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When Does The Xbox One Series X Come Out

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What Are The Confirmed And Rumored Xbox Series X Games

Biggest Xbox Series X and Xbox One Exclusives Coming In 2020 So Far
  • Assassin’s Creed Valhalla
  • The Lord of the Rings: Gollum
  • The Medium
  • Vampire the Masquerade – Bloodlines 2
  • Vampire the Masquerade – Swansong
  • Where Is Gta 6

    GTA 6 simply isn’t ready yet. While we know almost nothing about the next entry in the series, these games are grand undertakings for massive worldwide development teams. Red Dead Redemption 2, of course, was Rockstar’s last major project, and expecting GTA 6 so soon after that is unrealistic.;

    In the meantime, GTA Online has an enormous audience, and the game is sustained by continuing sales of GTA 5 and in-game currency. Rockstar likely wants to maintain that interest between generations until GTA 6 is finally ready.;

    Xbox Series X/s Stock: Where To Buy Microsoft’s New Console

    Latest Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S stock;updates.


    Xbox Series X stock has been getting progressively easier to find as we get further into the year. The last batch at Amazon even lasted for almost an hour – incredible scenes! Hopefully, this will continue into the second half of the year. Meanwhile, the Xbox Series S is still up for purchase at a number of stores. Essentially, with more Xbox Series X/S stock drops expected in the weeks ahead, you’ve got a good chance of snagging a console very soon.

    Keep checking the retailers listed on this page, as we’ll be doing our best to keep it updated with all the latest stock info for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. You can also for regular stock updates.

    Latest:The Halo Edition Xbox Series X console was available to pre-order at Game however it is out of stock now. The standard Xbox Series X is also currently out of stock. We currently have no solid indication of when it will be available again, but we’ll be updating this page throughout the week with all the latest info. The Xbox Series S is available at most retailers globally and looks to be staying in stock near-permanently. In the US, Xbox Series X stock is rumoured to be dropping at Best Buy, Walmart, Microsoft, Target and GameStop this week. Keep your eyes on the retailer list below for the latest stock updates on Xbox Series X and deals info for the Series S.

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    Halo Infinite Xbox Series X Limited Edition Console Pre

    The Halo Infinite Xbox Series X Limited Edition console looks beautiful, but it might be difficult to pre-order one through official outlets.

    In celebration of Halos upcoming 20th anniversary , Microsoft has announced that theyre releasing a limited edition Halo-themed Xbox Series X console as well as a special Halo-themed Xbox Series X controller.

    While the controller is amazing, its the Xbox Series X thats the real prize here. Not only does it look incredible , but given how hard it is to currently find an Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5, any opportunity to purchase a next-gen console is more valuable than ever at the moment.

    So while you shouldnt get your hopes up when it comes to actually being able to grab one at retail prices, heres what you need to know about pre-ordering the Halo Infinite Xbox Series X Limited Edition console:

    Does Xbox Series X Have Vr

    ã?Xbox Series Xãäºç´ã?ã?ã?/éå§æéã?¯ã?ã?¤ï¼ç¢ºå®ã?ªæ¹æ³ãï¼?

    Microsoft has an interesting relationship with virtual reality. On the PC side, its Windows Mixed Reality initiative has found moderate success, featuring a broad variety of lightweight VR headsets and offering an expansive library of games and experiences. On the console tip, however, news has been less positive – at last year’s E3, Microsoft’s CMO for gaming told that the company “doesn’t have any plans specific to Xbox consoles in virtual reality or mixed reality.”

    However, all hope is not lost. A newly discovered patent seems to suggest that Microsoft is working on a VR headset along with motion controllers, a stylus, and fully fledged boundary mat which can turn your living room into its very own digital playground. With the continuing success of Playstation VR, which currently boasts the most sales of any high end VR headset, Microsoft may well still have an appetite to dip its toes into the virtual pool.;

    What do you think about the rumours surrounding the Xbox Series X at the moment? Let us know in the comments below.;

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    Xbox Series X Review: Features And Os

    The Xbox Series X is a tale of gains and losses, at least when it comes to features. On paper, this is an all-new generation, but the reality is more complicated. The Xbox Series S and X share an OS with Xbox One, and the 2013 Xbox One is a wildly different proposition than what we have today.

    Xbox Series X media support is a bit of a mixed bag.

    For fans of the old school Xbox vision as the center of your entertainment system, the reality is that the Xbox Series S and X are dropping many of the features that enabled that. HDMI pass-through is gone, along with the IR Blaster. This means that the Xbox Series S and X cannot control your TV/cable box for surfing channels seamlessly without switching hardware signals.

    The OneGuide TV app has been completely removed, and perhaps oddly, even the ability to play 3D Blu-ray has been killed as well. Typically, Microsoft cites low usage as its primary reason for removing features. In fairness, the trends certainly seem to suggest viewership is increasingly moving towards apps like Netflix and Disney+, as over-the-air and cable TV viewership wanes. Still, if you built up your entertainment system around the Xbox One’s features, it may sting to know that these are gone.

    While the Xbox Series X media support is a bit of a mixed bag, Xbox doubles down on gaming features with considerable success.

