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When Will Xbox Services Be Back Up

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Is Xbox Live Down Today

How To Turn Xbox Services On Or Off In Windows 10

Microsoft has confirmed that several core online services are not working today for Xbox One and Xbox Series X users. This includes being able to access games bought from the Xbox Store, as well as issues connected to Cloud Gaming. Its unclear what has caused todays Xbox Live server status or how long it might last across all affected platforms.

However, with Microsoft aware of the problems, there is a good chance it will be fixed before the end of the day.

The latest messages and updates from Microsoft can be found below:

Microsoft Support Page Message Posted 8:45pm BST: Were aware that some users may not be able to sign in or launch games at the moment. Please stay tuned for updates here, or check our status page.

Support Page Message Concerning Cloud Gaming Services: You may have trouble starting cloud games or be unexpectedly disconnected from a game after it begins. We Are Working On A Fix.

Support Page Message Concerning Core Online Xbox Services: You may have problems playing your digital games right now.

Operational Services According To Microsoft:

  • Scheduled Maintenance Up And Running
  • Game Saves Up And Running
  • Game Management Up And Running
  • Game Performance Up And Running
  • Disc-Based Games Up And Running
  • Backward Compatibility Up And Running
  • Achievements & Gamerscore Up And Running
  • Stats & Leaderboards Up And Running
  • Limited Gameplay Up And Running

Xbox Live Is Back Up And Running After Being Down For Some

ByMatt Brownlast updated 21 March 20

Update 7:55 p.m.: Xbox Support says that the problem has been fixed a couple hours after being reported by the team. The team posted on Twitter that engineers identified the issue.

Our engineers have identified and fixed the issues surrounding Party Chat and matchmaking. We appreciate your reports. As always, we are here and listening. Our engineers have identified and fixed the issues surrounding Party Chat and matchmaking. We appreciate your reports. As always, we are here and listening. Xbox Support

Original story: The weekend is here, and with a global pandemic keeping the nation at home, it’s prime time for Xbox Live outages. Microsoft’s gaming network appears to be experiencing issues as of March 20, with reports of users unable to sign-in, play multiplayer titles, and access its suite of social features. It comes as Xbox Live sees increased usage amid the COVID-19 coronavirus, keeping users grounded at home.

Xbox Live remains a crucial backbone of Microsoft’s modern gaming lineup, deep-rooted into Xbox One, Xbox 360, Windows 10 PCs, and other devices. The ongoing outage appears to be impacting all platforms, limiting access to all online services. Microsoft has since acknowledged the issue, with work on a fix underway.

We’ll provide further updates as the situation develops.

Update May 7 2022 At : 45 Pm Et Players Are Experiencing Issues With The Xbox Network Once Again

We are still working on resolving the issue. In the meantime players may see improvement with launching games by rebooting your Xbox console. Keep an eye on our status page for updates.

Xbox Support May 7, 2022

Approximately 12 hours after Xbox Support announced the outage as being resolved, new issues in the same areas began to be reported by players. Although operating on a smaller scale than the earlier major outage, many players are still struggling to make purchases, launch and maintain Xbox Cloud Gaming sessions, and launching and playing digital games. Nearly four hours later, and the situation hasn’t improved.

Xbox Support has suggested that some players may see an improvement with playing their digital games after rebooting their Xbox . The Xbox Network team is aware of the issue and is actively investigating it, although this marks the second day the Xbox Network has experienced significant problems.

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Xbox Live Seems To Be Back Up After Frustrating Fans For Hours

It’s not unusual for online game services to experience a bit of downtime, but Xbox Live went offline earlier today, leaving fans without the gaming service for several hours. Microsoft now claims the issue has been resolved, but several players across social media are still reporting problems with the service. For those looking to spend some time after work playing Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S, the situation has been pretty frustrating. With the weekend coming up, players will have to keep their fingers crossed that Xbox Live won’t run into any other server issues!

Have you been frustrated by Xbox Live’s downtime over the last few hours? Were you hoping to play some games online tonight? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter at to talk all things gaming!

Keep reading to see what fans are saying about Xbox Live’s downtime!

Update May 7 2022 At : 50 Am Et The Xbox Network Is Back And A Fix Has Been Found

Vevo Digital

All users should once again be able to launch games and start Cloud Gaming sessions. Thank you for your patience and happy gaming!

