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Where Can I Preorder An Xbox Series X

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Xbox Series X Xbox Series S Countries And Markets

How To Pre-Order A Xbox Series X Faster Than Scalpers

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S debut across an extended list of markets compared to Xbox One back in 2013. The previous Xbox generation notoriously started with just 13 regions, excluding many consumers deeply rooted in the Xbox 360 family. Microsoft has now reinvented its approach, with sights set on 36 markets.

The expanded rollout sees the company provide full coverage for North America, with an expanded European presence. The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S also push into Asia, with Japan and South Korea on the launch roadmap. Preorders for all launch countries opened on or around September 22, with regional details dependent on local retailers.

Can You Buy Xbox Series X In Store

In the US, in-store stock varies by region, but we are seeing some success with Target. Be sure to check in-store stock levels early in the morning and head down straight away if you spot consoles available. Stores are allocating what little stock they have on a first come first served basis, but it is possible to buy the new Xbox Series X in person.

If you’re in the UK, things are a little different. Obviously the current lockdown has scuppered many plans to buy Xbox Series X in store so you’re at the mercy of online retailers for now.

How To Get An Xbox Series X Right Now

Everything you need to get hands-on with Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S this holiday.

It’s now December, with Microsoft’s two next-generation Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles in homes, but only for a select few. It follows an extensive preorder campaign that first opened last September, seeing stock stripped near-instantly from retailer pages amid overwhelming demand for the consoles. And while Microsoft hopes to meet demand, it has still proven challenging to find either system over the launch period. But we’re staying on top of all the details you need to know, including where to find Xbox Series X stock this month.

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Xbox Series X Mini Fridge: Price And Where To Buy

The Xbox Series X Mini Fridge is $99 in the U.S, £89.99 in the U.K and 99.00 in other regions. For the first wave of fridges, preorders will be available in the U.S, Canada, U.K, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Spain, Netherlands, and Poland.

Preorders are slated to open on Oct. 19, 2021. In the U.S, the first wave of the Xbox Series X Mini Fridge preorders will be available through Target. Preorders in Canada will go through the Xbox Gear Store. In the U.K, preorders are allocated to GAME. Finally, for France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Spain, Netherlands, and Poland, buyers can go through GameStop EU, Micromania, and Toynk.

Where To Buy Xbox Series X Uk: Latest Updates

Xbox Series X Release Date, Price, Specs, and Pre

As of October 20, at the time of writing, there are no active Xbox Series X restocks online.

Do bear in mind that you can get an Xbox Series X for a monthly subscription fee of £28.99 as part of the Xbox All Access programme. That gets you the console and access to Xbox Game pass for a regular fee over the span of 24 months. The Xbox Series X can be had for £20.99 for the same 24-month subscription plan. But these deals are still hampered by a lack of console stock.

Don’t expect to find the Xbox Series X Halo Infinite Limited Edition console listed below, as it’s a rarity, though check out our where to buy Xbox Series X Halo Infinite Limited Edition article as you may strike it lucky.

At the time of writing, finding a strong Xbox Series X restock is incredibly difficult. Despite our best efforts to bring you timely updates, Tom’s Guide can’t guarantee you’ll be able to purchase Microsoft’s flagship console. Nevertheless, we are committed to bringing you up-to-the-minute information on all restocks as soon as they happen.

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Where Is Xbox Series S In Stock In The Uk

If youre looking for the more affordable version of Microsofts latest console, then youre in luck. The Xbox series S is generally available across most of the big retailers.

Some bundles include additional hard-drive storage, controllers and Game Pass subscriptions. Here are some of the best deals right now.

  • Xbox series S bundle with 3-month Game Pass: £279,
  • Xbox series S bundle with extra controller: £299,
  • Xbox series S bundle with elite controller: £409.98,

Includes 24 Months Of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Enjoy an instant library of over 100 high-quality games, plus join friends with online multiplayer

Includes EA Play, which gives you instant access to a collection of EAs best-loved series and top titles on console and PC, exclusive in-game challenges and rewards, special member-only content, and early trials of select new games

Experience new Xbox Game Studios titles like Halo Infinite the day they release^

Play Xbox games on your Android mobile phone or tablet from the cloud via the Xbox Game Pass app

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Xbox Series X Xbox Series S Restock: Where Can I Find Stock

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are finally here but securing a preorder hasn’t been easy for everyone. Microsoft first opened Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S preorders in September, and as expected, they sold out crazy fast. With high interest in next-generation hardware and supply unable to meet demand, retailers worldwide saw their stock allocations stripped by eager buyers. Websites halted with error messages due to high traffic, making it far from a streamlined experience.

That makes it essential to look out for new stock arriving before the holidays, with many top retailers already following up with more units since the September kick-off. Many stores are taking a limited batch of orders for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S orders through December, so keep your eyes peeled.

