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Why Do Xbox Controllers Use Batteries

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Xboxs Controller Batteries Versus Playstations Charging: The Consumer Choice Debate

How to use your XBOX One Controller without BATTERIES

A 2020 Microsoft Xbox Series X wireless controller, taken on October 9, 2020.

There was a weird story going around this week where a statement from a Duracell marketing manager was used to imply that the reason Xbox constantly kept having batteries in their controllers was because of a long-running deal with that company specifically.

This isnot true, and what seems to be the case was that the deal being referred to is simply when you get a new Xbox controller with your system, it will come with Duracell batteries inside it. Not that the entire design of the Xbox controller to take batteries is mandated because of a deal with Duracell.

But it does raise the question then, why does Microsoft still use batteries after all this time, when so many other modern devices have left them behind, including PlayStation controllers? Heres what Microsoft had to say:

“We intentionally offer consumers choice in their battery solutions for our standard Xbox Wireless Controllers,” a Microsoft spokesperson told Eurogamer. “This includes the use of AA batteries from any brand, the Xbox Rechargeable Battery, charging solutions from our partners, or a USB-C cable, which can power the controller when plugged in to the console or PC.”

Microsoft Explains Why Xbox Series X Controller Uses Aa Batteries Instead Of Rechargeable Pack

The state-of-the-art controller has one surprisingly traditional feature.

The Xbox Series X is the fastest and most powerful console that Microsoft has ever created. The system features a wide array of updates that will allow players to have one of the smoothest experiences on console.

The Xbox controller has also received minor tweaks to improve gameplay and make the device accessible to more users. One thing that isnt changing, however, is the use of AA batteries to power the controller.

This decision is surprising considering that most other consoles come with a rechargeable controller by default. The revised Elite Xbox controller also featured a rechargeable battery, which led many people to believe that this would be the default option going forward.

The decision to use regular batteries or a rechargeable battery pack was heavily discussed during the controllers development. Jason Ronald, the partner director of program management at Xbox, recently explained the process to Digital Foundry.

What it comes down to is when actually talking to gamers, its kind of polarizing and there is a strong camp that really want AAs, Ronald said. So just giving flexibility is the way to please both people You can use a rechargeable battery pack and it works just like it does on the Elite, it is a separate thing.

Got A Play And Charge Kit Charge Smart

The Xbox controller comes with a single set of disposable batteries. The easiest way to upgrade your controller to be rechargeable is to purchase Microsofts official Play and Charge Kit . The kit includes a Lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack and charging cable with a USB-C connector .

These batteries take around four hours to charge completely and contain around 1400 mAh. That should last for around 30 hours of gaming, although your mileage may vary depending on factors like rumble usage and whether youre using a headset.

Youll get a longer life out of lithium-ion batteries using partial discharge cycles and avoiding full discharge cycles. That means using 20-30% of the batterys capacity, then charging it back up. At the same time, you dont want the battery to spend too long in a fully charged state either. That means plugging in your controller frequently, but not for too long.

You can check your battery status in the Xbox dashboard by pressing the Xbox guide button and looking in the top-right corner of the screen. Unplugging your controller before it reaches 100% capacity could extend its life, as could avoiding letting the battery get too low on charge. Its better to charge for an hour while you play a game than it is to leave your controller plugged in all weekend.

If youre still using an Xbox One controller, then youll need to use a Micro USB cable instead .

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Charging The Xbox Series X Controller With Normal Batteries

As you know, the Xbox Controller is powered by AA batteries.;

But Im going to explain why charging your Xbox Series X controller with normal batteries instead of rechargeable batteries is a very bad idea from a financial point of view.;

Lets take a look why:;

that have a capacity 2200mAh. That means 2 batteries give you a massive 4400mAh which equals about 95 hours of gameplay. Thats 19 days worth of gameplay if you game for 5 hours a day.;

Thats about 12% more than rechargeable batteries.;

Not bad!

But, thats the only positive compared to rechargeable batteries.;

Let me explain why:

These Amazon batteries come in packs of 48. So a pack of 48 batteries would keep one Xbox Series X controller charged for around 465 days.;

Or about 15.5 months.;

Thats compared to 82 years for the rechargeable Panasonic Batteries.;

That means, to get the same amount of charge for your controllers as the Panasonic batteries, youd have to buy 63 packs of batteries.

But wait, a console generation only lasts 6 years.

How many battery packs would you actually need for the 6 years?;

Hang on, let me stick my math-nerd hat on!

First how many battery packs would you need to last you a 6-year console generation cycle?

The Answer is 4.6 packets of batteries. Or 224 batteries if buying packs of 48.;

What does that mean in money terms?;

Well, a rechargeable Panasonic Battery pack costs around $28. But thats a one-time purchase.;

Why Choose Aa Batteries Over Rechargeable Battery Packs

Why does the Xbox controller use batteries?

