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When Does Among Us Come Out On Xbox

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Is Among Us Coming To Xbox One

Among Us On Xbox Is CONFIRMED! (how to download among us on xbox!)

As of right now, Among Us is only available on PC via Steam, where it costs $5, and for free on mobile. Its not available on any console and no official word has ever been released on plans to port it.

However, Im sure fans have been clamouring for it to come to console since it blew up very recently. The developers havent commented since, but thatll likely just be a matter of time before they say something, whether that been positive or negative for those hoping for an Xbox One release.

However, since the game features text communication, it might not be the easiest game to get to work on Xbox One. Unlike PCs, Microsofts console arent built to support to text and keyboards well.

Youre probably best keeping your fingers crossed that the sequel to Among Us comes to Xbox One. In a post on their site about a month ago, they confirmed that theyre working on number two. However, they didnt say anything about a console version. They said:

Unlike Among Us 1, we expect to make Among Us 2 for PC first, then port to mobile. This will let us focus on making a great game faster because updates can come out in minutes on PC, where mobile can take hours or even days.

However, as the game gets more and more popular and word of mouth praise spreads, maybe a Xbox One version of Among Us will get more likely. We will update you here if we hear anything.

Thats it about whether Among Us is coming to Xbox One. For more tips and tricks on the game, be sure to search for Twinfinite.

How To Update Among Us On Android

Downloading Among Us through Google Play Store isnt any different than installing a regular app. All games are basically apps and you can update them by navigating to the Updates tab of the Google Play Store.

  • Launch Google Play Store and click on your profile picture on the top right corner of your screen.
  • Choose Manage apps and device.
  • Tap on the Updates panel under Overview.
  • If theres an Among Us update, the game should appear on the list of apps that have an update ready to be installed.
  • You can start installing the patch by tapping on Install.

When Is The Among Us Ps4 Release Date

The developers at Innersloth have confirmed that Among Us is coming to PS4 and PS5 consoles at some point in 2021, although the exact date is yet to be announced. The trailer below revealed the news, with Ratchet and Clank entering the world of Among Us for a fun crossover! Well be sure to let you know when the precise date is confirmed.

On the topic of the Xbox and PlayStation release, a recent blog post from the Among Us developers offered this update: I get it, you want to know when. I cant tell you. IM SORRY. When I can I will!!

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Among Us Possible Playstation Release Date

Were now over halfway into 2021, and fans are eager to know when theyll be able to get their hands on the console editions of Among Us. Well, it might be sooner than you think if recent database leaks are to be believed.

According to Twitter account, PlayStationSize, Among Us has been uploaded to the consoles database and has an attached release date of August 31st, 2021.

Of course, this date could just be a placeholder, and by no means should be taken as an official release date. But, its a very specific date to include as a placeholder. This also doesnt mean that the Xbox version of Among Us will release alongside the PlayStation version. Xbox could see an earlier, or later, release date.

So, dont take this information as a confirmed release date, but if its true, the PlayStation version of Among Us could be less than two months away.

Among Us June 15 Update

Among Us Coming to Xbox

The upcoming Among Us update will be released on June 15th and will arrive on all available platforms.

From June 15, players will be able to play in 15 player lobbies with a total of 3 impostors. But thats not all, the official Among Us Twitter account also announced there will be new colors, a new kill screen menu, mobile controller support, and even horn honking on the Airship map.

Innersloth also announced that Among Us would be coming to Xbox consoles later this year.


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How Can You Update Among Us On Nintendo Switch

  • Fire up your Nintendo Switch and find Among Us in your library.
  • If you cant seem to find the game, check out the All Software section on the right side.
  • Highlight Among Us and press minus or plus on your joypad.
  • A new menu will appear and youll need to choose Software Update to move on with the process.
  • After clicking on that, your Switch will ask your whether youd like to update the game via the Internet and the update will start after confirming your choice.
  • Is Among Us Coming To Xbox

    Among Us has quickly become one of the most popular multiplayer games of the year, but is it coming to Xbox? Right now, the game is currently only available on PC via Steam and on mobile devices. The PC version costs $5 while the iOS/Android version is free to download. The game can run on just about any computer or phone, but there are a ton of Xbox owners who would love to get in on the fun. The game isnt officially confirmed for the console yet, but heres everything we know about Among Us on Xbox.

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    How To Get Geoff Mask In Among Us

    The Summer Games Fest has kickstarted in Among Us. This fest will hold a variety of new events that players can complete to receive exclusive loot. The Summer Games Fest opening was streamed on twitch. The players that watched the opening ceremony, receive the Geoff Keighley Among Us Mask. The fest kicked off on the tenth of June and only the players that watched the stream were able to acquire the Geoff Mask. Among Us has provided another way for the players to acquire the mask for those who missed it the first time around. Check out how to get Geoff Keighley Among Us Mask below:

    Will Among Us Be Available On Xbox Game Pass

    Among Us CONFIRMED Coming to Console! (among us on xbox & ps4 release date?)

