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Why Does My Xbox Turn Off By Itself

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Fault In The Controller:

Why does my Xbox keeps turning off by its self solution

Every XBOX controller has a button that allows you to turn on the Xbox One. You should check the controller as it might also create an issue.

Fix: Remove the batteries from the controller of XBOX to check if the console is running on or not. But, if it is not showing any changes, you must check the power button of the controller as there might be a chance that it is stuck. If you cannot change it, try and visit any shop to get it fixed or you can always try and change the controller and buy a new one if you are a gamer.

Controller Fault Or Failure

The Xbox button on the controller allows you to turn on your Xbox One, and it might be activating your console by itself.

Test the controller for example, try removing the controller’s batteries for a while and looking for any changes to your console’s performance.

If it is your controller, make sure the power button isn’t stuck down. If you can’t solve it, some repair shops will work on controllers. And if all else fails, retire it in lieu of a new controller.

Why Does My Xbox One Turn On By Itself

There are many reasons that can cause Xbox One randomly turns on. We collect the following main causes:

  • You are using an old Xbox One with a touchy capacitive power button
  • The Xbox One controller is malfunctioning
  • You are using HDMI controls
  • Cortana misunderstands the command
  • The instant-on feature is enabled
  • The device is performing an automatic update
  • And more

Focusing on these situations, you need to use different methods to fix Xbox One turns on by itself. In the following contents, we will show you some available solutions.

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Reason : You Havent Installed All The Updates Install Them

Current hacks, new settings If you havent installed all the recent updates, it is normal that your device doesnt work at best. Connect your console to the internet and it should download them automatically. If you have disabled the automatic download of udates, then reactivate it or download the updates manually.

If all these tips are not enough and you still face random powering on of your console, then try changing the power outlet. For example, if you have plugged it in on a power extension, then try to plug it in to the main socket and see if the problem is solved. Finally, try to reboot your XBox One by pressing the power button on the frond for approximately 10 seconds, then unplug from the power supply for ten more seconds. If this still doesnt work, your console does actually need a tour at the after-sales service.

So, did one of these tips worked for you? Which one? Do you face any other problem with your XBox or any other console you wish us to find a solution to? Please share and we will inspire a new post for it.

Why Does Your Xbox Controller Keep Shutting Off

Why Does My Xbox One Turn On by Itself?

The Xbox One has emerged as a key console in recent years, rivaling the growth of Sonys PlayStation 4. However, like all electrical devices, this machine can also run into a few problems as it is used more and more. A very minor problem surrounding the Xbox One is about its controllers shutting off while you are in-game or when the controller is connected to the console.

Why does your Xbox One controller keep shutting off? Your controller isnt within the designated range to be sending and receiving signals, the battery might need replacing/recharging. Move yourself and the controller closer to the Xbox, change the batteries of the controller, perform a power cycle/reconnect the controller if nothing works.

It is obviously a very cumbersome issue as the entire console is rendered useless without its controller. However, there are some easy fixes for this problem, and most of them are explored in this article. Before we go on to the solutions, it may be wise to study the reasons for this problem arising in the first place.Check out the list of theBest Xbox Games on Amazon now!

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The Sensitivity Of The Power Button

The number one reason why your Xbox turns on by itself is because of a highly sensitive power button. The power button that is designed on the Xbox one is a capacitive power button, instead of a regular mechanical button. And the high sensitivity a capacitive button offers is both a blessing and a curse.

The good part is that you dont have to push really hard or press the button multiple times to turn on your Xbox. But the bad part is, accidental touch or even heavy dust can cause your console to turn on by itself. The slightest touch or a charge can trigger the power circuit to act up.

The fix is simple. Make sure that your console is always clean and free of dust. This will not only get rid of the problem but it also is a very healthy habit. Also, make sure that your Xbox one is not getting turned by the presence of your pet around the power button.

Hdmi Consumer Electronic Control Turns On The Xbox One

HDMI-CEC is a feature that allows televisions to control HDMI devices like Blu-ray players and game consoles, and vice versa. If your television has this feature, your Xbox One may turn on when you don’t want it to. This feature also allows devices like your Xbox One to tell the television to switch to the correct input when they turn on.

If you want to prevent your TV from turning your Xbox on, you need to disable the HDMI-CEC option in your TV’s settings. The exact process differs from one television to the next, so you will have to consult the owner’s manual or contact the manufacturer if you can’t find the HDMI-CEC option.

