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When Did Rocket League Come Out On Xbox

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Rocket League Xbox Series S Upgrades

Rocket League Account Link for Steam, Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch Accounts

The Rocket League Xbox Series S version will support 1080p resolution at 60 FPS with HDR at launch. Just like the Xbox Series X version, it will receive an update later this year to add two visual settings: Quality, which is 1080p / 60 FPS / HDR and Performance, which is 1344×756 resolution / 120 FPS / HDR.

See how the new next-gen consoles stack up with our comprehensive assessments: we have a PS5 review, an Xbox Series X review, and an Xbox Series S review too.

How To Enable Cross

When Psyonix introduced cross-play to the game, they made sure that this setting was on by default, so theres a good chance youre already able to play with friends regardless of platform.

If you turned it off at any point or did so by mistake, turning it back on is easy.

  • Open Rocket League and go to the main menu.
  • Scroll down to Options.
  • Move to the Gameplay tab.
  • Look for the Cross-Platform Play box and toggle it on.
  • With ranked playlists for true competitors and fun party modes for those looking for a more casual experience, Rocket League is the perfect game for you and your friends to jump into.

    If youre looking for more cross-platform games, check out our Vanguard, Rainbow Six Siege, and GTA Online crossplay guides.

    Image Credits: Psyonix

    Some new leaks have revealed that Epic Games might be doing a Fortnite and Cobra crossover soon, and heres everything that has been revealed about it so far.

    Fortnite has become known for featuring plenty of crossover content for fans to enjoy. Weve seen the arrival of characters like Naruto, along with some cool items like Spideys web-shooters.

    Now, it seems that Epic Games are looking to bring some additions from the popular martial arts streaming series, Cobra Kai. Some new leaks have revealed Fortnite cosmetic items based on the show.

    Heres everything we know about the Fortnite and Cobra Kai crossover.

    Rocket League Is Full 4k On Xbox Series X And Checkerboard 4k On Ps5

    The Rocket League PS5 and Xbox Series X upgrades will let you play car soccer with smooth new visuals.

    Developer Psyonix confirmed how the new consoles will handle Rocket League in a post to the game’s official site . On top of the improvements available at launch, Psyonix is also planning to roll out an update that will let players choose between quality and performance modes sometime this year. As long as you have an Epic Games Account, all of your progress will come with you to your new console as well.

    Here are the Rocket League next-gen upgrades broken down by console.

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    Rocket League Goes Free To Play

    Rocket League developers, Psyonix recently announced that their game is going to shift to the free-to-play. This was released on their official social media accounts and they certainly had to make some changes with their existing game modes. They had to change their Tournaments and Challenge systems. Another update that can be expected is that it could also add cross-platform progression for players’ item inventory, Rocket Pass progress, and Competitive Rank. This can be done easily by just linking to an Epic Games Account.

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    Rocket League was initially released for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4. In June 2016, 505 Games started to distribute the physical retail version of the game for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. By 2017, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment had taken over the distribution duties by then. By 2016, some different versions of the game were released for macOS and Linux. According to the reports, Rocket League is going to shift to the free-to-play section by Summer 2020. Their official website says,

    Rocket League is going release on the Epic Games Store on PC the same time it goes free to play. This version of the game will be identical to the version found on other platforms and will feature cross-platform play anywhere the players can play Rocket League, including between the Epic Games Store and Steam.

    Rocket League Is Becoming Free To Play On Xbox One And Other Platforms On September 23


    Starting September 23, 2020, Rocket League will be free-to-play on Xbox One, Windows 10 PC, Nintendo Switch, and PS4. As noted on Xbox Wire, Rocket League will also receive a new update to get the game ready for its free-to-play debut.

    In Rocket League, you play a fast-paced game of soccer with a super-sized ball and rocket-powered cars. Rocket League supports cross-platform play, so Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC players can play in matches head-to-head. Starting tomorrow, Rocket League will also enable cross-platform progression and provide Legacy Status items for current game owners, and also introduce revamped Tournaments, game-wide Challenges, as well as streamlined Seasons and new Ranks.

