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When Will Fall Guys Come To Xbox

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Will There Be A Fall Guys Xbox One And/or Nintendo Switch Version

When Will Fall Guys Come to Xbox and Switch?

At launch, Fall Guys is only available on PS4 and PC. Despite Mediatonic’s decision to stick to two of the four current-gen platforms only, they have answered this question in the Fall Guys FAQ, stating that they “would love to bring the game to other platforms further down the line”.

The response goes on to explain that if you want a Fall Guys Xbox One or Fall Guys Nintendo Switch version, you should let the team know via Twitter or Discord. They’re keen to know “how much demand there is”. Our guess? Absolutely tonnes, because Fall Guys has utterly exploded in popularity since launch.

There’s a chance that if/when Fall Guys comes to other platforms, it might bring Fall Guys crossplay along with it. Right now, you can only play with friends on the same platform as you, but that’s another aspect that the team have acknowledged, saying they want to support it as soon as possible. So the future looks bright for Fall Guys themed where everyone can play together, no matter their platform of choice. Especially since Fall Guys split screen could happen too.

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Fall Guys Could Still Come To Xbox Switch And Mobile

Fall guys

Fall Guys is the newest hit in the gaming world: an insane, colorful battle royale for us all to obsess over, lending a sort of frenetic feeling to a genre that other developers have struggled to innovate inside of. The game put up some impressive numbers over the weekend: its sold 2 million copies on Steam since launch, and there are likely a ton more people playing thanks to being a free game on Playstation Plus. Its managed to generate a ton of hype, which is impressive considering its currently only available on PS4 and PC. Thats led, however, to people wondering when it might come to places like Xbox One, PS4, or mobile.

In an interview, Lead Game Designer Joe Walsh from Mediatonic told me that other platforms were certainly on the table, and that he would love to see how the game worked on mobile. This is also what the developer says on its official FAQ:

To start with, Fall Guys will only be available on PS4 and Steam. We’d love to bring the game to other platforms further down the line.

So, be patient. Ports are big undertakings, and the team has already had a significant technical challenge in scaling up their server infrastructure to meet the demands of becoming a hit, and now theyve got to get to work on post-launch content. From this, especially given the amount of money it seems like new platforms could bring in, Id definitely expect to see some ports down the line, just not now.

Does ‘fall Guys’ Support Cross

While other battle royale games, like Warzone,support cross-platform gameplay, this is not the case for Fall Guys at this time. That being said, this is something the developers have said they would like to make happen if fans request it.

“At launch, we won’t have cross-play. It’s something we really want to do in the future, let us know on Discord if its something you are super excited about so we can prioritize what we work on next!” the developers wrote.

It sounds as though Mediatonic is planning to launch cross-platform support at the same time as the Xbox and Switch versions of the game, so players will have to wait for that.

The game’s developers often post updates to their Twitter and Discord accounts, so it’s best to check there for further information.

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Fall Guys Leak Points To Halo Skins

Could Fall Guys developer Mediatonic be collaborating with Xbox to introduce Halo-themed cosmetics like skins to the popular video game? That is exactly what is happening if a regular Fall Guys leaker is to be believed. Notably, Fall Guys was previously announced as coming to Xbox One as well as the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, though it has not come out for those consoles as of yet. And what better way to celebrate Fall Guys arriving on the Xbox platform than a Halo crossover, right?

According to the leaker, which you can check out below, there will be some sort of Halo content featuring Master Chief as well as other characters from the franchise. What that actually looks like in practice, or if it will ever actually see the light of day, remains to be seen. That said, it has been months since Fall Guys was first announced for Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S, and there is also the impending launch of Halo Infinite in December to consider. If nothing else, the video game is definitely coming to Xbox, and what better possible crossover could there be for that?

Halo will be coming to Fall Guys!costume_event_falcon_01: Master Chief

Pancake – Fall Guys Leaks

What do you think about the possibility of Halo cosmetics in Fall Guys? Are you looking forward to whatever the developer adds in the near future? Let us know in the comments, or feel free to reach out and hit me up directly over on Twitter at to talk about all things gaming!

When Will Fall Guys Come To Xbox

Xbox Says Fall Guys Is Coming To Game Pass, Devolver Disagrees

There isnt any word regarding a timed exclusivity deal with PlayStation, although the game does headline August as one of the two free monthly PlayStation Plus games. Rocket League also released in a similar fashion when it first launched back in July 2015. It was a PlayStation Plus game at launch, only available on PC and PS4. The Xbox One version of the game released in February 2016, followed by the Switch version in November 2017. Of course, things can very well go differently for Fall Guys, but looking at Rocket League gives us a vague timeline to help us figure out when to expect Fall Guys on other platforms .

