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When Does The Xbox Series X Restock

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Where To Buy Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X Restock UPDATE! – When and Where are MORE COMING?

Our pro tip for finding Xbox Series X stock is to open up the retailer tabs and refresh them when you can. We will of course be updating this page as soon as we hear about any updates on when you’ll be able to buy an Xbox Series X or when to next expect stock. Do keep an eye on those prices though as we’ve seen some third-party merchants on Amazon and other sites go past the usual asking price.

Anton Line Has Restocked The Xbox As Well As The Series X

Antonline was one of the few retailers to promise a weekly drop of next-generation consoles and offered an Xbox restock, but what everyone really wants is the Xbox Series, not the Series X. It was for the S bundle.

Anyway, Antonline offered a recent Xbox Series X inventory in bundle form, with a final date and time of 9:49 am EDT on August 24, 2021. Like Best Buy, its usually during normal hours , but its faster to respond to replenishment opportunities than Best Buy, which gives you randomness when you try to add it to your cart. It is important.

Uk: Xbox Series X Order Details

The Xbox Series X costs £449 in the UK, while the all-digital Xbox Series S is £249. Below are links to the major UK shops stocking the Xbox. As its a brand new console, the price should be the same across all stores.

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Microsoft Xbox Series X/s Restock

Microsoft Xbox Series X/S Restock Date: This Week

Recently, Microsoft has been one of the best places to get an Xbox Series X/S console. It makes sense for the manufacturer to be one of the most frequent Xbox restockers, but thats not usually how things work.

Last week, Microsoft was one of the only stores to have the Xbox Series X/S in stock, and were hoping for another drop this time too.

However, its currently looking as though the Limited Edition Halo Infinite Xbox isnt returning there until its release date on November 15.

Popfindr Octoshop And Other Tools

when does target restock xbox series x

If youâre still searching for a next-generation console, follow Twitter accounts like , , and . They will all let you know when restocks are coming. If youâd rather keep track of the stock yourself, is a useful shopping notification extension for Google Chrome.

The website PopFindr will also show which retailers have consoles in-store. While Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles arenât easy to find, these tools should help as you scout the following retailers.

If you get an Xbox Series X, these are some of the cool indie games you can play with Game Pass.

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Rest Of The World: Xbox Series X Pre

Shoppers in Australia and New Zealand were the first to get their Xbox Series X pre-orders in, with the 8am pre-order time arriving at these time zones first.

The price of the Xbox Series X in Australia is AU$749. In New Zealand, it’s NZ$799.

The price of the Xbox Series S in Australia is AU$499. In New Zealand, it’s NZ$549.

Canadians can also now pre-order the Xbox Series X for CA$599 and the Xbox Series S can be pre-ordered for CA$379.

Xbox Series X Stock Updates: Where To Buy The New Xbox Consoles

ByBrendan Griffiths04 August 2021

Looking to buy an Xbox Series X? This guide has the latest stock updates at a wide range of retailers.

Xbox Series X restocks have been very quiet so far in August, so we’re expecting stores to drop very soon indeed. We want you to be ready when it does, so we’ve listed the stores most likely to get units in next, along with when they last had them.

In a turn of events, it’s actually harder to find a Series X right now than it is PS5 stock – not that you’ll easily find Sony’s console either. After the links below, you’ll find some more detailed updates on the latest situations at individual retailers. Keep checking back in on this guide as we’ll be updating it next time we get warnings of Xbox Series X stock coming back online.

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Heres The New Call Of Duty: Vanguard Trailer

Monday 23 August 2021 10:19 , Steve Hogarty

Last week, Activision revealed the newest entry in its long running shooty-gun franchise. spans four major theatres of WW2 and further departs from realism by throwing in a bunch of stuff your granddad never told you about, such as zombies.

is coming to Xbox series X on 5 November, and is available to pre-order now . You can pick it up as a cross-gen bundle, meaning you can start playing on your current Xbox and then upgrade when you finally get hold of an Xbox series X.

The PlayStation 5 is being treated to a playable preview of this weekend, 27-29 August. We dirty little Xbox goblins will just have to sit here and wait our turn. Were allowed to see the alpha trailer, at least.

Newegg Xbox Series X Restock


Alongside the PS5, an Xbox Series X was featured in the Newegg Shuffle that took place on August 24.

This lottery draw has now closed, but you can still find a handful of Xbox units on the website. It is worth noting that these are being traded by third parties though, and might be overpriced as a result.

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What Are The Chances Of A Very Restock Today

Monday 23 August 2021 10:53 , Steve Hogarty

Slim. Its been more than a month since we last had an Xbox series X restock at Very.

