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Why Is Fall Guys Not On Xbox

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While yes, its true that Fall Guys being free on PS Plus still would have been a better deal than say, being $20 on Xbox at launch this month, it stands to reason that one of the stipulations for snagging one of the hugely coveted PS Plus game features was that no, the game could not appear on Xbox. Maybe just for this first month, maybe for longer, its hard to tell. Though yes, Fall Guys was announced as a console exclusive for PS4 way back when. Those deals are usually timed.

The Fall Guys team just how important the PS Plus feature was to them, and why they pursued it so hard:

Sony was really enthusiastic about the game when we showed them an early version of it, and we felt that taking this route would help expose the game to a far larger audience than we could have reached on our own. Also, it’s something that worked super well for Rocket League which has been one of our inspirations.

Rocket League


The Rocket League comparison is dead on, as entire gaming empires like that series have been formed out of a PS Plus feature, and thats what Fall Guys was trying to do with their own feature. And they have clearly succeeded. So yes, even if it was part of the deal that the game couldnt appear on Xbox One during the PS Plus feature it was almost certainly worth that cost with how much the game has blown up. Partly because of Twitch and every streamer youve ever heard of playing it, partly because of the PS Plus showcase.

Other Server Related/connectivity Issues And Crashes

Though the above issues are the most common ones that players encounter, other connectivity issues can arise over time, given the games popularity. Server problems and connectivity issues can surface in various ways, like continually disconnecting from the game, having high ping, or simply not being able to join games.

The first rule of thumb will always be checking the social media accounts of Fall Guys, so you wont waste any time trying out the other possible fixes.

If there arent any server-related problems reported by Mediatonic, then the issue may be on your side. There are a couple of easy fixes you can try out, which should fix any connectivity issues most of the time.

What Is Fall Guys

Fall Guys is essentially Mario Party mixed with the television show “Wipeout.” You start a game with 60 players and continue to play rounds while people get eliminated from challenges. There are several game modes, including team games, and it all comes together in one final showdown where a champion is crowned.

Here’s the official description of the game:

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout flings hordes of contestants together online in a mad dash through rounds of escalating chaos until one victor remains. Leave your dignity at the door and prepare for hilarious failure in your quest for the crown!

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Fall Guys Confirms Disappointing News For Xbox And Nintendo Switch Fans

Over the last few months, the Fall Guys Twitter account has been inundated with requests for an update on the Nintendo Switch and Xbox versions of the game. Today, developer Mediatonic was finally able to provide just that, but it’s safe to say it wasn’t what fans were hoping to hear: Fall Guys will not be coming to those platforms until 2022. In a new post on the game’s official website, Mediatonic addressed rumors that the Switch and Xbox versions would release during Season 6. That will not be the case, though the developer claims these versions remain a big priority.

“We know everyone’s excited about Fall Guy coming to Nintendo Switch and Xbox, with good reason. There’s been a lot of speculation on social media connecting these new console releases to the Season 6 launch and we want to clarify that that’s not the case so no one’s left confused looking for the game on these platforms. Thank you for being patient with us, it’s one of our top priorities in active development and we can’t wait to share more details with you in 2022.”

Fall Guys is currently available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC. Readers can check out all of our previous coverage of the game right here.

Are you disappointed that Fall Guys isn’t coming to Switch or Xbox until next year? Do you plan on checking out the game on either system? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter at to talk about all things gaming!

Why Isn’t ‘fall Guys’ On Xbox One


When is Fall Guys coming to Xbox One?

Microsoft/Mediatonic/Paul Tassi

Its question that gets spammed in chat, on social media, pretty much any time Fall Guys pops up. With the game a massive hit on PC and PS4, why isnt Fall Guys on Xbox One yet? When is it coming?

I tried to see if there was an actual answer here, but every article I found was more or less we dont know! but there is a likely answer after all, I believe.

First, Fall Guys has heard everyones feedback. They understand that people want to see the game on Xbox One, and this is their response to that:

This was a month ago but no plans doesnt sound super promising, even if they claim to want to be on the platform. Its not like it would take some massive amount of technical work to make an Xbox version of the game compared to a PS4 version, but theyre not confirming theyre doing that yet.


The reason is almost certainly their PS Plus deal with Sony this month.

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Fall Guys Won’t Arrive On These Consoles In 2021

ByHannah Cowton, Senior Staff Writer| 08 Dec 2021

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has exploded in popularity since its release on 4 August 2020. However, this cute and colourful take on battle royale is currently only available to purchase on PS4 and Steam on PC.