    Rocket League will also be available for free in the Epic Games Store for PC starting on September 23, 2020. If you add Rocket League using your Epic Games Store library between September 23, 2020, and October 23, 2020, you will get an Epic Games Store coupon for $10 off any game or add-on $14.99 or higher.

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    Rocket League Season 6 Start Time Release Date And Rocket Pass

    Rocket League gets animated with the Season 6 update!

    By Kyle Knight

    A new era of Rocket League begins this week as the Season 6 update is set to go live across all supported platforms with plenty of new content included.

    For Season 6, Rocket League is going completely animated with a brand new Rocket Pass, a new Neo Tokyo Variant Arena, and new content arriving with the mid-season event.

    So, if youre eager to jump into the upcoming season of Rocket League, heres the official start time, release date, and all the details on the new Rocket Pass.

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    Rocket League Knockout Mode Rules & Gameplay

    If youre eager to jump into the new Knockout mode in Rocket League, you can check out all of the rules and features below:


    • Team Size In Knockout there are no teams. Instead, 8 players compete in free-for-all action.
    • Lives Unlike Soccar, Knockout doesnt have unlimited respawns. Players will have to watch their back because once youve been KOd 3 times its game over.
    • Safezone Surrounding the arena is a translucent dome called the Safezone. When a player is knocked out of the Safezone, they must return within 10 seconds or they will be KOd. Throughout the game the Safezone will shrink, increasing the danger. After 6 minutes the match will enter Sudden KO, where every Attack or Throw is maximum power, and being knocked out of the Safezone causes an instant KO.
    • Hazards Each Knockout Arena contains several Hazards, including Spikes and a Laser Grid that lies below the platforms. Touching a Hazard will result in an instant KO.


    • Attack Dodging into opponents will do a lot more than just bump them, in Knockout a well-placed Attack will send your opponents flying. Remember, the faster youre going the harder youll hit.
    • Block Blocking will reflect Attacks back at your opponent. Be careful though, this will only work with proper timing otherwise your block will fail, leaving you wide open to an Attack.
    • Grab Hold the Grab button and dodge into an opponent to Grab them. Dodge again to throw them across the Arena.

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    When Does Rocket League Become Free To Play Is One Of The Most Asked Questions By The Gamers The Gamers Have Been Eager To Play This Epic Game Read

    Rocket League happens to be one of the most popular games of the current generation. Over 75 million users have already played the car-themed soccer game. Its makers recently shocked the gaming community with their latest announcement. Read more to know details about Rocket League.

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    Grab The New Xbox Series S Fortnite And Rocket League Bundle Starting Today

    Rocket League Dev on Xbox One/PS4 Cross-Play: We’ve Got It Figured Out – GS News Update

    Introducing the Xbox Series S Fortnite and Rocket League Bundle, including an Xbox Series S, 1,000 Fortnite V-bucks, 1,000 Rocket League Credits, and the Midnight Drive Pack for both titles. Starting today, the bundle is available online and in participating North American retailers for $299 and will be rolling out worldwide in December while supplies last. Round up your experience and get this bundle plus access to over 100 games with 24mo Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, from $24.99 per month for 24 months with Xbox All Access.

    Jump into the optimized action of Fortnite and Rocket League including lightning-fast load times and framerates up to 120fps. And, since Fortnite and Rocket League are free to play with Xbox , you can get right into gaming with your friends.

    The bundle includes the Midnight Drive Pack, 1,000 V-Bucks, and 1,000 Rocket League Credits . With the Midnight Drive Pack for Fortnite, you can customize your looks with the Dark Skully outfit, Dark Skully Satchel Back Bling, Dark Splitter pickaxe, and 1,000 V-Bucks to spend on cosmetic items or to get the latest Battle Pass. For Rocket League add-on content, you get the standout Purple Masamune Car, Purple Virtual Wave Boost, Purple Zefram Wheels, and 1,000 Rocket League Credits that can be used to build Blueprints, upgrade to Rocket Pass Premium, or purchase most-wanted content from the Rocket League Item Shop.

