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Why Does My Installation Keep Stopping Xbox One

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Check For System Updates

How to Fix Xbox One installation stopped for Digital or Disc Installs (Easy Method)

If your Xbox console is outdated, you may run into the Xbox installation stopped issue during the installation. To resolve this issue, you should check if your console has any available updates by following these instructions.

  • To access the Guide, press the Xbox button on the Home Screen.
  • Go to the Settings and All Settings menus.
  • Then, select System and Console Info & Update on the left pane.
  • Updates will display at the end of the first column if they are available.
  • You can try to reinstall the game after installing the current update.
  • Now check if the Xbox installation stopped issue is solved.

Installation Stopped Xbox One Error: How To Fix It

In this tutorial, we will show you the steps to fix the installation stopped error on Xbox One. The successor to the Xbox 360 and the third installment in the Xbox series, has something in store for everyone. However, now and then, the console throws up an error or two. While there are different kinds of errors for different users, most of the users are facing one common error.

It is related to installing games on their Xbox One. It allows the installation of games and applications on its console. if you install the game on your hard drive, it comes with some added benefits, including faster loading of the game. However, while users are trying to installing the game, they are being greeted with the error message that the Installation has stopped on their Xbox One. Therefore, in this tutorial, we will share various methods to fix the said error. Lets begin.

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Fix 6 Check For System Updates Of Consoles

As said above if the console is outdated then you may encounter the Xbox one game installation stopped. And to fix this, check for the latest updates available for consoles:

Follow the steps to do so:

  • Press the Xbox button to open Guide
  • Choose Settings > All settings> System > Console info & updates.
  • If there is an update available then it appears at bottom of the first column
  • And after downloading the latest update, try installing the game again.

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Why Is Xbox One Not Installing Games

If youre getting any installation error, you might need to restart it once, and by unplugging the power cables, connect the power cable once again and press the power button to turn your Xbox ON.

Try reinstalling the game after the Xbox One has restarted and see if the issue persists.

Another reason could be any interruption in your Xbox One may stop installing a game or app of your choice.

It may also stop installing if the system lets a new update install this can frequently happen, especially if coincidental updates for games or software. Your Xbox one may stop installing if it detects any corrupted files or games.

One thing here you need to understand is Xbox App depends on the Microsoft Store App to run correctly, and if theres something wrong with the Store app, many apps wont launch or wont download in this case, so you can reset the store cache to fix the problem.

The memory or storage limitation can also cause this issue. So if this happens, you may need an external drive for your Xbox One. Im also using the same.

Why Does Xbox Series X Keeps Stopping Installation

Why Does My Xbox One Game Keep Stopping Installation

Xbox Series X keeps stopping installation because there might be underlying issues in your console. If you download games from the internet and not the disc, your games might get corrupted. Another reason for blocked installations is that the Xbox updates its games regularly and can interfere with downloading. Here are a few solutions that can help you install new games without stopping in the middle.

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Formatting A Hard Drive For Games And Applications

Many users use an external hard drive to store games and apps, and this is a great way to save space on the internal hard drive.

However, before you can use your external hard drive for games and applications, you need to format it properly. Formatting your hard drive will erase all the files on it, so be sure to back it up.

  • From the Home screen, scroll to the left and open the manual.
  • Select Settings -> All Settings.
  • Select System -> Storage.
  • Select Storage, and select Format for Games and Apps.
  • Note: Not all external hard drives can store games and apps. To store apps and games on your external hard drive, it must have a capacity of 256GB or more, and a USB 3.0 port must be in use.

    If the drive does not meet these requirements, it can only be used to store other files, such as music and videos.

    Causes For The Xbox Installation Stopped Error

    On the Xbox One, you can download and install games. The Xbox One installation stopped issue is equally aggravating.

    It is vital to determine the causes of the installation stopping the Xbox One problem to resolve it. I have assembled a list of some of the most familiar reasons for this issue.

    • Another common cause is that you sign in with the wrong Xbox account, which is commonly overlooked because, as you may know, all Xbox games are linked to your Xbox account.
    • Some users have claimed that they run into installation issues when installing an Xbox One game on an external hard drive.
    • Your Xbox is downloading a game update while installing the game files.
    • Because this game requires a lot of room to install, your Xbox One game installation may be halted if your hard disk does not have enough capacity.
    • An out-of-date Xbox can sometimes cause Xbox One installation issues.
    • Another common problem is that your locally saved game files become corrupted.
    • When the Xbox One has some difficulties or this service is not working, the Xbox One installation stop error can occur.