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Checking The Xbox One Controller

Xbox one controller is the device with which you can turn your console on and off along with various other operations. A fault in the controller can cause your Xbox one to turn off by itself.

To figure out if the controller is the reason behind the problem, take the batteries off. If the problem keeps on occurring then its highly unlikely that the controller is causing the issue. If the problem stops after you take the batteries of the controller then you can do the following things to fix it.

  • Clean the power button and make sure that it isnt automatically Pressed down.
  • Take the controller to any repair shop.
  • If the issue isnt fixable then it is time for you to get a new Xbox one controller.

Kinect Or Cortana Could Be Responsible

how to fix your xbox if its turning off by itself

If you have a Kinect device, you can issue several verbal commands to your Xbox One console. Saying “Xbox on” will allow Cortana to turn on your Xbox One. So it’s possible that the Kinect device or Cortana might be misinterpreting phrases that sound close to “Xbox on.”

To test whether or not this is the cause of your Xbox One’s abrupt booting, go into your Xbox One’s “Power & startup” settings and disable this feature. You don’t need to get rid of the Kinect.

If your Xbox no longer turns on without your explicit command, you’ll know what the issue was.

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Cortana Power Problems Turn On The Xbox One

Cortana is Microsoft’s virtual assistant that works a lot like Siri and , but you can use it on your Xbox One. If you have Cortana activated on your console, it may pick up conversations in the room, or even from your television, and think you asked it to turn your Xbox One on.

You can use Cortana with a Kinect or a headset, but the only way to use the feature that allows you to turn the console on with your voice is to use a Kinect. So if you don’t have a Kinect, you don’t have to worry about this possibility.

If you do have a Kinect, you can disable Cortana’s ability to turn your console on by unplugging your Kinect when you aren’t using your Xbox One. If that fixes your problem, then you’ll know Cortana was the one turning your Xbox on.

The only way to prevent Cortana from turning your Xbox One on, without unplugging your Kinect, is to disable the Instant On feature.

Possibility : Turning On Using Cec

There are some televisions who have the capability of CEC which is usually related to the device connected with the HDMI port. CEC allows users to have control of the electronic device through the remote of the TV. This provides ease of access as the users will not have to get up and turn on the console manually.

CEC is another reason why your Xbox might be turning on by itself . You might accidentally press the remote button and the Xbox after getting the signal from TV, might turn on. You can check this option from your TV and disable this setting.

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Disable Automatic Turn Off

If your gaming console turns randomly turns off, you may have configured the console to shut down automatically after a specific time. To disable this option.

  • Press the Xbox button on the top part of the controller
  • From the last tab on the right side, select Profile & System
  • Select Settings from the left menu bar and then select General
  • To open the Xbox Series X power settings, select Power mode & Startup
  • Now navigate to the Turn off after option and ensure that theDont turn off automatically option is checked

Next, play a game on your console for some time and see if the issue persists.

Touchy Xbox One Power Buttons

Xbox One Keeps Turning Off By Itself

The original Xbox One has a capacitive power button instead of a physical button. Instead of pushing the button to turn the Xbox One on and off, it senses your finger using the same basic technology as your touchscreen cellphone, tablet, or laptop.

Capacitive power buttons are neat, but dust, dirt, food particles, and other materials can cause them to malfunction. It’s also extremely easy for a small child to accidentally turn an original Xbox One on, or off, by brushing their hand against the front of the console. Pets can also turn an original Xbox One on, or off, by brushing their nose against the power button.

If you have an original Xbox One, make sure that it’s in an entertainment center cabinet, or on a shelf, where pets and children aren’t able to reach it. If it is, or you don’t have any pets or kids in your house, try wiping the front of your console with a microfiber cloth.

Only the original Xbox One uses a capacitive power button. If you have an Xbox One S or Xbox One X, it has a physical power button. But it’s still a good idea to place your console in a location where pets and children can’t reach it.

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Possibility : Electric Surges

This is kept as the last possibility as it is very rare. Electric surges rarely happen in developed countries but there are some scenarios where this might happen. Hence if your console is turning on by itself by possible electric surges, there are very limited options to remedy it.

You can purchase a surge protector cord which will automatically safeguard your electronics if any surge would happen. Or a more viable solution is to take out the main power supply of Xbox from the back. You can set a switch which can act as an on-off switch between the main supply and Xbox. Hence whenever you are not playing, you can cut the power supply.