The retailer restocked on 20 July, and since then its been all quiet on the Xbox front. According to our friends on the PS5 stock tracking live blog, the retailer is rumoured to be receiving an allocation of freshly baked PlayStations later this week. Lets cross our fingers this means a similar resupply is on the horizon for Microsofts next-gen console.

Well keep checking for new availability at Very so you dont have to. Stick with us for updates.

When Did The Microsoft Store Last Have Xbox Stock

Youd think the official Xbox store would be swimming in consoles, but the retailer has to fight in the mud for the console just like everybody else.

The online-only store last had the Xbox series X in stock on 7 September, and before that on 25 August when it opened up pre-orders for the limited edition Halo Infinite Xbox bundle.

Steve Hogarty13 September 2021 09:54

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Target Xbox Series X Restocks At A Few Zip Codes

The Xbox restock process at Target changed during the summer of 2021, and instead of doing large nationwide restocks, it’s rolling out inventory as it gets them into the backroom of its individual stores throughout the United States.

Now, the Xbox Series X stock is still sold online only, but because you select a local store for in-store pick up, you’re competing with neighbors. This makes it both easier and harder, depending on where you live in the country, and only a few consoles are available at various zip codes, often in the morning before Target stores open.

Target has done at least one nationwide Xbox restock after switching to this local as-they-come-in format, but we haven’t seen the Series X there as much as we’ve seen it at Walmart, our favorite choice.

Xbox Series X Restocks: Track On Twitter

Xbox Series X Restock Updates for Walmart, Best Buy ...

If you want to gain an edge on Xbox Series X restocks, check out these for the latest updates. We especially recommend following Xbox Series X|S Stock Alerts and Wario64. The latter account tracks both Xbox restocks as well as general gaming sales.;

While they won’t always give you a heads up, it’s also a good rule of thumb to follow retailers on Twitter, such as Best Buy and GameStop. Any edge you can get is crucial when trying to score an Xbox Series X restock.;

There’s a good reason Microsoft’s new consoles are flying off shelves. In our Xbox Series X review, we gave the new system major props for its blistering performance, zippy load times and comprehensive backwards compatibility with every generation of Xbox. And as we noted in our Xbox Series S review, the cheaper next-gen Xbox still delivers many of the same great features for those with 1080p TVs.

With that in mind, see the latest Xbox Series X stock updates and tips for getting your new Microsoft console below.

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Will Currys Restock The Xbox Series X Today

Monday 23 August 2021 09:11 , Steve Hogarty

Currys PC World restocked the Xbox series X on 19 August.

This is good, because the retailer had come through on a promise it had made that an Xbox restock was incoming we like when restocks materialise after rumours.

But this is bad, because 19 August is in the past. The console sold out in 20 minutes as more than 20,000 customers swarmed the electronics retailers website.

Currys PC World is yet another retailer where we recommend you download the app and slip the Xbox series X into your save for later list. When a drop happens, the main Currys PC World site gets hammered with traffic. By using the app you can essentially sneak round the back entrance.

Walmart Xbox Series X Restock Time

  • Next Walmart Xbox Series X restock: maybe Thursday, August 5 at 3pm EDT if it happens this week
  • Last Walmart Xbox Series X restock: July 29 at 3pm EDT

The Walmart Xbox Series X restock date and time are consistent, even if the patterns in which it has an Xbox restock are never guaranteed: the day of the week and time are always on a Thursday at either 2:30pm EDT or 3pm EDT, according to our Xbox Series X restock expert Matt Swider. Walmart doesn’t stray from this date and time.

It’s important to subscribe to our alerts you’ll be the first to know and can get a link directly from the tweet. You should open it up on a web browser right at 3pm EDT and we’ll tweet out helpful advice like using the mobile app at the same time to constantly tap the Walmart Xbox Series X add-to-cart button.

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Xbox Series X Restock Dates At Gamestop

  • Next Xbox Series X restock date at GameStop: Maybe this week
  • Last Xbox Series X restock date at GameStop: Tuesday, August 17 at 11am EDT
  • How to buy the Xbox from GameStop: Follow our Xbox restock tracker account

The first GameStop in months happened in August, and were hoping thats a trend that continues at the largest game retailer in the US. With the launch of Madden NFL 22, GameStop offered a tempting Xbox console bundle for its Pro members.

Today, August 30, it again teased that Pro members get early access to consoles. It didnt say if Xbox Series X consoles will be available as part of its next restock, but theres certainly going to be a stock of next-gen systems soon.

The GameStop PowerUp Rewards Pro membership costs $15 annually and it, along with bundles, scares off most resellers who cant profit, and thats a good thing for true gamers who want to play games and have an extra controller. Youll spend a little bit more for the Xbox than the console alone at the MSRP of $499, but the price for everything included is at face value.