If youre an Xbox or Nintendo user, this news comes as a bit of a blow. So to help, weve done some research to find out when – and if – the game will come to other platforms sometime in the future.

In the meantime, you can check out our list of the best upcoming games of 2021, and read more about the new consoles in our roundups of the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X.

You can find how to check if the Fall Guys servers are down here. We also have a similar article on if Valheim is coming to other consoles.

Is Fall Guys Coming To Xbox Series X/s

Fall Guys is still on the pathway to coming to your nearest Xbox console, however, there was confirmation of delays from the developers, who originally supplied the game with a Summer 2021 release date.

Confirming the delays on the official Fall Guys website blog, Mediatonic wrote: “We’ve realised that our previously announced Summer 2021 Switch and Xbox release schedule is unfortunately just too soon for us to include all of the tasty new features we’re working on.”

They continued, “while we want to launch on these platforms as quickly as possible, we believe the Switch and Xbox releases are really going to be worth waiting for, and were super grateful for your patience.”

The developers did however confirm that because of the delayed time, it has now given them the opportunity to add a lot more features to the game in time for its arrival on a new console.


Fall Guys Season 5

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How To Get Twitch Drops With Valorant Champions

Learn how to link your account and earn in-game rewards with Valorant Champions Twitch Drops.

Developer Mediatonic has confirmed that the Nintendo Switch and Xbox release for Fall Guys wont be coming until next year.

Fall Guys is in the middle of quite the party thanks to the launch of its sixth season, dubbed Party Spectacular. With new levels and festival-themed outfits, its quite the celebration. The trouble is, not everyone was invited to the party. At least not yet, anyway.

Fall Guys was originally scheduled to release on both Nintendo Switch and Xbox during summer this year, but the launch was postponed indefinitely with little information supplied since.

The launch of Season 6 for Fall Guys forces integration of Epic Games accounts and allows for cross-progression between console and PC. With accounts now linking across platforms, many had assumed that this meant the Xbox and Nintendo Switch versions would be launching soon.

To dispel the rumors and provide an update, Mediatonic acknowledged the other platforms in a blog post yesterday which covered the launch of Season 6.

We know everyones excited about Fall Guy coming to Nintendo Switch and Xbox, with good reason, the post details. There’s been a lot of speculation on social media connecting these new console releases to the Season 6 launch and we want to clarify that that’s not the case so no ones left confused looking for the game on these platforms.

When Is The Fall Guys Xbox Release Date

*NEW UPDATE* Why Fall Guys is NOT On XBOX or Nintendo SWITCH! Valve Skins Coming to PS4

Initially, Mediatonic had intended to release Fall Guys on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S at some point in the summer of 2021. However, an official Mediatonic blog post in April revealed that things have changed behind the scenes, meaning that summer 2021 is no longer the goal.

The developers said in the blog, With so many new opportunities now in our hands, weve realised that our previously announced Summer 2021 Switch and Xbox release schedule is unfortunately just too soon for us to include all of the tasty new features were working on.

Microsofts official Xbox Wire blog still says that Fall Guys will be coming to Xbox consoles later this year, so heres hoping well see it launch on Microsofts range of consoles in the autumn or winter. Well be sure to let you know when an exact date is announced.

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The Connection To The Server Timed Out Error While Searching For A Game

Another error that prevents players from hopping into a game of Fall Guys is a time out from the server. This error usually pops up while searching for a game and reads Connection Error Connection to the Server timed out.Please check the settings and try again.

Its unclear which settings Fall Guys refer to here, but it looks like it doesnt have anything to do with any setting. The overloaded game servers cause this error, and there isnt a fix that players can apply to resolve the issue.

Keep an eye on both official and dedicated server tracking Twitter pages of Fall Guys for the most recent updates regarding the status of the game.

Controller Not Working Fix

According to some Fall Guys players, their controller isnt working with the game. Open Steam and navigate to Steam > Settings > Controller > General Controller Settings.

If you are using an Xbox controller then check Xbox Configuration Support and if Dualshock 4 then check the PlayStation option. Press Ok and start the game. The controller will now be working with Fall Guys.

If the above fix didnt work, then switch to Steam Big Picture Mode > Library > Fall Guys > click Manage Game > Controller Options > select Forced on for Steam input per game setting. Restart Steam and launch the game, this will fix the controller not working with Fall Guys.

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Fall Guys Is Not Coming To Xbox Or Switch Soon

“Thank you for being patient with us, it’s one of our top priorities in active development and we can’t wait to share more details with you in 2022.”

Mediatonic has spoken on rumours that Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout will be coming to Xbox and Nintendo Switch with Season 6.

