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Why Is My Xbox Not Reading My Disc

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Xbox 360 Will Not Read My Game Discs

Xbox One Disc Not Reading Unreadable DISC Error How to Fix!

By | Submitted On August 15, 2009

The best thing to do after a long day is sit down and play Xbox live. “Now why is my game not reading, hold on let me restart. Wait why is it not playing? Oh No, I think its broken!”

The Xbox 360 will not read my game discs, how do I fix it? Well we have a couple options here, spend lots of time and money, or do it yourself.

If you’re getting a disk reading error and wondering why, here is your answer.

It is not that the DVD player is completely ruined, so don’t go tossing your drive out or even the whole thing. What happens is the heat receptors on the back of the DVD drive overheat. In turn the more heat it receives, the worse the drive gets. Which keep the DVD drive from working properly.

Now what you can do to see if it helps is..

1. Leave it alone for awhile2. Unplug all connections and reconnect them later3. Try the lame towel technique4. Send it to Microsoft!!! WAIT!

Before you think of doing such a foolish thing lets look at the situation at hand. No matter what you do at the moment the heat will keep on getting to where it is not supposed to be in the console. If you were asking yourself why the Xbox 360 will not read my game discs, now you know. It is time to do something about it.

You need to permanently get that fixed. You can send it to the big bad company for a couple hundred dollars and a two month wait or you can learn to do it yourself.

Try Resetting Your Xbox Console

As you know, resetting your console helps remove all the bugs from it and enable it to have a new system. This may aid you in many ways, especially when your disc drive is not interpreting or reading discs. Below are the steps you need to follow to reset your Xbox in no time. First, however, make sure you have backed up all your important info, files, and apps.

The first step is to press the button on your console and open the guide.

  • Next select Profile & System.
  • Now open up the Settings and head to System and Console info.
  • Lastly, select Reset console and then Reset and keep my games and apps.
  • Note that these steps will only delete the corrupted files, and all your games and data will remain saved in your console. Therefore, this hack is pretty convenient for you as it would remove all the irrelevant bugs and errors.

Fix: Xbox One Wont Load Game Disc

Since the release of Xbox One, players have complained that their console will not load the game disc. It is as if no disc was inserted at all. The scenarios vary situation to situation. In some cases, the console returned the disk back and in some, there was no action or indication from it whatsoever.

This problem has been there in Xbox One since the very launch. You might experience it after using a few months or a few days too. This is a manufacturing fault which is there in almost the majority of the consoles.

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How To Fix Xbox One Disc Drive Not Taking Disc

Xbox one has always been a great console for gaming. You may enjoy your favorite game anywhere and anytime with no interruptions. However, they may sometimes show errors, whether new or old such as the Xbox one not reading disc or showing some problems. In such a case, you may not need to worry at all as its completely repairable.

Considering all this, in this article, we shall discuss the main reasons behind your Xbox one not taking or reading discs to help you prevent such a misfortune. Also, we shall dig into the hacks that may help you fix these errors without investing much of your time and energy. So, read on to learn all about Xbox one stopped reading discs.

Why Is My 360 Not Reading Discs At All

Xbox 360 wont read discs.
  • I’ll put the disc in the tray, close it, and it will say “Reading Disc” for a few seconds, then tell me to insert disc, as if it’s not there. The discs are fine, so that isn’t the problem. At first I thought it was because it was overheated, so I didn’t play that day. I try today and it still won’t work. This isn’t the first time this has happened, but I usually can get it to work soon by resetting the console. It’s getting to be a pain to be honest. MS, next time actually test the goddamn thing before you send it back to me!
  • TurnbullAC – 12 years ago- report
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    A Way Around The Xbox One Not Reading Disc Problem

    Now, the premise behind this workaround is simple. You copy your DVD or Blu-ray disc to the computer and convert it into a format that can be read by a USB and an Xbox One console.

    For this, you need a DVD or Blu-ray ripping tool, iMyMac Video Converter, and a USB stick. Of course, you need to have your Blu-ray disc or DVD disc. In this way, you can fix the problem of Xbox One not reading disc.

    Here are the steps on how to do it:

    Use A Different Device Or Console

    If your Xbox One has trouble reading discs, try putting the DVD or Blu-ray on another device or console. It will allow you to establish whether the issue is with the game console or the disc itself.

    Naturally, if the disc works on another device, its your Xbox One thats the issue. Now, check if the Xbox one not reading disc issue is solved or not.

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    Scenario : The Disc Is Stuck/dvd Won’t Play On Xbox Console

    If your disc is stuck in the console and just won’t play the DVD or game you want it to, try out these next methods.

