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When Will Among Us Be On Xbox

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Among Us Is Coming To Xbox Devices

Among Us On Xbox Is CONFIRMED! (how to download among us on xbox!)

Despite the official announcement from Microsoft, a tentative date for the release of Among Us on Xbox is yet to be revealed by either InnerSloth or Microsoft.

However, speculations are being made about Among Us launching Xbox along with the release of the fourth map in the game, The Airship.

Other than that, the official announcement did not hint towards any additional features or new content being introduced to the Xbox version of Among Us. However, the game’s performance on console devices remains to be seen as of now.

Given how popular Among Us has become on social media and streaming platforms, the game’s release on console devices was highly predicted.

After a successful launch on the Nintendo Switch to begin its journey on console devices, Among Us is getting ready to take the Xbox community by storm.

Among Us coming to xbox lets go!

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Among Us has always had a crossplay feature to allows players to have fun with their friends, irrespective of their device or platform. It is believed that InnerSloth will maintain a similar crossplay feature on the Xbox devices as well.

One Of The Most Popular Social Deductions Games ‘among Us’ Is Going To Be Released For Both Xbox And Playstation Consoles In Coming December 2021


The popular social deduction game Among Us is coming to PlayStation and Xbox controllers on December 14, 2021. Along with the launch, the game will be available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X. While this is itself big news for Among Us players, it also implies that the game will be playable across multiple platforms including smartphones, desktops and both Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

In an official news post, Xbox announced that “Were excited to share the big news that Among Us is coming to Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and with Xbox Game Pass on December 14!” The post was published on October 21, 2021. Earlier this year, Sony also announced that Among Us will be coming to popular PlayStation consoles. Yesterday, Sony has confirmed the same by publishing a blog post. As mentioned earlier, cross-play will be available on Both Xbox and PlayStation consoles, as well as PC and mobile versions at a cost of $4.99.

Among Us’ Playstation Xbox Game Pass Release Dates Announced

The release date for beloved social deduction game Among Us on PlayStation and Xbox Game Pass has finally been revealed as December 14th.

InnerSloth has revealed when social deduction game Among Us is coming to Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation consoles. Following the game’s massive rise in popularity last year, the developer has intimated plans to expand its scope. While information on these ports has been scarce, InnerSloth recently confirmed that Among Us would appear on PlayStation and Xbox in 2021, and today’s announcement shows that the company intends to keep its word.

As revealed in a brief announcement on Xbox Wire, Among Us will be appearing on Xbox consoles on December 14th, and it will also be available on Game Pass. The PlayStation Blog, meanwhile, reveals that the game will be coming to PS4 and PS5 on the same date. This post also mentions that crossplay will be available, and that Sony is offering in-game cosmetics based on the Ratchet & Clank franchise, allowing players to dress their crewmates up like the titular lombax. The PlayStation mascots are no strangers to video game crossovers in August, Rocket League received free Ratchet & Clank cosmetics on PlayStation consoles.

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Will Among Us Come To Any Other Platforms

By the end of this year, Among Us will be available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S as well as Nintendo Switch, iPhone, Android devices and Windows 10 PC. That may seem like total market domination, but there are still a few other platforms that the developers from Innersloth could consider.

Theres no word yet, for example, on whether Among Us will ever come to Google Stadia. The game-streaming platform has a growing library of games, but Among Us is not yet one of them.

Furthermore, if you own an older Mac or Macbook, you may have already realised that Among Us is not available on your device of choice. Although Apple revealed last year that the iOS version of Among Us can run on 2020 versions of the Mac, older models of Apples computers do not support this feature. If you want to play Among Us on an old Mac, youll have to dabble in emulators to work around the issue.

For now, it seems like the PlayStation and Xbox ports are the priority projects for the team behind Among Us, but well be sure to let you know if any other platforms end up being confirmed.

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When Is The Among Us Xbox Release Date

Xbox Welcomes Among Us, the Game to be Available in 2021 ...

Among Us comes to Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One in 2021 so says the headline of an official Xbox Wire blog post, confirming that Xbox consoles will also be joining the Among Us party later this year. Again, the exact date hasnt been announced, but well be sure to let you know when that changes.

If youre a member of Xbox Game Pass for PC, you can access Among Us now on your computer of choice. The game was added to the PC version of Game Pass in December 2020, with the tweet below breaking the news.

Xbox Game Pass For PC

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Among Us Is Coming To Xbox And Ps4 Consoles This Year As Part Of A New Release Date Schedule That Will Also See The Game Become Playable On Next

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Among Us is coming to all current PlayStation and Xbox consoles on December 14, following a long wait for a port.