    When Among Usreleases for Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X in 2021, it will be on Xbox Game Pass from day one. While the game is pretty cheap at only $5, you won’t even have to pay for it if you are subscribed to Xbox’s service that’s like a Netflix for games. As long as it’s on the service, players can download and access the game at any time or purchase it at a 20 percent discount.

    If you have Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or Xbox Game Pass for PC, Among Usis actually already part of the service. Since December 10, the game has been free to download on the Windows Store for Game Pass owners. Your progress should carry over to the Xbox versions of the game whenever they release in 2021.

    Among Us will be released for Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X in 2021.

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    When Among Us Comes Out On Xbox

    The Bethesda and Xbox E3 presentation revealed many projects, but a surprising appearance was made by Among Us, which is joining Xbox Game Pass.

    Among Us made a surprising appearance during the Xbox and Bethesda E3 2021 panel, where it joined many other games on the Xbox Game Pass. With the number of titles accessible on Xbox Game Pass, its value has only continued to increase, especially with upcoming new releases being available from day one. Among Us is free for players subscribed to the Game Pass on PC right now. The presentation promised many updates to the game, but the feature that held the most weight was its port to Xbox.

    Thanks to the popularity of Among Us, developer Innersloth has been able to expand its development team and features. Among Us‘ appearance at E3 speaks to its success, and a place on Xbox Game Pass only expands the number of players it can reach. In addition to an eventual port to Xbox, Among Us revealed an increase in the number of players allowed in lobbies. Before Among Us‘ update video, a maximum of ten players could join an open lobby, but that number will expand to a maximum of fifteen players.

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    Are There Any New Features For Among Us For Xbox

    No matter where you play Among Us, the game is pretty consistent in its experience. However, things may have to change a tad for Xbox out of necessity. Players on Xbox will likely enjoy Among Us on a larger TV screen with a controller in their hand.

    Among Us on the Nintendo Switch shows that some controls become easier with analog sticks and triggers, but other mini-games suffer and communication with Crewmates becomes more difficult. Hopefully, InnerSloth will be able to improve this experience when they make the jump to Xbox. At the very least, here’s hoping Among Us for Xbox uses the excellent built-in on-screen keyboard instead of a proprietary keyboard inside of Among Us.

    Xbox Party integration would also be great with Among Us for Xbox. Hopefully, players will be able to invite their friends to rooms instead of figuring out how to share the unique room codes, and Xbox’s Party Chat will provide a suitable way for players to discuss over meetings instead of using text messages.

    Unfortunately, it’s impossible to say for certain how the Among Us for Xbox experience will be at this time. The only thing we can say with a reasonable amount of confidence is that Among Us will likely include Achievements for the first time, which can give even more players reason to jump in and play. Among Us doesn’t feature achievements, trophies, or whatever else you want to call them on any other platform, but games are strongly encouraged to include them on Xbox.

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    How To Update Among Us On Iphone Or Ipad

    Any game youll download off the App Store will be considered as an app and youll be able to update them just like any other app on your phone or tablet.

    To update Among Us on iPhone or iPad, youll need to:

    • Launch the App Store.
    • Scroll down to see pending updates.
    • You can also take a look at the release notes on this tab and learn more about the update as it starts to download.

    When Will ‘among Us’ Be Coming To Xbox

    Among Us Is Getting Some Lovely Collector

    Among Us has been very popular for the past several months, and a large part of that is likely because it’s playable across all platforms. This means anyone who is playing on a mobile device can play with someone on a PC. The game was recently released on Nintendo Switch, which has Xbox users wondering when it will become available to them.

    Xbox is one of the few gaming platforms that doesn’t currently have a playable version of Among Us, but there’s some hope. According to an article posted on Xbox’s media website, Among Us is coming to Xbox consoles after having dropped on Xbox Game Pass for PC in December of 2020.

    In March 2021, InnerSloth Community Director Victoria Tran provided further insight as to when players might expect to see the game hit Xbox platforms, promising a 2021 release date.

    “Considering how our game started as nothing more than a small, local, mobile-only experience, it is so cool to us that itll be coming to Xbox consoles and Xbox Game Pass with online and local multiplayer,” she wrote in an Xbox blog. “And the best part is being able to play with your friends no matter what platform theyre on hooray for cross-platform play! The Xbox version of Among Us will also include our newest and biggest map, The Airship.”

