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Why Does My Xbox Controller Keep Turning Off

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Update Your Xbox One Controller Driver

How I fix my Xbox one controller keeps shutting off (Easy Fix)

If youve connected your controller to your PC but it keeps disconnecting, you may be using the wrong Xbox One controller driver or it may be out of date. So you need to update your Xbox One controller driver and see if that solves the problem. If you dont have the time, patience, or skill to update the driver manually, you can do it automatically with a third-party driver update program.

A third-party driver update program automatically detects your system and finds the right drivers for it. You dont need to know exactly what system is installed on your computer, you dont have to worry about downloading the wrong driver, and you dont have to worry about making a mistake during installation.

Fix : Update Your Controller Firmware

Sometimes the Xbox One controller disconnecting problem is caused by the wrong or outdated controller firmware. You should make sure your controller firmware is up to date, and update it if it isnt. If your controller is totally unusable, you need another controller to operate the update.

To update your controller firmware:

1);Connect a USB cable between your controller and your console.

2) Sign in to Xbox Live on your Xbox One console.

3);Press the Menu button on your controller.

4);Select Settings.

6);Select the problem controller.

7);Select Update.

8);Select Continue.

9);If the system tells you No updates needed, your controller firmware is up to date. Otherwise wait for the update to complete.

10);Check your controller and see if it gets back to normal.

Can I Disable Xbox Services Windows 10

You can go to Services (Start > search for Services and hit enter, find all services that start with Xbox, right-click one service at the time > Properties > set the Startup type to Disabled > Ok. Heres also a similar thread discussing this: How do i turn off all services for Xbox on my Windows 10 PC?

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Solution : Download Xbox Accessories Application

  • Find the Search bar located adjacent to the Start button on your system.
  • Type in Microsoft Store;and press Enter.
  • Search the Xbox Accessories inside the search bar and install it on your system. Install Xbox Accessories App
  • After installing the application plug in your Xbox controller with USB, run the application and youll observe that your controller will be updated.
  • As soon as the controller is updated the Xbox controller keeps disconnecting issue would be resolved.
  • Reconnecting Xbox One Controller

    Why Does Your Xbox Controller Keep Shutting Off(+Solutions ...

    You can also try reconnecting your Xbox One controller to the console. This may restore the connection and prevent your Xbox One controller from frequently disconnecting.

    If you are using a wired controller, disconnect the cable and reconnect it. If the problem persists, try using a different cable or USB port to see if the problem is resolved. If you are using a wireless controller, you can follow these steps to reconnect the controller.

  • Press and hold the Wi-Fi button on your controller until the Xbox button on your controller flashes.
  • Press and hold the Wi-Fi button on your controller until the Xbox button on your controller lights up.
  • Try your controller and see if that fixes your controller.
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    Why Does The Xbox Controller Keep Disconnecting

    It can be very frustrating when your Xbox controller keeps disconnecting during gameplay. The interruption caused can even make you lose a winning match. So, youre definitely irritated and want to know why your controller keeps disconnecting.

    Well, there can be several reasons for the Xbox controller to get disconnected. You may be playing too far away from the console, the batteries might have got discharged, or your controller firmware must have become obsolete and needs an update.

    All these reasons come with possible and easy fixes. Heres a detailed list of the fixes you can try to stop your Xbox controller from disconnecting.

    Cause : Bad Ventilation

    If your Xbox still turns off unexpectedly, then it may be improperly ventilated, which can lead to overheating. If you receive a message saying that the console is getting improper ventilation, then you should:

    1. Turn off the console.

    2. Wait at least an hour.

    3. Move the console to a well-ventilated location.

    4. Restart the console.

    A well-ventilated location is one where there are no objects on, under, or right next to the console. Ensure that all of the vents are clear and have good air flow.

    If you still have trouble with ventilation, make sure the vents are clean. In some cases, you may need to clean or replace the fan.

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    How Do I Stop My Xbox Controller From Turning Off

    Press and hold down the Xbox logo on your controller. After around two seconds or so, a menu will appear with three options. Youll be able to turn off your console, controller, or restart your Xbox through this menu. Clicking on the option thatll turn off your controller will still keep your console on.

    Why Is My Xbox One Keep Turning Off And On With The Sensor Beeping X

    My Xbox One Controller Keeps Turning Off!

    Xbox keeps turning off and on soon as I press the power button. Beeps a couple times then turns on. Xbox green screen shows up then it powers back off. The power brick light turns white and when it shuts off it turns orange

    I had this same issue I saw a few post about doing the hair dryer trick but i didnt want to take mine apart. I just used my vacuum using the tube tool and made circles from the outside on the shell where the fan is for like 10 secs. Then it turned on with no issues

    by jackson.lee25

    Hi my xbox turns off as soon i try turn it on i toke vacumm to outside of it still nothen i check power cord its fine i even plug it in to nother power source nothen i toke xbox apart check top of fan and around it nothen but small amount of dust i toke small screwdriver i could spin fan . I watch it as i try to trun it on it just beeps and shuts off fan didnt move a inch like most would do soon you trun it one . Would any know what is worng with my xboxs.

