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Which Is Better Xbox One X Or Xbox One S

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Halo Infinite Xbox Series S Vs Xbox One X

Xbox One S vs Xbox One X – Which One Should You Choose in 2019?

The Series S runs it at 60 fps locked. Halo Infinites performance modes impress on Series X and One X A 120fps60fps generational split that works. Halo infinite xbox series s vs xbox one x.

Halo Infinite Xbox Series S Vs Xbox One X, The latest Halo title. Sure the game will work on the Xbox One or the Xbox Series S. One of the most interesting data that is extracted from this comparison is the resolution to which it works Halo Infinite on each of these consoles. 2160p 60fps with dynamic temporal reconstruction 2160p 120fps with temporal reconstruction from dynamic 1440p.

Every Xbox console tested with 343 Industries long-awaited Halo sequel. Lifes Here Be Ready. We reported earlier that Halo Infinite loses 120 FPS on the Xbox Series S and it is also a downgrade in resolution for the Series S compared to the Xbox One X. If you are fine playing at 30 fps with longer load times no need to upgrade.

Xbox One S Xbox One X:

. Xbox One S One X .

  • One S $300
  • One X $500.

. S 20 , X 30 .

Xbox One X? «». One X One S.

« » Xbox One X

. . One S Xbox One.

  • Xbox One S GPU 1,4 1,3 . FPS
  • Xbox One X GPU 6 . , One S.

, .

One X:

. . Xbox One X 12 8 One S. , , , , .

One X: , ,

Xbox One/xbox One S Vs Xbox One X

Formerly codenamed Project Scorpio, the Xbox One X represents a significantly more powerful version of the Xbox One that’s tailormade to take advantage of the burgeoning 4K TV market. Like the S model before it, it also supports HDR and comes with a 4K HDR Blu-ray drive.

Measuring 11.8 x 9.5 x 2.4 inches , the Xbox One X is the smallest Xbox yet. This is especially impressive when you consider that, like the S model, it also has an integrated PSU. Aesthetically, it looks like a black version of the S and maintains its physical power button. It also doesn’t have a Kinect port.

In terms of specs, it features improved hardware across the board. While it still uses a custom 8-core CPU from AMD, it’s frequency has been boosted from 1.75GHz to 2.3GHz, which is 550MHz faster than the Xbox One/S before it. It also features a new integrated GPU from AMD that’s capable of delivering six teraflops of graphics performance, which is more than 4.5 times as much as the original Xbox One. In terms of memory, the Xbox One X eschews the 8GB of slower DDR3 RAM for 12GB of GDDR5 memory. Microsoft says that 9GB of it is allocated for games with the rest of the 3GB going to the operating system.

While the Xbox One X still uses a hard drive as opposed to an SSD, its HDD is faster than its Xbox One equivalent and can load games more quickly.

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What Are The Differences Between The Xbox One And Xbox One S

Released in 2016, the Xbox One S represents a smaller, marginally more powerful version of the 2013-released Xbox One. With its 11.6×8.9×2.5 inch chassis, the black and white redesign is 40 percent smaller. It’s also 1.4 pounds lighter, weighing 6.4 pounds. This is impressive when you consider that the S has an integrated PSU, unlike the original Xbox One, which came with a large external power brick.

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There S has several design tweaks. For instance, it replaces the capacitive power button with a physical one, which helps prevent accidental shutdowns. The S also removes the Kinect port. Unlike the original Xbox One, which was designed to lay horizontally, the S can also stand vertically.

In terms of specs, the Xbox One S has an overclocked GPU that got boosted from 853MHz to 914MHz. There’s a chance you may see a slight performance improvement in games that don’t have locked frame rates, but Microsoft primarily implemented the higher frequency to provide more overhead to support 4K HDR video playback, which is a feature the original Xbox One lacks. To supplement this new feature, the S also comes with a 4K HDR blu-ray player. While the original Xbox One debuted with a 500GB hard drive, the S features 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB variants.

Series X Or S: Whats The Difference

Xbox One X vs One S: Which One is Right For You?

First, we need to take a moment to address Microsofts confusing naming conventions. The new, next-generation Xbox consoles are the Series S and Series X. These are not to be confused with the Xbox One X or One S, both of which are last-generation machines.

With that out of the way, the following are the main differences between the Series X and Series S:

  • Price
  • Total storage
  • A disc drive

The two machines also look quite different. The Series X is tall and all-black, while the Series S is 60 percent smaller, and white with a black fan vent.