    When emerging from Quick Resume, you’ll get a small notification in the top right.

    What Does The Xbox Series Ss Design Look Like

    The Xbox Series S looks more like a traditional console than the Series X. The Series S has an all-white color scheme that Microsoft is calling Robot White, and its much slimmer than the massive Series X. In fact, according to Microsoft, the Xbox Series S is the smallest Xbox that the company has ever produced. The company hasnt released the exact dimensions of the unit, but says it is nearly 60% smaller than the Xbox Series X.

    One of the most notable differences between the two consoles designs is the fact that the Xbox Series S does not have a disc drive; it will not be able to play disc-based games or Blu-rays.

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    Will I Keep All Of My Progression And Purchases With Cross

    Since the version of Minecraft you’ll play on the Xbox Series X and Series S will be the exact same as the version you’ll play on other platforms and will be synced through your Microsoft account, Marketplace purchases should still carry over. Your maps should also carry over from Xbox One as long as you have cloud saves turned on, so you can download your maps and enjoy all the greatness that the Xbox Series X|S has to offer.

    This is the benefit of taking advantage of features like Smart Delivery, because instead of having to figure out how to connect two entirely separate games , Mojang Studios can use all the existing features in Minecraft that protect your progression. That means it should be easier than ever to keep all of your information moving forward and ensure any money you spent purchasing new maps, worlds, or packs in Minecraft doesn’t go to waste on Xbox Series X|S.

    Protecting cross-save also matters if you’re coming from Minecraft: Bedrock Edition on another platform to Xbox Series X|S, as your Marketplace purchases like maps, skins, and texture packs should sync through your Microsoft Account.

    Minecraft For Xbox Series X

    Every New Game Coming Out on Xbox Series X – IGN Daily Fix

    Minecraft‘s place at the top of the games industry is indisputable after years of constant support and dedication from Mojang Studios. Now that Microsoft has helped spearhead next-gen console game with the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, many gamers are left wondering when, or even if, Minecraft will ever become an Xbox Series X|S Optimized title. The technology is there, Minecraft has given fans a peek at what a next-gen Minecraft experience could look like, and the expectation exists for Mojang Studios as a first-party studio for Xbox and Microsoft.

    However, information is scarce, and Mojang Studios has yet to commit to a proper next-gen upgrade for Minecraft on Xbox Series X|S. We’ve compiled everything we know into one place. Here’s what you need to know about Minecraft and ray tracing on Xbox Series X|S.


    Available everywhere you play.

    Minecraft is an inarguable and complete success. It has sold copies in the hundreds of millions, has a huge following of dedicated players, and lets you unlock your every creative desire. It’s also available on every platform imaginable, including Xbox, Windows 10, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS. Play with anyone and play anywhere.

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    How The Xbox Family Will Play Into Console Generations And Lead To Xbox 2

    The concept of the Xbox One Family is unique, and it does offer Microsoft the ability to extend and iterate on a generation, but it’s not future-proof. Eventually, that family will need to graduate to a new generation. Xbox One X offers Microsoft the chance to keep this generation for a few more years, but the Xbox Two will mark the beginning of a new family.

    When we think of console generations, we usually think of them as single consoles. The original Xbox, the Xbox 360, and the Xbox One. The problem with that structure, is that technology is moving too fast for one console to meet the needs of an entire generation.

    Instead, an iterative approach makes more sense here. One generation, spread across multiple consoles that get incrementally more powerful as you move up the chain. This way, Microsoft can stay competitive in terms of power, but also keep multiple hardware releases within that same family.

    The next generation will be another branch in the family tree if you will. It could be called Xbox Two, but we currently know it as Project Scarlett. The current rumors point to this being two different devices: one for streaming your games, and one for hardcore gamers who want all of the best hardware under the hood.

    Despite this, people were worried about the fate of an Xbox 2. During a podcast with IGN, Microsoft’s Albert Penello offered us a small quote that tells us the Xbox 2 is happening:

    Xbox Series X Review: Xbox Game Pass

    Xbox Game Pass has been around for a while now, offering an easy way to get access to a suite of games for a rather affordable monthly price of $9.99 or £7.99. This has long made it one of the best bargains in the gaming world.;

    But I’d argue that Game Pass is an essential partner for the Xbox Series X. While the aforementioned launch line up of Xbox Series X games might be a little lacking, Game Pass provides a huge range of new and old games to play on the flagship console. Furthermore, many of these come with Xbox Series X and Series S enhancements, meaning the Xbox Series X is the best place to play such games you may have missed on the Xbox One. ;

    Fork out $14.99 or £10.99 a month and you’ll get access to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which provides access to Xbox and PC games, as well as cloud streaming and save syncing between all three platforms.;It’s simply a fantastic deal.;

    What’s more a whole suite of upcoming Xbox One and Series X games will be released day-one on Game Pass, meaning its one of the most affordable ways to get new games.;

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    Xbox Series X And Series S Pre

    Both the Series X and S sold out before hitting the shelves. More stock arrived on launch day 10th November 2020 and promptly sold out. Since then, we’ve seen plenty of retailers restock the Series S but the Series X has been incredibly hard to come by.

