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When Will Stores Restock Xbox Series X

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Xbox Series X Restock Drops At Walmart Today: Here’s How To Get One

How To Buy an Xbox Series X IN STORE (Not Online!)

Your next big chance to score an Xbox Series X is happening today, February 24th at 9am PST / 12pm EST sharphere at Walmart. The drop is part of a special release event that’s exclusive to Walmart+ members, so you’ll want to take advantage of that 30-day Walmart+ free trial right here ahead of the big launch.

Keep in mind that most of Walmart’s big PS5 and XSX drops have been exclusive to Walmart+ members lately, so you might as well enjoy the free shipping from the membership until you can get your hands on a console. The upside to this policy is that you’ll have less competition for the console when it launches.

Direct links to Walmart Xbox Series X consoles are available below along with similar restock links from additional retailers. Odds are that other retailers will also see restocks in the near future, but only Walmart has confirmed launch times at the time of writing.

Xbox Series X Restock Listings:

Does The Xbox Series X Come With A Headset

The Xbox series X is often bundled with a gaming headset to bump up the price and stave off scalpers.

The console doesnt come with its own headset, but its compatible with all existing headsets for the Xbox One. The Xbox wireless controller also has a headphone jack, so you can plug in your regular headphones to have game audio play through them rather than your TV, which is ideal if youre sharing a room with somebody you dont want to disturb.

If you need to upgrade or you dont have your own headset yet, Microsoft sells the wired Xbox series X headset separately . Lots of third-party manufacturers make Xbox compatible headsets too. Weve rounded up the best gaming headsets you can buy today.

Ps5 Restock: Follow These Twitter Accounts

Theres no shortage of accounts tracking the comings and goings of the PS5. A simple search for PS5 stock on Twitter will flash up more stock checking accounts than any one person could keep tabs on.

Before you give anyone an extra follower, make sure to check an account’s tweet history and see how regularly they actually post stock updates. After all, you dont want to put all your faith into one or two accounts that are often late to the party. With that in mind, its worth following several accounts so you have the best odds of seeing alerts before all the stock is gone.

Some trackers are better than others, and we recommend following the likes of , , and . Its worth following the official as well, just in case it reveals any details about incoming stock.

These accounts generally focus on U.S.-based retailers, though some do cover international retailers as well. Our advice is to search Twitter for accounts checking stock in your home country with terms like PS5 stock UK,PS5 stock Canada or something similar along those lines.

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Where To Buy Xbox Series X: Our Top Tips

1. Find your retailersThe lists above offer up all the latest updates on which retailers are likely to give you the best chance to buy Xbox Series X over the next few days. Prioritize larger retailers if possible, as they’re the most likely to offer up more Xbox Series X stock and are also already set up for fast shipping as well.

2. Prepare your walletWe’re sure you’ve already prepared to spend some cash, but having your card details at the ready will save you valuable time when that first wave of stock hits. Better yet, if you’re comfortable saving your payment details or using PayPal you’re in for a much less stressful experience and can checkout quicker.

3. Sign inMany retailers will need an email address alongside your shipping information to allow you to checkout, and this is causing many shoppers looking to buy Xbox Series X to lose valuable seconds. Be sure to sign in to these retailers if you already have an account or create one if not. Of course, if you’re not comfortable signing in or creating an account, keep your email address and shipping information handy for a quick copy and paste when you’re against the clock.

Can You Upgrade The Xbox Hard Drive

Xbox series X stock  live: Currys restock could drop this week, plus ...

The Xbox series X has a storage capacity of 1TB with its internal SSD drive. Thats a significant amount of storage space which would give most players enough room to download their favourite games. But as some games can easily run over the 100GB mark, its sensible to consider upgrading the storage capacity to avoid removing games from your library.

If youre planning to load the Xbox series X with some hefty games such as Forza Horizon 5, then there is an option to expand the internal storage by 1TB with a proprietary Seagate storage expansion card . There are a number of different sizes but an extra 1TB of storage space will effectively double the capacity of your new console.

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Is The Halo Xbox Series X Console In Stock

No, we havent seen the Halo Xbox Series X Limited Edition console in stock in 2022 outside of a few special email invites from Microsoft Store. Those emails seem to be sent randomly to Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold subscribers. But I do know that some retailers have the Halo Xbox console in stock but they havent revealed plans to launch a Halo Infinite Xbox Series X restock yet.

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The Microsoft Xbox Series X Price Is $499 For June 2022 And It’s In Stock Today

The Xbox Series X price is $499 at the official Microsoft Store today, June 28, which means you can now buy the new Xbox console for MSRP. For the first time in almost a year and a half, the Series X is easy for consumers to buy without strings attached.

