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When Did The Xbox One X

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All The Xbox Scorpio Rumours Leading To The Reveal Of Xbox One X

Xbox One X In 2021! (Still Worth It?) (Review)

Here you can find an archive of rumours about the Xbox Scorpio which hit the internet before the official reveal of the Xbox One X.

Update: 06/11/2017 – Geoff Keighley Reveals Price of the Scorpio as $499

In a somewhat surprising move, hours before the Microsoft E3 2017 presentation was due to take place, Geoff Keighley appears to have leaked the price of the Xbox Scorpio, announcing the price point as $499.

Keighley announced the info in the tweet seen just below, but we’ve yet to wait on any official word from Microsoft.

I can now say with confidence Project Scorpio is $499. Unless something changes today, that is what will be announced.

Geoff Keighley

On top of this, a newsletter went out today from Best Buy, that used the image below, perhaps revealing the ‘Scorpio’ moniker as the actual name of the next Xbox console. This is unconfirmed for now however, and we’ll have the official word from Microsoft later today.

Look! This is the Xbox Scorpio Chip

Mike Ybarra, Corporate Vice President – Xbox & Windows gaming platform at Microsoft, has tweeted a picture of the Xbox Scorpio chip that will be inside the forthcoming console. With E3 2017 just over a week away, Ybarra’s tweet sent Xbox fans into a frenzy of excitement.

If youre into staring at pictures of chips this chip is likely to do wonders for you. For everyone else, well, its a picture of something that will be inside the Xbox Scorpio. Theres not much else to say!

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Game Support And Backward Compatibility

Much like the PlayStation 4 Pro, its up to developers to take advantage of the Xbox One Xs extra power with better framerates and native 4K support. Microsoft has been steadily announcing titles that support 4K and/or HDR, and we are keeping updated on those titles in another post.

As far as game support goes, all the same games play on the Xbox One, Xbox One S, and Xbox One X. That includes access to the backward-compatible Xbox 360 library. A small selection of Xbox 360 games, including Halo 3 and Fallout 3, have even received Xbox One X updates for better performance, so for that, its hard to choose anything else.

Winner: Xbox One X

Far From One And Done

But Microsoft doesn’t tend to stand still. So just less than three years later in August 2016, the Xbox One S was released. This took the original Xbox One and reworked it into a smaller box with an integrated power brick, as well as access to a 4K Blu-ray player and HDR support storage for it also went from 500GB to a healthy 2TB.

The Xbox One S was a far better prospect for Xbox fans, not least because it started at a much more appealing $299. As such, it wholly replaced the original Xbox One.

Backward compatibility was also brought in and expanded upon. When the Xbox One launched there was no native backward compatibility, meaning if people wanted to play old Xbox games on their Xbox One they needed to attach an Xbox 360 via the HDMI-In port.

But in 2015, Microsoft started working on backwards compatibility for the Xbox One. And its grown ever since, offering access to games that go as far back as the original Xbox this culminated in Microsoft adding a further 76 backward compatible games to the Xbox One. This approach is still seen today with the Xbox Series X and Series S comprehensive backward compatibility with features to make games run better like FPS Boost.

From there the Xbox One grew into a family of consoles. In 2017 the Xbox One X arrived, flipping things around and making an Xbox the most powerful console in the world.

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Get Your Video Chat On

What is sweet about Xbox is that it is very tightly synched to the internet and behaves like a computer in many ways. Seriously, Microsoft is at the helmso why wouldnt it? While the PS4 may have the graphical bells and whistles, the Xbox One X knows how to integrate web applications to create an experience where you can switch from gameplay to website surfing seamlessly. One benefit of this is that players can video chat with friends using the Skype video app. If you have the Xbox One app, then many premium features are now free, players can have up to nine other friends on the line. You can talk to grandma while playing Grand Theft Auto or Skyrim. You may want to turn down the audio though for obvious reasons.

Enjoy The Games Of Old

Xbox One X review: A surprising amount of power in a very ...

This might be one of the most popular entries on this list. When a new console comes out, what is one of the first questions gamers ask? Can they play old entries on the new system? Most of the time, players are left disappointed with the answer. There is likely some catch that is more trouble than it is worth. Microsoft has come the closest to fixing this problem. The Xbox One X asks like an emulator where gamers can play their favorite titles from the Xbox 360 and original Xbox without much fuss. Players just need to make sure they already have the games to play with. The games can be digital or physical. Considering how much these consoles cost, this should be standard.

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Xbox 360 Versus Xbox Series X

Movin’ on up, we come to the Xbox 360 which came in two varieties. The original Xbox 360 clocks in at 12.2 × 10.2 × 3.2 inches and weighed 7.7 lbs . This made it substantially smaller than the original Xbox and also smaller than the Xbox Series X.