Overheating Due To Defective Power Supply

Another reason why your Xbox may be overheating could because of damage power supply. Depending on the model of Xbox you have, the power supply may come in one or 2 bits. Inspect the complete power cord from end to end. If it is damaged in one or several places, it means that your console is probably disconnecting intermittently, and that would be the reason why it is overheating and turning off regularly.

If the power cord going into the Xbox is loose, bent or damaged, you can try to bend it back into the correct shape, but lets be honest, this is not the safest way to deal with the issue. The best is to replace it. Check also the power cord going to the outlet and replace any bit that is deteriorated.

If none of these tips work, and that even after checking your automatic shut down settings and restarting your console, it still turns off randomly, then you will need to visit your after-sales service.

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Solution : Uncheck Hdr10

This is right where you change resolution so

  • Go under Advanced in Tv and display options.
  • Open Video Modes and Uncheck Allow HDR10.
  • HDR10 allows High Definition Range in supported apps and games to enhance the graphic quality. This increases the heating and also takes more power so turning this off temporarily can fix your Xbox

    This is On by default because the Xbox series X/S was made powerful enough to handle all the graphic enhancement but switching this off will be a better option.

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    Power Cycle The Console


    If all else fails, you can always unplug your Xbox One’s power cord, wait a little while, and then plug it back in. This is called “power cycling,” and can often help fix basic software issues.

    Alternatively, you could try plugging the power cord into a different outlet, or fully power the console off and then back on again. These are unlikely to fix any serious issues, but you might get lucky.

    Also note that certain television sets can activate the Xbox directly through the HDMI cable. This means that in some cases, when you turn on the TV, the Xbox will turn on with it . To fix this, you’ll want to check your TV’s settings to see if you can turn this control off.

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    Solution : Make Sure The Xbox Series X Has Good Ventilation

    One of the factors that can cause this console to turn off on its own is when it overheats. If the console gets too hot after hours of playing then you will need to turn it off. Make sure to position the console in an area that has sufficient ventilation with at least 4 inches of clearance on all sides. Its also important to make sure that nothing is blocking its vents.

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    Why Does Xbox Turn Off By Itself

    The most likely reason that your console turns off by itself is that it became too hot internally. This is more commonly referred to as overheating, where the heat that is generated from the console is unable to properly vent and regulate. This could be caused by a couple things such as blocked air vents.

    It can also be caused through a faulty power supply or power cable. Ensure that your cables and power supplies are properly plugged in and not damaged in any way. Sometimes animals can chew through the cords without us knowing. This can lead to electrical issues that can be hazardous to you guys. Keep a lookout.

    Thirdly, you could have just simply left the “Turn off” setting enabled on the console. This setting essentially allows the console to automatically turn itself off after a period of inactivity. This helps to preserve power and the console itself.

    Lastly, a crashing game causes your Xbox turning off by itself. Of course, the hardware failure on your Xbox console is also a source that cannot be neglected.

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    Fix#: Check Power Supply Cord

    Many times the power supply cord is damaged or loose. This can cause the Xbox one or Xbox One S keeps turning off by itself issues. Make sure the power cord is connected securely and is not loose. Also straighten the power cord because any bent can cause disruption in the power supply. If you find the power connection faulty then it is recommended to replace the power supply core with the new one.

    Why Is Cold War Split Screen So Bad

    Why Does My Xbox One Turn Off by Itself

    Split-screen has gone from bad to worse since Cold War launched late last year. At first it was just the smaller screen size and crappy framerate. Unlike Modern Warfare, the screen doesnt extend all the way to the edges, leaving black bars on both sides of your TV.

    The original Xbox Ones power key is a capacitive button rather than a physical button. Its possible that dust, debris, or even a pets movements could be enough to activate the power button, turning on the Xbox One console.

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    Reason : Your Xbox One Has Kinect Disable It

    If your console is part of the few that were released with the Kinect technology a line of motion sensing input devices -, this could be the reason of your struggles. Indeed, this technology is designed in such a way that it detects motion or words related to the Xbox One. This way, saying anything related to XBox, such as XBox, Hey Cortana or any specific word related to your device would automatically activate the Kinect technology and turn on your XBox One. The thing is, the technology is sometimes too sensitive and other words or phrases might cause it to turn on your console without you wanting it.

    Now, in order to disable the Kinect technology on your XBox One, you need to:

    • Visit the Settings page,
    • Then choose Select Power Mode & Start Up,
    • Turn on the disable wake up box by saying Hey Cortana or Xbox on button,
    • Youre good to go!

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