Xbox Series X price is $499 at Microsoft:

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Not every store in the US has the Xbox Series X in stock for $499 in June 2022. Amazon has yet to sell the console for MSRP for that twice in 2022. It may be waiting to launch more of its inventory as part of its . And if youre wondering , look no further its in July, so not long away.

The same goes for Best Buy, Walmart and GameStop online hasnt been selling the new video game system for MSRP and sometimes point you to either pre-owned instead of new Series X consoles or third-party resellers are sell for more than $499. However, all three stores have had a PS5 restock in recent weeks.

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Xbox Series X In Stock At Amazon And Walmart

Is it finally happening after all these months? Both Amazon and Walmart simply have the Xbox Series X in stock. Its just there. The Xbox Series X console, which has been difficult to find and purchase after its launch, is now casually available without having to worry about a horde of scalpers and bots scooping the entire supply.

Playstation 5 And Xbox Series X Restock: All Outlets To Check For Stock Updatesthis Week

Xbox Series X Restock News! Microsoft Store, Best Buy, Gamestop

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will have confirmed restocks rolling out this week. And the big box retailers might just have a few bonus drops for you.

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Its been 3 weeks since any major drops in any store and hardly any units have been available. More than the PlayStation, the Xbox Series has been long overdue. The odds of a restock are quite high this week. Here are all the outlets to keep an eye on for this week:

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Playstation 5 & Xbox: Restock Major Focuses

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Best Buy

As mentioned earlier this week, Best Buy has one of the highest chances of getting a restock this week. It is one of the major focuses and places to look out for in the coming week. The Best Buy restock is almost guaranteed and is usually around 11:00 am to 02:00 pm.

The store offers online orders and in-store pickup services for consoles. Gamers will be able to order in any store within a 250 miles radius and collect their product when the stock arrives. The Xbox will most likely be dropping in heavy focus along with double-digit PS5 units. The drop has been overdue at the store for about 2 weeks, hence looks promising for the week ahead.


GameStop has had back-to-back drops of the PS5 in the past weeks. The Xbox Series X|S and the Xbox bundles will mostly dominate this restock since they havent been featured recently. Although the odds of a PS5 stack are less, one could say otherwise because of the b2b drops. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are the go-to day either around 10:00 am or 02:00 pm for restocks.

Before the drops, GameStop usually sends out an email to its member and/or promotes its membership via Twitter or Instagram. The sales happen either on the same day as the post or on the next one.


has been restocking in smaller amounts and has been deprived of a major drop for 3 weeks. This week, the PS5 disc and PS5 digital are likely to be more in number compared to the Xbox as rumors float around.

Xbox Series X Restock Update For Walmart Amazon Best Buy Target Gamestop And More

Xbox Series X restocks were not particularly frequent in October, with only a handful of drops taking place.

However, now that we are getting closer to the holiday period there is finally a reason to be optimistic again. In fact, there could even be a restock taking place sometime week.

Here is the latest information for all major U.S. retailers.

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Best Wireless Gaming Headset Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen : 12999 Argoscouk

The successor to the bestselling Xbox one X headset, Turtle Beachs second generation stealth 700 wireless headphones deliver seriously impressive sound in a neat package that forgoes some of the garish, primary-coloured trimmings of other gaming headsets.

The rigid design makes them feel sturdy and premium, while the aerogel foam padding keeps your ears comfortable during long play sessions. There are no wires, dongles or base stations required on Xbox series X just synchronise over Bluetooth and youre good to go. Multiple connections mean you can listen to your music or make phones calls while you play.

Scalpers Make It Harder To For Others To Purchase By Using Bots

Microsoft Store Xbox Series X Restock

One pressing problem that has reportedly made the Xbox Series X consoles to purchase by interested buyers is due to the increasing amount of scalpers. According to a report by IGN, scalpers are reportedly using bots in order to automatically buy out most restocks that hit major online retailers.

An article by GamingIntel likewise details where the next Xbox Series X restock is expected to launch online. The report has detailed where the next in-store restock is expected to launch as well to increase chances for buyers to purchase the next batch of consoles.

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Xbox Series X Restock Update For Walmart Gamestop Amazon Best Buy Target And More

A major Xbox Series X restock has been confirmed for January 13.

After a slow start to the year, things are starting to look up in 2022. Not only is the all-digital Xbox Series S readily available now, but we are also seeing the more elusive Series X pop up intermittently.

To help catch you up with all the latest information, Newsweek has put together the following breakdown of Xbox Series X restock news.