Both machines will launch on November 10, with preorders starting September 22. Both machines are available to purchase outright, or as part of Microsofts All Access program, which operates as a mobile contract. You pay a monthly fee for the console over two years, at which point its yours.

The Series X will launch for $499 or $34.99 per month via All Access. The Series S will cost $299, or $24.99 per month on All Access. There are no up-front costs if you want to pay monthly.

The second major difference is the target resolution. The Xbox Series X is a native 4K gaming machine. This means it will render games at 2160p. To benefit from this, youll need a 4K TV or monitor.

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Xbox One Vs Xbox One S: Design

The part talks about Xbox One vs Xbox One S for design. The Xbox One shell is black, and the Xbox One S uses a white shell. But more impressive than the new color scheme is that the Xbox One S is 40% smaller than the Xbox One. Xbox One S measures 13.1 x 10.8 x 3.1 inches, and Xbox One measures 11.6 x 8.9 x 2.5 inches.

Microsoft has now begun to plug the original Xbox Ones external power brick into the Xbox One S. Another huge design difference between these two game consoles is that the Xbox One S can now also stand vertical. In this way, it can occupy a smaller volume next to the TV.

Xbox One X Vs Xbox One S: Which Console Is For You

ByMichael Andronicopublished 24 November 17

Wondering which 4K-capable Xbox is the one to buy? Here’s how the Xbox One X and Xbox One S stack up.

With the shiny new Xbox One X joining the Xbox One S on store shelves, Microsoft’s console lineup has never been so exciting or confusing.

Both systems sport sleek designs, can play varying degrees of 4K content and have oddly similar names that are one letter apart from causing Christmas morning disasters all over the country. So why is one system $499 and the other $249?

To help you avoid heartbreak this holiday, we’ve broken down the key differences between the Xbox One X and Xbox One S so that you can snag the Xbox that’s right for you or your 4K-obsessed loved one.

Xbox One X
11.8 x 9.4 x 2.3 inches, 8.4 pounds 11.6 x 9.1 x 2.5 inches, 6.4 pounds
4K Gaming

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Xbox One X Vs Xbox One S Vs Xbox One: Controller

Its worth noting that Microsoft made some improvements to the Xbox controller between Xbox One and Xbox One S. Theyre not major changes, but the addition of true Bluetooth means that you dont require a wireless dongle to connect your Xbox One S controller to a Bluetooth compatible device as you did with the Xbox One controller.

Further minor changes were that the controller became slightly lighter with more ergonomically-minded features that would make it more comfortable to play for longer periods.

The Xbox One X comes with the same controller as the Xbox One S.

Microsofts Two New Consoles

Why The Xbox One X Is Better Than The Xbox Series S

This week, Microsoft released its two new Xbox consoles. Theres the $499 Xbox Series X, and a cheaper $299 Xbox Series S. You can read our reviews of both of them by following the links below.


Xbox Series S review

Its not unusual for console manufacturers to offer a couple of different hardware options at launch, but normally, the differences are minor. The PS3, for example, was initially available in two models. There was a version with a 60GB hard drive as well as a cheaper version with a smaller 20GB hard drive, no Wi-Fi support, and fewer ports. Meanwhile, Microsoft also originally sold a Core version of the Xbox 360 in 2005, which included compromises like including a wired rather than wireless controller and omitting a hard drive.

The differences between the Xbox Series S and Series X are more substantial and have a big impact on how games look. While Microsoft says the Series X is targeting running games at 60fps at a full 4K resolution, the Series S instead targets a lower 1440p resolution at 60fps. Its a big power disparity, similar to what we saw between the Xbox One and the Xbox One X, but this time, the two consoles were available on day one, rather than releasing years apart.

The Xbox Series X comes complete with a disc drive.Microsofts Series S is less powerful and digital-only.

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Why Is Microsoft Xbox One X Better Than Microsoft Xbox One

  • 31.43% faster CPU speed8 x 2.3GHzvs8 x 1.75GHz
  • 4.69 TFLOPS higher floating-point performance?
  • Has a socket for a 3.5 mm audio jack?
  • 319MHz faster GPU clock speed?
  • Has an internal power supply?
Store Price
Protective Vinyl Skin Decal Skin Compati…Protective Vinyl Skin Decal Skin Compatible with Microsoft Xbox One/One S Controller wrap Sticker Skins Dragon Fantasy
Store Price

8 x 1.75GHz

8 x 2.3GHz





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Strapped For Cash Xbox All Access Might Help

Microsoft has announced that both consoles will be available via Xbox All Access. For a monthly fee, you get a console and Game Pass Ultimate, which provides access to over 100 games, including first-party releases on release day. At the end of the two-year contract, the console is yours, and you can also extend your Game Pass if you want.

