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Why Does My Xbox Series X Keep Turning Off

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Why Does My Xbox Series X Turn Off By Itself

How To Fix Xbox Series X Randomly Turning Off Problem

If your Xbox gaming console turns off by itself, one of the following factors can be responsible for the issue.

  • Xbox Series X is protecting itself from overheating by turning itself off
  • The gaming console is hard crashing
  • Next-gen games are pushing the Xbox Series X to over-perform resulting in powering itself off
  • Xbox Series is set to turn off automatically
  • Xbox Series X hardware is malfunctioning and needs a repair or replace

Xbox Series X Consoles Are Reportedly Shutting Off Randomly

Some players are reporting that their new Xbox Series X console shuts off at random soon after launching a game, keeping them from enjoying next-gen.

It’s been reported that some Xbox Series X consoles have been shutting off at random, preventing players from enjoying their next-gen games. The long-awaited console launched earlier this week, and is of course already sold out at most major retailers. Players have been anticipating the new console all year, and now that they’ve finally had the chance to get it, Xbox reports that the Series X has given it the best console launch it’s ever had.

But it’s not all good news for owners of the new system. Like any substantial piece of technology, the Series X is prone to any number of hardware issues. Some fans reported that their Series X consoles were catching fire, but these reports have largely been dismissed as fake, playing off of widespread fears of overheating that have plagued both the Series X and its competitor the PlayStation 5 in the months leading up to launch. Others have reported hearing frightening noises coming from their new consoles, in reports that are a bit harder to dispute.

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How To Shut Down Xbox Series X

To fully shut down your Xbox Series X|S from System Settings, navigate to the Home screen and select the app with the gear icon. This will launch Settings.

In case you cant find this option, press the Xbox button on your controller once. This will open the Xbox sidebar.

With the Xbox sidebar opened, hit the RB button on the controller until you reach the last tab. This will open the Profile & System tab in the sidebar.

Scroll down in the Profile & System tab in the Xbox sidebar and select Settings.

In the Xbox Series X|S settings, navigate to the General tab in the left pane.

Select Power Mode & Startup in the General section of the Xbox settings to access the complete shutdown option.

To shut down your Xbox Series X|S, choose Full Shutdown on the Power Mode & Startup settings page.

Youll see a confirmation prompt asking whether you want to shut down the Xbox completely. If you want to power it down, select Shut Down.

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Find How To Stop Your Console From Powering Down Randomly

The Xbox Series X has been out nearly one whole week now.

While the launch day had people vaping into their consoles and apparently floating ping pong balls on top of them, the rumours and nonsense have started to wash away now, but there are some issues that are genuine.

One of these issues is that the Xbox Series X randomly turns itself off when playing certain games or doing certain things.

While theres not a huge amount known about this issue at the moment, we do have a potential fix for it.

Disable Automatic Turn Off

Why Does My Xbox One Turn On by Itself?

If your gaming console turns randomly turns off, you may have configured the console to shut down automatically after a specific time. To disable this option.

  • Press the Xbox button on the top part of the controller
  • From the last tab on the right side, select Profile & System
  • Select Settings from the left menu bar and then select General
  • To open the Xbox Series X power settings, select Power mode & Startup
  • Now navigate to the Turn off after option and ensure that theDont turn off automatically option is checked

Next, play a game on your console for some time and see if the issue persists.

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Verify Integrity Of Game Files

Missing or damaged game files are another known culprit of NBA 2K games crashing on PC. But dont worry, resolving this problem is as simple as making a few clicks.

  • Open your Steam client. Under LIBRARY, right-click your game title and select Properties.
  • Select the LOCAL FILES tab. Then click on the button Verify integrity of game files.
  • Steam will now verify all of your game files, and compare them with files hosted on the game servers. If there are any discrepancies Steam will redownload, and repair corrupted files.

    When the process is complete, launch your game. If your problem persists, try the next fix below.

    Solution : Check The Power Button

    The original Xbox One is using a capacitive power button. Just like a touch screen, when you touch the button, your Xbox One will be turned on. So, your Xbox One keeps turning on may be caused by your pet or kid touch the button by mistake.

    If you rule out the above cause, you will need to wipe the front of the console with a software cloth. And then, you can see whether the issue can be solved.

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    Bug: Smart Delivery Games Wont Install Or Have Graphical Issues

    Microsofts Smart Delivery feature allows players to get the most recent version of cross-generation games. If you already own Gears 5 on Xbox One, for example, youll get the Series X version for free. This feature isnt without problems, however. Certain Smart Delivery titles wont recognize that installation has finished, or theyll launch with graphical issues.