Where To Buy Xbox Series X Uk: Avoid The Scalpers


One of the reasons for Xbox Series X and Series S stock shortages is down to scalpers snapping up large amounts of next-gen consoles in one big swoop and then selling them on for extortionate prices.

VGC reported that a now infamous PS5 scalper group going by the name of CrepChiefNotify managed to snap up 1,000 Xbox Series X consoles as soon as they became available at U.K. retailer Very. And the group boasted about it online there are select words to describe such people but they arent suitable for publication. But Very has the last laugh by Very cancelling 1,000 Xbox Series X pre-orders.

As frustrating as it can be to find an Xbox Seires X or Series S, we suggest you avoid buying a console from these scalpers. Paying massively over the odds for a console that doesn’t have a huge range of new Xbox Seires X games isnt a shrewd move in our opinion. If you can hold out until 2021 Microsoft should have more Xbox Series X units to ship, as well as the promise of more exclusive games for the console, making it a much better time to get one.

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Where To Buy Xbox Series X: Restock Links And Updates

As of 5:30 p.m. ET on September 9, there is no standalone Xbox Series X restock. However, Walmart continues to offer the Xbox Series X with All Access. .

Xbox Series X All Access: Walmart now has Xbox Series X restock. The console is available via Xbox Series X All Access. That means you’ll need to open a line of credit with Citizens One and you’ll pay $34.99 per month over the span of 24 months for your Xbox Series X console. You also get 24 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.View Deal

Xbox Series S bundle: GameStop has the Xbox Series S bundled with a 3-month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership. The subscription includes all the benefits of Xbox Live Gold, over 100 high-quality games, and access to EA Play at no additional cost.View Deal

Xbox Series X: The Xbox Series X is Microsoft’s new flagship console. It features 12 teraflops of graphics power, 16GB of RAM, 1TB SSD, and Blu-ray drive. It runs games at 4K resolution and 60 frames per second with a max of 8K at 120 fps. The Editor’s Choice console represents the pinnacle of Microsoft’s gaming efforts. It’s currently out of stock.View Deal

Xbox Series S: The more affordable next-gen Xbox Series S is limited to 1440p output, but still delivers fast loading, ray tracing, and high frame rates. It sports a GPU with up to 4 teraflops of output, 10GB of RAM, and a 512GB SSD for storage. . View Deal

Xbox Series X Mini Fridge Preorder: Price Release Date And Where To Buy

After all the memes about an Xbox Series X refrigerator, Microsoft is making good and delivering an actual Xbox Series X Mini Fridge. While it won’t play any of the best Xbox games, it is capable of keeping some drinks and snacks cool, so you’ve got plenty of chilled refreshments whenever you’re ready for a break from gaming.

This fridge came after all the jokes and memes shared about how the Xbox Series X looked like a real refrigerator. Following a social media contest, Microsoft committed to actually manufacturing mini-fridges for fans to grab.

Whether you’re enjoying some rounds of multiplayer in Halo Infinite, or want something that can keep beverages cool while you’re exploring planets in Starfield, the Xbox Series X Mini Fridge has you covered. Preorders kicked off on Oct. 19, 2021.

Note that while preorders have begun, we don’t know how much stock is available for the first wave of these fridges. If you see it in stock and you want one, you’ll need to act fast. However, with high demand, they’re already proving hard to find.

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What Is An Xbox All Access Plan

As an alternative to making a one-time payment for each console, some retailers also allow the option to pay for the Xbox Series X or Series S via an installment payment plan, allowing you to get the console with no upfront cost. Xbox All Access will bill you monthly for 24 months. This package includes either console, plus a subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Due to the pandemic, most retailers, including Best Buy and Target, will only sell the console online until further notice. We see restocks happening multiple times throughout a week from various retailers most notably, we have seen frequent restocks recently appear at Best Buy, GameStop, Microsoft Store, and Walmart, in particular.

The Xbox Series S costs $300 and is currently the most affordable ninth-generation home gaming console. It is smaller, less powerful, and lacks a disc drive, limiting you to only playing digital games. The $500 Xbox Series X serves as Microsofts flagship gaming console, including a disc drive and more powerful hardware.

Xbox Series X Price Vs Playstation 5 Price


After many leaks and speculation, Sony confirmed the PS5 Digital and PS5 prices at £360 and £450 respectively. That came as a pleasant surprise to those who’d expected the PS5 to be priced much higher than the rival Xbox Series X.

As it turns out, the full-fat PS5 and Xbox Series X cost the same, although the all-digital Series S undercuts the PS5 Digital Edition by a fair margin of £90 .

Bear in mind, however, that the Xbox Series S is less powerful than the Series X, whereas the PS5 Digital Edition is identical to the standard PS5 except for the lack of a disc drive.

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Xbox Series X Stock Updates: Where To Buy The New Xbox Consoles

ByBrendan Griffiths04 August 2021

Looking to buy an Xbox Series X? This guide has the latest stock updates at a wide range of retailers.