    Your Xbox One console may unexpectedly turn off under the following circumstances:

    The console is too hot.

    There’s a problem with the power supply.

    Reset your internal power supply

    The Xbox One S and Xbox One X have an internal power supply that works in all regions worldwide. If your console won’t turn on, it may simply need a power reset. Often, power issues are due to the power supply resetting after a power surge.

    To reset the internal power supply, follow these steps:

    Unplug the power cord from the console.

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    Xbox Controller Keeps Disconnecting

    There are many different solutions that you can try to stop your Xbox controller from getting disconnecting during your game. Heres a list of what you could do.

  • Move closer to the Console or PC
  • Change the batteries of the controller.
  • Reconnect the Controller.
  • Now that you have an overview lets dig into more details about following these fixes.

    1] Move Closer to the Console or PC

    This fix mainly works when you are not using the wire to connect with a PC or Xbox. When using wireless controllers, you need to ensure that the controller is within the consoles range. If the controller keeps disconnecting, youre probably moving out of the range that your console can catch. Since the console loses the availability of the controller, the controller gets disconnected.

    The easiest thing you could do here is just moving closer to the console and see if it gets connected again. Check the range within which the controller remains connected and stay within that range.

    Another thing that you need to ensure is that the controller is facing the front of the Device. So, check how the console is placed and alter it if theres a need.

    2] Change the Batteries of the Controller

    If the batteries of your controller are running low, its going to get disconnected. When the battery power drops to a certain percentage, the Xbox controller disconnects from time to time to give the user a warning that should charge.

    3] Reconnect the Controller

    Reconnect with Xbox

    Reconnect with Windows PC

    Solution 2 Update Xbox One Controller Firmware

    As mentioned before, Xbox One controller keeps disconnecting issue could be caused by the wrong or outdated controller firmware. So you should check if the controller firmware is up to date. If not, you should update it immediately and this might help you fix the issue.

    To update your controller firmware, you can refer to the following steps.

    Step 1. Connect the Xbox One controller to the Xbox One console via a USB cable.

    Step 2.Press the Menu button on your controller to open the Guide.

    Step 3. Then choose Settings.

    Step 4. Select Devices & accessories.

    Step 5. Select the problematic controller and choose Update to go on.

    Step 6. If your controller firmware is up to date, it will tell you No updates needed. If there is an update, you can follow the prompt s to update it to the latest version.

    After updating completed, check if the Xbox one controller keeps disconnecting issue gets fixed and the controller works as normal.

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    Fix : Try The Basic Fixes

    Before moving to more advanced troubleshooting, try the solutions shared below to fix your Xbox controller if it keeps disconnecting randomly.

    Move the controller and console closer to each other

    Your Xbox controller and console may be wrongly placed. They may not be in each others connection range. And that may be a reason why your Xbox controller disconnects randomly. Therefore, to fix the issue, place the controller and console near one another. Check whether this hack works or not.

    Change or recharge the batteries

    Weak batteries are among the most common reasons for your Xbox to keep on disconnecting. Therefore, check the battery indicator to know whether your controller has enough energy left or not. If not, then change the batteries or recharge them. If your Xbox controller keeps turning off even with new batteries, then move to the next hack.

    Try power cycling the console

    A complete restart or power cycle of the console can help you fix the problems with your Xbox controller and console as well. Below is the step-by-step way to do it.

    • Press and hold the Xbox button present on the console for approximately ten seconds. Image Source: Windows Report
    • After ten seconds, press the Xbox button again to turn on the console.
    • Check whether the Xbox controller still keeps disconnecting or the problem has now vanished.

    Connect your controller again to the console

    To reconnect the wireless controller, follow these steps.

    Remove other wireless devices

    How To Fix Xbox One Controller Keeps Disconnecting

    Why Does My Xbox One Turn On By Itself?

    Some gamers complained that their Xbox One controller randomly disconnects when they are playing games. Here is the case: you have connected the Xbox One controllers, but the Xbox light on the controller began to flash within 10-15 seconds and then disconnected.

    Eventually, the Xbox One controller reconnected but disconnected constantly. This process repeats itself over and over, finally leading to game stuttering. When you want to play games, the Xbox One controller keeps shutting off.

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    Solution : Updating Nvidia Drivers

    Like we mentioned earlier, there can be a conflict with NVIDIA and the Xbox One controller. A lot of people reported that NVIDIA caused the problem in their PCs alongside Steam. The reason for this is that NVIDIA has access to most of the computers system files and configurations. It keeps changing and tweaking them to ensure that you get the best graphic experience available from your PC.

    NVIDIA rolls out new drivers every once in a while which contains improvements and bug fixes. The issue between NVIDIA and the Xbox One controller can be resolved if the update contains the bug fix. So it is worth a try to update the drivers.

