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Who Has The Highest Gamerscore On Xbox

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What Xbox Game Gives You The Most Gamerscore

Have A High Gamerscore? Xbox MyAchievements Rewards

smrnovAt the time of writing, smrnov is number 1 in the world for Gamerscore, with a whopping tally of over 2,500,000. For reference, most games ship with 1000 Gamerscore. If youre just starting out, it might be a fair while before you catch smrnov. Lets start a little smaller, and get you ahead of your friends.

How Do I Check My Achievements On Xbox One

If youre not familiar with the achievement tracker, follow the steps listed below to enable this feature:

  • Launch the game you want to play.
  • Double-tap the Xbox button on your controller.
  • Select Achievements Tracker from the list of snap apps.
  • Press A on an achievement to get the option to pin it to the top of the list.

Man With Highest Gamerscore Loses Title After Going On Honeymoon

“I’ve been too busy having all the sex.”

The man with the highest Xbox Gamerscore ever has been dethroned. Raymond “Stallion83” Cox, whose Gamerscore is 1,585,894 right now, has been overtaken by Stephen “smrnov” Rowe, whose Gamerscore tally stands at 1,592,280 currently.

Cox had reportedly been the top-scorer on Xbox Live for more than a decade before Rowe passed him over the weekend. According to Eurogamer, Cox recently got married and took some time off for a honeymoon. He stayed busy on his honeymoon, though.

I’ve been too busy having all the sex.

Ray Cox IV

In May 2014, Cox said his next goal is to pass 2 million Gamerscore. It seems like the race is on to reach that mark, and Cox is now in the unique position of chasing the goal from second place. Both Cox and Rowe are staying busy with games, of course, as both have unlocked multiple achievements today on the US holiday of 4th of July.

Rowe wrote a blog post about the achievement. “First off, thanks to everyone who sent messages of congrats, I appreciate it,” he said. “I think it surprised most of you and myself really as it was never my goal to overtake Stallion83.”

He added that he will not apply for the Guinness World Record , and he clarified that he pays for all of his games, whether that be outright or through memberships like Xbox Live Gold and EA Access.

You can read Rowe’s full blog post here.

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Does Playstation Have Gamerscore

Originally Answered: what is the equivalent of Gamerscore on Playstation? Theres a trophy system, of various tiers. If you earn every trophy in a game, you get a coveted Platinum trophy. Theres no real number, but it tallies your trophies of each type and you can show your achievements off to your friends.

Do All Xbox 360 Games Have Achievements

One Player Lost The World

You can unlock achievements in Xbox 360 games, Xbox One games, and select first-party Microsoft games on PC. Xbox achievements dont have a reward for earning all of them, like the PlayStation 4s Platinum Trophy, but Gamerscore is a simple and easy-to-understand system for your friends to see your progress.

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What Are Gamerscores Used For

When the Gamerscore was first conceptualized, it was intended to be used as a way to not only showcase a gamer’s habits but also as a way for them to receive free downloads and bonus packs for their games.

However, in short, what’s really happened over the years is that the Gamerscore has evolved to only be useful for bragging rights. They’re a fun way to compare your devotion to your gaming;with other people, but a high score doesn’t necessarily mean that someone is a better gamer than someone else.;

A Gamerscore really just means that the person completes lots of games and collects as many awards within those games as they can. In one way, this shows that they can complete lots of games and collect all the achievements the game has to offer, but it’s not really a meaningful sign of their skill level overall.

For example, some games like “King Kong,” “Fight Night Round 3,” and all of the other sports games, have very easy achievements, so it’s relatively easy to earn all of the points that those particular games have to offer. Play enough of these easier games and your Gamerscore could skyrocket.;

However, other games like “Perfect Dark Zero,” “Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter,” and “Burnout Revenge” give you very hard goals for achievements and require real dedication to obtain all but the easiest points. You could play some of these games all day every day and never really amass a competing Gamerscore.

The World Record For Highest Xbox Gamerscore Is Now Two Million

Ray Cox, known in the gaming world as Stallion83, previously held the world record for being the first person to get 1 million points in Xbox achievements. Yesterday, he beat his own record by bringing his Gamerscore to 2 million.

Cox streamed the achievement on Twitch, which he completed by playing Halo 2 from the Master Chief collection. He told Guinness World Records, Halo is my favourite franchise so when I fired it up while searching for a game, it hit me that it should be the game I use.

Cox got his first Xbox achievement on November 22, 2005, he told Guinness. According to his , that achievement was for unlocking Cluster Buster in Hexic HD. In 2014 he became the first person to attain 1 million points, earning himself a lifetime Xbox Live Gold membership in the process.

Cox told Guinness that hes not sure if hell go for 3 million points, but said, Ill always love video games and achievements and Ill always be playing and going for them.

You can watch the whole stream here .