    Microsoft has pinpointed this issue to Xbox One games brought over to the Xbox Series X on an external hard drive. There doesnt seem to be a set list of affected games, so if you installed any games from an external hard drive brought over from your Xbox One, keep this issue in mind.

    How To Prevent Overheating

    How To Fix Xbox Series X/S from Turning Itself Off! (Part 2)

    You can avoid this issue by taking proper care and performing regular maintenance. Here are some ways you can keep your gaming system cool and running smoothly:

    • Place your console in an open area with lots of ventilation away from enclosed spaces and other heat sources such as other devices or direct sunlight.
    • Avoid stacking other electronic devices on top of, underneath, or against the sides of your console.
    • Keep the console and its power supply on a cool and steady surface. Avoid placing it on soft furniture and surfaces such as beds, rugs, or couches.
    • Keep the console away from heat-generating and high-vibrating sources, such as low-frequency speakers, subwoofers, etc.
    • Clear the exhaust grill and side panels.
    • Replace the thermal pastes after a couple of years or after removing the cooling system.

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    Nba2k22 Turning Off The Console

    This is a discussion on Nba2k22 turning off the console within the NBA 2K Basketball forums.

    Nba2k22 turning off the console
    Re: Nba2k22 turning off the console Here is a video of the issue.Just watch the last seconds… The console simply turns off
    Re: Nba2k22 turning off the console
    Originally Posted by jayman504
    I remember this happening alot last year while playing COD! Got scared and stopped playing They ended up patching something and it worked fine.
    Join Date: Feb 2009 Re: Nba2k22 turning off the console My series x hasnt turned off in me yet today or yesterday. Played only play now and messed with my league a bit. Hasnt happened to me on f1 either but I have had many system shutdowns playing madden. On madden I get a quick flash of a green screen and then the system shuts off.
    Re: Nba2k22 turning off the console
    Originally Posted by BenVenom
    My series x hasnt turned off in me yet today or yesterday. Played only play now and messed with my league a bit. Hasnt happened to me on f1 either but I have had many system shutdowns playing madden. On madden I get a quick flash of a green screen and then the system shuts off.

    The Sensitivity Of The Power Button

    The number one reason why your Xbox turns on by itself is because of a highly sensitive power button. The power button that is designed on the Xbox one is a capacitive power button, instead of a regular mechanical button. And the high sensitivity a capacitive button offers is both a blessing and a curse.

    The good part is that you dont have to push really hard or press the button multiple times to turn on your Xbox. But the bad part is, accidental touch or even heavy dust can cause your console to turn on by itself. The slightest touch or a charge can trigger the power circuit to act up.

    The fix is simple. Make sure that your console is always clean and free of dust. This will not only get rid of the problem but it also is a very healthy habit. Also, make sure that your Xbox one is not getting turned by the presence of your pet around the power button.

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    Remote Play On Windows 10

    Some players are finding that they are not able to console stream to a Windows 10 device through the Xbox Console Companion app.

    Microsoft informs players that this feature is only supported by Xbox One gen devices.

    Players are able to stream to an Android or an iOs device via the Xbox app with the Xbox Series X/S.

    Today we celebrate the power of play together.

    A message from on Xbox Series X|S Launch Day:


    Why Does Your Xbox Controller Keep Shutting Off

    Why does my Xbox One keep turning itself off?

    The Xbox One has emerged as a key console in recent years, rivaling the growth of Sonys PlayStation 4. However, like all electrical devices, this machine can also run into a few problems as it is used more and more. A very minor problem surrounding the Xbox One is about its controllers shutting off while you are in-game or when the controller is connected to the console.

    Why does your Xbox One controller keep shutting off? Your controller isnt within the designated range to be sending and receiving signals, the battery might need replacing/recharging. Move yourself and the controller closer to the Xbox, change the batteries of the controller, perform a power cycle/reconnect the controller if nothing works.

    It is obviously a very cumbersome issue as the entire console is rendered useless without its controller. However, there are some easy fixes for this problem, and most of them are explored in this article. Before we go on to the solutions, it may be wise to study the reasons for this problem arising in the first place.Check out the list of theBest Xbox Games on Amazon now!

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    Console Gets Too Warm

    Your Xbox One console may restart on its own if its overheating. This doesnt necessarily mean that your Xbox is damaged. Overheating can occur if the console is not getting proper ventilation.