    To solve the problem, Xbox boss Phil Spencer recently told the ‘Major Nelson’ podcast that he’s asked chipmaker AMD to speed up production: “I was on the phone last week with Lisa Su at AMD , how do we get more? So its something that were constantly working on.”

    If Microsoft can get its hands on more chips, it could potentially churn out more Xbox Series X and S consoles. The play seems to be paying off as more Xbox stock is now hitting shelves on both sides of the pond.;

    In the UK, Currys is due Xbox Series X stock on 23rd January. GAME released a big batch of Xbox Series X and Series S consoles in mid-January. They’ve now sold but Game is tipped to get Series S stock on 31st January. The BT Shop also announced it would have inventory of the Series S, ;but that allocation has now sold out.

    The Series S is also available at selected Amazon locales across Europe. had plenty of Xbox Series S here, for well over a week. Supply seems to have dried up now.

    GameStop had a limited number of Xbox Series X and Series S bundles up for grabs but they’re now sold out. The Series X with an extra Carbon Black Wireless Controller, NBA 2K21, 3-month Game Pass and $20 Gamestop gift card would have set you back $694.

    Xbox Series X Walmart

    Xbox Series X Release Date, Size, Power details on ...

    The Xbox Series X will be available to buy online at from 12 p.m. ET, November 10. The consoles will then be delivered to the customer’s local store for pickup. Like Best Buy and Target, Walmart will not be selling the consoles from their stores.

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    Xbox Series X Ui And Dashboard

    While the external design of the Xbox Series X is a considerable departure from its predecessors, the console’s UI and dashboard have undergone more subtle changes.

    The Xbox Series X dashboard is pretty much the same as the Xbox Ones. The main reason for this is because Microsoft rolled out a meaty update to the Xbox One back in August 2020 to make its UI more streamlined, and to converge it with that of the Xbox Series X. ;

    That means the Xbox Series X UI still has a tiled layout, with customizable pins, so you can choose which games and apps you want to see first on your home screen, and offers easy access to games, apps, party chat and other features via the Xbox button on your controller. It’s a pretty streamlined interface, and allows for plenty of customization options and easy navigation.;

    Customization seems to be at the heart of the Xbox Series X UI. In addition to being able to move around your pinned games and apps, Microsoft is also letting players express themselves a bit more with the inclusion of new profile themes that act as a background for your profile page. Players can also now finally use dynamic backgrounds, which offers a more personalized home screen option for those who are bored of the Xbox One’s static offering.

    Antonline Had Xbox In Restock Just Not The Series X

    Antonline is one of the few retailers to promise one next-gen console drop per week, and it did deliver an Xbox restock but it was for Xbox Series S bundles and not the Series X that everyone really wants.;

    Regardless, Antonline did offer recent Xbox Series X stock in bundle form, with the last date and time being August 24, 2021 at 9:49am EDT. Like Best Buy, it usually does normal hours , but it’s more about being quick to the restock opportunity than Best Buy, which allows for randomness when you try to add it to your cart.

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    Best Buy Xbox Series X Restock Date Is Overdue

    Part of the reason Xbox Series X has become harder to find in stock is the simple fact that there hasn’t been a Best Buy Xbox restock in almost two months. The last date and time in 2021 was July 14 at 3:10pm EDT, and we haven’t seen it since.

    The good news is that we know Best Buy is prepping at least one Xbox restock soon: it already has a landing page setup for the limited-edition Halo Infinite Xbox Series X console, which launches on November 15. Hopefully, we see the Xbox before then in its normal Black 1TB format, too.

    Xbox Best Buy restock time: The date is never set in stock, but the times are fairly consistent, always being during work hours from 9:37am EDT to 5:05:am EDT, according to our Xbox restock tracker. That’s a big window, but at least we know it doesn’t have a restock planned for nights and weekends.

    What Is The Xbox Series X

    Xbox Series X Vs Xbox One X! (Comparison) (Review)

    The Xbox Series X is the star of Microsoft’s next-gen show and the bigger, badder sibling to the Xbox Series S. Built around powerful new hardware from AMD, including its new Navi graphics architecture and a Zen 2 CPU, the Series X is designed to minimize load times and get you into games as quickly as possible. In the announcement reel, Microsoft employees threw out some pretty baller numbers: four times more powerful than the current most powerful console on the planet, the Xbox One X, four times better performance than the current generation in terms of load times, and the biggest generational leap in Microsoft’s console history.

    Xbox Series X In Detail: GamesRadar+ has been exploring the Xbox Series X in detail, so be sure to click the link to find all of our exclusive reporting, hands-on impressions, interviews, and more.;

    Dynamic Latency Input optimises latency, starting with the Xbox Wireless Controller, which makes sure that input is synchronised immediately with what’s displayed, making controls even more precise and responsive. HDMI 2.1 support introduces even more latency-reducing technology too.;

    Smart Delivery is super exciting too, and means you’re getting the best version of the game possible without having to pay for the Xbox Series X version. Basically, if you buy a game on the Xbox One, you will also be able to play on Xbox Series X – including Halo Infinite.

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