Xbox Series X Restock Feb 28 To March : Gamestop Amazon Walmart And More

Despite it already being more than a year since the initial launch of Microsoft’s latest gaming console, the Xbox Series X has remained incredibly difficult to purchase with stock going out as soon as they hit the shelves.

Those looking to get their hands on the console should keep an eye out because a new batch of Xbox Series X restock is expected to arrive on Feb. 28 all the way to Mar. 6.

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Xbox Series S Bundle Deals

If youre looking for the more affordable version of Microsofts latest console, then youre in luck. The Xbox series S is generally available across most of the big retailers.

Some bundles include additional hard-drive storage, controllers and Game Pass subscriptions. Theres also an official bundle including Rocket League and Fortnite for almost no extra cost. Here are some of the best deals right now.

  • Xbox series S: £249,
  • Xbox series S + Rocket League + Fortnite: £249.99,
  • Xbox series S + 3 months of Game Pass + Seagate 1TB hard drive: £399,

Xbox Series X Price At Microsoft

AMD: “The End Of The PS5/Xbox Series X Restock Nightmare Could Be In Sight”

Pro tip: Microsoft Store states that the Xbox Series X price is $499, but that you need to bundle it with other items. It turns out that going through the checkout system will not require you to buy the highly suggested Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 12-month membership and thats good news because you can get a discount elsewhere on the $45 a month membership. The Series X console is sold by itself despite the confusing language.

Since an restock is expected soon, Microsoft Xbox Series X may also appear on Amazon around July 12 or July 13.

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Xbox Series S Price: Cheaper Digital Edition

Rumours circled for months that Microsoft was working on a cheaper Xbox to launch alongside the Series X. Sure enough, the Xbox Series S is a digital-only version of its next-gen console in order to lower the barrier to entry.

It costs £249.99 / $299 / AU$499. That’s just over half the price of the full-fat Xbox Series X and could be a very tempting price for UK gamers.

Gamers in 12 countries, including the US, UK and Australia, also have the option to buy the Series S and pay in instalments. Microsoft’s Xbox All Access service gets you Series S console plus Game Pass Ultimate and Xbox Live Gold in return for £20.99 / $24.99 / AU$33 per month over a 24 month period.

The main difference between the Xbox Series X and Series S is that the latter doesn’t have a disc drive. Another big difference is that while both consoles support high frame rates of up to 120fps, the Xbox Series X offers native 4K gaming, while the Series S is geared more towards 1440p. If you want to make the most of your 4K TV, the Series X would be the obvious choice, but those with gaming monitors might be perfectly well served by the Series S.

The Series S isn’t as powerful, though. Both consoles have the same Zen 2-based CPU but the Xbox Series X runs at 3.8Hz, while the Series S runs at 3.4Hz. And where the Xbox Series S has 10GB of GDDR6 memory running at 224Gbps, the Series X offers 16GB of GDDR6.

Microsoft Store Xbox Series X Restock

Restocks are becoming increasingly frequent at the Microsoft Store, with drops occurring on a weekly basis.

For the past few weeks, these have taken place on either Thursdays or Fridays. As such, we would advise that you be on the lookout around November 4 and November 5, just in case it happens again.

The storefront is also a dependable vendor of the Xbox Series S , as the cheaper console is often in stock.

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Ps5 Xbox Series X Will Be In Best Buy Stores Thursday

The process will supposedly work like Nvidia GPU restocks.

Update 9/22: Best Buy has made a post on its official site confirming that it will have an in-store console restock event on Thursday, September 23rd. Best Buy employees will hand out tickets for individual consoles starting at 7:30, which will guarantee ticket holders an opportunity to purchase that console. The post also allows you to find a participating store nearby.

Online PS5 and Xbox Series X restocks are commonplace enough that our colleague over at Techradar, Matt Swider, now dedicates a whole chunk of his to keeping track of them. But now, Matts reporting that Best Buys going to hold its first ever in-store PS5 and Xbox Series X restock event this Thursday. If this holds true, this would also be the first time youd be able to find a PS5 in-store at any major non-club retailer in 2021.

What makes in-store restock events so exciting is that bots cant just buy up all the stock just a few seconds after opening. Youll still have to contend with resellers and line jumpers, of course, but at least in-person, you can give them the evil eye.

Swiders sources tell him that we can expect more than 50 consoles per participating store, and he says he has proof that the consoles are being stocked directly at store locations. That last parts unusual, since they usually go to regional warehouses.

Still, you can see Matts receipts here, cropped and scrubbed of identifying info to protect his sources.

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