    When your console is in operation, especially when its trying to read a game disc, internal temperature can reach a certain level that can trigger the system to shut down. This is not a design flaw but a safety add-on in order to prevent the system from damaging itself. Too much heat can cause permanent damage to the parts inside. Your Xbox One is therefore designed to turn off by itself if it becomes way too hot.

    Checking The Xbox One Controller

    Xbox one controller is the device with which you can turn your console on and off along with various other operations. A fault in the controller can cause your Xbox one to turn off by itself.

    To figure out if the controller is the reason behind the problem, take the batteries off. If the problem keeps on occurring then its highly unlikely that the controller is causing the issue. If the problem stops after you take the batteries of the controller then you can do the following things to fix it.

    • Clean the power button and make sure that it isnt automatically Pressed down.
    • Take the controller to any repair shop.
    • If the issue isnt fixable then it is time for you to get a new Xbox one controller.

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    Fix So Your Xbox One Won’t Scare You Anymore

    Jeremy Laukkonen is automotive and tech writer for numerous major trade publications as well as the creator of a popular blog and video game startup. A fan of EVs since the early 2000s, he stays up-to-date on the myriad complex systems that power battery electric vehicles.

    Your Xbox One isn’t haunted, but it can turn itself on when you don’t necessarily want it to.

    What You Need To Know

    How To Fix Xbox Series X Controller Keeps Disconnecting Problem
    • Some Xbox Series X consoles are crashing when trying to load games.
    • The issue occurs with specific games more than others for some users.

    The Xbox Series X recently launched, but some unlucky gamers aren’t able to enjoy their new console. Several people have seen an issue that causes the Xbox Series X to crash when trying to load games.

    At this point, it’s difficult to determine how widespread the issue is, but there is a growing Microsoft forum thread and a Reddit thread of people that see the issue. We’ve also received a number of reports across our own social media pages.

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    Bug: Trim Failed Game Captures And Shares

    There are currently three issues when capturing, editing, and sharing 4K game captures on the Xbox Series X. The first comes up when trimming a clip, where you may see a trim failed error. There are also issues when uploading 4K videos to Xbox Live where you may see an error or blank screen after the upload and when sharing clips to Twitter.

    Microsoft hasnt reported errors for sharing on other platforms, and we havent encountered any issues. If youre getting a different error related to 4K game captures, the solution here may still solve your problem.

    Accidentally Spill Liquid On Xbox One:

    Microsoft installed some type of Temperature Switch, and if you spill a little liquid, drink, or anything into the Xbox One, it causes this problem. If you spilled liquid on your Xbox One, it might have gone to the motherboard and ruined it. Unless you are an expert, you will not be able to repair this on your own. We recommend calling Microsoft support or visiting your local service facility to get it repaired.

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    Why Does Your Xbox One Turn Itself Off

    Image: Microsoft

    Short answer: Usually this is heat-related

    The first thing to check is the power cord. Is it plugged in fully, does it have any visible damage, does it have any bends in it? If you find anything wrong with it, replace the cable and see if your problems go away. Also try using a different power socket, as the metal springs inside sockets loosen in time, and this could be causing the issue.

    Next, make sure that theres enough of an air-gap between the top of your console and whatever is above it. An inch or so is great, so if theres something sitting right on top or if the shelf above is too close move things around. The vents for the fan inside your Xbox One are on the top of the console, so anything blocking this can lead to overheating. If you get a message on your Xbox saying the console is getting improper ventilation, turn it off, wait one hour, move the console to a well-ventilated area, turn on.

    Is There Anything Else Worth Trying

    Why Does My Xbox One Turn On By Itself?

    According to Microsoft, crashes can sometimes happen if the system has become corrupted. In these situations, it might be necessary to perform a system reset, to return your console to its factory defaults. To do this:

  • Press the Xbox button to open the guide.
  • Select Profile & system > Settings > System > Console info.
  • Select Reset console.
  • On the Reset your console? screen, youll see three options:
  • Reset and remove everything. This option resets the console to factory settings. All user data, including accounts, saved games, settings, home Xbox associations, and all games and apps will be deleted. Use this option when selling or gifting the console, or as a last resort in some troubleshooting cases.
  • Reset and keep my games & apps. Use this option as your primary choice when troubleshooting. It resets the OS and deletes all potentially corrupted data without deleting your games or apps. In some cases, if a corrupt game file is causing the issue youre troubleshooting, you may have to choose Reset and remove everything, but you should always start with Reset and keep my games & apps.
  • Cancel. To back out of this screen, simply select the Cancel button. This is a safe exit from this screen.
  • After you select one of the options, your Xbox console begins the process of erasing the selected content and resetting itself to the default settings.

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