    An exact release date has yet to be announced, though players can expect it before the year is out.

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    How Can You Update Among Us On Playstation And Xbox

    As of now, Among Us isnt available on PlayStation or Xbox, but its looking to launch on these platforms. Once Among Us hits the PlayStation and Xbox stores, the game should automatically notify you whenever theres an update. Heres how to update them on the two platforms based on their standard process.

    On PlayStation 5:

    • Go to your Library and select Among Us.
    • Press the Options button and choose Check for Update.
    • If an update is available, you can start downloading it by following the on-screen instructions.

    On Xbox Series X/S:

    Will Among Us For Xbox Have Any New Features

    The Xbox Wire post that confirmed the Xbox versions of Among Us did not suggest that this new version of the game would feature any distinctive features or exclusive content. The Nintendo Switch version of the game did not feature anything special, and all versions of Among Us must be compatible with each other, so it’s doubtful that the Xbox version of the game will be much different than the others.

    It should be fully updated and content compatible with other versions of Among Us at launch. Innersloth has also taken some steps to improve their account system in new updates, which a developer has previously said was necessary for console ports of Among Us to happen.

    Xbox systems also support a unique mechanic that could fix one of the Nintendo Switch port’s big issues: typing in a text chat. Xbox consoles currently have keyboard and mouse support for some games. While nothing has been confirmed yet, it’s possible that Among Us could feature keyboard and mouse support on Xbox to avoid the chat issues of the Nintendo Switch version of the game. Having a built-in party chat on Xbox consoles should also help circumvent this issue.

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    Among Us’ 2021 Roadmap Promises More Content To Come

    Future development of Among Us will introduce new roles and new game modes for players to enjoy. New Among Us roles such as Scientist and Sheriff will be added to the game to keep content fresh and players engaged. Additionally, players will be able to play an official Hide and Seek mode. By expanding the player base to other platforms, and updating the current gameplay formula, Innersloth has ensured continued interest in their product for the future.

    In addition to branching out onto consoles, Among Us is looking to further expand its content with its fifth map and new cosmetics. The most recent Among Us map was Airship, which was released at the end of March, and is currently the largest map available in the game. With the port to consoles on the way, and many players likely playing on larger screens, it is possible that the fifth map could introduce a larger play area to compensate for it. In addition to a new map, players will be receiving cosmetics for their visors. It is unknown at this time whether the new map and cosmetics will be available at the time of Among Us’ release on Xbox.

    Thanks to the popularity of Among Us, Innersloth has been able to expand the development of the game and partner with larger corporations like Microsoft to be available on Xbox. It is unknown at what time the game will be ported to consoles for now. The update schedule of PC vs consoles is not yet available, nor are the release dates for any of these additions to the game.

    Among Us Is Coming To Xbox Devices

    Will Among Us Come to Xbox? (Xbox One & Xbox Series X)

    Despite the official announcement from Microsoft, a tentative date for the release of Among Us on Xbox is yet to be revealed by either InnerSloth or Microsoft.

    However, speculations are being made about Among Us launching Xbox along with the release of the fourth map in the game, The Airship.

    Other than that, the official announcement did not hint towards any additional features or new content being introduced to the Xbox version of Among Us. However, the game’s performance on console devices remains to be seen as of now.

    Given how popular Among Us has become on social media and streaming platforms, the game’s release on console devices was highly predicted.

    After a successful launch on the Nintendo Switch to begin its journey on console devices, Among Us is getting ready to take the Xbox community by storm.

    Among Us coming to xbox lets go!

    Jared Monroy

    Among Us has always had a crossplay feature to allows players to have fun with their friends, irrespective of their device or platform. It is believed that InnerSloth will maintain a similar crossplay feature on the Xbox devices as well.

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    When Among Us’ Xbox Release Is Coming

    Currently, there is no set release date, or even confirmation that Among Us is being developed or ported for Xbox One. Innersloth had originally stated that they would have liked to bring Among Us 2 to console, but now that it’s cancelled, it may be a while longer until Among Us is released on Xbox. Chances are that Among Us won’t even come out on Xbox One, and will instead come out on the next-gen Xbox Series X sometime next year. A console port of Among Us could take a lot longer than expected, especially with the small developer team working on more features and bug fixes for the game on its current platforms.

    A port to Xbox One isn’t even the highest priority for Innersloth, though. Right now, the developers want to focus on a friends list system for easier private games. However, Among Us has become the number one watched game on Twitch and reached previously 1.5 million concurrent players, so releasing the game on Xbox would mean much more success and a rapid increase in the player base. Adding Xbox One players to the mix of PC and mobile Among Us players would let more communities come together to experience the most popular video game right now.

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