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When Was The Xbox 1 Released

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Among Us For Xbox: Release Date Xbox Game Pass And Everything You Need To Know

Xbox One released at midnight launch party

An influx of people staying home and playing video games, a bigger focus on online multiplayer, and the unintentional power of Twitch streamers to elevate games have caused several smaller games to become wild successes. One of the most prominent examples of this phenomenon is Among Us, an understated game with up to ten players working together to discover the Impostors amongst them.

Among Us is already available on every other platform imaginable. Later this year, though, Among Us is going to make the jump to consoles, starting with Xbox. Here’s everything you need to know about Among Us for Xbox, including when it’ll release, how you can play it, and everything in between.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

All your gaming needs, in one subscription.

Is the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate the best value in all of gaming? It’s possible. Ultimate bundles your Xbox Live Gold subscription, an Xbox Game Pass subscription for both Xbox consoles and Windows PCs, and Xbox Cloud Gaming for on-the-go. That means access to hundreds of games, with more added all the time, for a single monthly subscription cost.

‘but I Heard About The Xbox One’

A lot has changed about the Xbox One from the time it was announced in May 2013.;Microsoft had some fairly unpopular policies in place back then, but after listening to fans they have actually changed a lot of them. This has resulted in a fair bit of confusion for folks trying to keep track of all of the changes, but it has also led to the Xbox One being a much better system because of it with pretty much the same features and policies as the PlayStation 4. Here are the three main policies that people still have questions about.

  • Yes, You Can Sell and Trade Games. You can buy and sell your retail game discs just like you could before on every other game system.;The Xbox One works just like every other system.;
  • No, There Is No Mandatory Online Check-In. You don’t have to keep your Xbox One connected to the Internet to check in constantly.;You may have to connect it once to update the system software, but that’s it.;You can play entirely offline after that if you want.;Of course, why you’d want to only play offline when there are so many nice features on Xbox Network is a bit odd, but the option is there if you want it.
  • Kinect Is Not Required. You don’t have to keep Kinect plugged in and turned on all the time if you don’t want to.;In fact, you don’t even have to buy Kinect at all anymore and can save $100 on the price of the system.;

Fourth Generation: Xbox Series X And Series S

The fourth generation of Xbox models, simply named Xbox, includes the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S that launched on November 10, 2020. Both are considered members of the ninth generation of video game consoles alongside the PlayStation 5, also released that month.

The Xbox Series X and Series S are high- and low-end versions comparable to the Xbox One X and Xbox One S models, respectively, with all games designed for this model family playable on both systems. The Xbox Series X is estimated to be four times as powerful as Xbox One X, with support for 8K resolution and up to 120 frames-per-second rendering, with a nominal target of 4K resolution at 60 frames per second. The Xbox Series S is a digital-only unit with less graphic processing power, but can still render at a nominal 1440p resolution at 60 frames per second with support for 4K upscaling. Both consoles features support for new graphics rendering systems including real-time ray-tracing, and the new Xbox Velocity Architecture that works with the internal SSD drive to maximize the rate of texture streaming to the graphics processor, among other features. Besides games for this new console family, both consoles are fully compatible with all Xbox One games and most hardware, as well as all backward compatible games that were playable on the Xbox One from the Xbox 360 and original Xbox console.

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Xbox Series X Design: What Does The Xbox Series X Look Like

A trailer revealed what the new Xbox Series X looks like and it has a whole new look. The shape of the device is different from its predecessor, oblong in shape and when upright looking more like a gaming PC with a prominent curved grill on top- its a good looking console.

The Xbox Series X has an upright tower design like a gaming PC, but you can sit it horizontally as well vertically. The console in the trailer is black with cooling vent indents on the top. The light inside looks green. The logo is in the top left-hand corner and theres a disc drive vertically.

Port wise theres the HDMI 2.1 output port, three USB 3.2 ports, one networking port and an expanded storage slot and a power input port.

Size wise its 15.1cm x and 30.1cm and weighs 4.45kg/9/8lbs.

Why Did The Xbox Get Released Before Ps5

Xbox One S All

There’s no galaxy-brain explanation for the minor discrepancy, and for all intents and purposes the consoles are hitting the market at the same time. The goal for Microsoft and Sony is to reach consumers well before the holiday season;with enough time to build up substantial inventory to meet demand as much as possible. Both companies have accomplished that, even if Microsoft holds the slightest of head starts.

Based on the explosive success of the gaming industry overall in 2020, both companies should expect big-time sales numbers. A BBC report this past week included an analysis suggesting each console would sell more than 13 million units before the start of 2022.