Rechargeable battery packs’ electricity hold are known to deplete rapidly with regular use. Since many people game for hours and hours every week, the lithium-ion battery used in rechargeable packs wears out quickly. Lithium-ion batteries also have a history of malfunctioning and sometimes even exploding. And when you run out of charge, you’re forced to sit close enough to your console to use a charging cable. AA batteries are more economical and convenient for use at home.

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Charging The Xbox Series X Controller With Controller Docking Station

Im a big advocate of docking stations as they help to keep your controllers off the floor away from the jaws of doggies and errant boots.;

Game controllers are very expensive and just as fragile, so storing them safely is always a good idea.;

Fortunately, 3rd party companies are creating some fab-looking Xbox Series X controller docks, such as the PowerA Dual charging docking station.;;

This rather snazzy dock comes with battery packs that have metal connectors on the back of them facing away from the controller.

Once the battery packs are inserted into the controllers, the controllers can be placed onto the dock, and the metal connectors on the back of the battery packs make contact with the charging plates to start charging.;;

The problem is, these back panels take up a lot of internal spacing leaving very little left for the actual battery. The batterys capacity is only 1100 mAh. Which is far lower than rechargeable AA batteries.;

However, despite the low capacity, I do think they are a good choice if you dont have a;draw or somewhere safe to store your controllers.;

And, even though the battery packs offer very low capacity, you can conveniently place the controller on the dock every night to fully charge them.;

So I think the PowerA Dual charging docking station is a good choice even when compared to rechargeable batteries.;

Duracell Comments On Xboxs Use Of Aa Batteries

Theres always been this partnership with Duracell and Xbox Its a constant agreement that Duracell and Microsoft have in place, reveals Duracell UKs marketing manager, Luke Anderson, in an interview with Stealth Optional.

It turns out, however, that Duracells deal doesnt refer just to Xbox supporting AA batteries:

for OEM to supply the battery product for the Xbox consoles and also the controllers battery. So that going to go on for a while its been going on for a while and I think it needs to go for a while .

Anderson refers here to not only an agreement for Microsoft to stick with AA batteries for its console, but also one where Duracell supplies Xboxs other battery-based components.

TLDR? Xbox players are still using AA batteries in their shiny new 2020 controllers because of a longstanding agreement with Duracell. At least, thats what Duracell told us. No wonder their rabbity mascot is always grinning.

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Turning Off Rumble May Help

When your Xbox controller is low on battery, rumble is automatically disabled to preserve what little power remains. You can use this principle to extend the battery life of your controller even when its fully charged. You will lose rumble entirely, which means youll get less feedback from games, potentially impacting reaction time or immersion.

To do this, go to Settings and select Ease of use on the left side of the screen. Choose Controller, then disable Turn on vibration to disable the feature entirely.;Its no secret that the controller is a bit lifeless and dull with rumble disabled, but theres no doubting the fact that youll get more playtime from a single charge this way.

Unknown Duracell Deal Is Why Xbox Controllers Still Use Aa Batteries

NO MORE BATTERIES! New Xbox One Unlimited Controller Power Tutorial! (Easy)

While many companies have moved to internal rechargeable batteries for their peripherals, the Xbox controller still utilises replaceable AA batteries. Many have questioned this choice, but the decision to keep AAs going is reportedly due to a deal with Duracell.;

Reported by Stealth Optional, Duracell UK Marketing Manager Luke Anderson explained that Microsoft and Duracell have had a multi-generation deal in place that keeps AA batteries in use, explaining why ;every Xbox controller coming with a pair of disposable AA Duracell batteries.

Theres always been this partnership with Duracell and Xbox Its a constant agreement that Duracell and Microsoft have in place, Anderson told the outlet.

for OEM to supply the battery product for the Xbox consoles and also the controllers battery. So that going to go on for a while its been going on for a while and I think it needs to go for a while .

Following the original report, MCVUK followed up with Microsoft where a spokesperson explained that the company intentionally offers consumers choice in their battery solutions for our standard Xbox Wireless Controllers.

We intentionally offer consumers choice in their battery solutions for our standard Xbox Wireless Controllers, Microsoft responded. This includes the use of AA batteries from any brand, the Xbox Rechargeable Battery, charging solutions from our partners, or a USB-C cable, which can power the controller when plugged in to the console or PC.

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Microsoft Duracell Disagree On Why Xbox Controllers Still Use Aa Batteries

A long-term partnership between Microsoft and Duracell may be the reason for the new Xbox Series X/S controllers continuing to use AA batteries.

An interview between Stealth Optional and Duracell UK’s marketing manager Luke Anderson has stoked speculation behind the true reasons Microsoft uses AA batteries to power its Xbox controllers.

Duracell UKs marketing manager Luke Anderson revealed in an interview with Stealth Optional that Duracell has an agreement with Xbox to supply their battery product for the next-gen consoles’ controllers. Anderson revealed the agreement, saying ” for OEM to supply the battery product for the Xbox consoles and also the controllers’ battery.” He went on to say that the deal has been in place for a while and that he thinks “it needs to go for a while .” According to Anderson, Xboxs partnership with Duracell is the primary reason that the new Xbox Series X/S uses AA batteries to power its controllers, as opposed to the USB charging ports that the PlayStation 5s controllers use.