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Can You Use Gamerscore To Buy Stuff On Xbox Live

Gamerscore doesnt have any function other than bragging rights. Each account keeps a running total of Gamerscore earned across all games using that account. As Tycho points out, while you think Gamerscore and achievements are for you, they are more likely a very cunning way of tracking your gaming demographics.

Can You Buy Games With Gamerscore

Easy 1000 Gamerscore Xbox 360 Games

You cannot buy games with gamerscore, gamerscore points are a recognition of completing specific objectives in games, with harder objectives giving more points. Every game has 1000 gamerscore, with DLC adding more gamerscore to the game.

Whilst you cannot buy games with gamerscore, you CAN buy games with the Microsoft FANTASTIC rewards program! to access it.

Microsoft Rewards is a loyalty program from Microsoft that earns you rewards for doing things you already love doing, whenever you search from Bing or download apps or buy games from Xbox you earn points.

You can see my explanation of rewards in my above YouTube video I start every morning with Microsoft rewards and green tea.

Better still, you can complete daily challenges that give a LOT of points and only take around 3 minutes to complete. I do them religiously every morning as I drink my morning green tea.

Unlike Gamerscore these rewards actually earn you money! Recently I spent 35,000 points on 3 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate normally costing $29.99! These points can be exchanged for Microsoft store credit, and numerous big supermarket gift cards depending on where you live.

You OWE it to yourself to use Microsoft rewards, as why not? Youre throwing away free money! Also, the more consistent you are with the daily challenges the more points you get.

I enjoy my daily routine with Microsoft Rewards, you learn interesting factors about the world and current events as you rack up those points.

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How Can I Get A Free Xbox

How to Get a Free Xbox One. All you have to do is register to Xpango, login and begin collecting points. Xpango reward system gives you the chance to get a free Xbox One. There are some really cool ways to earn Xpango Points, such as inviting your friends you get free points for everyone you refer to Xpango.

Achievement Awards Build Your Gamerscore

Your Gamerscore is made up of all of the points you earn for getting;achievements in Xbox One and Xbox 360 games.

Every Xbox game has a particular number of achievements associated with it, and within each achievement is a particular point value. As you complete more in-game goals and finish entire games, your Gamerscore will reflect that to show other people what games you’ve played and what you’ve accomplished.

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How Do You Share Games On Xbox

How to Share Your Xbox One Games With a Friend

  • Press the Xbox button on your controller to open the guide.
  • Scroll left to the Sign In tab.
  • Select the Add new option.
  • Either get your friends Microsoft account email address or phone number plus password they use to sign in, or let them sign in on your Xbox One.
  • But Without A Number How Can I Tell If I Had Fun

    The World Record For Highest Xbox Gamerscore Is Now Two ...

    So last week we ran a crazy story. After eleven years straight, Ray Stallone83 Cox let his prestigious highest Gamerscore world record slip through his fingers. His rival, Stephen smrnov Rowe was able to snatch the title from his grasp because Ray was too busy *ahem* consummating his marriage to his lovely new bride to keep up a champions pace.

    The world is so strange sometimes. I just couldnt believe what I was reading.

    There are people out there who still care about their gamerscores?

    Personally, I havent thought about my gamerscore, trophy collection, or Steam achievements in years. Yeah, sure, at the beginning of the Xbox 360s life span I was just as into achievement hunting as anyone else. And it was fun. For awhile.

    Then it became work. Focusing on achievements became a way of taking the joyous exploration and malleability of games and turning them into a tedious task list. A burden to slog through rather than enjoy. As the consoles life wore on, I cared less and less about whatever games I S-ranked or 100%ed.

    What, Im supposed to start all over again from a blank slate? And besides, trophies? Really? What the hell is that all about? These are video games Sony, put a goddamn high-score board on them, its not hard.

    Or, are you one of the;real freaky deakies out there obsessing over your Ubi Club badge collection? Id love to meet that person. It would be like shaking hands with a snow Yeti.

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    What Is The Average Gamerscore On Xbox

    Average Gamerscore according to Vulture beat is 8538 but I remember seeing accounts with far fewer Gamerscore. Mine has around 30,000 if I remember correctly.

    When Xbox One released Microsoft honored the player with the most achievements points for Xbox 360 games his name is Ray Cox a player with more than 950,000 Gamerscore! Remember thats a LOT of games around 950 if we assume most games have 1000 gamerscore and assumed he completed every single one to 100%!

    He got given a limited edition Xbox One and LIFETIME Xbox gold subscription, see the video here way back in 2013.

    However, that is NOTHING compared to when Roy Cox earned a RIDICULOUS 2 million Gamerscore in 2018! I cannot even imagine how many games he has it is at least 20,000 possibly a lot more as it is difficult to 100% games.

    Hopefully Microsoft rewarded him for tons of free games for this amazing gaming achievement!

    Transform your Xbox experience learn about the best Xbox accessories down below on Amazon.