    1. Manually Eject a Disc from the Xbox Console

    If your disc won’t eject even when you hit the eject button, you can try ejecting your disc with a paperclip manually. Unbend your paper clip, and you’ll see a hole on the left side of your Xbox One. It is right to the left side of the disc slot. Push the paper clip in and the disc should come out.

    For Xbox Series X/S, the hole is on the bottom of the console. For original Xbox One, the hole is below the grill, which is on the left side.

    2. Restart Console

    If your disc is still not ejecting or reading, try to restart your console. You can press the Xbox button on your controller and power it off this way. Or you can press the Power button on your console for ten seconds and let it power down. Turn your console back on and see if the disc is not stuck and read now.

    Xbox Series X Won’t Read Disc: An Easy Guide To Fix This Disc Issue

    Why isn’t my xbox one reading my disc. How to fix.

    Xbox Series X is the next-gen console, so why is it having an issue like not being able to read a disc with this new Xbox edition.

    If you already checked that the disc you are attempting to use in your Xbox is clean, you may be asking yourself, is it my Xbox Series X itself that is broken?

    With this issue potentially being a hardware problem, you want to be confident that you have gone through everything you could to get your Xbox Series X back to identifying and running discs when inserted into the console, so you can get back to enjoying the games you want to play

    Fix the issue youre having with your Xbox Series X disc with this easy-to-follow guide we have created for you, in 6 simple steps.

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    Xbox Series X Won’t Recognise Discs

    This is a slightly more concerning situation, as it can’t be blamed on microwaves or bad disc care habits. There are generally two scenarios in play here. The first is that the power mode can affect some consoles, making them unable to read discs. Alternatively, there is a fundamental hardware problem, which means the disc drive needs to be serviced. To try to diagnose which category your console falls under:

    If you use instant-on power mode, change power modes and restart your console. To do this:

    • Press the Xbox button on your controller to open the guide.
    • Select Profile & system > Settings > General > Power mode & start-up.
    • Select Power mode, and then select Energy-saving.
    • Perform a hard power cycle by holding down the Xbox button on the console for 10 seconds. Once the console has completely shut down, press the Xbox button on the console again to restart it.
    • Try your disc again. Wait a few seconds to see if the console recognises it. If the console can now read the disc, you can revert to instant-on power mode.

    If this works, then wonderful, your problem has been resolved, and you can bask happily in that knowledge. But if this did not fix your problem, then the most likely scenario is that a repair is required. To do this, contact Microsoft via the Service page. If you’re lucky, you may still be covered by manufacturer’s warranty.

    Change Power Modes And Power Cycle The Console

  • Press the Xbox button to open the guide
  • Go to System > Settings > Power & Startup > Power mode and startup > Power mode > Energy saving
  • Perform a hard power cycle by holding down the Xbox button for 10 seconds, then press the button again to restart it
  • Try the disk again and wait to see if the Xbox One console will read it. If it reads, revert back to Instant-On power mode
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    Solution 4 Check If The Game Disc For Damage

    As mentioned above, the scratched game disc also causes the Xbox one not reading disc issue. So, we recommend you to check the backside of your game disc. If there are excessive scratches, nicks, or other damages, your console wont read the game disc.

    If there are not any visible damage, Xbox one wont read disc issue may be caused by the disc drive of your console. To test the disc drive, you need to try another game disc. If you can play another game disc on the same console smoothly, then your console disc drive is the cause of the issue.

    Updating And Restarting Your Console

    Xbox 360 Disc Read Error (Open Tray Problem)

    You may install the latest updates for your console and then restart the system to reboot your Xbox. This may refresh your system and remove all the errors and obstacles in just a heartbeat. To do so, follow the steps below:

    • The first step is to connect your Xbox One with the internet device.
    • Next, press the button on your controller indicating the Xbox button, which will open a guide.
    • Then click on Profile and System.
    • Now on settings, go to the system, then click on Update. This will make the latest updates on your console instantly.
    • After updating your system, you need to restart the system. For this, press the Xbox button on your console for almost ten seconds and then press it again to turn it on.

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    Solution : Preliminary Tweaks

    If the problem is with a single disc and other discs are working then there is a possibility your disc has settled dust, hair, or debris.

    So, in this case, clean the disc with a soft, clean cloth by holding the edges of the disc and without touching the top or bottom surface as shown in the below image.

    Now insert and try running the disc and check if this is working fine.

    Also, if the game disc is scratched then this can also cause Xbox One not reading disc issue. So, make sure to check the backside of your disc.

