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When Was The Xbox 360 Released

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Hong Kong Singapore South Korea And Taiwan

A YouTube video from 2005: Xbox 360 launch/release hangout outside Best Buy

The Xbox 360 was released in South Korea on February 24, 2006.

It was released in Taiwan on March 2, 2006. Promotions included one free limited edition PGR3 faceplate bundled for the initial shipment, and a gamepad-game combo pack containing Kameo and a wireless gamepad.

The launch date for Hong Kong and Singapore was March 16, 2006, delayed from original March 2, 2006 launch date. In Hong Kong, there are promotions include: free PGR3 faceplate with purchase of selected titles, DOA4 collectibles with purchase of an extra game, and reduced price when purchased with cross-promotional items.

When Was The Xbox 360 Released

In US and Canada- Nov.22, 2005 In Europe- December 2, 2005 November 22, 2005 in the territories of United States and Canada December 2, 2005 in the territory of Europe December 10, 2005 in the territory of Japan February 2, 2006 in the territory of Mexico February 24, 2006 in the territory of South Korea March 16, 2006 in the territories of Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan March 23 in the territories of Australia and New Zealand

The Rarest & Most Valuable Xbox 360 Games

It may make a lot of us feel really old, but theres an adult generation that grew up on the Xbox 360 and the collecting season for it is just beginning. While this generation has a lot of budget shopping opportunities, this new environment we are living in is ripe for collectors starting to hunt down the rarities early. And as youll see below, theres also a handful of items below that are the result of high-quality games that a certain niche but demand outstrips demand.

I was skeptical about how interested I would be personally in this guide, but I actually had a lot of fun learning about these pieces and putting it together. I hope you enjoy it as well!

In stark contrast to the Cheapest Games series, this Rare & Valuable series takes a look at the most in-demand and expensive games for a console. Below you will see two prices beside each title. The first is the average daily selling price, which is typically the going rate for the either a loose disc or a game in a case but without a manual. The second price is the highest price in the past three months which is usually the price for a gem mint copy . The list is ordered by the balance of the two primary prices.

Prices Current as of August 2021

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Xbox 360 Controller Download And Update On Windows : Performed

We hope this guide on how to install Xbox 360 controller driver for Windows 10 helps you. Along with this, we have also included the FAQs section to answer the most common questions regarding the same.

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Xbox 360 E Special Editions

Xbox 360

500 GB models

  • In early September 2014, 10 months after the launch of the Xbox One, Microsoft announced a special edition of the Xbox 360 E, called the “Xbox 360 Special Edition Blue Bundle”. This model differentiated itself from the standard variants with its solid blue shell with turquoise accents on the console and the controller and its 500 GB hard drive, since the regular models either came with a 250 GB drive or offered 4 GB of onboard storage. This bundle came with digital download vouchers for and , and a 1-month membership of Xbox Live Gold. It was priced at US$249 and sold exclusively at Walmart and the Microsoft Store in the United States, starting October 7, 2014. It was also sold during the 2014 Holiday season.

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Xgd3 Jtag Releases For The Xbox 360 Also Xbla And Dlc


Devin said:Yep, just bought most of that stuff yesterday. Trying out Sniper: Ghost Warrior, and actually enjoying it. It’s a nice change of pace from the typical “run ‘en gun” games. Hopefully LT 2.0 comes out, but from what I’ve heard it’s near impossible to burn these games without special hardware?

Just Doesn’t: Fifa 0: Road To Fifa World Cup

Another series that would arguably see its popularity peak during the latter half of the Xbox 360’s lifecycle, FIFA 06′ is a gruff, relatively barebones sports title that may even be inferior to the widely-derided, microtransaction-plaguedFIFAtitles of the modern era.

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Boasting graphics that wouldn’t look out of place on the PlayStation 2 and sporting controls so unresponsive that players may feel as if they’re wearing boxing gloves, FIFA’s first foray on the Xbox 360 is a tough one to recommend, even if it can likely be bought at most used game stores for less than a dollar.

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Viral Advertising And Alternate Reality Games

The promotional campaign for the Xbox 360 began on March 30, 2005, with the opening of an alternate reality game called OurColony. Throughout March and April offered challenges to its community, rewarding solutions with cropped pictures of the console and game screenshots. On May 12, 2005, the ARG section of OurColony closed, visitors were instead greeted with a promotional video hosted by J. Allard. OurColony participants were allowed special access to insider info and previews before release to the general public. was the next viral marketing campaign from Microsoft. Unveiled on September 27, 2005, the website, hosted by talking rabbits Boss and Didier, offers visitors an opportunity to enter in various contests. The initial contest was a raffle that required participants to answer three trivia questions regarding the Xbox 360 for a chance to attend a promotional pre-launch event. New contests include a Halo 2 tournament and a competition to design a “Gamertile” ” rel=”nofollow”> an avatar icon). The design for the website employs flash animation of a Bonsai tree and bland elevator music to create a serene environment that is punctuated by visually intense psychedelic episodes involving the host rabbits.