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    Alter The Power Settings

  • If you possess an external hard drive with an external power source such as mybook you need to deactivate the Turn off external drive option located in the power settings because that drive already has a built-in sleep mode.
  • Afterward, hard reset your Xbox One,
  • Before the reboot, it is better to disable the option Turn off HD when Xbox turns off that can be found under Power settings.
  • Restart the Xbox One and try to download any game or other software like Youtube on it and hopefully, it would be installed successfully without any glitch.
  • Fix : Reset The Console

    How to fix the Install Stopped Disc Error on Xbox One [2018 Edition]

    If none of the above methods managed to rectify the issue, then resetting the console seems to be the only way out. To do so, here is what needs to be done:

  • Go to the Guide option and select Settings.
  • Select the All Settings option from the list.
  • next up, select System followed by Console and Info Updates. Within that, you should now see the Reset Console option.
  • You should now see two options: Reset and remove everything and Reset and keep my games and apps. First of all, try with the latter. If it fixes the issue well and good, otherwise then go ahead with the former.
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    Solution 1 Clear Local Saved Games And Try To Reinstall The Game

    Users reported that installation process stops for some reason thus preventing the game from being installed. This issue can occur due to your saved games, and in order to fix it you need to remove them from your console.

    Sometimes your saved game files can get corrupted and cause this and many other errors to appear. To clear saved game files, you need to do the following:

  • Make sure that theres no disc in the disc tray.
  • Scroll left on the Home screen to open the Guide.
  • Select Settings > All Settings.
  • Now select Clear local saved games.
  • Choose Yes to confirm.
  • Restart your console and try to install the game again.
  • Fix 8 Restore Xbox To Factory Defaults

    It is also found that Xbox One installation stopped occurs due to corrupted files so to fix it quickly perform a factory reset.

    Please Note: Make sure to back up all the files as factory reset can delete all the files from the consoles.

    Follow the steps to backup them:

    • To open Guide> scroll left on the Home screen
    • Choose Settings > All Settings> System.
    • Now select Console info & updates> Reset console.
    • Here two options are available: Reset and remove everything and Reset and keep my games and apps.
    • It is suggested to use the latter to perform the reset and remove the corrupted files without removing your games or installed apps.
    • But if this option wont work, then use Reset and remove everything option. Remember this option will delete all the games, saved games, files, andapps, so backup the important files.

    And as the option is finished try installing the game again.

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    Why Does It Keep Saying Installation Stopped On Xbox One

    Before heading toward the fixes it is important to learn what causes the Xbox One installation stopped error to avoid receiving it in the future.

    Well, the most common cause responsible for the installation stopped Xbox One error is the console is trying to download an update for the game when you are downloading and installing a digital game.

    Moreover, if this is not the case then there are many other reasons as well for Xbox one game installation stopped, the issue here has a look:

    • The games files saved locally might get corrupted
    • The game require large space to install and if your hard drive is running out of space or not have enough space to install the Xbox game, then also the error appears.
    • In some cases, the installation stopped on Xbox One error appears because the console are outdated
    • You log in to an incorrect Xbox account or the account that is ignored frequently.
    • Also if you are trying to install Xbox One game on an external hard drive.
    • If the Xbox One encounter some errors or the service is not running then also you can encounter Xbox One installation stopped error.

    Now follow the solutions given below carefully to fix error installing Xbox One game or Xbox One installation stopped error.

    Make Sure You Have Enough Storage Space

    Why Does My Xbox Download Keep Stopping

    Xbox One games can be quite large, and youll need a lot of hard drive space to install them. Sometimes this problem can occur when you dont have enough space on your hard drive to install a particular game.

    Youll usually get a notification when the hard drive space is depleted, but if you miss the notification, you can check it by doing the following steps:

  • Press the Xbox button on your controller, then go to Notifications.
  • Check for a low disk space notification.
  • If there is, you can add an external hard drive and install games on it or free up space on your internal hard drive.
  • To remove items from the hard drive, follow these steps:

  • From the Home screen, right-click and press the A button to open My Games and Apps.
  • Locate the game or app you want to delete and highlight it.
  • Press the menu button on the controller and select Manage Game or Manage App.
  • Now select Manage All Internal.
  • Select Uninstall All.
  • You may have to repeat this process several times until you free up the necessary space.
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    Install The Game Offline

    If the game attempts to update itself while youre installing it, you can get this error. You can just go offline and install the game offline to avoid this issue.

    Follow these steps to do so:

    • To access the Guide, scroll left on the Home screen.
    • Select Settings, then All Settings from the drop-down menu.
    • Select Network Settings, then Network Configuration.
    • Choose the option to go offline.

    Cancel the download by completing these steps:

    • To access My games and applications, swipe right on the Home screen.
    • Choose Queue.
    • Make a note of the game youre trying to install.
    • Select Cancel from the Menu button on the controller.

