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Where To Sell Xbox One

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Selling Your Xbox One To Gamestop

The BEST-SELLING XBOX ONE games in history!

While GameStop will take in any working console, the company has been known to undervalue its trade-ins. Unlike auction sites, selling directly to GameStop will guarantee you cash or store credit, all without the worry of finding a buyer. If you’re looking to upgrade your console, store credit will tie you down to a particular retailer but can source a significantly larger budget.

As of writing, GameStop is currently offering around $75 in-store credit for the Xbox One 500GB model and $175 for the more spacious 1TB version. For real-time values on specific Xbox One consoles and bundles, make sure to check out GameStop’s online trade-in calculator.

How Much Is Are My Xbox One Games Worth

Being around since 2007, Zappers had time to make its service as hassle-free and easy as possible. Getting a quote for your old Xbox One games only takes a few clicks. Log-on to our website and enter the barcodes of your games or alternatively download our app and scan away! Youll have a quote in seconds. Selling Xbox One games is 100% safe and secure on our website. We guarantee to pay you as soon as weve processed your items, so dont worry about waiting forever and a day to get your money!

Ready to sell Xbox One games to Zapper? Choose your preferred payment type and well email you a free post label that you MUST attach to your parcel when you send it our way. When your games are securely packaged up, take them down to your nearest Collect+ point. You could be making stacks of cash in no time!

How Much Is My Xbox Worth What Is The Value Of My Xbox

Keen to find out how much your old Xbox is worth? Well look no further than SellCell. We feature all of the main XBox buyers and our clever pricing tool means that we can find you the best deals for trading in your old Xbox in one place. All you have to do is enter the model of the Xbox and you will instantly get your value. Why go anywhere else?

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How To Get The Best Price For Your Xbox One

Now that you’ve prepared your console, it’s time to choose where you want to sell it. Many video game retailers buy second-hand consoles. However, online auction sites can often bring in higher profits.

Setting up an online listing is a great way to receive more for your console.

While retailers will buy working consoles with no questions asked, they are a third party between the previous owner and a new buyer. With all those involved hoping to make a profit, retailers will offer significantly less, so they’re able to make a hefty markup on the pre-owned hardware. Selling your console to these vendors will be easier and guarantees a sale. However, you’ll be getting a fixed, smaller return on your initial investment.

If you’re willing to spend a little more time on your sale, setting up an online listing can be a great way to receive more for your console. Between some attractive photography and an in-depth listing, you’ll see a significant increase in your revenue.

Will You Buy A Broken Xbox


Well buy your broken Xbox, even if it no longer works. Broken Xboxes may still have working parts, which means the buyback company can use those parts to repair other Xboxes. Other times, the buyer can repair your Xbox and resell it once they get it working correctly again.

Even if you dont know whether your used Xbox can get you cash, start with comparing prices on BankMyCell. Find your Xboxs value when you search our site for the model and see what each buyback company can offer. When you want to sell a broken Xbox, enter your systems condition as Faulty to get an accurate quote.

You may not get the same price you would for an Xbox in usable condition. Still, depending on the problem, you can get enough cash to invest in a new one.

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How To Sell Your Xbox One

Get a Custom Price Quote

For a fast quote on your Xbox One, fill the form provided with details that best describe your Xbox One gaming console so that we can perform a trade-in.

Ship Your Xbox One

This is one of the easiest parts because you dont get to pay a dollar to ship your Xbox One to us! Paste the prepaid shipping label to a package carrying your device and send it to us. Youll also receive an online tracking number to keep track of your Xbox One.

We only have to inspect your device before sending your cash through Check or PayPal

Know What You’re Selling

If you already know what kind of Xbox you have on your hands then you can skip this section, but if youve just discovered an old piece of electronics in the back of a cupboard then you might not know exactly what youve got on your hands.

There have been three main kinds of Xbox released over the years, the original Xbox, the Xbox 360, and the Xbox One. There are also countless other versions of the consoles that have been released over the years.

The original Xbox is the simplest, and oldest, of the three. Only one version of the console was released, and it looks like the machine shown below. The one difference to the hardware that was made over the course of its lifetime was the replacement of its large controller with a much smaller one – although this shouldnt affect the price of the machine too much.

Next up came the Xbox 360 which over the course of its lifetime received a massive nine different versions.

These different machines consist of three main different kinds of Xbox 360. There was the original 360 that was released both with and without a hard drive .

Then a slim version of the Xbox 360 was released in 2010, which has come with 4GB, 250GB and 320GB hard drives over the course of its lifetime.

Finally, the Xbox 360 E was a minor update of the Xbox 360 S.

