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When Is The New Xbox Released

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Xbox Series X Review: Price And Availability

Updates, New Releases, and Events | This Week on Xbox

Released worldwide on November 10, 2020, the Xbox Series X is nearing its first birthday, at the time of writing. And it’s still stupidly hard to buy.

We’ve been tracking Xbox Series X restocks for month upon months, and still most retailers are out of stock. When they do get new stock in, it sells out in moments. Sadly, with semiconductor shortages ongoing and likely to continue into 2023.

If you do find an Xbox Series X in stock, then expect prices to start at $499 in the U.S. and £449 in the U.K. On paper at least, the Xbox Series X matches the price of the PS5 in those respective nations.

However, its more expensive than the PS5 Digital Edition, which costs $399, or £349. But these consoles are often found in bundles that come with a higher ticket price.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil In Me

The Devil in Me is the latest chapter in Supermassive Games Dark Pictures Anthology series of horror games. You play as a group of documentary filmmakers who have been invited to visit a modern-day recreation of serial killer H.H. Holmes’ “Murder Castle.” Sensing the opportunity for an excellent story to film, they decide to visit the castle, but little do they know their trip will soon turn into a living nightmare that could cost them their lives.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me

Pre-order from: | Xbox

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion is an upcoming remaster of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, an action RPG prequel to the iconic JRPG. This game tells the story of Zack Fair, a young SOLDIER who was a minor yet pivotal character in the original Final Fantasy VII. Crisis Core follows Zack’s journey from his introduction to the Shinra organization, meeting Sephiroth and Cloud, and chasing down the renegade SOLDIER known as Genesis.

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Xbox 2 Concept Art: Form Meets Function

While the design of a console may not seem like much, todays consumer has a very open living room with entertainment centers designed to show off their gadgets. Beyond the overall look of the console, well also need to consider the functionality of its design.

How will it stay cool when the insides heat up during long gaming sessions? Will the controller change to match the new console? These are the big questions were asking on our concepts page.

Talented artists like Danny Haymond and David Hansson will bring the future of Xbox to life for all to see.

Upcoming Game Pass Games In 2022 And 2023

Xbox Series X: specs, release date and news for the new Xbox

Though Microsoft announces most Xbox Game Pass games close to their release – often around a week before they arrive – with all Xbox Studio Games titles, Bethesda and Zenimax games as well as EA Play titles coming to the service from day one, we have an idea of some upcoming Game Pass games ahead of time…

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Xbox Series X: Design

Youd be forgiven for saying that the Xbox Series X looks like a small-form-factor PC, because it does at least when its standing upright. Its monolithic design could be seen as uninspired. But I rather like the system’s clean and unfussy appearance. Its big, however.

Measuring 15.1 x 15.1 x 30.1 centimeters and weighing 9.8 pounds, the Series X is a rather bulky machine, though not as large as the PS5. This means youll struggle to fit it into an entertainment unit, unless you place the device on its side. Theres a quartet of soft pads on one side of the console to show you which way it should be positioned when lying sideways. These also prevent the console from slipping around.

I think the Xbox Series X looks a little clunky and clumsy on its side, a bit like the lovechild of an audio amplifier and a brick. I keep mine upright and sitting partially behind my TV, and it looks rather nice in that space, particularly as you can peer into the top vent of the console, which has some green accents around the holes towards the middle.

In fact, while it might look a little clunky peeking out from behind my TV, I think the Series X looks rather good sitting on a desktop. If you plan to plug the system into a 4K or high-refresh-rate monitor, you could be pleasantly surprised.

As an aside, there was some chatter about concerns that the Xbox Series X vents can get clogged with dust, but there’s been no hint of this with the Series X consoles the Tom’s Guide team has.

Xbox Series X Design: What Does The Xbox Series X Look Like

A trailer revealed what the new Xbox Series X looks like and it has a whole new look. The shape of the device is different from its predecessor, oblong in shape and when upright looking more like a gaming PC – with a prominent curved grill on top- it’s a good looking console.

The Xbox Series X has an upright tower design like a gaming PC, but you can sit it horizontally as well vertically. The console in the trailer is black with cooling vent indents on the top. The light inside looks green. The logo is in the top left-hand corner and there’s a disc drive vertically.

Port wise there’s the HDMI 2.1 output port, three USB 3.2 ports, one networking port and an expanded storage slot and a power input port.

Size wise it’s 15.1cm x and 30.1cm and weighs 4.45kg/9/8lbs.

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New Xbox Series X Model Coming In 2023

The rumor further goes on to suggest that an upgraded Xbox Series X might also be in the works and is set to be released in 2023. How much powerful it will be is not mentioned, nor is the name, which we can only assume to be Xbox Series Ã.