But the Xbox 360 Slim was smaller still. Coming in at 10.6 x 10.2 x 3.1 inches , the Xbox 360 Slim made it so that spy satellites in space couldn’t tell which side of the console war your living room sided with. It also weighed in at 7.7 lbs, meaning it wasn’t too difficult to pick up and bring to a friend’s house for a gaming session.

Is The Xbox S Or X Newer

The nextgen Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are here, and they have far more power than either of these consoles, with better loading speeds, faster processing, nextgen graphics features like ray tracing, and much, much more. The Xbox Series S replaces the Xbox One S, and the Xbox Series X replaces the Xbox One X.

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Create The Perfect Xbox Home Screen Experience

Your dashboard is your virtual home. Therefore, it should have everything you need for it. However, what if you are surfing on your computer and see an application or program you want on your console home screen? Again, Microsoft has come to the rescue and made it easier for gamers to connect their PC and gaming experiences to one. If a gamer has a favorite web app, they like on their dashboard they can select the Pin To Home button to pin it to the home screen. This way they can access it on the Xbox home dashboard. Hmm, this thing is so intuitive, why would you ever not want to connect your online and Xbox One identity? On second thought, should we be scared about the amount of intrusive of this system? Hmmm.

Xbox One X Review: A Pixel

TRANSFER Games From Xbox One To Series X!

Microsoft’s 4K, HDR, Ultra HD Blu-ray-packing Xbox One X console is here, but is it worth your cash? T3 finds out…

There’s no doubting the Xbox One X’s power and, when it’s fed games that have been programmed to tap into that, the audio-visual experience is best-in-class.

  • New 4K games look phenomenal

  • +
  • Compact size and slim profile

  • +

Choosing your next console isn’t easy, it’s a big purchase so you should make sure you’re fully clued up on your options – that’s what this Xbox One X review is for.

Microsoft’s Xbox One X is all about creating the best possible gaming experience and is now in the best shape of its life, with support for 4K and HDR right out of the box. It’s more powerful, it’s faster and it supports the next generation of film formats. The BigM’s beast is more than a match for PS4 Pro. Be sure to check out the best Xbox One X deals available, as you might be surprised to see just how affordable this console has become.

Sony’s PS4 Pro blew T3 away hardware-wise, with its 4.2 teraflops of computing power elevating the gaming experience on Sony’s platform superbly, with higher resolutions and framerates, more particle effects, better physics, HDR and more brought to games across the PlayStation library.

PS4 Pro has been cornering the market for a while now, and with more and more games being developed with that extra processing power and visual upgrade in mind, its list of supporting software grows every month.

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Hardware Features And Design

There’s no denying how powerful the Xbox One X is. It’s virtually impossible to create an equivalent gaming PC at this price point, even when you disregard some of the console’s additional aspects like UHD Blu-ray and its uniquely compact design.

The Xbox One X is, in fact, the smallest Xbox ever made, featuring a slimmer depth profile than that of its standard HD brother. Like previous consoles, the Xbox One X’s design is intentionally unremarkable. It’s a black box, designed to disappear in among your other TV peripherals in your media center. The reverse has a grill to promote air flow, and the Blu-ray drive has changed position slightly from that of the S, hidden neatly under the larger top section.

The most remarkable thing about the physical design is the amount of power Microsoft managed to squeeze into such a small space.

Like the S, the X can be positioned vertically, but as of writing, there’s no official stand for the standard edition Xbox One X, which might prove annoying for some. However, there are some third-party options already popping up. Overall, the most remarkable thing about the physical design is the amount of power Microsoft managed to squeeze into such a small space.

Despite all that cooling, it’s also silent. My external HDD is louder than the console. My Razer Blade laptop, by comparison, sounds like a jet engine even running games at just 1080p, with the One X coming in at just 42 dBA during peak loads.

Listen You’re Being Surrounded

3D Spatial Sound is the next evolution in audio technology, using advanced algorithms to create immersive lifelike worlds that put you at the center of your experience.

Xbox Series X|S are the first game consoles to support gaming in Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, which enhance gameplay with both full-spectrum visuals and immersive audio.

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Xbox One X Spec Makes It The Most Powerful Console Of All Time

  • CPU has eight custom x86 cores clocked at 2.3GHz
  • GPU has 40 customised compute units clocked at 1172GHz
  • A total of 12GB of GGDR5 RAM
  • 1TB 2.5 inch hard drive as standard
  • 4K UHD Blu-ray Playback

In a report by Windows Central we were given a glimpse at how Xbox One games will look running on Xbox One X. The article shows the differences between Xbox One games running at 1080p and the same game running in 4K . The tech demo also highlighted the kind of visual changes we might see thanks to the extra power available to developers. A shot showing a rendered ladybug demonstrated better textures and additional geometry.

While most new consoles on the market take the crown for being the most powerful, its significant for Microsoft as its been playing second fiddle to Sonys PS4 for some time. The Xbox brand has suffered in recent years for a number of reasons, but the Xbox One being substantially weaker than the PS4 in terms of processing power has been a major factor.