For more details on the different versions of the 360 including details on their appearance,

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What Places Buy Xbox Ones

If you’re in the market to sell your Xbox console, then there are a fair few places that will buy your Xbox One, S, or X instead of Mazuma though all will offer you a worse experience in terms of price, speed, and effort:

  • A competitor, who has worse reviews, customer service, prices, and doesn’t offer free tracked delivery
  • Social media, where there are definitely no time wasters to be found…
  • Second-hand sites but get your photography skills on point first and get ready to deliver in person
  • Mates who, as we all know, dont usually offer the best rates.

Or you can just choose us, trade in your Xbox One, S or X, and get your money fast, right into your account at almost the moment we receive it.

Selling Your Xbox One On Ebay

Should I sell my XBox One?

As one of the most popular online auction sites, eBay serves as a platform for thousands of second-hand Xbox One sales monthly. Provided that you’re asking for a reasonable price and offering enough photos and descriptions, it’s not difficult to get traction with a sale on eBay.

Before listing your item, take a look around at the pricing of Xbox One consoles currently for sale. Right now, Xbox One 500GB models are fetching close to $150 or lower, and Xbox One X is reaching $250. This increased value comes from a direct sale to the buyer with no third party in the middle taking their cut. eBay does take a small cut of the profit when selling through their site, so make sure your earnings don’t diminish over other methods.

When listing an Xbox One console on eBay, make sure to present the console professionally with an in-depth description and high-quality photos. Other bonuses, such as fast shipping and additional accessories, will help your listing stand out from the crowd.

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How To Sell Your Xbox With Mazuma

Selling your Xbox One, S or X with Mazuma is simple as screen-looking with arguably quicker results! Check out the five steps below and you’ll be trading in your Xbox in no time.

  • Select your Xbox model and hard drive size at the top of the page, then enter its details to let us work out your quote.
  • Satisfied with your sum? If so, well wing you over a sales pack it has everything you need to get your console to us.
  • Package up your Xbox and follow the instructions in the pack to arrange fast, tracked delivery.
  • If we receive the Xbox youre selling before 2pm, you’ll have the money in your account the same day. If not, the day after day. Either way, thats Ma-zoom-a fast!
  • £££!

To learn more about our ever-so-speedy online Xbox selling process, read our helpful guide.

Clean It Up And Increase Your Xbox One Trade In Value

Regardless of who you are selling your Xbox One to, you should make it look as nice as possible. There are a few quick fixes that can help make it look better and command more money.

Dust it off and polish the areas that have shiny surfaces. This will make it look better than ever, whether you sell it online or offline. Older models with the large amount of glossy areas are easy to scratch, so it may be harder to spruce these up. This will help increase your Xbox One trade in value in the UK.

With that said, be open and honest about any flaws. If you are not truthful about problems, the buyer will likely file a dispute and the site will be on their side. This can make things far more complicated than they have to be.

How To Properly Clean Your Xbox One

If you are preparing to clean your Xbox One for trade in, you need to make a dust cloth your best friend. This is going to help keep the exterior of your Xbox One clean, and with that the interior will stay clean as well. The dust cloth is going to remove all of the build up from the exterior of the console that will accumulate over time.

With one simple swipe of a dust cloth, it is possible to clean the exterior of the console. This will take care of the ports, sides, top, and bottom. If you have not cleaned your Xbox in several months, you may need to clean off the cloth a few times, but it will get the job done.

Compressed Air can Help you Increase your Xbox One Trade in Value

Never Use Damp Cloths

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Selling Your Xbox One To Amazon

Amazon also accepts Xbox One trade-ins, with current valuations slightly exceeding those of GameStop. To send off your console, you must first identify its condition using the company’s guidelines. The console’s value can vary based on its status and bundle, but if it is fully functional, Amazon will be offering around $55 for a 500GB variant of the original Xbox One and up to $150 for Xbox One X.

Amazon’s guidelines allow for some minor dents and damage to the hardware without hugely affecting the console’s value. If you’ve incorrectly estimated the condition, Amazon will give you the option of a free return shipping or a lower valuation. to help you estimate how much your console and included accessories should be worth.

Throw In Games And Accessories

Sell Xbox One With Kinect Trade

Have a spare controller? A cheap headset? Make sure to throw that in with your console. If you’re handling the sale of your console, adding accessories of any kind will add more value to the overall package .

From the buyer’s eyes, adding extra items will reduce the additional money they have to spend alongside a console. A few games will go a long way, too, whether or not they’re hugely popular. Putting together enough items to create a basic “starter kit” for new gamers will drive up the package’s value and help stand out from other sellers.