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This #Halloween, theres nothing scarier than an controller without Duracell batteries.


Representatives were unwilling to discuss the details of any deal between the two companies. Therefore, it remains unclear whether or not Microsofts deal with Duracell requires its Xbox controllers to default to AA batteries as an energy source.

How Long Can Xbox Controllers Run On Low Battery

When your Xbox controller reaches critically low battery, your Xbox will notify you on your display. After that point, you have about 30 minutes to find new batteries. Soon your Xbox will give you another warning by flashing the middle X logo and shutting off even if you’re in the middle of a game.

Don’t risk losing an SND round in Call of Duty or crashing your car in Forza due to an unexpected controller outage. Stock up on AA batteries for as low as $0.50 each when you;buy in bulk from Battery Products.;

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These 4 Tips Will Help You Max Out Your Xbox One Controllers Battery Life

The Xbox One gamepad might be the best feature of Microsofts last-generation console, which makes the fact that it works on the Xbox Series X and S even better. Its comfortable triggers, easy-to-reach analog sticks, and, most importantly, energy-efficient design allow you to play games for weeks on end without having to swap out your batteries. Eventually, though, your controller is going to die and, likely, your character along with it and youre going to have to replace those AAs if you want to continue gaming.

Thankfully, were here to point out what works and what doesnt when it comes to your battery life, so you can keep yourself in the game with minimal interruption.

Why The Xbox One Controller Uses Batteries & More

Duracell spokesman claims Xbox controllers still use AA ...

By now, Im sure many of you will have seen, or at least heard, about the Xbox One unboxing. A follow-up video that also featured Major Nelson was covered yesterday by Attack of the Fanboy, dealing exclusively with the new controller and its many tweaks.

One of the most common questions, and sticks used to beat the controller with, is; why are Microsoft still using AA batteries in their controllers? Well, a Kotaku interview with Zulfi Alam, head of Xbox accessories and co-star of Major Nelson in the aforementioned video,;delves deeper. The full article can be found here, but it is very long, so weve hand picked the best bits for you below.

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Microsoft: Xbox Controllers Still Use Aa Batteries Because Of Choice Not Duracell

In a recent interview with Stealth Optional, Duracell UK Marketing Manager Luke Anderson inadvertently set off a powder keg in the Xbox community attempted to explain the decades-long relationship between his company and Xbox, in which Xbox wireless controllers have always come packaged with a pair of AA batteries, rather than a built-in battery pack .

Theres always been this partnership with Duracell and Xbox Its a constant agreement that Duracell and Microsoft have in place for OEM to supply the battery product for the Xbox consoles and also the controllers battery.; So that going to go on for a while its been going on for a while and I think it needs to go for a while . said Anderson.

Based on Andersons choice of words, its pretty unsurprising that the above quote was taken to mean that the reason why Duracell AA batteries have always been packaged with Xbox wireless controllers is in adherence to a supposed iron clad deal between the companies, and while such an arrangement should barely cause the average business-minded individual on Wall Street to bat an eye, its a completely different story within the Xbox community, where the ongoing battery-pack versus AA battery debate is as hotly contested as the choice between boxers and briefs . ;Its long been an even split between the two camps.

Buy A Rechargeable Battery Dock

Unlike the PlayStation 4s DualShock 4 and the Switch Pro Controller, the Xbox One doesnt use an internal battery. By default, it requires standard AA batteries. You can use any type or brand, including higher capacity alkaline batteries, but the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly choice is a rechargeable nickel metal hydride battery. They are;less toxic when you do eventually throw them away, and, unlike older nickel-cadmium batteries, they dont develop battery memory. You can purchase an;Energizer 1 Hour Charger with four rechargeable batteries for $35, and with space for all four in the charger, one pair can always be ready to go when the other is drained.

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Duracell Teams Up With Gareth Bale

In a bid to stay down with the kids, Duracell has sponsored its first ever esports team Gareth Bales Ellevens Esports. With most under 15s probably having yet to encounter a AA battery in their day to day lives, you can see why Duracell are opting to put their iconic rabbit behind a promising new esports team.

Weve got bunny as a brand ambassador that you see attached to football all the time, so with Ellevens being a FIFA team and having a really cool character like Gareth Bale, its a good brand fit for Duracell.

Anderson adds, You know, there are loads of batteries out there, you can go to any supermarket and see loads of batteries. So I think where the relationship with Ellevens helps Duracell is to become more relevant again to the younger audience the younger market.

Next, I decide to grill Anderson about the issues that really matter Bale/Bunny relations.

Gareth Bale is a very busy person, so, I dont think hes met the bunny in person just yet. But you know, Im sure therell be opportunities in the future for bunny to come down to the pitch. Im sure theres an opportunity waiting.

There you have it another Earth shattering Stealth Optional exclusive. While it hurts me no end, Im soon dragged away from the world of rabbit mascots and footballers and back to the land of lithium.

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