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Can Players Across Platforms Play Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Together

The game doesn’t have cross-play yet, but cross-play is in the cards for the future. The developers at Mediatonic are working on it, so hopefully, it won’t be too long before PS4 and PC players can hang out and play together.

In the meantime, friends who want to play together are capable of hosting lobbies and playing in squads of two to four players. If that’s something you’re interested in, here’s how you can invite and play with friends.

When Is Fall Guys Coming To Xbox One

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is out now for PC and PlayStation 4, but will the game ever come to Xbox One? Fall Guys has quickly become the next battle royale craze, dominating the Twitch charts during its closed beta periods and drawing in so many players on launch day that the servers started to buckle and they had to suspend new account creations on PS4. Its even one of the free games for PlayStation Plus members this month, and PC players can get not one, but two, exclusive Half-Life skins.

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When Is The Fall Guys Mobile Release Date

A Chinese entertainment company called Bilibili Inc has reportedly secured the rights to produce a mobile game based on Fall Guys, and the company even has an official webpage dedicated to this product.

On that page, you can click to register your interest in an Android or iPhone version of the game, but you cant actually play anything at the moment. And theres no sign of a confirmed release date on that webpage.

And theres another wrinkle to be aware of, too it has been reported that this mobile version, whenever it does come out, will only be available in China for the time being. If anything changes on that front, well be sure to update this page.

Fall Guys X Halo Rumour Suggests An Xbox Release Fairly Soon

Will Fall Guys Come To Xbox? (get fall guys on xbox?)
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We haven’t heard anything about the release of Fall Guys on Xbox since it was delayed this past April, but now according to a supposed leak, it sounds like the game will be releasing fairly soon, along with some Halo cosmetics.

This is being reported by the Twitter account FgPancake , which has suggested that three Halo specific costumes will be added to the game for an upcoming event, although no date has been provided.

Halo will be coming to Fall Guys!costume_event_falcon_01: Master Chiefcostume_event_falcon_02: Chieftaincostume_event_falcon_03: GruntThis will probably be with the Xbox release. Pancake – Fall Guys Leaks

Originally, Fall Guys was supposed to be releasing on Xbox in summer 2021, but following developer Mediatonic’s acquisition by Epic Games, the launch date was said to be “unfortunately just too soon for us to include all of the tasty new features we’re working on.”

It was also mentioned that it was “really going to be worth waiting for”, so hopefully the wait is almost over!

When do you think Fall Guys is coming to Xbox? Any interest? Let us know down in the comments below.

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Guess What We Have An Official Update

Fall Guys is finally coming to Xbox, the developer confirmed. It is coming to Xbox in Summer 2021. The blog post says

To Xbox players joining our community for the first time, hi! Youll be joining the Ultimate Knockout at a, particularly exciting point as we continue to ramp-up our seasonal contentwhich means more ridiculous Rounds, more unbelievable collab costumes, and more weird and wonderful obstacles to whisk you on your way to hilarious failure. Please look forward to it.

Fall Guys Xbox Release Date Previous Seasons And More

Get the latest details on the Fall Guys Xbox release date from Mediatonic

Xbox players are more than keen to know more about Fall Guys on their platform, with Mediatonic not mentioning the upcoming release for months. With the studio so silent, doubts about the Fall Guys Xbox release date are starting to rise and fans arent sure if it will hit 2021 and become one of the best Xbox Series X games of the year.

Fall Guys was released back in August 2020 for PS4 and PC. Since then it has launched five successful seasons full of content and costumes. The game is still going strong with player counts high and new modes shaking up the formula, even if the buzz surrounding the game isnt as big as it was in 2020.

But, enough about the past of Fall Guys, read on to find out more about the upcoming Fall Guys Xbox release date, including what we know about Xbox players being able to catch up on previous seasons they have missed.

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Does Fall Guys Support Crossplay

Considering how much of a success Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has been on its current platforms, yet another form of expansion would be to introduce crossplay to the game. This is something that’s been possible for other battle royale games like Fortnite, , and even Apex Legends.

“At launch, we won’t have cross-play,” a now removed support page read. “It’s something we really want to do in the future.” Mediatonic was able to provide a more hopeful update alongside the announcement that Tonic Games Group was acquired by Epic Games.