If you want a Series X, but only have enough cash for the Series S, All Access might sweeten the deal. At $34.99, a Series X is only $10 more per month.

Further, if you crunch the numbers, All Access is a surprisingly good deal. If you add the cost of an Xbox Series X and 24 months of Game Pass Ultimate , your total out-of-pocket cost is $858.76.

If youre new to Game Pass, though, you get your first month for $1, which reduces your total cost to $844.77. If you get the Series S instead of the Series X, you can knock off another $200.

All Access costs $34.99 per month for two years. So, an Xbox Series X with two years of Game Pass Ultimate would cost $839.76 total. For a Series S plan, the total cost would be $599.76.

An All Access plan will save you $19 on a Series X, or $59 on a Series S, compared to the full price. Keep in mind, if youre not interested in Game Pass Ultimate for two years, youre still better off buying outright.

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Xbox Series X Vs Xbox Series S Specs

The Xbox Series X is a beast of a console that’s truly brought us into the latest generation of gaming. Heres whats inside the diminutive tower of power:

  • CPU: Eight-core 3.8GHz custom AMD 7nm
  • GPU: 12 teraflops 1.825GHz
  • RAM: 16GB GDDR6
  • Optical: HD Blu-Ray disk drive
  • Storage: 1TB NVMe SSD

With a 12 teraflop GPU capable of up to 120 frames per second, the Xbox Series X is twice as powerful as the Xbox One X, Microsofts former flagship console. It supports various exciting next-gen features such as ray tracing, variable rate shading and even support for 8K resolution.

The Xbox Series X makes the wait when booting up games or loading new levels a thing of the past thanks to its custom designed super-fast NVMe SSD. The SSD is part of the consoles new Velocity Architecture, which allows multiple games to be suspended in the background while youre playing something entirely different. Everything is more responsive and snappier as a result, too.

Microsoft is also trying to make latency a thing of the past on Xbox Series X. Forward-thinking features such as Auto Low Latency Mode , communication improvements to the Xbox controller, and Variable Refresh Rate support take full advantage of TVs with HDMI 2.1 support.

In comparison, here are the Xbox Series S specs:

  • CPU: Eight-core 3.6GHz custom AMD 7nm
  • GPU: 4 teraflops at 1.550GHz
  • RAM: 10GB GDDR6
  • Frame rate: Up to 120 fps
  • Resolution: 1440p with 4K upscaling
  • Optical: No disk drive
  • Storage: 512GB NVMe SSD

When Will The Xbox Series X And Series S Be Easy To Find

Check Out the Xbox One X Up Close in These HQ Pictures ...

The Xbox Series X and Series S launched on November 10, 2020, and have been in short supply ever since. This supply shortage, which also affects Sonys PlayStation 5, PC graphics cards and other components, as well as microprocessors used in vehicle production and other electronics-based devices, is widespread, related to Covid-19 and other production problems, and is likely to persist throughout 2021. The Xbox Series S has recently become easier to find, though its often out of stock. We expect it will be difficult to find an Xbox Series X until some time in 2022.

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Choosing The Right Xbox: Series X Or Series S

  • Weve added new information on user interface and usability improvements, the new Xbox Wireless Headset, and other additions to the platform.

A new generation of video game consoles has been out for more than a year, though stock shortages continue. The Xbox One is no more, replaced by a pair of new Xbox consoles. The $500 Xbox Series X and the $300 Xbox Series S are both based on a similar foundation, and both will play all of the same games for years to come. But each model targets a different level of speed and graphics performance, and with that in mind, were here to help you figure out which one you should buyor, if you need to buy one at all.

Youre going to hear a lot about 4K if youre shopping for video games or a TV. It represents the next big step in high-definition video, with 3840×2160 pixelsfour times the resolution of 1080p.

Our pick

Get the Series X if youll use it with a 4K TV , want the absolute best in graphics like raytraced lighting effects, or if you want a disc drive for games and movies.

Buying Options

May be out of stock

Xbox One X Vs Xbox One S: Conclusion

There is little doubt that Xbox One X is a more powerful, more graphically competent games console than the Xbox One S or its digital-only counterpart, but you have to pay a premium price for such a premium machine.

If you are content with Full HD gaming, the Xbox One S is an excellent games machine and 4K Blu-ray player. And, the All-Digital Edition might be able to fit an even tighter budget, at the cost of ditching the ability to spin Blu-rays, disc games, and the like.

If your budget can stretch though, we also thoroughly recommend you check out the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X.

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