    You can easily find how to update your NVIDIA drivers from our article here. It is advised that your resort to the option of Clean Install while installing the drivers. Once you have updated the drivers, restart your computer for the changes to take effect and check if the problem got fixed.

    How Can I Reconnect My Xbox One Controller

    How to Reconnect My Xbox Controller 1 Hold down the wireless connect button on the controller until the Xbox button on your controller flashes. 2 Hold down the wireless connect button on the controller until the Xbox button on your controller stays on. 3 Try your controller and see if this fixes your controller. See More.

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    How To Check Your Xbox One Controllers Warranty

    Now you must go to this official Microsoft;website;and submit the serial number that you can find inside the battery compartment below the barcode

    • Your controller serial number will be 14 characters long and does not include dashes
    • Your controller must have been activated for more than 24 hours
    • If you have an Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series, 2 the 14 characters serial number is the lower centre on the back of the controller

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    Solution : Disable Nvidia Wireless Controller Service

    Xbox Controller Turns Off Randomly (Solved!)

    NVIDIA wireless controller service is installed by default whenever you install NVIDIA drivers to help you with your controller. You can configure settings and also implement buttons for ease of access.

    It turns out that the NVIDIA wireless controller service conflicts with Xbox One controller. Tons of users reported that disabling the service instantly fixed their problem of the controller disconnecting again and again.

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    Can I Manually Turn Off The Xbox One Controller

    Touch the Xbox button on the front of your Xbox One console. Press and hold down the Xbox button on your wireless controller until the Off menu is displayed. Then select the option to turn off the controller or turn off your console. Press the Menu button on your controller, select Settings, select Power and Start, and then turn off the console.

    What Should I Do If My Xbox Is Not Working

    Wait at least 30 minutes to 60 minutes before plugging back in and restarting. If needed move the Xbox to a good ventilated area away from other components. After 30 to 60 minutes, plug the Xbox back in, and turn on the Xbox. If the Xbox is working and does not shut off by itself, then the issue is resolved, if not continue reading below

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    Resetting Your Xbox 360

  • 1If you are still having trouble you need to reset your Xbox. While not a recommended fix by Microsoft, some people have had success “rebooting” their Xbox’s controller set-up. Know, however, that you should contact Microsoft Support before trying this.
  • These tips come from several online communities and forums, not Microsoft directly.
  • 2Hold the “sync” button on the front of the Xbox for 30 seconds. Make sure the Xbox is on. The lights on the front of the Xbox will blink and spin, but eventually turn off. Hold the button until the lights are off.
  • 3Unplug everything. Take out the power cord from the wall and the Xbox, remove the inputs, and detach the Xbox hard drive from the console.
  • 4Wait 5 minutes before turning everything back on. After you’ve waited, plug everything back in and try to connect your controller using the steps discussed in method 2.
  • If you still cannot connect controllers, you’ll need to discuss the problem with Microsoft and potentially get a replacement Xbox 360.
  • Why Do I Keep Disconnecting From Servers


    The disconnection issue on Among Us might be due to a problematic version of the game that contains bugs and errors. This can cause instability on the game which triggers it to disconnect from the server. To ensure that Among Us is working properly on your device, try to update it to the latest version possible.

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    Fix : Reconnect Your Controller

    You can also try reconnecting your Xbox One controller to your console. This can rebuild the connection and prevent your Xbox One controller from disconnecting frequently.

    If you are using a wired controller, unplug the cable and then plug it back. If the problem persists, try using another cable or USB port to see if it is resolved.

    If you are using a wireless controller, you can follow the steps below to reconnect your controller.

    1);Hold down the wireless connect button on the controller until the Xbox button on your controller flashes.

    2);Hold down the wireless connect button on the controller until the Xbox button on your controller stays on.

    3);Try your controller and see if this fixes your controller.

    How Do I Prevent My Controller From Turning Off And Auto

    Not changing this sig until MegaMan Legends 3 is released. Started on 10/23/2011. I meant wired, as those dont turn off from idleness. Im guessing you dont have one of those either. Try taping the B button and equipping the lancer. Hopefully itll make your character rev the chainsaw even if you were holding the button before the game started.

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    Why Does Your Xbox Controller Keep Shutting Off

    The Xbox One has emerged as a key console in recent years, rivaling the growth of Sonys PlayStation 4. However, like all electrical devices, this machine can also run into a few problems as it is used more and more. A very minor problem surrounding the Xbox One is about its controllers shutting off while you are in-game or when the controller is connected to the console.

    Why does your Xbox One controller keep shutting off? Your controller isnt within the designated range to be sending and receiving signals, the battery might need replacing/recharging. Move yourself and the controller closer to the Xbox, change the batteries of the controller, perform a power cycle/reconnect the controller if nothing works.

    It is obviously a very cumbersome issue as the entire console is rendered useless without its controller. However, there are some easy fixes for this problem, and most of them are explored in this article. Before we go on to the solutions, it may be wise to study the reasons for this problem arising in the first place.Check out the list of theBest Xbox Games on Amazon now!

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