, I get an error message as well

    I did unplug cables and wait 30sec, still stuck on green logo screen.

    What else can I do?

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    How To Fix Xbox One Only Shows Green Screen

    Nothing compares to the excitement that comes with playing your favorite video games on Xbox One. Unfortunately, the excitement and fun can be ruined without notice. When Xbox One only shows green screen, it means you have to wait endlessly for the loading to complete. Sometimes, it can continue showing only the green screen forever. This will not only ruin the fun and excitement, but you may also lose many games in the process. So, if this happens to you, how can you fix the issue? Read on to learn more.

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    Update Offline Using A Usb

    This is among the first option fixes you need to choose. With updating offline, you need to have both a USB with not less than 4 GB storage formatted as NTFS and a windows computer that is equipped with a USB port. Once you have them, follow the next steps.

    • Copy the system update file onto the USB.
    • Power off your console and unplug it from the source. It should be entirely off for a maximum of 30 seconds then power it on
    • Look for the Bind button and Eject then press and hold for about 15 seconds.
    • Two sounds will be heard and then release the buttons
    • When the console turns on, go to the startup troubleshoot.
    • Connect the USB drive to your console then click the offline system update file troubleshoot will be there.
    • Go to the D-pad button and the A button on the controller and then click offline system update
    • The offline update from your USB will start to update.
    • Lastly, the console will update once finished and everything will be back to normal.

    Pressing Right Trigger + Left Trigger + Y Button

    My Xbox one has been stuck on the green start up screen ...

    This solution, first discovered by a Reddit user named Stevr, uses another method to access and reload the dashboard. It is done shortly after powering up the console.

  • Start the Xbox One as normal.
  • Wait until the Xbox One begins to move your pins on startup.
  • As soon as the pins move, press Right Trigger, Left Trigger and the Y button simultaneously.
  • If you do this properly, the dashboard will not fade away to black and functionality will be restored.

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    Update The Xbox Console

    Before you begin, make sure you have the following in handy:

    • A USB flash drive to store the offline update.
    • Windows PC with stable Internet speed connectivity and active USB port.

    Open any web browser and visit this link to download the OSU1 zip file that contains the Xbox One update software.

    Unzip the file contents and then save the system update file on your Windows PC. Copy this file and move it to the USB flash drive so that you can plug it into the Xbox console.

    Once the update file has been successfully copied to the flash drive, lets proceed further.

    Unplug the Xbox One console power cord from your device, turn everything off. Plug back the power cable after 30-40 seconds and power ON the console.

    Press and hold the BIND button, and the EJECT button for about 11-12 seconds.

    As soon as you hear a chime, a power-up sound, release both the buttons.

    You will now be re-directed to the Xbox advanced startup options for troubleshooting.

    Now, connect the USB flash drive to your Windows PC. As soon as youll plug in the USB stick, you will see an Offline System Update option in the troubleshooting window. Tap on this option, follow the on-screen instructions to update the Xbox One console.

    Reboot the Xbox One console to check if youre still facing the Xbox One stuck on the green screen issue.

    Bonus Tip: Recover Data After Restoring Xbox One To Factory Reset Or Factory Defaults

    If you have reset your Xbox One without realizing that it deletes all your data as well, you might be looking for ways to somehow recover and restore your data.

    One way to recover the data from your Xbox One hard drive is to use a professional hard drive recovery software called Tenorshare 4DDiG. This software helps you recover data from multiple device types including your Xbox One hard drive. Here is how you use this software to recover your files.

    • Eject the hard drive from your Xbox One and plug it into your computer.
    • Select the file types you would like to recover from your console drive and click Next.

    • Choose the Xbox One drive on the following screen and click Scan.

    • When the scan results appear, choose the files you want to recover and click Recover at the bottom-right corner.

    • Choose a folder to save recovered files and click Start Saving.

    You are all set. Your deleted files should now be recovered.

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