Manually Install Xbox 360 Controller Driver From Microsofts Official Website

New Xbox 360 Released, Free Games for Xbox Live, Xbox ONE Release! (E3M13)

The most reliable way to get the latest version of the Xbox 360 controller driver is using Microsofts official website. Follow the steps below to know everything about installing the respective drivers manually.

Step 1: Visit the official website of Microsofts Xbox.

Step 2: After that, head to the Downloads, choose the compatible version of the Windows operating system thats Windows 10.

Step 3: Next, select the most suitable driver file and it.

Step 4: Once the file is downloaded, run it and install it manually by performing the on-screen instructions.

Step 5: Lastly, reboot your computer.

Since it is a manual method, which requires a lot of time and special technical knowledge specifically about the device drivers. Hence, it can be error-prone for the amateurs. If you find executing this method daunting, just try the other methods below.

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Xbox 360 Launch Titles That Still Hold Up Today

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 was a revolutionary video game console which boasted tons of fantastic games, though some didn’t deserve to go down in history.

Launching in 2005 a full year ahead of Sony’s seventh-gen offering, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 rocketed out of the game with a suite of compelling titles and a revolutionary online gaming network that helped to make it the must-have system of the late 2000s. Though it sold the least of the three major consoles of the era, the Xbox 360 wasand, in some ways, still isa gaming powerhouse.

Launching in North America with a total of eighteen titles, there was no shortage of quality content to experience on day one. Yet, that said, some of the system’s earliest games just aren’t worth dusting off today.

Halo On The Xbox 360 Dashboard

In the 360 dashboard, the user can apply Halo-themed backgrounds, one of which came preloaded on the original version of the console, while others must be downloaded. There are also Halo gamer pictures available three of which were preloaded on the original 360, with the rest downloadable. The Limited or Legendary Edition Halo 3 disc two included codes to download more Halo 3 themes for the 360 console, such as a Bungie theme, Red vs Blue theme and the This Spartan Life theme. Every other theme must be purchased with Microsoft points.

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Everything New Is Old Again

Given the four years between the release of the first Xbox and the arrival of its successor, its no surprise that after six years rumors began circulating in March 2011 that the 360 was on its way out and Microsoft was already hard at work on its next console. The first set of reports surfaced on LinkedIn, where several designers and developers added vague descriptions of a mysterious new project they were working on with Microsoft. There was no stopping the Internet rumor train once it started chugging along, and before long the new console even had an unofficial code name: Xbox 720.

Even with the next-generation rumors, sales of the 360 continued to assert Microsofts powerful position in the console gaming industry, and by September 2012 the company announced that it had hit the 70-million mark in units sold, and by December that number had jumped to 75 million. Although the sales of the 360 trailed behind Nintendos Wii, which sold close to 100 million, it outsold the Ps3 by around 5 million. This news was followed a month later by the debut of Xbox Music and Xbox Video, Microsofts new media services that not only replaced the existing services on the Xbox but also offered an attractive, Apple-style integration across all devices running Windows software.

A New Toy And A New Look

Xbox 360 250GB Racing Bundle Release Date (Xbox 360)

In both 2009 and 2010, June proved to be an important month for the 360. First, the motion- and voice-control peripheral that would eventually become Kinect was announced in June 2009 at that years E3 convention. Originally labeled Project Natal , the device was expected to revolutionize the way 360 owners interacted with both their console and the media connected with it. The Kinect arrived on shelves in November of that year.

One year after the Kinect was announced, Microsoft announced that the Xbox 360 would be getting a major redesign, with a thinner body, upgraded internal specs, additional USB ports, and built-in Wi-Fi. The Xbox 360 S hit shelves a few days later on June 18, 2010.

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Seventh Generation Of Video Game Consoles

Part of a series on the

The seventh generation of home video game consoles began on November 22, 2005, with the release of Microsoft’s home console. This was followed by the release of ‘s on November 17, 2006 and Nintendo’s on November 19, 2006, the following year. Each new console introduced new technologies. The Xbox 360 offered games rendered natively at resolutions, the PlayStation 3 offered HD movie playback via a built-in player, and the Wii focused on integrating with as well as . Some Wii controllers could be moved about to control in-game actions, which enabled players to simulate real-world actions through movement during gameplay. By this generation, video game consoles had become an important part of the global it is estimated that video game consoles represented 25% of the world’s power in 2007.