Xbox Support May 7, 2022

On May 7, 2022, at 2:11 a.m. CT, over eleven hours after the outage was initially reported, the Xbox team finally declared that the Xbox Network is running like normal. For many, this was the end of the issue, but some users are continuing to report issues with launching and playing their digital games. Fortunately, there appears to be a manual fix that resolves any lingering problems. If you’re still having problems with the Xbox Network, even after the outage was mitigated, following the below steps:

  • Fully restart your home internet by unplugging your router, counting 10 seconds, and plugging it back in.
  • On your Xbox, navigate to the Settings app.
  • In the Settings app, navigate to the “System” tab.
  • In the “System” tab of Settings, navigate to and open the “Storage devices” page.
  • On the “Storage devices” page, select the “Clear local saved games” option in the upper left-hand corner.
  • After you select the “Clear local saved games” option, you’ll need to confirm your choice by selecting the “Yes” button.

    Note: This will delete all save data for games on your console, but will not delete data stored in the cloud. The next time you open your games, they will automatically sync all the save data from the cloud.

  • After you confirm your choice, your Xbox will restart.
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    Update May 6 2022 At 1: 25 Pm Et Xbox Network Still Down Over Seven Hours Later

    Over seven hours after Xbox Network was first reported as experiencing issues, players are still encountering problems starting or maintaining Xbox Cloud Gaming sessions, launching or playing digital games, and more. Xbox Support has listed the latter issue with “We’re close to resolving the issue” for several hours, now, with no significant improvement. Some players are able to play games like normal at this point, but many more are still affected by this long-running Xbox Network outage.

    How To Fix Xbox One Connection Problems

    When Xbox Live sign-in is online, here’s how you can test your internet and reconnect. The black magic of networking leaves hundreds of possible causes, though some common troubleshooting steps could find your remedy.

    While Xbox Live may appear fully functional, the service can experience brief hiccups, even with regional snags affecting small groups of users. These outages often slip past unnoticed but could be the root of temporary problems. We advise restarting your Xbox One, which will reattempt a connection to Xbox Live.

    If your Xbox One remains offline, your home networking setup could be facing issues. The Xbox One’s integrated connection testing tool helps diagnose any problems and provides guidance to a solution.

  • Press the Xbox button to open the guide menu.
  • Select Settings.
  • Select the Network settings tile. Further Xbox Live status information can be found on-screen.
  • Select Test network connection, located on the right-hand side of the screen.
  • Upon completion, your Xbox One will provide further details on your current connection setup. If connected to Xbox Live, your console is ready to go. However, if issues arise, the on-screen message will provide the next steps to a potential fix. For personal assistance, head over to Microsoft’s official Xbox Support portal.
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    When Will Xbox Live Be Back Up

    New Update: As of 2:30 p.m. PST, issue has recurred and Microsoft has reissued a statement that devs are working to resolve the issue.

    We are still working on resolving the issue. In the meantime players may see improvement with launching games by rebooting your Xbox console. Keep an eye on our status page for updates.

    Xbox Support May 7, 2022

    Update: Issue Resolved as of 12:11 a.m. PST May 7, 2022, all Xbox Live users should already be able to launch games and start cloud gaming sessions once again and access media streaming apps as of 08:44 a.m. PST.

    All users should once again be able to launch games and start Cloud Gaming sessions. Thank you for your patience and happy gaming!

    Xbox Support May 7, 2022

    Microsoft has issued a new statement confirming that services are still being worked on but that users are now able to make online purchases. However, there is no ETA on the restoration time for Xbox Live for launching games and starting Cloud Gaming sessions.

    Since playing digital games is one of the areas currently affected by todays outage, the Xbox Live Server Status report indicates that when playing cloud games, you may have difficulty launching them or be disconnected from a game at any point.

    How to fix The Xbox Network is Currently Unavailable Error?

    Also read:

    Update May 8 2022 At 1: 10 Am Et The Xbox Network Stability May Have Improved Full Resolution To Come

    Players may be seeing improvement when purchasing & launching games & Cloud Gaming sessions. We are working on full resolution. If you still see issues, rebooting your console may help. Keep an eye on our status page for updates.

    Xbox Support May 8, 2022

    The most recent update from Xbox Support indicates that the Xbox Network outage affecting players purchasing and launching games, and launching and maintaining Xbox Cloud Gaming sessions, may be improved. However, many players are still be affected by the issues, and the Xbox team is continuing to investigate a full resolution to the long-running outage. Once again, Xbox Support suggests that affected users attempt to reboot their Xbox consoles and monitor for improvements.

