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When Will Xbox Design Lab Come Back

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How Much Does A Custom Xbox Series X Controller Cost

Xbox Design Lab Is BACK | How To Design Your Own Custom Xbox Controller!

As you might expect, the Xbox Design Lab comes with a premium. A regular Xbox Series X|S Controller will set you back $60. A customized Xbox Design Lab controller comes in at $80, plus another $10 for the customized engraving service.

Of course, that’s a significant increase in price for a custom controller, but well worth it if you’re in the market for a truly unique bit of gaming hardware.

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Xbox Design Lab Down For Maintenance Ahead Of Release Of Pride Controller

Xbox Design Lab, the site where players can design their own Xbox controllers, went down yesterday. Players were left wondering why this was until an Xbox rep confirmed the store was down for maintenance for a few days. Many expected the store to return on June 12 during the Xbox and Bethesda showcase along with some new features, but it seems like the Design Lab is actually set to return on June 9 when a new Pride controller will be available from the store.

Xbox Design Lab Reopens For Custom Controller Design

Prior to the Xbox Series X and Series S launch in November 2020, Microsoft closed the Xbox Design Lab for new orders. The shutdown was always temporary, but it has taken since late October to resume the custom Xbox controller design service.

The Xbox Design Lab enables anyone to create a custom color scheme for their new Xbox Series X controller. There are 18 colors to choose from, including Lightning Yellow, Shock Blue, and Pulse Red, while you can customize the body, back, D-pad, bumpers, triggers, thumbsticks, ABXY, View, Menu, and Share buttons.

However, the ABXY, View, Menu, and Share buttons aren’t customizable with colors, just predesigned styles.

If you want the ultimate in Xbox Series X controller customization, you can opt for an engraving, such as an Xbox Gamertag or otherwise. The engraving service costs an additional $10 and is limited to just 16 characters, which isn’t all that much.

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What You Need To Know

  • Microsoft has announced a new custom Pride-themed Xbox controller design as a part of the companys Pride celebrations for 2022.
  • The Pride controller features 34 LGBTQIA+ community flags, with other customizable elements available via its Xbox Design Lab service.
  • Microsoft opens orders for the Pride Xbox controller from June 9.

Microsoft has announced a new Pride-themed Xbox controller headed to its custom Xbox controller service. The design has been unveiled as a part of the companys planned Pride celebrations for 2022, with online orders for the gamepad opening via Xbox Design Lab on June 9.

The first Pride-themed Xbox controller surfaced in 2021, with a limited design shared among creators, though never available for public sale. The new controller launches directly into Xbox Design Lab for public purchase, joining the already exhaustive customization options available through the service.

The custom shell draws inspiration from 34 LGBTQIA+ community flags, interwoven to celebrate the nuance, complexity, intersectionality, and strength of the many LGBTQIA+ communities, according to Microsoft. You can customize all other parts of the controller with a broad color palette, metallic finishes, rubberized grips, and even add engraving to make your Pride controller unique to you.

Xbox Design Lab Is Back But Some Options Are Missing

Xbox Design Lab is back for new Xbox controllers

After a six-month hiatus, Xbox has brought back Design Lab for its new generation of controllers.

Xbox announced the return of Design Lab, which lets players design their own custom controllers, during its extended Xbox Games Showcase livestream on June 17th. The new Design Lab controllers are compatible with Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and Windows 10 PCs.

Most of the options seem similar to the previous iteration of Design Lab, though there do seem to be more options for ABXY buttons as well as the View, Menu, and Share buttons. Unfortunately, the metallic options for the colors and the rubberized grips dont seem available with the relaunch. No word yet on if or when those premium options will return.

Design Lab controllers cost $69.99 to start. Adding a custom engraving costs another $9.99.

Xbox senior product planner James Shields has already posted a throwback design inspired by the Xbox 360 controller, and its kind of amazing.

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Xbox Design Lab Is Shutting Down

Design your own Xbox controller before Oct. 14 to avoid disappointment.