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Xbox Series X Quick Facts

Xbox Series X release date: 10th November 2020

What can I play on it? Halo Infinite, Hellblade 2, Assassins Creed Vahalla and more. You can also access more via a monthly Xbox Game Pass subscription.

Xbox Series X price: $499, £449

Xbox Series S price: $299, £249

Does Xbox Series X have VR? Not at launch, but expect it later.

Can I play my Xbox One games on Series X? Yes, they are backwards compatible.;;

Enter The Xbox One S All

Microsoft has unveiled the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, it’s latest low-cost Xbox console. Doubling down on game downloads, the new console cuts $50 off entry-level Xbox one consoles by stripping down the console to its essential components and taking out the disc drive.

The Xbox One S All-Digital is primed for the modern online world, backed by Microsoft’s ever-growing integrated Microsoft Store for games, movies, TV, and more. Paired with Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft’s Netflix-style subscription service with over 100 games, the console is ideal for the convivence of digital landscape. While losing out on the benefits of physical media, it’s an overall promising addition filling a new hole in the Xbox lineup.

The Xbox One S All-Digital Edition retains a familiar white and black design, now streamlined without the drive and eject button. The console promises otherwise identical capabilities, including shared features, performance, games, and accessories with the existing Xbox One S from 2016. It merely acts as the latest entry-point into the Xbox gaming ecosystem, now at a lower price than ever before.

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Second Screen And Streaming

The Xbox SmartGlassapp provides extended functionality on Xbox One, allowing devices running Windows Phone, Windows 8, iOS and Android to be used as a companion device for Xbox One features, such as powering on the console, a remote control, accessing messages and the Activity Feed, purchasing content, and providing integration with certain games and content. The SmartGlass app can also be used to stream live television to Android and Windows devices if the console is using a USB digital television tuner.

On Windows 10, SmartGlass is succeeded by the Xbox App, which supports the local streaming of games from Xbox One to personal computers and tablets running Windows 10. An Xbox One controller must be used, but Windows-compatible headsets and microphones can be used for voice chat. Games requiring Kinect are not supported, while Game DVR and online streaming are not available while using this functionality.

Per a partnership with Oculus VR, users will also be able to stream Xbox One games to the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset by means of Xbox app for Windows 10; as of 2015 there were no immediate plans for direct integration between Xbox One and Oculus Rift.

Xbox Game Pass New Games: Full List And Schedule

Microsoft Xbox One – Day One Release – The Unboxing

It can be easy to lose track of all the new games coming to Xbox Game Pass, so we’ve compiled the full list for your convenience. In this section of our Xbox Game Pass guide, learn what games have been released on Xbox Game Pass recently, when they became available, and what platforms on which they’re available.

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What Smart Delivery Games Will Be Optimized For The Series X

Developers who launched games on the Xbox One and offer their titles as part of Smart Delivery will have the option to upgrade their games’ graphics so it uses the Series X’s hardware upgrades to its full potential.

It’ll be up to the individual developer to decide whether or not they want to essentially remaster their title for the Series X. During its Xbox Game Showcase announced that a handful of more titles will receive the Smart Delivery treatment once the Series X launches

Here is the current list of Smart Delivery games that will have improved textures and graphics when players run them on the next-gen consoles.

  • Halo Infinite
  • Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2
  • Yakuza: Like a Dragon
  • Ori and the Will of the Wisps
  • Sea of Thieves

Difference Between 4k Ultra Hd Hdr And Xbox One X Enhanced Games

  • Xbox One X enhanced Games that are said to be Xbox One X Enhanced offer one or more of the following benefits over non-Enhanced editions:
  • Graphic enhancements
  • Higher framerate
  • Higher resolution
  • 4K Ultra HD 4K refers to image resolution, or the number of pixels used for each image. Games described as being 4K offer a resolution of 3840 pixels × 2160 lines, offering substantially higher resolution than 1080p HD. To view 4K games at their native resolution, your TV must be 4K-capable.
  • HDR Visual dynamic range refers to the difference between the darkest and brightest information a game can show. As suggested by the term HDR, or high dynamic range, some games offer darker darks and brighter brights than others, depending on the screen you view them on. HDR on Xbox has a 10-bit color range, or wide color gamut, which uses more colors for a richer, more detailed image. On Xbox, this feature also goes by the name Dolby Vision, which is used by some video apps.
  • Dolby Atmos The game supports Dolby Atmos surround sound.

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Will There Be A Second Next

The Xbox Series X will come with a cheaper, less powerful counterpart called the Xbox Series S, which will also be released on November 10 and similiarly be available for pre-order on September 22.