The imposter-hunting smash-hit took off last year and became so popular that the tiny development struggled to keep up with server demand.

But following big expansions at InnerSloth, new content and additional ports started to emerge.

And when it was once only spoken about, it has now been confirmed that the Among Us PS4 and Xbox One release date is less than two months away.

The good news is that Among Us will feature crossplay from the start, meaning you will be able to play with your friends on PC, Mobile and Switch.

‘among Us’ Will Hit Xbox And Playstation On December 14th

for months that it will bring Among Us to Xbox and PlayStation sometime this year. Sure enough, the Mafia-style social deduction game is coming to PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S on December 14th.

Just like on PC, Among Us will be included with Xbox Game Pass on consoles. Those on PlayStation, meanwhile, will get an exclusive Ratchet & Clank cosmetic at a later date. Among Us has crossplay support, so you’ll be able to play with friends across PC, Nintendo Switch and mobile.

Innersloth also revealed details about the physical editions of Among Us for PlayStation, Xbox and Switch. Along with the base game and all of the DLC, the includes a poster of the Skeld map, stickers and a holographic card. That version will hit Europe on December 14, Japan and South Korea two days later, and then the US, Canada and Latin America on January 11th.

The $50 Impostor Edition includes the same gear as the Crewmate package, along with a purple crewmate plush, an enamel pin and a lanyard. The $90 Ejected Edition comes with even more goodies, including a steelbook case, a beanie and, best of all, a fleece blanket. Both of those editions will ship in spring 2022.

Among Us

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These Editions Look Awesome

The Crewmate Edition which has an RRP of £27.99/32.99/$29.99 will be released on December 14th for the UK and Europe. It will then launch in the US, Canada, and Latin America on January 11th, 2022.

The Imposter Edition which has an RRP of £44.99/49.99/49.99, along with the Ejected Edition will both arrive in Spring 2022.

Gta Trilogy Releasing This Year With Hd Remaster


The game-fanatics have a reason to rejoice! After several speculations, it has been confirmed that the hit GTA games ‘Grand Theft Auto III’, ‘Vice City’, and ‘San Andreas’ are each getting HD remasters.

As per The Verge, developer Rockstar Games has confirmed that ‘Grand Theft Auto III’, ‘Vice City’, and ‘San Andreas’ are each getting HD remasters and will be released in a package called ‘Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition’.

The collection will be launched to PC , PlayStation, Xbox, and, interestingly the Nintendo Switch will host them, too.

The updated trilogy will come to iOS and Android in the first half of 2022. Details related to the price and release date have not been shared.

As per The Verge, the developers have not mentioned what kind of technical improvements were made, nor has it shared any footage yet. But it says that each of the games has gotten “across-the-board upgrades including graphical improvements and modern gameplay enhancements.”

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Among Us Is Coming To Xbox And Playstation This December

Innersloth has announced that their hit social deduction game Among Us is finally coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S consoles on December 14th.

After launching all the way back in 2018 and later exploding in popularity in 2020, Innersloths Among Us has been surprisingly absent from consoles however thankfully thats soon about to change.

When Among Us finally launches on consoles later this year it will come with all the previously released content, as well as a slew of new updates. Players on PlayStation consoles will additionally receive a series of exclusive Ratchet and Clank cosmetics, however, to make things fair for Xbox, Among Us will also be available on Xbox Game Pass.

Among Us will also be getting cross-play, so no matter if youre playing on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, or Xbox Series X|S, youll be able to play with everyone else, so filling the games 15 player lobbies shouldnt be any trouble at all.

If youve somehow managed to not hear about Among Us until now, its a social deduction game similar to Mafia or Werewolf where players must complete tasks around a variety of maps while deducing whos the murderous imposter among them, all while not getting brutally killed themselves.

The Imposter and Ejected collectors editions, which are filled with even more tat, are due to launch sometime later in the Spring of 2022.

When Is The Release Date For Among Us For Xbox

Among Us, the unique co-op multiplayer game from InnerSloth, is already available on Android, iOS, PC, Xbox Game Pass for PC, and the Nintendo Switch. The next stop? Among Us is coming to Xbox sometime in 2021.

It’s already been confirmed by Xbox and the InnerSloth team that Among Us is heading to Xbox consoles, including the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, later this year in 2021. However, an exact release date has not been confirmed. Among Us is a smaller game, which hopefully shouldn’t take a huge amount of time to port to Xbox consoles, but it’s also a smaller team working on a myriad of fixes, improvements, and updates for the game.