Microsoft has decided to temporarily shut down its Xbox Design Lab service ahead of the launch of the new Xbox consoles. Don’t worry, though, the ability to add your own unique design to an Xbox controller will return next year.

The announcement was made on Xbox Wire as part of a more in-depth post regarding the launch accessories being made available for the Xbox Series X and Series S. Of course, that includes a brand new controller, which means a new controller to get creative with in the lab. Microsoft explains that Xbox Design Lab needs to prepare for “its next evolution” and to do that requires shutting it down for a while.

With that in mind, Xbox Design Lab will go offline on Oct. 14 and won’t return until some unspecified point in 2021. It means custom controller designs won’t be a gifting option over the holidays this year, unless of course you get creative now and beat the October deadline. Orders will continue to be taken up until Oct. 13, giving you three weeks to craft your perfect controller design.

A New Era: Redfall Inspired Controller

Enough of the past. Put the focus on the future with a controller based on the upcoming exclusive Redfall by Arkane Studios. In Redfall, you will be fighting off hordes of Vampires, so why not have a controller inspired by the classic vampire look.

To make this controller use a mix of Carbon Black, Pulse Red, and Robot White . This color combination is just one variation on the game, and you can take inspiration from the player characters, each of whom has a distinct color palette.

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Microsoft Brings Back Xbox Design Lab With The Latest Xbox Wireless Controllers

Expect more changes to the Xbox Design Lab in the future, which could include using new materials.

You can once again create your ideal Xbox controller.

On Thursday, Microsoft announced the return of the Xbox Design Lab, a site for designing custom controllers. The service was temporarily shut down in October as the company prepared to launch the next-generation Xbox.

The site now features custom wireless controllers for the Xbox Series X/S. The same controllers are also compatible with Xbox One.

Like before, the Xbox Design Lab lets you customize the colors on the various parts of the controller, including the triggers, thumb sticks, and buttons. You can also add a custom engraving to the controllers casing.

Microsoft says the revived site has been updated with a few more options. Players can choose from 18 different available colors for most controller parts and we are introducing new colors like Shock Blue, Pulse Red, and Electric Volt, the Xbox team wrote in the announcement.

We are also adding a new black-on-color ABXY button option, as well as a new black-on-white color option for the View, Menu and Share buttons, it added.

The company is also preparing more changes in the future, which include testing new materials. Microsoft also notes that most of the color options on the design lab are partially made with recycled plastics.

When Did Xbox Design Lab Start

Xbox Design Lab is Back

In 2016, Microsoft came up with an idea to help the Xbox users customize their wireless Xbox controller using programs and then ship it to them.

It was very compelling and attracted many people around the globe. Youd be able to add colours, grip, or some other customizations to your controllers to make it very cool looking.

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Useful Tweaks Same Great Comfort

Our custom Xbox One pad doesn’t just look cool, it also boasts all of the same hardware tweaks that are coming to the standard wireless controller in early August. The gamepad now sports textured grips, which aren’t nearly as pronounced as those of the Elite Controller, but still, they’re pretty noticeable after you hold a regular Xbox One pad.

The most significant hardware upgrade is Bluetooth support, which is a godsend for PC gamers.

But the peripheral’s most significant hardware upgrade is Bluetooth support, which is a godsend for those who plan to use it on a Windows PC. Using an Xbox One controller wirelessly on a PC previously required a $25 adapter now, you can simply pair it directly to your computer with no extra dongles. It only took a few seconds for my custom controller to pair with my PC via Bluetooth, and the pad felt perfectly responsive as I beat up my cartoony foes in Rivals of Aether.

Those upgrades aside, the latest Xbox One controller touts the same comfy, ergonomic design that makes it our favorite overall gamepad. Unfortunately, Microsoft still insists that its controllers even the $149 Elite run on AA batteries, which is a bad look compared to Sony’s rechargeable DualShock 4. If you want to be able to juice up the Xbox One controller, you’ll have to shell out $25 for a battery pack.