Joining Nintendo in releasing motion devices and software, Sony Computer Entertainment released the in September 2010, which featured motion-sensing gaming similar to that of the Wii. In November 2010, Microsoft released for use with the Xbox 360. Kinect did not use controllers, instead using cameras to capture the player’s body motion and using that to direct gameplay, effectively making the players act as the “controllers”. Having sold eight million units in its first 60 days on the market, Kinect claimed the of being the “fastest selling device”.

List Of Xbox 360 Retail Configurations

Parts of this article need to be . Please help update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information.

The Xbox 360 video game console has appeared in various retail configurations during its life-cycle. At its launch, the Xbox 360 was available in two retail configurations: the morning “Xbox 360” package , priced at US$399.99 or £279.99, and the “Xbox 360 Core,” priced at US$299.99 and £209.99. The original shipment of Xbox 360s included a cut-down version of the Media Remote as a promotion. The Elite package was launched later at a retail price of US$479.99. The “Xbox 360 Core” was replaced by the “Xbox 360 Arcade” in October 2007 and a 60 GB version of the Xbox 360 Pro was released on August 1, 2008. The Pro package was discontinued and marked down to US$249.99 on August 28, 2009 to be sold until stock ran out, while the Elite was also marked down in price to US$299.99. In June 2010, Microsoft announced a new, redesigned model and the discontinuation of the Elite and Arcade models.

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How Old Is Ps3

The PlayStation 3 is a home video game console developed by Sony Computer Entertainment. It is the successor to PlayStation 2, and is part of the PlayStation brand of consoles. It was first released on November 11, 2006, in Japan, November 17, 2006, in North America, and March 23, 2007, in Europe and Australia.

Will The Xbox 360 Servers Be Shut Down

Using the Xbox 360 in 2018

343 Industries has announced a minor adjustment to the planned sunsetting of Halo game servers for Xbox 360. Where online matchmaking and other functionality had been planned to end in December 2021, the new date for the server shut down is now 13th January 2022.

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Still Holds Up: Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland

Though the Tony Hawk‘s series was arguably at its best during the height of the PlayStation 2 era, Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland was, in the eyes of many, the last hurrah for the golden age of the series. Keeping punk and hard rock music relevant alongside Guitar Hero, the game was every bit as unforgettable as its amazing soundtrack.

The game carries over the same gameplay systems from previous titles, though this time the premise is centered around building a skate park of your very own, and, with the recent Tony Hawk’sPro Skater remasters reigniting interest in the series, American Wasteland is likely as relevant now as it ever was.

Additional North American Xbox 360 Games Of Value

  • Operation Darkness : $48 $115
  • Akai Katana: $36 $90
  • Raiden Fighters Aces: $40 $85
  • Silent Hill Downpour: $33-$88
  • Saw II: Flesh & Blood: $40-$79
  • Splatterhouse: $40-$77
  • Konami Classics Vol 1. : $34-$80
  • King of Fighters XIII: $35-$75
  • Blitz The League II: $30-$80
  • Naruto Broken Bond: $34-$76
  • F1 2014: $38-$70
  • Cabelas Big Game Hunter: Pro Hunts: $27-$75
  • Raiden IV: $40 $66
  • WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2007: $30-$70
  • Spiderman Web of Shadows: $28-$57

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Xbox 360 Pro Special Editions

  • At the E3 2007 press conference, Microsoft announced the Halo 3 Special Edition Xbox 360 Pro console, released September 25, 2007, along with the game. It sports a Halo 3 theme on the console, a wired headset, a wireless controller, and a Play & Charge Kit. Other than the unique “Spartan green-and-gold” color scheme, it also features an exclusive dashboard theme and downloads, and an HDMI output, its features were unusual in that it had the HDMI output present only on the Elite, but the 20 GB hard drive of the Pro . It is priced at US$399.99 and £279.99 .
  • To promote The Simpsons Movie, Microsoft created a specially designed, yellow Xbox 360 Pro console with The Simpsons Movie based artwork. The configuration was based on the Xbox 360 package of the time, the only difference being the color scheme of the Xbox 360 console and wireless controller. The consoles were to be given out to winners of drawings taking place between July 18, 2007 and July 27, 2007, in which a name was randomly drawn each day in the “10 Days and 10 Chances to Win” sweepstakes. 100 consoles were produced in total.

Xbox 360 Gaming Console: A Gateway To Great Console Gaming

Xbox 360 Slim Hardware Spec and Release Date

Although this console was released in November in 2005, the Xbox 360 has undergone a series of updates over the years. Even otherwise, Xbox 360 holds its ground as a great gaming console and hasnt lost its popularity. Although the Xbox 360 doesnt offer cutting edge clarity over the existing generation of gaming systems, it is still a great choice if youre on a budget. Since it was released such a long time ago, the Xbox 360 has had a lot of time to come up with new games and features that resemble those of the current generation. Here is everything to know if youre planning to buy an Xbox 360 Gaming Console.

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