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Which Is Better Xbox Or Playstation

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Where To Buy Ps5 And Xbox Series X Consoles

PlayStation 5 vs Xbox Series X: Which is better?

While we at GamesRadar+ bring you the latest on PS5 restock updates and Xbox Series X restock updates in real-time, but if you’re in the market for either of these new-gen consoles then here are the best places to attempt to them.

Which Is Better Xbox Or Playstation

We’ve already covered how each console is doing in terms of sales for the current generation: In the latest iteration of the ongoing console war between the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X/S, PS5 is currently leading in sales with more than 13.4 million units sold compared to the Series X’s 8 million. This very nearly reflects the last console war between the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, where Microsoft’s user-unfriendly business model for the console paved the way for the PS4’s success.

Xbox One Vs Ps: Bottom Line

With all the above said and done, Sonys PS4 is our overall favorite console. But only just. It pips Microsofts console to the post, thanks to its larger range of killer exclusive games, from the likes of God of War, The Last of Us 2, Uncharted 4 and Bloodborne. It also has a huge range of third-party games, a pleasingly intuative user interface, and a controller that is more innovative than the Xbox Wireless Controller, even if its perhaps not quite as good in everyday gaming use.

But we cant push the Xbox One aside completely, as thanks to exclusives like Halo, Gears 5, and Forza Horizon 4, Microsofts gaming machine is still an excellent console, though wed recommend getting the Xbox One X if youre going to an Xbox One machine. Its also worth remembering that the Xbox One S and One X can both play 4K Blu-rays, unlike the PS4. And Xbox Game Pass offers a huge library of games to play for some $10 a month arguably the Xbox One wins on sheer value for money.

With the Xbox Series X and PS5 now here, pitting the Xbox One vs the PS5 might seem a little moot. But its worth remembering that both consoles offer backwards compatibility, so any games you get for them now will be playable on their newer counterparts. So in effect, you’ll be building your game library ready for a generational upgrade.

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The Best Ps4 Exclusives

  • God of War : With God of War, you take the role of Kratos, a man who has a dark past that he struggles to come to terms with in a new land or Norse mythology and monsters. But it isn’t just himself he has to look after, his son, Atreus, is also part of this enchanting, but violent, journey.

  • Infamous Second Son: In the city of Seattle, superhumans are hunted down and killed without mercy. Step in Delsin Rowe,a superhuman who has decided that enough is enough. But will you be the hero of the city, or something much darker?

  • The Last Guardian: Play as a young boy as he takes his first steps into a mystical land, accompanied by a large, fantastical beast named Trico and forge a friendship like no other. This game has to be one of Fumito Ueda’s best works.

  • Bloodborne: GOTY Edition: Move over Dark Souls, there’s another game that’s a lot faster and bloodier. In Bloodborne, you play as a hunter in the city of Yharnam where you’ll face your fears, as well as the monsters that inhabit the streets of the city.

  • The Last of Us: Remastered: The zombie apocalypse has never made you want to cry more. You’ll take the role of Joel,a survivor who’s fate becomes intertwined with Ellie as they search for a cure for the infected world they now live in.

Xbox One Vs Ps: Connectivity

Which is better: xBox or Playstation?  The Devils
  • You can’t upgrade Xbox One’s internal hard drive, but you can on the PS4
  • Both consoles support the use of external hard drives
  • The Xbox One has more ports on its rear

Depending on how your gaming setup is organized, the connectivity of your console could be an extremely important detail.

Both the Xbox One S and X have identical ports, each including two HDMI ports, one for receiving an input from a cable or satellite box, and one that inputs to your TV. On top of those, theyve each got two USB-3 ports, IR outputs, optical audio out, Ethernet ports and, of course, the power cable which is compatible with both versions of the Xbox. However, due to the quick and tragic downfall of Kinect, if you want to use a Kinect with either version of the Xbox One youll have to go out and get an adapter.

The PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim have similar inputs, although they are slightly different. Each has a single HDMI out, a single USB port in the back , an Ethernet port, and power. The only difference between the Pro and the Slim is that the Pro has an Optical Audio out, while the Slim drops it. One of the most compelling things about the connectivity of the PS4, however, is that both versions allow users to swap out the internal hard drive with another one of their choice.

All versions of both the Xbox One and PS4 support 802.11 ac Wi-Fi and Gigabit Ethernet so no matter which console you decide on, you wont have to worry about network compatibility.