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The Original Aka The Duke

Let’s go back to the early 2000s with a controller design inspired by the classic color scheme of the original Xbox. Selecting Carbon Black for the body of the controller with Electric Green highlights on the triggers, buttons, and thumbsticks give a familiar look to the colors on the original Xbox console itself.

Taking inspiration from the original controller, or “The Duke” to some, add full-color letter buttons and some white accent buttons. What you’ll end up with is a bold controller that brings back memories from the very beginning of Xbox.

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Xbox Design Lab Brings Back Rubberized Grips Metallic Finishes And More

Earlier this year we brought back Xbox Design Lab, our customization program that offers different ways to create your own personalized Xbox Wireless Controller. Since then, the community has created hundreds of thousands of unique designs tailored to their personality and style.

Today, were excited to announce that rubberized grips and metallic finishes are returning to Xbox Design Lab along with new color customization options, giving you even more combinations to choose from.

In addition to all the original customization options available in Xbox Design Lab, weve added:

  • Black rubberized grips available on both the back case and side grips for added comfort and control
  • 19 new metallic finish colors for D-Pads and Triggers including: Sterling Silver, Pewter Silver, Gunmetal Silver, Abyss Black, Retro Pink, Deep Pink, Oxide Red, Zest Orange, Gold, Electric Volt, Velocity Green, Glacier Blue, Dragonfly Blue, Mineral Blue, Photon Blue, Midnight Blue, Regal Purple, Nocturnal Green, and Warm Gold
  • 3 new color options for controller parts
  • Introducing Dragonfly Blue
  • Military Green has been updated to Nocturnal Green providing a richer earth color
  • Electric Green has been updated to Velocity Green bringing this in line with the iconic Xbox color
  • New Inspired by controller designs from Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Battlefield 2042, Forza Horizon 5, and Riders Republic to get your customization journey started
  • Xbox Design Lab Is Back Personalize Your Next

    Xbox Design Lab is Back, Supports Next

    At Xbox, we believe that providing our fans with choice and opportunities to express themselves is a core part of our mission, empowering players to more closely connect with their gaming experience, express their personalities and individualism, and put their own unique stamp on their Xbox identity. Five years ago, we introduced Xbox Design Lab as a way for our community to design their very own official Xbox Wireless Controllers. Since then, we have seen hundreds of thousands of unique designs that allow users to express their creativity and bring their inspirations to life. Xbox Design Lab has been there to celebrate milestones, such as birthdays, sports team championships and even marriage proposals, with engraved controllers! Last October, we paused Xbox Design Lab as we prepared for the launch of Xbox Series X|S and our new Xbox Wireless Controller. Today, we are thrilled to announce that Xbox Design Lab is back to help you to once again create a controller thats unmistakably yours.

    What is Xbox Design Lab?

    What is new with this latest update?

    Starting today, our new Xbox Wireless Controllers are now available in Xbox Design Lab. Players will receive all the benefits that come with the newest generation of Xbox Wireless Controllers, including improved ergonomics for a wider range of hand sizes, better cross-device connectivity, easier sharing, and reduced latency.

    Design yours today

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    When Is Xbox Design Lab Coming Back

    When is the Xbox design lab coming back? The iconic lab from Xbox was started in 2016 when Microsoft launched the Xbox One.

    Xbox design lab has come to intrigue your thoughts and make more effective designs for your Xbox controllers. Its one of the best features that have been introduced by Xbox and has a remarkable history.

    In this blog post, well discuss the return of the design lab of Xbox. Lets start the article without wasting any time.


  • 3 Conclusion
  • Take Over The Seas With This Sea Of Thieves Controller

    Every pirate needs a ship like every gamer needs their controller. With an ocean-themed controller in hand, you’ll truly feel like a captain in Sea of Thieves. To make this controller, combine Midnight Blue and Mineral Blue in any you prefer.

    The world is your oyster on what other accents you want to put on the controller. A splash of color in the buttons adds a little bit of fun to the controller.