Here’s the full video if you want to hear all of this from the horse’s mouth :

Moore’s Law is Dead is quite the authority on detailed commentary and rumors on the latest tech, so you can take this as a reliable source, while still applying that healthy salty doubt.

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Xbox One Forwards Compatibility

New Games, Upcoming Releases and Updates | This Week on Xbox

In January 2020, Matt Booty, head of Microsofts internal development teams at Xbox Game Studios, announced that Xbox Series X games will also be playable on the Xbox One for the first year. This allows for cross-generation multiplayer and gives Xbox One owners the ability to play some of the Xbox Series X’s line-up even if they don’t choose to upgrade their hardware. The downside to this choice is that developing games for both a brand new console and a seven year console could cause some difficulties for developers.

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The Lord Of The Rings: Gollum

The Lord of Rings: Gollum is an action RPG that tells the stories of Gollum, the tortured soul corrupted by the One Ring of Power. Players will need to manage our protagonists split personalities of Gollum and Sméagol as they journey to retrieve their lost precious. Their adventure will take them across famous locales from Middle Earth and they will encounter iconic characters from The Lord of the Rings universe along the way.

Ps5 Pro And New Xbox Series X Consoles Launching In 2023 Says Major Tv Maker

“Half-generation” consoles due next year?

Sony and Microsoft are gearing up to launch upgraded versions of their flagship games consoles next year, one TV manufacturer has predicted. Chinese tech giant TCL Technology best known for its affordable TVs reckons we’ll see the PS5 Pro and a new Xbox Series X launch in either 2023 or 2024, with specs including native 8K support and 120Hz refresh rates.

TCL made the prediction at a conference, as first reported by Tom Henderson ).

In a new conference, TCL Technology have said that a new Xbox Series S/X and PS5 Pro are coming in 2023/2024.Via 25, 2022

Native 8K gaming would make for sharper visuals, while 120Hz would mean less blur during fast-moving gameplay. TCL Technology also believes the consoles will boast an enhanced GPU for more powerful graphics.

Both consoles have been rumoured before, and it’s also not the first time 2023 has been mentioned. But a public pronouncement from such a huge tech firm as TCL certainly lends the rumour credence.

The PS5 and Xbox Series X went on sale at the end of 2020. Despite being on sale for 18 months, both consoles have been hard to find, with chip shortages causing supply issues all around the world. The situation is now easing for the Xbox Series X, though Sony’s PS5 is still in short supply at most retailers.


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Will There Be A Second Next

The Xbox Series X will come with a cheaper, less powerful counterpart called the Xbox Series S, which will also be released on November 10 and similiarly be available for pre-order on September 22.

Microsoft was forced to reveal its entire next-gen console master plan after a batch of major leaks blew the lid off of the Series S on September 8. Read more about the more affordable next-gen Xbox here.

What Games Will Be On The Next Microsoft Console

Xbox Series X Review: A Next

There are a few games which have already been announced but are still years off any kind of release. Presumably, theyll be released on next-gen hardware. The ones we know of so far, as well as some other assumed future titles, are listed below.

  • Cyberpunk 2077
  • Fallout 76
  • Beyond Good & Evil 2
  • Halo: Infinite

Given Microsofts big push with Game Pass and backward compatible games, Id expect that to continue with the new Xbox. In other words, youll probably be able to play games from Xbox One, 360, and earlier on the next console.

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Xbox Two Release Date Price Concepts Specs And News

Xbox Series X came out on November 10th 2020, along with the Series S. XBox did not disappoint however Playstation also delivered with the Playstation 5. The console gaming wars are the most competitive they have ever been. The question is when will the official XBox 2 ever be released?

What Smart Delivery Games Will Be Optimized For The Series X

Developers who launched games on the Xbox One and offer their titles as part of Smart Delivery will have the option to upgrade their games’ graphics so it uses the Series X’s hardware upgrades to its full potential.

It’ll be up to the individual developer to decide whether or not they want to essentially remaster their title for the Series X. During its Xbox Game Showcase announced that a handful of more titles will receive the Smart Delivery treatment once the Series X launches

Here is the current list of Smart Delivery games that will have improved textures and graphics when players run them on the next-gen consoles.

  • Halo Infinite
  • Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2
  • Yakuza: Like a Dragon
  • Ori and the Will of the Wisps
  • Sea of Thieves

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New Xbox Console Reportedly Releasing Next Year

A new report has emerged stating that Microsoft may look to release an all-new Xbox console at some point within the coming year. While this supposed model wouldn’t be entirely new from top to bottom, it would instead look to update the Xbox Series S, which is currently the cheaper console that Microsoft offers to customers. Despite the platform’s lesser power when compared to the Xbox Series X, it seems like this new iteration may end up beefing up the internals just a bit more.