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Pro Xbox One: The Kinect Is Secretly Cooler Than You Think

The affair with the Kinect has always been a bit of hostile relationship. For consumers, the biggest problem with the Xbox One at launch was that it came bundled with a mandatory Kinect making a steep purchase even more expensive. Microsoft took the Kinect out of the box fairly quickly and that was the right move for them at the time. The fascinating thing is that other software giants knew Microsoft was onto something. Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant Big companies want you using voice control for everyday tasks and Microsofts Cortana is no exception. Its the little things, like using the Kinect to pause a tv show or raise the volume on your TV. These are helpful little additions. Not to mention how much better dancing games are on the Xbox. Seriously, Dance Central Spotlight is the best dancing game ever made.

Xbox Series X Vs Playstation : Price And Availability In 2021

Both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X retail for $499 in the U.S., albeit with a cheaper PlayStation 5 Digital Edition in production, which cuts the price to $399. Budding Xbox owners wanting to save on next-generation gaming will need to consider Xbox Series S, which delivers much of the same but targeting HD TVs over 4K resolution. But the biggest challenge right now is their availability, with limited stock dominating the conversation around these devices.

The new Xbox and PlayStation consoles are hard to find in early 2021, with limited supply and record demand fostering a challenging landscape for buyers. Recent restocks continue to sell out in seconds, with a thriving resell market valuing the consoles with high price markups. That’s expected to continue throughout the year, only worsened by current world events.

Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X is Microsoft’s new flagship, as its most powerful console with over 12TF GPU performance and a custom SSD. It boasts up to 4K resolution and 120 FPS, full backward compatibility across four generations, and ray-tracing support.

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Pro Ps: Playstation Games Get High Resolutions Today

However, most games look better on PlayStation 4 right now. Where games struggle to get a higher resolution than 900p on the 2013 Xbox One, its very rare for PS4 games to be lower than 1080p. Also, if you happen to be in the market for a new home console today, the PlayStation Pro is the most powerful machine on store shelves right now. If you want to play the very best console versions of Mass Effect: Andromeda or Resident Evil VII the PlayStation Pro is the way to go. Thats to say nothing of 4K, which already has lots of support on the PlayStation Pro, including breathtaking games like Uncharted 4: A Thiefs End. PS4 has developed the reputation of delivering higher fidelity games and they have earned it.

The Cost Of Ps Plus And Xbox Live

Xbox One or Playstation 4: Which is Better?

The retail price of Xbox Live Gold and PlayStation Plus is the same: $60 per year. Thankfully, you can find occasional deals on both that let you save $10 or more on a yearly subscription. As a result, you shouldn’t ever have to pay full price, especially if you wait until around Black Friday to renew your subscription.

You can join either service on a monthly basis, but this ends up costing a lot more. They both cost $10 for a month or $25 for three months. Unless you’re only looking to play online for a short time, paying yearly makes much more sense.

At the time of writing, Microsoft isn’t selling 12-month Gold subscriptions directly, but you can still buy them from GameStop and similar retailers.

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Consider Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

While it’s a separate service, we must mention Xbox Game Pass in this discussion, as Microsoft offers a bundled plan that can save you money. See our overview of Xbox Game Pass first if you’re not familiar.

The highest-tier plan, Game Pass Ultimate, is $15/month. This includes Game Pass for both Xbox and PC, as well as support for streaming games on Android. It bundles in Xbox Live Gold, plus EA Play, which is a similar subscription service for EA titles.

If you’re interested in Game Pass and were going to subscribe to Xbox Live Gold anyway, this is a great option.

Pro Ps: Playstation Gives Away More Games With Its Subscription Service

Quantity isnt everything, but it helps. Every month both Microsoft and Sony give away a handful of games to Xbox Live and PS+ subscribers. Sony gives away more titles, though. PlayStation Plus subscribers get access to six games each month, and Xbox Live users can download four. One caveat to the PlayStation’s service is that you need to own a PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita to be able to play every single game made available. That being said, Sony seems to prioritize brand new indie games . They even go the extra mile making some indie games for Vita also work on PS4. The counter to that is that all four games made free by Microsoft will work on an Xbox One, but are also often older titles. Maybe beggars can be choosers.

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Xbox One S Vs Ps: Price

Before you read any further, it’s worth noting that the PS4 and Xbox One S are becoming increasingly difficult to find. Microsoft has officially discontinued the Xbox One, Xbox One S and Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, which means retailers won’t have much stock left to sell it also means that what stock is available is a little more expensive than normal.

Ordinarily, the Xbox One S and PS4 sit at £250 and £260 respectively, and it is still very much possible to find both for those prices if you hunt around. These consoles are available in both 500GB and 1TB variants, with the 1TB PS4 usually costing around £50 more although again, with stock slowly decreasing you’re likely to find all manner of inconsistencies.

If you want to buy a second-hand PS4 or Xbox One S, there’s more consistency, at least in terms of stock. Resellers like CeX list the PS4 and Xbox One S at around the £250 mark, abiding by that £50 increase for the 1TB PS4 as well.