Microsoft was forced to reveal its entire next-gen console master plan after a batch of major leaks blew the lid off of the Series S on September 8. Read more about the more affordable next-gen Xbox here.

Xbox One X Release Date Review Games And Everything You Need To Know

Xbox One Release Date Announced

Xbox One X price, specs, and more.

By Jimmy Thang on November 8, 2017 at 3:34AM PST

We’re on the eve of the release of Xbox One X–formerly Project Scorpio–which is set to become the newest member of the Xbox One family from Microsoft on Tuesday. While similar in some ways to last year’s PS4 Pro, this is still very new territory for video game consoles, so to help you stay on top of everything you need to know about to know, we’ve rounded up all of the key details for you below.

What is the Xbox One X? Formerly code-named Project Scorpio, the Xbox One X is a significantly more powerful version of Microsoft’s Xbox One console that’s capable of offering 4K support and higher fidelity graphics. Read our Xbox One X review for much more, and you can also check out our review roundup.

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When is the Xbox One X release date and price? The Xbox One X is set to release worldwide on November 7. It will retail for $500 USD, £450 GBP, 499 Euro, and $599 CAD, depending on your region.

What are the Xbox One X specs?

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Will the Xbox One X work with Xbox One games? Yes. The Xbox One X will support the existing library of Xbox One games and peripherals. That includes controllers, headsets, and so on.

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Xbox Two Release Date

Add the countdown timer to your website!

What many are calling the Xbox Two Release Date was released on November 10th, 2020 . The Xbox One Series X is the final name for Microsoft’s next-generation console. The Xbox Series S was also released on November 10th of 2020.

The Xbox Series X has the most raw power of the two next-gen consoles. Of course, Teraflops aren’t everything, so let’s find more!

New Features And Changes

Recording/Streaming Gameplay: Users will be able to record gameplay to upload to YouTube and will also be able to use Xbox partner, Twitch TV to stream live gameplay with commentary.

Xbox Smartglass The smartglass app that is available on Windows phones, iOS devices and Android has been improved and can be used as a second screen to enhance gameplay.

Xbox Live: The maximum friends will be increased from 100 to 1000 and will have an unlimited amount followers.

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Xbox One X Vs Playstation 4 Pro

Xbox One X is said to pack in 6 teraflops of computing power compared to the PS4 Pro’s 4.2 Teraflops.

PS4 Pro comes with a standard Blu-ray drive, meaning it can’t play Ultra HD Blu-ray movies. The Xbox One X will include a more modern drive needed to play 4K Blu-rays. While the adoption of 4K Blu-rays hasnt been rapid, with standard Blu-ray being by far the market leader for HD content, the Xbox One Xs ability to play these discs will be a plus point in its battle against PS4 Pro.

The exclusive deep dive from Digital Foundry on the tech specs of the Xbox One X doesnt give us much more of an insight into how the Scorpio will compete with the PS4 Pro in the games well be playing later this year and beyond, but we do know that like the PS4 Pro, the Xbox One X will be able to make use checkerboarding. This will be used to boost the resolution of games that fall beneath 900p on Xbox One. Xbox One games that currently render at 1080p should be able to be converted to run at native 4k without too much trouble – demonstrated by Microsoft showing Digital Foundry Forza 6 running on Xbox One X at 4K.

Third-party games seen running on Xbox One X at E3 2017 included BioWares new IP, Anthem , and Ubisofts Assassins Creed Origins. Without any direct comparisons available, its impossible to say how these versions will differ to how they look and perform on PS4 Pro.

Halo Infinite’s Singleplayer Campaign

Confirmed Xbox One Release Date!!!!

Halo Infinite will continue the story of Master Chief and will see him returning to one of Halo‘s iconic titular rings. Fans have seen very little of the campaign since the game’s reveal, but the developers at 343 Industries have been very willing to share details here and there leading up to the game’s release. Thus far, it has been revealed that the game’s ring will feature a more open-world design that will allow players to travel across it with a variety of means to travel to mission objectives and explore. This includes many of the vehicles that series veterans have come to expect, while Halo Infinite will also introduce some new vehicles as well.

As for Halo Infinite‘s actual story, players have only gotten some hints at what to expect. Halo Infinite‘s trailer shown at Gamescom seemed to confirm that Master Chief will be without Cortana again, and could even still be trying to track her down or stop her after the events of Halo 5. Fans also know that Master Chief will be facing off against a new clan of Brutes known as the Banished, who is led by a new character named Escharum. This has left some dedicated Halo loremasters questioning what happened to Halo Wars‘ Atriox, but hopefully, Halo Infinite will answer that and other questions when it releases.

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Th And 19th Centuries

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