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    Pick A Color Any Color

    There are 18 colors to choose from when picking the body of your new Xbox controller, including classics like Robot White and Carbon Black. New colors have also been added, like Shock Blue, Pulse Red, and Volt Yellow. A preview of your selected color choice will be shown on the left-hand side, so you can quickly see how things are looking at a glance.

    Most of the color options available are made with plastics containing 30% post-consumer recycled materials by weight. Microsoft hopes that these color options will reduce the amount of waste plastic that ends up in landfills.

    Xbox Design Lab Is Back: Still With These Limits

    Xbox Design Lab Is Back, Lets You Customize Series X|S Controllers

    I’ve designed a custom Xbox controller before back when they first released the program into the wild. Now, things are slightly better, but still not as wild and crazy as I’d like them to be. To Microsoft’s credit, they’re not going full “MySpace design non-limits” with official color options, but they’re not restricting users to pre-made combinations of colors, either.

    The options were fewer when I used Xbox Design Lab back when it was first made available to the public. One controller I designed was nearly monotone. The only bummer was that I could go nearly the full distance but Microsoft stopped short of full options on all elements. The ABXY and View, Menu, and Share buttons remain slightly more limited in scope than the rest of the controller.

    Back at launch in 2016, Xbox Design Lab had 15 color options for the main body of the controller. Here in 2021, for the Xbox One X controller, Xbox Design Lab has 18 color options. It would seem here, more than the original, there’s a all-one-color option like we wanted in the first place. Not quite all-inclusive yet, but close.

    With the original launch, we had 15 colors for the front, back, d-pad, and top trigger/button assembly. The joysticks got just 7 color options: Midnight Blue, Abyss Black, Oxide Red, Regal Purple, Military Green, Photon Blue, Storm Grey, and Deep Pink. Because Deep Pink was the most appealing color to be available for most of the elements, I chose Deep Pink.

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    Is Xbox Production Returning To Normal

    When the Xbox Series X and Series S launched, the market was beset with hardware manufacturing difficulties. COVID-19, production delays, global chip shortages, shipping issues, and more all contributed to a very difficult marketplace for gamers just wanting the latest console.

    In recent weeks, there have been signs that the market is beginning to thaw. Xbox console sales are beginning to pick up as more stock reaches retailers.

    Now, the resumption of the Xbox Design Lab is another sign that things might be returning to normal. Previously, Microsoft couldn’t open the custom Xbox controller design service due to supply limitations for its console packages.

    So, even if you’re not in the market for a stylish custom Xbox controller, you can enjoy the significance of the Xbox Design Lab throwing open its doors once more.

    Starting October 14th The Custom Controller Program Will Go Offline Until 2021

    Microsoft is offering a discount on Xbox Design Lab controllers for a limited time only.

    Until October 13th, you can design your own Xbox One controller for $69.99 , featuring more than one billion colour combinations, rubberized grips , metallic triggers and personalized engraving .

    See here for a variety of examples of the custom controllers that can be made, including those inspired by NBA 2K, Metro Exodus, The Sims and The Elder Scrolls. You can use the controller on Xbox One, the next-gen Xbox Series X, PC and even Android as part of Xbox Game Pass Ultimates game streaming feature.

    Starting October 14th, Design Lab will be suspended for an indefinite period of time, Microsoft confirmed last month. That said, the company noted that the program will come back sometime in 2021 to transition to the next-gen Xbox Series Xs controller along with some updates.

    For now, though, it remains unclear when the program will return, so in the meantime, you can make your own Xbox One controller at a discounted rate. Its also worth noting that the Xbox One and Xbox Series X controllers are largely the same, minus a few smaller changes, so keep that in mind if youre considering whether to get a Design Lab controller now or next year.

    While Design Lab and its next-gen updates might not become available again until next year, Microsoft will still debut its next-gen consoles, the Xbox Series X and S, on November 10th in Canada. Read more about those here.

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