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    Several Major Xbox Live Outages

    The Xbox Status page currently lists a grand total of 14 major outages across their services. Players may find themselves unable to play their downloaded digital games, while it seems like cloud gaming is having similar issues. Two major outages there describe how players may not be able to launch games on the cloud, and those that do may find themselves unexpectedly disconnected shortly after the game begins. The majority of the issues are occurring on the Xbox Store, though. Players wont be able to buy games to own, including Game Pass games and backward compatible games. Theres also no way to buy accessories, subscriptions , in-game purchases, or DLC. In something that comes as no surprise, there are also issues with purchasing through credit cards or store wallets too.

    Microsoft is currently working on the issues and theres no indication as to when a solution will be found at the time of writing. The outage in cloud gaming is a bit of an embarrassment for a company that only yesterday was describing how well Xbox Cloud Gaming has grown since it was introduced in 2020. Their Xbox Everywhere initiative aims to empower everyone around the world to play the games they want, with the people they want, on the devices they already own in the future.

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    Is Xbox Live Down Problems Signal Status

    Xbox 360 (Mid 2013)

    Wondering is Xbox Live down today, this Product Reviews page reveals the current status and any problems being experienced thanks to community feedback. Microsofts online gaming service competes with Sonys PSN, but both run into their share of problems every month.

    When theres Xbox Live planned maintenance you will see the time and date on this page in most cases, or at the every least you can discuss and share problems with other Xbox One and 360 owners.

    Is Xbox Live down on Wednesday December 22, 2021? You can see if the servers are out or having issues thanks to status reports below, also leave your exact problems with the platform youre playing on to spot a pattern when outages take place. You can also see official status updates by core service on Microsofts support website.


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    Update: Xbox Live Is Back Online


    We’ve heard back that users should once again be able to sign-in. Thanks to everyone that reported this to us! As always, we’re here and listening.

    Xbox Support

    We’re aware that some users are unable to sign-in and our teams are investigating. We’ll update here & on our status page when we have more info.

    Xbox Support

    Matt Kim is a reporter for IGN.

    End Of Xbox One Support

    Thats not to say that Xbox One support will go on forever. Just as all generations come and go, eventually the Xbox One will get left behind.

    Were finally at a point where Xbox Series X/S consoles are arriving in stores, so the stock is becoming available for those who want it.

    There will be some point, Im sure that that wont be possible on old hardware, Spencer confirms. Ive had that question asked about 360 and other things but yeah I think it is a great bridge opportunity for us, and its one of the powers that the Cloud gives us.

    It seems that eventually, the Xbox One will become obsolete, but players certainly dont have to worry about it anytime soon. For now, Xbox is ensuring that gamers can play the games they want, using the consoles that they have.

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    Update May 8 2022 At 1: 20 Pm Et The Xbox Network Outage Is Resolved But Users Are Still Experiencing Issues

    Players should no longer be seeing issues when it comes to purchases, launching games, or joining Cloud Gaming sessions. Thanks for being patient. Happy gaming!

    Xbox Support May 8, 2022

    The Xbox team has officially labelled the Xbox Network outage as being resolved, but some users are still reporting issues with launching and playing their digital games. The first major outage was reported as resolved before everything was actually stable, and users are wondering if it’s the same case this time. If you’re still facing problems, we suggest using the various workarounds detailed above to see if any of these solutions fix the issues you’re experiencing.

    Squad up

    How To Use Your Xbox One Offline

    Xbox Game Pass Pc Gaming Services Error Fix 2021

    The Xbox One is Microsoft’s latest console family, with deep-rooted ties to Xbox Live and Microsoft services. Once those services fall offline, the Xbox One loses an extensive list of daily operations, beyond Xbox Live social features.

    Xbox One games are usually playable while Xbox Live is down, but only when your console is flagged as your “Home” device or a physical disc is used. Multiplayer titles lose full server connectivity, as well as single-player experiences with online restrictions. The downtime also knocks down media streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Spotify, even if respective services are fully functional. OneGuide mandates Xbox Live too, rendering OTA TV guides inaccessible. If your games and apps aren’t accessible even via your Home device, disconnect the console from the internet.

    The Xbox One retains some system-level features, such as game captures, screenshots, and achievement tracking. And all locally-stored licenses grant access to your digital content. But compared to a connected Xbox One, going offline gets dull fast.

    To stay prepared for potential future outages, ensure your Xbox One is set as your Home console, especially when using multiple devices. It ties all digital licenses to your local hardware, ensuring you’re set to play when Xbox Live is unreachable. However, games with an online requirement remain unplayable, given a need to use Xbox Live servers.

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