Word on this new version of the Xbox Series S comes from a recent video on YouTube channel Moore’s Law Is Dead. The video in question says that Microsoft is currently in the early stages of planning to “refresh” both the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. However, the Series S is the console that is currently that Microsoft is placing a larger focus on and it might begin releasing a new model of the platform late in 2022.

As a whole, this report should be taken with the typical grain of salt until we learn more directly from Xbox. Still, what is being mentioned here isn’t all that surprising in the slightest given that mid-generation console upgrades are pretty standard nowadays. It seems to be only a matter of time until new Xbox consoles end up releasing to the public, but when that release actually happens remains to be seen.

Xbox Game Studios & Bethesda Softworks Upcoming Games

New Releases, Game Pass Additions, and Pre-Orders | This Week on Xbox
  • Grounded â Sept. 27, 2022
  • Pentiment â Nov. 15, 2022
  • Forza Motorsport â Spring 2023
  • Minecraft Legends â 2023
  • Redfall â 2023
  • Starfield â 2023
  • Ara: History Untold â Unknown release date
  • Avowed â Unknown release date
  • Contraband â Unknown release date
  • Everwild â Unknown release date
  • Fable â Unknown release date
  • Perfect Dark â Unknown release date
  • Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II â Unknown release date
  • State of Decay 3 â Unknown release date
  • The Outer Worlds 2 â Unknown release date

Xbox Game Pass adds new games all the time, but there’s already a vast selection of high-quality titles available for gamers to play. Check out our list of best Xbox Game Pass games for some fantastic ideas on what you should play next. You can also pick up one of the best external SSDs for Xbox Series X|S to ensure you always have enough storage for all these games.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Is the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate the best value in all of gaming? It’s possible. Ultimate bundles your Xbox Live Gold subscription, an Xbox Game Pass subscription for Xbox consoles and Windows PCs, and Xbox Cloud Gaming for on the go. That means access to hundreds of games, with more added all the time, for a single monthly subscription cost.

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Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes is upcoming JRPG developed by Rabbit and Bear Studios and published by 505 Games. The game takes place on Allraan, a continent that is currently being torn apart by the tyrannical Galdean Empire, which is searching for ancient artifacts to increase their military might and conquer the land.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes’ story will chronicle the journey of a young imperial officer named Seign Kesling, and Nowa, a young warrior from a remote village on the outskirts of Allraan. As the fires of war rage, these two friends will be forced into a bitter conflict where their beliefs and ideologies will be put to the ultimate test.

Xbox Series X Quick Facts

Xbox Series X release date:

What can I play on it? Halo Infinite, Hellblade 2, Assassin’s Creed Vahalla and more. You can also access more via a monthly Xbox Game Pass subscription.

Xbox Series X price: $499, £449

Xbox Series S price: $299, £249

Does Xbox Series X have VR? Not at launch, but expect it later.

Can I play my Xbox One games on Series X? Yes, they are backwards compatible.

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Xbox Series X Review: Performance

Memory: 16 GB GDDR6 w/ 320b bus

Memory Bandwidth: 10GB @ 560 GB/s, 6GB @ 336 GB/s

Internal Storage: 1TB Custom NVME SSD I/O Throughput: 2.4 GB/s , 4.8 GB/s

Expandable Storage: 1TB Expansion Card

External Storage: USB 3.2 External HDD Support

Optical Drive: 4K UHD Blu-ray Drive

Performance Target: 4K @ 60fps, Up to 120fps

So what does that mean in terms of real-world performance?

What Will The Next

Xbox Series X Release Date and Specs Speculation

The PS5 and Xbox Series X already deliver a massive performance boost over their predecessors. They feature top-of-the-line hardware that enables features like fast boot times, instant load, and ray tracing. Its not just the custom CPU and GPI processors powering the PS5 and Series X that make it possible. The fast SSDs are also responsible for the massive performance bump.

Moreover, to make the most of these consoles, youll need brand new TV sets capable of supporting HDMI 2.1 and 4K 120Hz refresh rates.

But technology will continue to advance. And TCL is looking to anticipate the needs of the PS5 Pro and next-gen Xbox. That way, when these consoles ultimately release in stores, TCL will have TVs that can support the new features.

TCL estimates that the PS5 Pro and new Xbox Series X will support 2160p/8K resolution, 60-120 fps gameplay. Furthermore, the new consoles might run on GPUs similar to the AMD Radeon RX 7700 XT. Again, TCL cant know for certain what Sony and Microsoft plan to do with their console hardware. But if TCL is looking at this sort of specs, its likely that Sony and Microsoft have the same expectations for the near-term future of PS5 and Microsoft.

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What’s Coming To Xbox Game Pass Soon

Microsoft loves to give Xbox Game Pass subscribers plenty of time to prepare for upcoming additions by announcing them early. This section of our Xbox Game Pass will help you keep track of all the games coming to Xbox Game Pass shortly, so you can decide what you want to play and whether you need to free up some space.

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