Speculation says not to expect Among Us for Xbox until at least the Summer of 2021, but take that with a grain of salt. Until we receive official confirmation from either Xbox or InnerSloth, all we have on the release date is that Among Us for Xbox is coming in 2021.

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What Is Among Us For Xbox

Among Us for Xbox is the console port of Among Us, the innovative online co-op multiplayer game from InnerSloth that’s taken the world by storm, to Microsoft’s Xbox consoles.

Among Us is a game that actually released back in 2018 but never saw a ton of commercial success. It wasn’t until the rise of Twitch streams and an increased number of people staying home that it exploded and dominated the internet. Now, Among Us enjoys millions of players and has expanded rapidly.

In Among Us, up to ten players are tasked with completing objectives in a map as Crewmates. Up to three of those Crewmates are actually Impostors, however, and their mission is to kill all of the Crewmates. The Crewmates either need to survive and finish all their tasks or find and eject all of the Impostors. While the game has a simple premise, there’s a fair amount that goes into communication, teamwork, and information-gathering.

Among Us is most comfortable on mobile devices like iOS and Android phones, but is also perfectly playable on PC. Now, Among Us is making the jump to consoles. It already came to the Switch, Nintendo’s portable handheld, but Among Us has already set its eyes on its next target: Xbox.

Hopefully, Among Us for Xbox continues to show that Among Us can thrive on any platform.

Among Us: Innersloth Reveal Airship Map Teaser

Will Among Us Come to Xbox? (Xbox One &  Xbox Series X ...

The Impostor Edition and Ejected Edition will be launching later in Spring 2022 across multiple territories. Someone keeps turning the lights off in the warehouse, but everything is probably fine. Was anyone watching the cameras?

You can pre-order your preferred edition through the Maximum Games store.

Meanwhile, Among Us will be priced at $4.99 for those purchasing from the PlayStation and Xbox Stores over the coming months.

There is also the chance that the games next major update will be released around the same time, with a new message from InnerSloth revealing:

Thanks as always for the support, and we cant wait to welcome everyone on board The Skeld! Still working on our upcoming update which I will have news about veeeery soon, so keep an eye out.

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Among Us Launching With Xbox Game Pass On December 14


Were excited to share the big news that Among Us is coming to Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and with Xbox Game Pass on December 14!

Were so exci wait. What was that? I think I heard a vent just ope Oh god! Is that an Impostor?!


Among Us On Xbox: Release Date Game Pass And Other Details

After being launched on the Nintendo Switch, Among Us recently made its way into the Xbox Game Pass for PCs while the console version is set to arrive in 2021.

Microsoft recently announced that Among Us will be available on the Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and the Xbox Game Pass for Console.

Judging by the popularity of Among Us being available on all platforms, the game’s introduction to the Xbox platform should be a glorious one.

have a good holiday today!!! having you on board has been the best gift we could ask for. whether you’re spending the holidays alone or with loved ones, you’ll always be part of our crew

Among Us on holiday!

Despite Among Us’ late outburst as a mainstream game, InnerSloth has taken much effort towards making the game accessible for players on all platforms.

After dominating handheld and PC platforms, Among Us is finally gearing up for its release on Xbox devices in 2021.

Here’s everything to know about Among Us’ upcoming launch for Xbox devices.

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Among Us Will Be Available On Ps4 Ps5 Xbox One And Xbox Series S/x On December 14

Among Us was a huge hit during the early stages of the pandemic

  • Sony confirmed Among Us was coming to its PlayStation consoles
  • PlayStation players will get access to Ratchet and Clank-themed cosmetic
  • Among Us became 2020’s most downloaded mobile game

The popular social deduction game, Among Us’, is arriving on Xbox and PlayStation on December 14. It will also launch on Xbox Game Pass on the same day and be available on Xbox One, Xbox Series S / X, PS4, and PS5 consoles.According to The Verge, this announcement comes months after Sony confirmed Among Us was coming to its PlayStation consoles this year. Just like on other platforms, the game will support crossplay and online multiplayer across mobile, PC, and now consoles.The only difference between the two console versions is PlayStation players will get access to exclusive Ratchet and Clank-themed cosmetics. There”s a skin and hat to make your character look like Ratchet and a pet that looks like Clank.Among Us was a huge hit during the early stages of the pandemic, becoming 2020’s most downloaded mobile game. Innersloth has been gradually improving the game over the past year, revealing plans to add a hide and seek mode, visor cosmetics, and a fifth map earlier this year.As per The Verge, physical editions of the game will also be arriving in Europe on December 14, with a US release due in January.

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