    If you found lots of scratches, notches, or other damages then also your console wont read the disc.

    But if you wont find any visible scratches or other damages then the Xbox One wont recognize disc is caused due to your console disc drive.

    And to verify the console disk drive damage try running another game disc, or else follow the below-given solutions.

    Holding The Optical Drive Tray

    You may wish to hold your Xbox Oneâs disc tray for a few seconds to fix the problem of Xbox One not reading disc. This is done when you are trying to insert the disc. This is a manual way of doing things. And, your optical drive may have a problem closing, the reason why you should hold the tray first.

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    Solution : Power Cycling Your Xbox

    Power cycling is the act of completely shutting down your device to remove any software misconfigurations in the console. These electronics often tend to go into error states which may be caused by the installation of a potential update or through a simple software glitch. By power cycling, we will make sure the console loses all the temporary settings and starts anew when we turn it back on.

  • Turn off your console properly through the menu.
  • After turning it off, take out the main power supply of the Xbox and wait around 10 minutes.
  • Cleaning Your Dvd Or Blu

    Xbox One NOT READING DISC FIX! How to get your Xbox One to READ disc AGAIN (FAST)

    If the problem is not with your Xbox and is with your disc, then you might try to clean it. Use a clean lint-free cloth to clean your DVD. The cloth should be slightly wet. Make sure your hands are clean as well.

    Then, use your cloth and clean from the middle towards the outer edges. Use a straight motion. It is important to remember that circular motions should not be used. Once the disc has been cleaned, dry out the disc, and try to use it on your Xbox again.

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    Possible Causes For Xbox One Not Reading Disc Error

    Usually, Xbox one not reading disc issue indicates that your game disc wont play or cannot be recognized when you insert the disc into the console. You need to see if there is dust or hair built-up in your drive. For this situation, just need to clean up your drive.

    Some users reported that their consoles make a grinding noise when inserting a game disc, which indicates consoles may need a repair. Besides, the scratched game disc can also cause the Xbox one not reading disc error.

    Now, let see how to fix Xbox one not reading disc error. Please keep reading the following part carefully, here we recommend that you try these solutions one by one.

    Recommended Solution Fix Various Pc Errors & Speed Up

    If your Windows PC/laptop is running slow or showing various issues and errors then here it is suggested to run the PC Repair Tool.

    This is an advanced repair tool that just by scanning once detect and fix various windows problems and stubborn computer errors.

    With this, you can fix various update errors, repair the corrupted Windows system files, DLL errors, registry errors, prevent virus or malware infection, and much more.

    This not only fixes errors but also optimizes your Windows PC performance like a new one to optimize the gaming performance.

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    Solution 3 Reset The Xbox One Operating System

    If the above methods fail to solve your problem, you may consider resetting the Xbox one operating system without deleting your games and apps. Follow the steps to do:

    Step 1. Press the Xbox button on the Home Screen to open the Guide.

    Step 2. Navigate to Settings and All Settings.

    Step 3. Select System on the left pane and click on Console info & updates.

    Step 4. Now click Reset console.

    Step 5. On the Reset your console screen, select the Reset and keep my games & apps option. The resetting operation will delete the corrupted data.


    Solution : Change Power Modes

    Xbox One won

    If your console is set to instant-on power mode this can also sometimes lead to Xbox Series X Not Reading Dis. So, its best to change it to Energy-saving.

    Heres how you do it:

  • Simply, press the Xbox button on your console.
  • Once you press the Xbox button, it will open up the guide.
  • On the guide, select Profile & system.
  • Then press Settings > General > Power mode & startup.
  • Now select Power Mode and then change it to Energy-saving.
  • Now try the steps in solution 2 and insert the disc to check for not reading disc Xbox.
  • If it works then you can change it back to instant-on power mode.
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    Full Cases And Solutions For Xbox One Not Reading Discs

    It can be a major hassle when your Xbox One won’t read discs. Many of us just want to pop in our favorite game or movie and relax after a long day. However, if your Xbox One disc drive is not working, or you encounter some other problem with your hardware, this can make it harder to enjoy what you love doing.

    Really, there are many reasons for your Xbox one not reading discs and we’ll talk about how you can solve this issue as well as how you can get your console to work.

    Solution : Contact Xbox Support

    The last way you can sort out the issue is to contact Xbox Support. The issue can be specific to your console and Xbox Support can possibly fix this and if your Xbox or the DVD is in warranty then it will be fixed easily.

    I hope the above 6 solutions were useful for you and helped you in solving Xbox Series X Not Reading Disc and if you have any solution in mind which best works for you then please do share with us in the comment section below.

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