Xbox Series X restocks have been very quiet so far in August, so we’re expecting stores to drop very soon indeed. We want you to be ready when it does, so we’ve listed the stores most likely to get units in next, along with when they last had them.

In a turn of events, it’s actually harder to find a Series X right now than it is PS5 stock – not that you’ll easily find Sony’s console either. After the links below, you’ll find some more detailed updates on the latest situations at individual retailers. Keep checking back in on this guide as we’ll be updating it next time we get warnings of Xbox Series X stock coming back online.

Xbox Series S Price: Cheaper Digital Edition

Rumours circled for months that Microsoft was working on a cheaper Xbox to launch alongside the Series X. Sure enough, the Xbox Series S is a digital-only version of its next-gen console in order to lower the barrier to entry.

It costs £249.99 . That’s just over half the price of the full-fat Xbox Series X and could be a very tempting price for UK gamers.

Gamers in 12 countries, including the US, UK and Australia, also have the option to pre-order the Series S and pay in instalments. Microsoft’s Xbox All Access service gets you Series S console plus Game Pass Ultimate and Xbox Live Gold in return for £20.99 per month over a 24 month period.

The main difference between the Xbox Series X and Series S is that the latter doesn’t have a disc drive. Another big difference is that while both consoles support high frame rates of up to 120fps, the Xbox Series X offers native 4K gaming, while the Series S is geared more towards 1440p. If you want to make the most of your 4K TV, the Series X would be the obvious choice, but those with gaming monitors might be perfectly well served by the Series S.

The Series S isn’t as powerful, though. Both consoles have the same Zen 2-based CPU but the Xbox Series X runs at 3.8Hz, while the Series S runs at 3.4Hz. And where the Xbox Series S has 10GB of GDDR6 memory running at 224Gbps, the Series X offers 16GB of GDDR6.

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Some Food For Thought

Its important to note that Xbox All Access, Microsofts console financing option, is coming to Canada exclusively through EB Games. That said, the program will not be available come pre-order time, with Microsoft simply saying it will launch sometime before the consoles release on November 10th. Further, specific Canadian details like pricing have not yet been confirmed.

Its also worth mentioning that Microsoft just announced plans to acquire Bethesda parent company ZeniMax Media for $7.5 billion USD . Once the deal is finalized, this means that developers like Bethesda Game Studios , id Software and Arkane will be wholly owned by Microsoft. The timing of this news a mere one day before pre-orders go live was no doubt intentional, given that its now gotten many people actively talking about Xbox.

With all of that said, then, you may want to factor in the current unavailability of All Access as well as the long-term prospect of Bethesda games on Game Pass into your pre-order plans.

Xbox Series X Mini Fridge Release Date

Here’s EXACTLY When and Where You Can Pre-Order An Xbox Series X/S

The Xbox Series X Mini Fridge is currently set to launch at some point in Dec. 2021. There’s no exact date owing to the nature of gathering orders for the units but if you’re successful in securing a preorder, you’ll be getting yours sometime before 2021 is up.

Outside of the ten aforementioned countries, you’ll be looking at some point in 2022. Microsoft is currently exploring bringing the Xbox Series X Mini Fridge to other regions but there’s no exact date for when to expect news, outside of some time in 2022.

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Is Xbox One Dead

No. Its true that the Xbox one sold poorly compared to Sonys PlayStation 4, but in many ways the Xbox series X marks a shift in how Microsoft views the traditional console cycle. Rather than thinking in generations and hardware, the company is now focusing on providing ongoing access to games as a subscription service, similar to how Netflix or Spotify operates.

Game Pass is Microsofts on-demand games platform, giving players access to over 100 full games for a monthly fee. Microsoft is investing heavily in its subscription offering, snapping up large games publishers like Bethesda in a bid to bolster its library of titles and lure players away from Sonys rival PlayStation Now service.

Even the very latest games on Game Pass are designed to be compatible with previous consoles as well as next-generation ones, so that over time, owning the newest hardware becomes less important for the majority of players. Older generations of Xbox are expected to dodge the landfill for a while yet.

Xbox Series X Restock Update: Track On Twitter Gamestop Walmart And More

Xbox Series X restock is incredibly difficult to pin down. Despite our best efforts to bring you timely updates, Tom’s Guide can’t guarantee you’ll be able to purchase an Xbox. Nevertheless, we are committed to bringing you up-to-the-minute information on all restocks as soon as they happen.

Things remain quiet on the Xbox Series X restock front. The last restock came via the Microsoft Store late last week. Even standalone Xbox Series S consoles are sold out at the moment.

As it stands, we don’t have any information on when the next Xbox Series X restock will take place. So while we wait for news and hints, we suggest you check the retailers listed below. Do make sure to bookmark and regularly refresh this page, as that should put you in a good position to secure fresh Xbox Series X stock when it arrives.

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