Winner Draw

At this point in their lifecycles, the PS4 and Xbox One S have gone through so many price changes it’s impossible to choose a winner. The bottom line, though, is that both consoles can be had for well under the price of a new PS5 or Xbox Series X and although they are less powerful, they still run more or less the same games. For now.

Nintendo Switch Vs Ps4 Vs Xbox One: Which Should You Choose

XBox One vs PS4: Which Is Better?

– So, you want a new games console but don’t want to go next-gen quite yet. Well, there is still plenty of choice away from the allure of the Xbox Series X/S and PS5. And, thanks to years of game releases and refinements, they are jam packed with gaming goodness.

There’s the groundbreaking Nintendo Switch , the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One S. Then, for those with a larger budget, there are the 4K gaming powerhouses, the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X .

That’s why we’re running through the major last-gen games consoles right here, to see which would best suit you.


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Xbox Vs Playstation Vs Nintendo: A Conclusion

The console war started when I was a kid. It was Nintendo vs Sega, and then Sony. And then Sega went down the toilet.

In that time PC gaming went from the Spectrum to the Commodore 64, then the Amiga 500, and now to $1,500 graphic cards.

At the same time arcades were cool, not cool, and out of business. Then they were cool again:

My point is that there is no console war. Only games and the fun they bring.

So buy what you love and what you want to share with others, and youll be a happy consumer .

Pro Xbox One: The Future Of Xbox Is Bright Your Games Are Future Proof

Between the Games Anywhere Initiative and Project Scorpio releasing in 2017, you can rest assured that a lot of your Xbox games will still look their best down the road. Microsoft has gone the extra mile to bring individual Xbox 360 games to the Xbox One and are already scaling their new first-party releases for 4K. You can feel pretty confident your games collection isnt going anywhere. This idea of owning all your games in perpetuity is exactly what Microsoft is hoping to cultivate. Microsoft wants you to amass a huge library of games on your account. Their whole philosophy right now is that it shouldnt matter what machine you want to play games on, your Xbox titles always go with you. Its a preservationist fantasy and a great one at that. Xbox is in it for the long haul, and it shows.

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Xbox One S Vs Ps: Design

The Xbox One S and PS4 Slim were both designed to be refined versions of the original consoles and thats given Microsoft, in particular, a chance to clean up its act. The Xbox One S is smaller and much more modern looking than its predecessor, perhaps because Microsoft has managed to integrate the power supply on its latest console. As youd expect, the PS4 Slim is smaller than the original PS4 too, but the difference in size isnt so significant.

Winner Draw

The original PS4 was a much smarter machine than the original Xbox One, and came with the added bonus of no power brick. However, nowadays theyre equally compact and stylish. The PS4 looks cooler, but the Xbox One runs a little quieter, so take your pick.


Sony Ps5 Vs Microsoft Xbox Series X: Best High

Sony Playstation vs Microsoft Xbox – Which Is Better – Video Game Console Comparison

Almost a year after launch, the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are still evolving — and both are still playing hard to get. Here’s how they stack up.

As the PS5 and Xbox Series X near their one-year anniversaries, competition between the console kings remains fierce. While the base hardware remains the same , new software updates have added features, like more storage options and expanded cloud gaming access.

That’s of little comfort to the scores of gamers who still can’t find one of these consoles in stock. While shortages were to be expected during the initial launch, both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are still hard to get, and that shortage is expected to continue through the holiday 2021 season. The key is to stay abreast of restock alerts, so keep an eye on our PS5 restock tracker or Xbox Series X restock tracker — or see if you can snag an equally hard to get Halo Infinite Xbox Series X.

There are other options, too. Nintendo’s updated OLED-screen Switch is coming in October, and if you can find one, there’s the $300 Xbox Series S, which is a scaled-back version of the Series X intended for 1440p gameplay rather than 4K.

This chapter of the console wars is especially important. Not because 4K-and-beyond-resolution video or ray-traced audio for more natural sound are must-have features, but because the gaming landscape is more complicated and fragmented since the previous generation of boxes came out.

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Pro Ps: Playstation Gives You More Granular Control Over Data

Its baffling that this is something worth celebrating on a gaming console. Believe it or not, but only Sony lets users get a clear picture of what is taking up space on their hard drives. Obviously, both machines give you some sense of how much space you have available, but only PlayStation surfaces that data in a clear list of applications. Thats a hugely practical feature! If you need to clear out space for a brand new game, its way easier to delete one massive install than a batch of smaller ones. On Xbox One you need to click each game and individually check how much space they are using its a chore. Its not a sexy feature, its a meat and potatoes one something you would expect to have.

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