Do note, though, all of your existing peripherals remain functional on the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S if you upgrade. So don’t sell your best Xbox One headset thinking it’s going to stop working.

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Where Can I Sell My Xbox

Old Xboxes can be sold on SellCell for cash. We compare all of the main electronics buyers so you don’t have to. Enter the model of XBox and sit back as the prices are all listed at the touch of a button. All the buyers are vetted on our site so as well as getting the best price you also have the peace of mind that the buyback partner that you choose is highly reputable. Sell your Xbox on SellCell today!

Legacy Of The Xbox One

The Xbox One is a home video game console developed by Microsoft. Announced in May 2013, it is the successor to the Xbox 360 and the third console in the Xbox family, and was released in North America, Europe , Australia, and Brazil in November 2013, and in Japan, China, and other European countries in September 2014. It is the first Xbox game console to be released in China, specifically in the Shanghai Free-Trade Zone. Microsoft marketed the device as an “all-in-one entertainment system”. The Xbox One mainly competes against consoles such as Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Nintendo’s Wii U as part of the eighth generation of video game consoles.

The Xbox One received mostly positive reception for its refined controller design, multimedia features, and voice navigation. Its quieter and cooler design was praised for making the console more reliable than its predecessor on-launch, but the console was generally criticized for running games at a technically lower graphical level than the PlayStation 4. Its original user interface was panned for being nonintuitive, although changes made to it and other aspects of the console’s software post-launch received positive reception. Its Kinect received praise for its improved motion-tracking accuracy, its face recognition logins, and its voice commands.

– wikipedia

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Our Top Equipment Picks

While this guide only covers three outlets for selling your Xbox One, you may find better valuations from other businesses or even making a direct sale to a friend or family member. As always, keep your mind open, but be wary of potential scams. Once you’re ready to go, pick up the Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S if you can find one in stock.

How To Sell Your Old Xbox To Buy A New Xbox Series X Series S

Microsoft: Sell Digital Games on Xbox One

The original Xbox One launched back in 2013, followed by a range of successors, and now succeeded with the new Xbox generation. If you’re looking to upgrade to either Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S, unloading your old console is an easy way to fund a replacement. With millions of markets, we’ve wrapped up our top tips for getting the most money from your old Xbox One.

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Why Sell To Buyback Boss

Unbeatable Cash Offer

If you choose to sell your Xbox One to Buyback Boss, we will save you the stress of surfing through multiple online platforms in search of the best offer or your device. This is because we offer some of the best prices in the business, and we are ready to match a better offer from our competitors, should there be any.

Safe and Secure Selling Process

We know that there are many options to sell your devices. But we guarantee your Xbox One will go through a safe process. Whats more, you dont have to move to perform any trade-in.

Free Shipping on All Orders

Shipping your Xbox One to us is totally free!

Unbeatable Support Team

In terms of support, there are only a few that can match up to us. All inquiries will be met by an eager and professional customer support team.

No Bait and Switch Offers

At Buyback Boss, we make you custom price quotes that wont change at any time. Thanks to a 14-day price lock guarantee that you can take advantage of.

Speedy Payouts

After a very fast offer, accept our terms and send your Xbox One to us. Well inspect it and give you a speedy payout.

Trusted by Over 50,000 Customers

With a lot of customers using our services, its a no-brainer for you to join the over 50,000 bases we have. Its all about trust, and we wont disappoint you.

Best Places To Sell Your Used Xbox For Cash

by Lauren Bennett – Last Updated April 8, 2021

With more than 48.69 million units sold, the Xbox One is one of the most popular gaming consoles out there.

If youre looking to sell used video game consoles like Xbox, whether its an Xbox One, an Xbox 360, or the newer Xbox Series console, then this is the post for you.

Below, Ill cover the best places where you can sell a used Xbox.

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How Much Can I Sell An Xbox For

Whether you’re working your way up to a One X by selling your old Xbox One, or joining the next-generation console revolution with a Series X or S, you need to be sure you’re getting the best possible price for Xbox trade-in.

Forget slow, time-wasting online marketplaces or dodgy second-hand shops with Mazuma, we’ve made it so you get a fair price when you sell your Xbox. It’s all down to its specs and condition.

Selling an Xbox One S with a 1TB hard drive? If it’s in good condition, with a controller and power cable, we’ll pay more for it then an Xbox One 500GB that’s faulty.

To know exactly how much well pay for your Xbox, scroll up and find your model. Just know that if your Xbox isn’t worth what we quoted you, well send it back to you, free of charge.

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