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Which Is Better Xbox 360 Or Ps3

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Whats Better Ps3 Or The Xbox 360

Xbox 360 Vs PS3 Controller – Which One Is Better?

The PS3 has better exclusive titles. Unless youre a big fan of Halo or Gears of War, PlayStation 3 simply has better Sony exclusives than the Xbox 360. Im not a big Uncharted fan, but if you like Indiana Jones-style cinematic games, you cant do much better than the Naughty Dogs adventure franchise.

Are Playstation 3 Still Good

Blu-Ray disc player. Fantastic exclusives. All-in-all, the PS3 was, and still, is a great console. If you have 50 to 70 bucks to spare and want to play great video games without investing a lot of money, the PS3 is a good option especially since owning a PS3 is the only way to play most PS3 games.

You Decide: Xbox 360 Or Playstation 3

Battles between Master Chief and the Covenant or Kratos and Ares have nothing on the wars Microsoft and Sony wage against each other. For years, the two companies have fought to gain supremacy in the home video game market. Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 are both powerful machines capable of running games with amazing graphics and online play. But which one is supreme?

From a purely technical standpoint, the PlayStation 3 has more horsepower. The PS3’s Cell processor can perform more operations per second than the Xbox 360 CPU, even though both chips clock in at 3.2 gigahertz. The PlayStation 3 has Blu-ray player technology, allowing you to watch movies in Blu-ray format. Blu-ray discs can store more information than standard DVDs, which means games that may require several DVDs may only need a single Blu-ray.

Both the PS3 and Xbox 360 have online capabilities. But Sony suffered an attack by hackers in the spring of 2011. In that attack, hackers managed to steal the information of around 100 million Sony customers, including around 75 million PlayStation Network users. Sony took the network offline for nearly a month. Both the PSN and Xbox Live services have free and paid options that give you access to different features. The features available on the free version of Xbox Live are limited.

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Which One Is Better Ps3 Or Xbox360

In terms of sheer performance, the specs are as follows:


2.5′ Serial ATA

IEEE 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi*

Bluetooth 2.0

Bluetooth Controllers

AV Output

Screen size: 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p *Time__Killer*

HDMI**: HDMI out –

Analog: AV MULTI OUT x 1

Digital audio: DIGITAL OUT x 1

Blu-ray/DVD/CD DRIVE “read only”

Approximately 325mm x 98mm x 274mm


Approximately 5 kg Cell Broadband Engine

Cell Tech Specs

7 x 256KB SRAM for SPEs


  • Three symmetrical cores running at 3.2 GHz each
  • Two hardware threads per core six hardware threads total
  • One VMX-128 vector unit per core three total
  • 128 VMX-128 registers per hardware thread
  • 1 MB L2 cache
  • 9 billion dot product operations per second

Custom ATI Graphics Processor

  • 10 MB of embedded DRAM
  • 48-way parallel floating-point dynamically scheduled shader pipelines
  • Unified shader architecture
  • 500 million triangles per second

Pixel Fill Rate

  • 16 gigasamples per second fill rate using 4x MSAA

Shader Performance

  • 48 billion shader operations per second


  • 512 MB of 700-MHz GDDR3 RAM
  • Unified memory architecture
  • 22.4 GB/s memory interface bus bandwidth
  • 256 GB/s memory bandwidth to EDRAM
  • 21.6 GB/s front-side bus
  • Detachable and upgradeable 20-GB hard drive*
  • 12x dual-layer DVD-ROM
  • Support for up to four wireless game controllers
  • Three USB 2.0 ports
  • Two memory unit slots

Optimized for Online

Digital Media Support


How Is Ps3 Better Than Xbox 360

RO: In the Know : PlayStation 4 vs. Xbox One: Which is better?

6 Reasons To Buy A PlayStation 3 Instead Of An Xbox 360 The PlayStation Network is free. Sure, sometimes the PSN goes down or is taken down by hackers, a problem Microsoft has done a better job avoiding, but Xbox Live The PS3 has a Blu-ray drive. If youre like me and my family, most of your media these days is streaming. The PS3 has better exclusive titles. The PlayStation 3 controller is rechargeable.

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We Compare Both Systems To See Which Has The Most Power Under The Hood

Xbox 360

7 single-threaded cores
Maximum 77 GFlops Maximum 230 GFlops

The verdict:Winner:

21.6 GBps bandwidth 22.4 GBps bandwidth

The verdict:Winner:

User replaceable w/ proprietary HDD User replaceable w/ standard HDD

The verdict:Winner:

8x read speed , 2x read speed
7 GB disc space 25 GB disc space

The verdict:Winner:

Support for many original Xbox games via software emulation Support for PSOne games via hardware emulation

The verdict:Winner:

Which system is your champion?

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Tony Hawk’s Project 8

The Xbox 360 is more subtle with the HDR in the opening garage area of Tony Hawk’s Project 8. The asphalt and mulch textures in the second image set have a higher resolution on the 360. We also saw better framerates in the Xbox 360 version.