While GameStop has had the PS5 almost every week or every other week in recent months, it stopped doing consistent online Xbox restocks in June .;

Well see what happens online again on Tuesday or Wednesday, when it has done next-gen console bundles in the past.

Antonline Xbox Series X Restock

Xbox Series X Restock Updates – When Are More Consoles Coming?

The Xbox Series X is sold out at Antonline, but there are multiple options for getting the all-digital Series S model instead.

As per our last update, the console is available in a series of bundles, with each priced at $364.98 and shipping with a different colored controller. The red bundle sold out just a few days ago, but is now back in stock and so you once again have three version to choose from here.

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What About Ps5 Stock

Monday 23 August 2021 14:30 , Steve Hogarty

One small consolation for Microsoft is that its biggest rival, Sony, is also facing serious supply chain issues. The PlayStation 5 is in high demand but its a little easier to find on the shelves than the Xbox series X.

We have a good idea of which retailers are most likely to restock the PS5 next, but you still have to be quick to grab one when they appear.

Follow our PS5 stock tracking liveblog for more updates on new PS5 stock as it arrives:

Fifa 22 Standard Plus Edition Available To Pre

FIFA 22 Standard Plus Edition launches on Xbox series X on 1 October, and is available to pre-order at .

The special edition is an Amazon-exclusive version of the game, and includes an in-game digital jersey portraying the FIFA 22 Ultimate Team logos available nowhere else.

FIFA 22 introduces a number of new features to EAs long-running sports series, including realistic HyperMotion technology.

For more information about the game and how to pre-order it, you can read our preview here.

Fifa 22 finally has a release date heres how to pre-order the game on PS4, PS5, Xbox One and more

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Xbox Series X Restock Happened Only Once This Week And It’s Come Down To A Science

ByMatt Swider11 September 2021

At least the Xbox Series X restock at Microsoft is consistent. Here’s what time to buy it each store in the US.

Update: The next Xbox Series X restock is next week, and if you follow our , he’ll will send you the next Series X restock alert if you follow his Twitter account and turn on notifications. This is how Matt has helped 80,000 people buy a next-gen console; by tweeting when it’ll be in stock in the US at stores like Best Buy, Walmart, GameStop and Target. As our news reporting has shown, it was easier to buy the Xbox than buy a PS5 restock in the first half of the year. That’s changed in the last two months as the Microsoft console inventory has suddenly become scarce. But, good news, we have seen the official Microsoft Store restock at around 6pm EDT once a week, and that’s how people got it through our alerts this week.

Here’s how to know about the next Xbox Series X restock:

When? and turn on notifications for instant restock news. It’s the fastest way to get Xbox stock updates.

Never buy from other Twitter users ever. They’re all scams. Only buy from the US stores Matt alerts you about. No one will sell an Xbox Series X for just $550.

When Will Smyths Toys Restock The Xbox

Xbox Series X restock updates: Availability at Amazon ...

Smyths Toys last restocked the Xbox series X on 9 September, though it was a vanishingly teeny drop wed estimate fewer than ten consoles were sold before the shutters came down.

Before that on 10 August, Smyths Toys had Xbox stock available to click and collect from stores around the country.

Its worth popping into your local branch if youre passing by to ask about stock.

Steve Hogarty13 September 2021 10:21

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Xbox Series X Restock: Best Buy Walmart Gamestop Microsoft When To Buy

There is little news of the Xbox Series X restocking, And turn on notifications for the next Xbox Series X restock alert Find out when and where to find the Microsoft Console. Most recently, a restock of the Wal-Mart Xbox was found, and through alerts thousands of people found next-generation consoles . Ive seen Xbox inventories in stores such as Best Buy, Walmart, and even Microsofts website for a long time in the summer, but Target has frequent local drops. Of all stores in the United States, Best Buy has been postponed. Wal-Mart has just happened, but were tracking it next week.

When? Turn on notifications for live replenishment news. This is the fastest way to get Xbox restock updates.

Warning: Do not buy from other Twitter users. They are all scams. Purchase only from US stores that Matt warns. No one legally sells the Xbox Series X for just $ 550.

Why do you trust TechRadar? Were not introducing a bunch of links for US retailers that are always dead ends. Others do it Not us.. Matt Swider sends push notifications when: Xbox actual inventory Through his 24/7 follow-up efforts.

update: Last week I saw both Wal-Mart and the official Microsoft Xbox store offering consoles for a few minutes. This was longer than usual, and hundreds of followers were able to buy a Microsoft console for $ 499 MSRP.

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