Fall GuysSeason 6 Party Spectacular is officially live and players around the world can now play the latest content including new limited-time events, 50 tiers of rewards to unlock, and a new patch to earn exclusive costumes. Many players believe that an Xbox and Nintendo Switch version of the battle-royale party game will also be released alongside the update.

There’s some speculation that were launching on Xbox & Switch in Season 6Unfortunately, that’s not true Its still one of our main priorities. Adding cross-progression today was the first step towards that!Excited to share more in 2022!

Fall Guys – Season 6 Out Now!

The developer has addressed these rumours in a new blog post saying that the rumours are false but it’s a top priority and adding cross-progression today was the first step.

The Nintendo Switch and Xbox versions of Fall Guys was scheduled for a Summer 2021 release date, however it was delayed earlier this year with Mediatonic saying that it was “just too soon.”

Alongside the new content launch, the update also includes a new cross-platform progression feature with Epic Game accounts and cross-platform play between PlayStation and PC.

Fall Guys For Xbox: Release Date Xbox Game Pass And Everything You Need To Know

*NEW UPDATE* Why Fall Guys is NOT On XBOX or Nintendo ...

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout was one of the biggest games on the PC and PS4 when it released last Summer. The goofy, squishy bean-shaped contestants captured the internet’s hearts as they bumped and pushed dozens of challenging obstacle courses in a mad dash for the grand prize a bright and shiny crown. The game quickly became one of the best multiplayer games on the PC, however, Xbox owners have been left out of the madness until now, that is. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is heading to the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. Here’s everything you need to know about Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout on the consoles.

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Fall Guys Xbox Release Could Be Approaching After Halo Skins Leak

A Halo-related skins leak for Fall Guys seems to suggest Mediatonic’s inventive battle royale could launch on Xbox sooner rather than later.

A Fall Guys leaker stumbled across code pointing to the eventual arrival of Halo skins for the likes of Master Chief this also seems to indicate the long-awaited Xbox release isn’t too far off. Fall Guys hits PC and PlayStation 4 in August 2020, with developer Mediatonic later scheduling Nintendo Switch and Xbox ports for Summer 2021.

The Switch and Xbox versions of Fall Guys were delayed this spring, however, as the studio wanted to implement extra features that would be ready in time for new platform launches. Unfortunately, this news didn’t come with a revised release window, leaving many to wonder when exactly the battle royale title will migrate elsewhere. And though several months have passed since the delay announcement, Mediatonic has yet to share updated information on the matter. Recently leaked details hint that the studio may not remain silent for too much longer, though.

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Halo will be coming to Fall Guys!costume_event_falcon_01: Master Chief

Pancake – Fall Guys Leaks

As noted by the above tweet’s timestamp, the Halo-centric Fall Guys leak first made the rounds over the weekend. Neither Mediatonic nor Microsoft have addressed the leak, however, though that shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise.

Initial Unveiling And Launch

Industry rumors of new Xbox hardware had started as early as June 2018, with Microsoft’s Phil Spencer confirming they were “deep into architecturing the next Xbox consoles” at that time. The hardware was believed to be a family of devices under the codename “Scarlett,” including a low-cost version following a similar scheme as the Xbox One family of consoles, with major emphasis on game streaming and backward compatibility. By March 2019, further industry rumors had led to speculation of two consoles within the Scarlett family under codenames “Anaconda” and the low-cost “Lockhart” version.

Microsoft confirmed Project Scarlett at its E3 2019 press conference. Microsoft said they wanted a “soft” transition from Xbox One to Scarlett, with Scarlett supporting backward compatibility with all games and most hardware supported on the Xbox One. During a presentation at The Game Awards 2019, Microsoft officially revealed the design of Scarlett and its branding, “Xbox Series X,” as well as a late 2020 release date. Following the event, a Microsoft spokesperson stated that Xbox Series X constituted an entry in a fourth generation of Xbox hardware, which will be branded simply as “Xbox” with no subtitle.

On July 16, 2020, Microsoft announced that it had ended production of the Xbox One X and all-digital version of the Xbox One S in preparation for the new products.

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What To Know About Fall Guys: Is It Free On Xbox Or Cross

If you watched any Twitch streamer in August, then you most likely have seen them playing Fall Guys.

Fall Guys is a new game that launched the first week of August and has since taken over. The game has over 7 million units sold on Steam, and became the most downloaded PlayStation Plus game of all time, all within its first month. So naturally with a brand new game, there’s curiosity behind it.

While watching someone play Fall Guys, you might be wondering how to access it. We’ll go over all of the general questions you have about Fall Guys below.

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