Mouse over the default Xbox 360 image to see the PlayStation 3 comparison shot.

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Xbox 360 Vs Ps3 Which Is Better

Microsoft or Sony? In today’s fight we face two consoles that although they are not the latest models of these brands, they bring huge sales in Shoptize.

Xbox 360 Vs PS3. We will face your most important benefits so that at the end of the day you know what your choice will be. Who will win? Read on and find out who is the best fighter.

Xbox 360 Versus Playstation 3 Graphics Comparison

Which is better Xbox 360 or PS3?

Forget spec comparisons. Let’s advance the Xbox 360 versus PlayStation 3 graphics debate to screenshots now that the games are here.

By: James Yu and Sarju Shah – Posted on Wednesday, December 6, 2006.

We expected the PlayStation 3 to ship with several games that first appeared on the Xbox 360, similar to how the Xbox 360 had a lot of Xbox ports at launch. And the PS3 did indeed arrive with a good number of games that originally shipped for the Xbox 360. This gave us the perfect opportunity to compare the graphics on both systems with several cross-platform games. You’d think that the PS3 versions would be exactly the same or slightly superior to the Xbox 360 versions, since many of these games appeared on the 360 months ago, but it seems like developers didn’t use the extra time to polish up the graphics for the PS3. We found that the Xbox 360 actually had better graphics in the majority of the games we compared.

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Sonys Playstation 3 Is Widely Recognised As Having Lost The Console War Of Its Generation We Look At How The Ps3 Got It Wrong

Sony is set to go into battle all over again in the upcoming 9th generation console war, which will see its PlayStation 5 competing with Microsofts Xbox Series X for gamers affections and cash. Ever since the first PlayStation was launched in 1995, Sonys console line has dominated the playing field. But there was one particular iteration that nearly dropped the ball

Coming off the back of the wildly successful PS2 , Sony expected its upgraded PlayStation 3 to carry on the brands success in the 7th-gen console war of the mid-00s.

The PS3 was pegged as the most powerful machine of its generation boasting an innovative Sixaxis controller and Blu-ray disc player, and promising groundbreaking, high-def graphics.

Anticipation among gamers was huge. But things didnt quite go to plan, with the PS3s lower-than-expected sales allowing Microsoft to gain ground.

More Power And Components On The Ps3

If what you are looking for is the console with the greatest power, you should lean towards the Sony option. The PS3 has a 7-coreCell processor compared to the 3-core Xbox. It is also accompanied by an RSXvideo card that operates at 550 Mhz, 512 MB of RAM memory and 512 MB of GDDR3 video memory.

At the same time, Xbox 360 uses a lower-core processor called Xenon. It operates at the same speed as that of the PS3, 3.2 Ghz. On the other hand, its video card, ATI Xenos, runs at 500 Mhz, has 512 MB of GDDR3 video memory and 512 MB of RAM.

In short, as the Sony console has a greater number of cores, this allows your video card to processgraphics with greater fluidity and better performance.

It is for all this that the round of power, Xbox 360 Vs PS3, is in the hands of the third installment of Sony that presents a superior CPU.

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Best Dashboard On Xbox 360

The dashboard or options menu of the Xbox presents a superiority compared to the PS3. Has a functional,nicedesign in view and is easier to use because of the different final fondos.En is more user friendly than its rival.

As if that were not enough, the Microsoft console allows the user to listen to music while investigating the different sections of the menu, playing video games or looking at photos.

On the other hand, the dashboard of its rival has received criticism for being almost identical. The latter worked well on the laptop but was not quite up to what the PS3 required. Its difficulty of use and a little elaborate design mean that the experience is not completely satisfactory, even confusing the user.

In this round, the Xbox takes advantage thanks to presenting a simple, functional and elegant menu.

Tiger Woods Pga Tour 07

Which one is better, PS3 or Xbox 360?

The Xbox 360 and PS3 both display beautiful greens in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07. Without direct screenshot comparisons, we wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between the two versions, aside from a slight variation in crowd size and placement. However, with a direct screenshot comparison, we notice that Tiger’s belt buckle stands out and his shirt texture has better visibility in comparison to his attire on the PlayStation 3. The trees on the PlayStation 3 version of Tiger look fuller compared to the 360’s trees.

Mouse over the default Xbox 360 image to see the PlayStation 3 comparison shot.

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Who Finally Won: Ps3 Or Xbox 360

Console wars are forever. While every generation has a consensus winner and loser, the forum battles pitting PS1 against N64, playground tussles arguing NES versus Sega, and the undying struggle between PS Vita and regular paperweights soldier on. The eternal fight for machine supremacy will exist for as long as fans care to argue about it, protecting their favorite console akin to a firstborn child. This is was especially true for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 generation.