    Can You Earn Achievements Offline Xbox One

    According to Xbox 360 Achievements, Xbox One Achievements will not unlock if you are playing offline. You must have a connection to the Internet in order to unlock in-game achievements and be rewarded for completing challenges. Again, you will not lose the Achievements youve earned while playing offline.

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    Is Trueachievements Safe

    Absolutely, its one of the sites I always recommend to any Xbox/Achievements fan. If you do register, be sure to check out the Twelve Days of Christmas community challenge that just went live. You have until the end of the month to try and finish 12 achievement challenges that will be revealed each day starting now.

    Can An Xbox Be Hacked

    2,000,000 Xbox Gamerscore!! World’s First

    Yes, and it is not very hard. An Xbox has a huge piece of software on it, and is relatively easy to hack. However, if someone does that, they dont do it to you personally. They go around hacking random Xboxes to create a botnet, you are practically just a machine to them and they dont care about your private data.

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    Whats The Point Of Xbox Gamerscore

    Every Xbox game has a particular number of achievements associated with it, and within each achievement is a particular point value. As you complete more in-game goals and finish entire games, your Gamerscore will reflect that to show other people what games youve played and what youve accomplished.

    Do Backwards Compatible Games Have Achievements

    Starting today, all achievements unlocked on Xbox 360 games, including backward compatible games played on the Xbox One, will now be taken into account in the Gamerscore Leaderboard. Moreover, this also contributes to making these old games look like they are natively integrated into the Xbox One experience.

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    How Do I Clear My Activity Feed On Xbox One

    Choose who can see your Activity Feed

  • Open the Settings app on your Xbox One console.
  • Navigate to the Personalization tab.
  • Select My profile.
  • Select Privacy settings.
  • Select Game content.
  • Change Others can see your game clips and screenshots to Friends to limit your captures to only those on your friends list.
  • How High Can A Gamerscore Get

    Highest Xbox Gamerscore

    There are many ways to boost your Xbox Gamerscore, but is there a limit? There certainly is an upper cap to how high a certain game can increase your Gamerscore since there is a particular number of achievements you can get from that game. However, overall, your Gamerscore is only limited by the number of games you complete and the number of goals you attain within those games.

    For example, while each Xbox 360 game has around 1,000;points you can earn,;your Gamerscore certainly isn’t limited to that number because you could complete all the achievements in two Xbox 360 games to get 2,000 points.;

    Some Xbox games have more points due to DLC. “Halo: Master Chief Collection”;actually;has 600 achievements worth 6,000 Gamerscore, and;”Rare Replay”;has 10,000 points split between the 30 games in the collection.

    Arcade games;offer points too, which were originally capped at 200 points but can now earn you up to 400 per game.

    Since achievements and Gamerscore are also on Xbox One, any points you earn contribute to your overall combined score between Xbox 360 and Xbox One.;

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    What Windows 10 Games Have Achievements

    • Arrest of a stone Buddha. Windows 10. 10 Achievements.
    • REKT! High Octane Stunts. Xbox One.
    • FINAL FANTASY X/X-2 HD Remaster. Windows 10. 67 Achievements.
    • Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition. Windows 10. 68 Achievements.
    • Astalon: Tears of the Earth. Xbox One.
    • Butterfly 2. Windows 10.
    • 50 Years. Windows 10.

    What Is Xbox Achievement Tracker

    As a quick reminder, the achievement tracker is a feature that records player progress in real time, useful for when you want to check progress or change your gaming strategy. Now, thanks to the latest Xbox One build, players can set the transparency level of the app as well as the number of achievements being tracked.

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    Xbox Games With The Most Gamerscore

    Love them or hate them, achievements are a mainstay of all modern video games. Personally we love them and since youre here, it probably means you do too. Yay!

    While all games on Xbox One offer at least 1,000 achievement points as standard, there are a handful of games that offer way more than usual. Sometimes its because of the addition of DLC, or maybe the game is a collection of multiple titles, all with their own achievement lists. Either way, we see a game having more than 1,000 achievement points as an added bonus.

    Weve gathered together the 20 games that offer the most achievement points, ranging from 2,000 points all the way to;10,000. Holy moly! So if you still like to hear that satisfying pop of an achievement unlocking, then you ought to seek out some of these titles. Without further ado, here are the Xbox One games that offer the most gamerscore.

    Cant Unlock Achievements Xbox One

    Xbox 360 Live Achievement Highest Gamerscore In The World

    Problems with Xbox One achievements and challenges

  • You have completed all of the required elements to unlock the achievement. Note You may have to unlock a combination of achievements.
  • Your console must be connected to Xbox Live. To complete challenges and unlock achievements, your Xbox One console cannot be set to offline.
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    Can You Play Steam Games With Xbox Friends

    If youre using the Steam version, then youll need to use the Find Player option to invite Xbox friends to your game. Next, look for the Find Player option. Select this and then type in your friends Xbox Gamertag. Once you do that, you should be taken to their profile, where you can invite them to the game.

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