Fortnite and Rocket League already have tons of features weâd love to bring to Fall Guysâaccount systems, cross-play, squad vs squad modes, etc,”a blog post says. “Weâre going to work hard on bringing more of these features to Fall Guys too!” Hopefully, that means we won’t have to wait too much longer for crossplay, especially with more ports on the horizon.

It is unknown if the Chinese mobile version of Fall Guys will have any kind of compatibility with the PC and PS4 versions of the game. The developers are looking to gauge fan enthusiasm, so anyone who wants cross-play should say so on the game’s official Discord.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is currently available for PC and PS4.

This article was originally published on 8.12.2020 6:25 PM

When Is Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Coming To Xbox

When Will Fall Guys Come to Xbox and Switch?

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has been out on PS4 and PC since August 2020. Now entering its fifth season, the platform battle royale party game has already been confirmed to be coming to Xbox platforms , but we still dont have a release date. Heres what we know so far about the games pending arrival.

In February, Mediatonic Lead Game Designer Joe Walsh announced that Fall Guys will be coming to Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One in the summer. However, in February, a delay was announced and there was a shift in release to later this year. There was no specified window, unfortunately.

So it sounds like Fall Guys is still on track to arrive on Xbox platforms at some point this year, but we just dont have a release date. Interestingly, there was no mention of the game during Microsofts E3 press conference.

In the meantime, Mediatonic is gearing up to launch the fifth season for Fall Guys which will take players on a jungle adventure. The new season will officially be revealed on July 19 but you can expect new minigames, cosmetics and the usual.

As I mentioned, Fall Guys launched in 2020 and was one of the years most surprising games. Although simplistic in design its basically a silly battle royale with minigames and a game show-like feel the competitive nature and social aspect of it allowed it to thrive during the pandemic while many were stuck at home social distancing.

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Fall Guys Coming To Xbox One Whats The Release Date

Mediatonic, the developers of Fall Guys, never expected their game to become this popular in such a short span of time. They werent even ready for the PC and PS4 server load theyre experiencing right now. Although on PS4, the game seems quite playable, PC players are facing a lot of problems every now and then. But, these should get fixed soon.

When I shared an email with Mediatonic representative, they said theyre still working on bug fixes and thats their main priority right now. But, we can easily say the game will definitely come to Xbox One once the games initial issues are solved.

Currently, theres no release date for Fall Guys on Xbox One. But as soon as theres some information, well let you know.

Fall Guys Xbox And Switch Release Date At Gamescom

Enter Gamescom 2021 at which Mediatonic have been confirmed as amongst the presenters. This would be the perfect platform for them to make a big reveal for the game. Indeed, what better place than here to confirm the Fall Guys Xbox and Switch release date. This would be huge for gamers on these platforms. For now, we can only wait and see. Gamescom will run from 25 August 2021 to 27 August 2021. Well make sure to update you as soon as we get the news from Mediatonics slot at the event. A very rough Gamescom 2021 schedule can be seen in the picture.

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What You Need To Know

  • Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout for the Xbox and Nintendo Switch has been delayed out of its original summer 2021 release target.
  • Developer Mediatonic confirmed that cross-play will be implemented when the new versions release.
  • No new release date has been given.

For Xbox fans excited to bounce around insane obstacle courses as the delightfully squishy Fall Guys will have to wait a little longer. Developer Mediatonic took to their blog to announce the upcoming Xbox and Nintendo Switch versions of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has been delayed.

While the news is a drop in the bucket compared to the many games delayed this year because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Mediatonic did offer some updates on the game’s progress. The delay will ensure that Mediatonic will be able to implement features like cross-play, which means that Xbox players will be able to join up with their friends on other platforms. The Xbox version was originally slated to release this summer but is now delayed to an unspecified date.

Mediatonic also assured players that the team is hard at work, crafting new seasonal content releases, costumes, rounds, and a plethora of other goodies for fans. No new date was shared, but we can expect an update on Season 4.5 very soon. The new update should include 2 new Rounds, as well lots of new Fall fashion to deck your mighty bean in.

What’s new?

Fall Guys Competitive And Tournaments

Fall Guys FINALLY Coming to Xbox This Summer (June 2021)

I shared an email with Mediatonic rep when they said theyre planning to release custom rooms and more options to create and join tournaments in the future. Currently, theres no reachable release window, but these should arrive slowly and steadily in the next couple of months.

For more Fall Guys content, stay with us, here at Spiel Times.

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