Of the two consoles, Microsofts second Xbox is culturally considered the overall winner by a mile, at least in the United States. Within a year of release, the Xbox 360 was modestly priced compared to its massively expensive rival $400 as opposed to a jaw dropping $600 had plenty of exclusives like Gears of War, and was easier to develop for thanks to its PowerPC architecture. The PS3, in contrast, wasnt just overpriced. Sonys machine had few captivating exclusives because most developers considered it a royal pinprick in the ass to develop for. For years after its infamously bad E3 reveal involving historically accurate giant enemy crabs, Sony struggled to recover its public reputation despite the Xbox 360s trouble with Red Ring of Death hardware failures.

Now, lets hope we can say the same about the Wii U someday.

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Parents Can Control What Their Kids Do

This last feature isnt quite as flashy, but for families, it can be very important. The Xbox 360 has a full suite of parental control features that allow you to control pretty much everything your kids can do on the system. You can block games above a defined ESRB rating or movies above a defined MPAA rating. You can restrict who your kids can play with on the Xbox Network as well as who can talk to or contact them.

And the Xbox 360 also has a timer option, so you can determine how long your kids can play in a day or even during an entire week. It is impossible to monitor everything your kids are doing, but these features, along with making sure you choose the right games for your kids, make it a little easier.

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Its ‘achievements’ Will Keep You Motivated

Our personal favorite feature of the Xbox 360 is Achievements. Achievements are goals programmed into each Xbox 360 game that reward you with points when you complete them. The points add up and form your total GamerScore. Does the score really mean anything? No, not really. But it is a fun way to be motivated to win another race or finish a level in a faster time or to seek out a hidden object that you might not normally try to find to earn a few more GS points.

Simply put, Achievements help add replay value to games, and in this turbulent economy, getting more out of the stuff you already have instead of buying new stuff is always a good idea. Since you can also check your friends profiles online or on the Xbox Network, it is a nice way to keep track of what everyone is playing and how far along in a game they are.

There are also many websites such as 360Voice and TrueAchievements that let you track your Achievements and compare them with people all around the world, which is fun.

To get you started on your path to Achievement addiction, we have a list of some of the Best and Worst Games for Boosting Your Gamerscore.

Why The Ps3 Missed Its Mark At Launch

Xbox 360 or Ps3 Which was Better

So, what went wrong? Well, its rivals had a huge headstart, for one. The PS3 finally hit shelves in the UK and Europe on 23 March 2007. That was over four months after Nintendos Wii, which was released on 8 December 2006, and a year-and-a-bit after Microsofts Xbox 360, which launched on 2 December 2005.

Sonys console might have been more technologically advanced, but its competitors had already gained vital sales traction and loyal fanbases by the time it made its debut.

That wasnt the only problem facing the PS3, though. When it did eventually find its way into UK stores, it cost a small fortune. Not by todays standards, perhaps. But at a whopping £425, it was over double the price of the Wii and nearly 150 quid more expensive than the higher-spec Xbox 360 . If you hadnt firmly nailed your colours to the PlayStation mast, there were far cheaper gaming options out there.

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Gta 5 Graphics Quality: Xbox 360 Vs Ps3

Unlike GTA 4, where there was a huge difference between the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, both consoles register almost identical graphics quality in GTA 5. PS3 users will note that GTA 5 looks a lot sharper than GTA 4, due to increasing the resolution of the frame buffer to 1280×720 , and removal of the Vaseline blur that made the entire world look soft.

In side-by-side comparisons of both still screenshots and video, the GTA 5 looks almost identical on the PS3 and Xbox 360. There are some minor differences, such as slightly more detailed trees on the Xbox 360, and lower-quality mirror reflections on the PS3. The 360 also suffers from some texture-streaming issues, probably caused bandwidth limitations, which can cause some blurrier textures. Eurogamer notes that this issue can be ameliorated by installing the GTA 5s Play disc to a USB flash drive.

GTA 5 on the PS3

GTA 5 on the Xbox 360. Note the marginally better detail on the palm trees.

How The Ps3 Failed To Stand Out

The PS3 was also missing a killer USP. The Wii had the quirkiness factor thanks to its unique Wiimote controller, positioning itself as a family-friendly console that welcomed even the most casual of gamers. According to tabloids at the time, even The Queen herself was partial to a bit of Wii Sports, which came bundled with the console.

The Xbox 360, meanwhile, captured the hearts of hardcore gamers thanks to its acclaimed Xbox Live online gaming service and a host of strong, exclusive titles, such as additions to the Halo franchise and Gears of War.

By contrast, the PS3s early exclusives included quality but less exciting titles such as MotorStorm, Resistance: Fall of Man and Ridge Racer 7.

If anything, the PS3s selling point was the advanced, powerful potential of the console itself. However, it didnt help that production costs were high, and the PS3s complex hardware initially proved a challenge for games developers.

Sony pulled things back with the release of the streamlined, cheaper and rebranded PS3 Slim model in 2009. More promising exclusives followed the initial batch, too including Uncharted, God of War III and LittleBigPlanet.

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What Is Better Than A Wii

Both the Wii and the Switch have solid libraries. But by sheer volume, the Switch is far superior. On top of that, the quality of the games is arguably better on the Switch, with the likes of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

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