    Remove the game disk from your system and turn it on again. Now, Console restarts, follow these steps:

    • To access the Guide, scroll left on the Home screen. You can also open the Guide by double-tapping the Xbox button on your controller.
    • Select your preferences.
    • Select the restart Console option, then confirm with Yes.
    • If your console becomes frozen for any reason, simply press and hold the power button in front for 10 seconds to restart it.
    • Insert the game disk and reinstall it again after your console restarts.

    If you successfully install the game, you must go online and install the latest update. Follow these steps to do so:

    Reinstall The Game On Playstation 4

    If youre on a Playstation 4 system, youll need to uninstall the game from the Library menu, then redo the installation from the same location . During this procedure, make sure your console doesnt enter hibernation mode.

    Here are the full instructions on doing this:

  • From the home screen of your PlayStation 4 system, swipe through the games that you have installed and select Elden Ring.Note: It should appear even if the installation is incomplete.
  • With the game selected, press the Options button on your controller, then select Delete from the context menu that just appeared. Deleting the game installation
  • After the game is uninstalled and youre back to the home screen of your PlayStation4 system, use the left thumbstick on your controller to swipe left until you find the Library menu.
  • Next, then press the X button. Accessing the library menu
  • Inside the Library menu, use the vertical menu on the left to select Purchased, then move over to the right-hand menu and locate the game that you want to reinstall. Reinstalling Elden Ring
  • From the list of items, select Elden Ring and press the Options key and select from the context menu, and wait until the game is uninstalled.
  • See if the installation now completes successfully, then move down to the next potential fix below.
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    Troubleshooting An Xbox One That Wont Install Games

    Below are the possible solutions that you can do to fix an Xbox One that wont install games.

  • Clean the game disc.

    If youre trying to install a game from a disc, make sure that you clean the disc with a clean, microfiber cloth before inserting it to the console. Hold the disc from the edges in order to avoid getting dust on the surface from your fingers. If the disc has a visible crack or scratch on it, try replacing the game disc. You must do this, especially if your Xbox One reads other game discs without any problems.

  • Clear local saved games.

    If you have a good working disc but your Xbox One still wont install games, your next move is to delete local saved games. These are game data that are kept in your console only and wont affect games or game progress that are saved in the Xbox Live cloud. To delete a local saved game:-Remove the disc from your console.-Press the Xbox button to open the guide.-Go to System-Select Clear local saved games.-Select Yes to confirm-Once your console restarts, try installing the game again.

  • Power cycle the Xbox One.

    Some installation issues can be fixed by resetting your Xbox One. This can work if the problem is caused by a random bug after the console has been left running for an extended period.

  • Check Xbox Live Status.

    If youre trying to install a digital version of a game , make sure that you check Xbox Live server status. Its possible that there may be an on-going outage.

  • Solution 11 Clean Your Disc

    How to Fix Installation Stopped Issue on Xbox One

    If the installation stops while trying to install a game from a disc, it might because your disc is damaged. If thats the case, you might be able to fix the problem simply by cleaning your disc.

    To do that, hold the disc by its side and make sure that youre not touching its top or bottom surface. Now use a clean, damp cloth and gently clean it from centre to edges.

    In addition, you can also take your disc to any store that has disc polishing machine and ask them to clean your disc.

    If cleaning or polishing your disc doesnt fix the issue, you might want to consider replacement. Before replacing your disc you might want to try it on your friends console and see if it works without any problems.

    If the problem still appears, contact the retailer and ask for replacement.

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    Red Dead Redemption 2 Disc Installs Getting Stuck For Xbox One

    Many cases came up reporting issues about installing Red Dead Redemption 2 via discs on Xbox One. So, now these players are having to suffer from a long install along with that getting stuck midway as well. The main problems seem to lie with the second Red Dead Redemption 2 disc.

    The plain and simple way to install the game is to insert one disc after the other and it should do the trick. Of course, it isnt supposed to happen in a go but it must not get stuck in one place also. Whenever these misery-struck Xbox One users insert the second disc of Red Dead Redemption 2 it doesnt work.

    In some cases, when the first disc gets installed it asks for the second but gets jammed somehow. Whereas, in other cases even after the users insert the disc number two it still asks to insert the second disc. While discussing it on a Red Dead Redemption 2 Reddit channel one user claimed to have an answer to it.

    Although it is the most subtle way to find a solution many have reported that it actually works. All one needs to do is unplug their Xbox console and start it again. It might not work on the first try but it does, after all, solve your headache once and for all.

    As for the PS4 users, they only have to deal with the time taking installs. Apart from disc issues of Xbox One, other interesting news on Red Dead Redemption 2 has flown in too. PC version and Red Dead Online hints got found in companion app files of the game.

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