Integrating Kinect With Microsoft Azure

How Much Does an Xbox One Cost?

Microsoft had abandoned the idea of Kinect for video games, but still explored the potential of Kinect beyond that. Microsoft’s Director of Communications Greg Sullivan stated in 2018 that “I think one of the things that is beginning to be understood is that Kinect was never really just the gaming peripheral…It was always more.” Part of Kinect technology was integrated into Microsoft’s Hololens, first released in 2016.

Microsoft announced that it was working on a new version of a hardware Kinect model for non-game applications that would integrate with their Azure cloud computing services in May 2018. The use of cloud computing to offload some of the computational work from Kinect, as well as more powerful features enable by Azure such as artificial intelligence would improve the accuracy of the depth-sensing and reduce the power demand and would lead to more compact units, Microsoft had envisioned. The Azure Kinect device was released on June 27, 2019 at a price of US$400, while the SDK for the unit had been released in February 2019.

Sky UK announced a new line of Sky Glass television units to launch in 2022 that incorporate the Kinect technology in partnership with Microsoft. Using the Kinect features, the viewer will be able to control the television through motion controls and audio commands, and supports social features such as social viewing.

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Reconfigure How You Play The Game

Much like the PS4, The Xbox One X and previous versions of the console are aware that not everyone likes their buttons in the same place. First person shooters and RPGs might require different access to controls, so Microsoft wisely fixed this problem and dealt with the situation. Gamers can remap their joystick buttons to have the best levels of comfort and control. Who says one button should always allow characters to jump or shoot? The gaming experience is all about customization and allowing players to do what feels comfortable to them. Consoles that follow this principle are usually a favorite with gaming fans. Even though this add-on is a little simple, it can go a long way in satisfying gamers. Nice job Microsoft!

Difference Between 4k Ultra Hd Hdr And Xbox One X Enhanced Games

  • Xbox One X enhanced Games that are said to be Xbox One X Enhanced offer one or more of the following benefits over non-Enhanced editions:
  • Graphic enhancements
  • Higher framerate
  • Higher resolution
  • 4K Ultra HD 4K refers to image resolution, or the number of pixels used for each image. Games described as being 4K offer a resolution of 3840 pixels × 2160 lines, offering substantially higher resolution than 1080p HD. To view 4K games at their native resolution, your TV must be 4K-capable.
  • HDR Visual dynamic range refers to the difference between the darkest and brightest information a game can show. As suggested by the term HDR, or high dynamic range, some games offer darker darks and brighter brights than others, depending on the screen you view them on. HDR on Xbox has a 10-bit color range, or wide color gamut, which uses more colors for a richer, more detailed image. On Xbox, this feature also goes by the name Dolby Vision, which is used by some video apps.
  • Dolby Atmos The game supports Dolby Atmos surround sound.

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Xbox Series X And Series S

Jump to navigationJump to searchX series S series XboxXbox One XXbox One SXbox 360 S

  • Xbox Series X
The Xbox Series X with controller
Also known as
8 million
  • Series X: 3.8 GHz, 3.6 GHz with SMT
  • Series S: 3.6 GHz, 3.4 GHz with SMT
Seagate PCIe 4.0 Storage Expansion Card
  • Series X: 52 CUs @ 1.825 GHz, 12.16 TFLOPS
  • Series S: 20 CUs @ 1.565 GHz, 4.01 TFLOPS
  • All previously released Xbox One-compatible controllers and accessories
Built-in power supply
Current firmware
Series X: 15.1 cm × 15.1 cm × 30.1 cm Series S: 15.1 cm × 6.5 cm × 27.5 cm
  • Series X: 9.8 pounds
  • Series S: 4.25 pounds
All Xbox One games and select Xbox 360 and original Xbox games

The Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S are home video game consoles developed by Microsoft. They were both released on November 10, 2020, as the fourth generation of the Xbox console family, succeeding the Xbox One family. Along with Sony’s PlayStation 5, also released in November 2020, the Xbox Series X and Series S are part of the ninth generation of video game consoles.

Xbox One X Facts For Kids

How to Connect a KINECT to the Xbox One X

The Xbox One X, code named Project Scorpio, is the fifth video game console made by Microsoft, succeeding both the Xbox One and Xbox One S. It was announced at E3 on June 11th 2017. It was released on November 7th 2017. The Xbox One X was made with better hardware for 4k resolution screens. This console has 6 Teraflops of graphical processing power, making it the most powerful console to date. It also has 12 gigabytes of GDDR5 RAM, with 9 being available to games and the other 3 for multitasking. This new upgrade in RAM allows for data transfer speeds of up to 326GB/second. Xbox One X works with all Xbox One software and accessories and has the same 2 USB 3.0 ports on the back and 1 USB 3.0 port on the front, now moved to the right side.

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