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    Rocket League Xbox One Release Date Soon

    Owners of Microsofts Xbox One entertainment console have been on the edge of their seats ever since the company revealed Rocket League for Xbox One during an awards show late last year. Video game developer Psyonix hasnt confirmed when the Rocket League Xbox One release date is just yet, but the studio says it still plans to deliver the game very soon.

    Psyonix talked about the Rocket League Xbox One release date this week in a reply to a fan on social networking website Twitter. Rocket League was one of last years biggest video games, despite being created by a smaller than normal studio and having a mostly abstract concept. It is described by most as a soccer game, but played with a hot rod and themed cars instead of human players.

    It received but did not win an award for Best Sports Game at The Game Awards 2015. That was the same show that Microsoft revealed the Rocket League Xbox One release. The game was a big part of the PS4s exclusive line-up last year.

    ID @ Xbox is the internal program at Microsoft that hopes to foster and harness development from smaller gaming studios that dont have large corporate backers for their games. A similar focus on smaller developers at Sony is what helped Rocket League rise to popularity on the PS4. Rocket League is already available on PCs running Microsofts Windows operating system through Steam.

    Rocket League for Xbox One will cost $19.99 whenever it does arrive.

    Rocket League Players Divided Over Season 5

    Rocket League players on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X are divided over Season 5 due to the rewards for Season 4 releasing alongside the new season. The next season of the free-to-play game is set to release on November 17, and will add an arena dubbed Starbase Arc , music from Grimes, a new car dubbed Nexus , a new Rocket Pass, and of course plenty of new cosmetic items. Meanwhile, a day after Season 5 releases, a new LTM “with a new twist on Heatseeker,” dubbed Heatseeker Ricochet, will release as part of three new Labs Arenas: Hourglass, Colossus, and Barricade.

    The reaction to Season 5 and its content has been positive, but it’s been drowned out by uproar over the rewards coming at the end of Season 4. At the moment of publishing, Psyonix and Epic Games are focusing on Season 5, with the Season 4 Rewards trailer not even being listed. And that’s because players aren’t happy with the rewards. Over on YouTube, the unlisted trailer has almost exclusively dislikes, with comments blasting the content. Meanwhile, over on Twitter, the pair haven’t mentioned the rewards for Season 4, but that’s all players are talking about in the replies to tweets about Season 5. And just like YouTube, the comments are negative.

    As always, feel free to hit the comments section with your thoughts or, alternatively, hit me up on Twitter and let me know over there. What do you think of Rocket League’s Season 4 rewards and new Season 5 content?

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    Rocket League Developer Psyonix Is Getting Ready To Drop A Fresh Batch Of Items And Rewards As The Game Enters Its Fourth Season Of Content

    Link copied

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    Rocket League Season 4 is about to begin on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch.

    The new Rocket League season has an August 11 release date and a 4pm BST launch time in the UK.

    Developer Psyonix has released an update ahead of the new season, which adds a host of new features and rewards ready for the big event.

    Speaking of rewards, Season 4 introduces the Outlaw car, as well as Tanker Wheels, Lava Boosts and lots more.

    “The latest car, Outlaw, is on the loose, and is wanted for boost stealing and demo hunting,” reads a Psyonix post.

    “Capture it in Rocket Pass Premium along with 70+ Tiers of the shiniest loot this side of Deadeye Canyon, including No-Name Topper, Tanker Wheels, Amikoo Decal, and Lava Boost.”

    You can see some of the new rewards – including Octane – in the image below.

    As you can see from the Rocket League Season 4 patch notes, Rocket League now has a streamer safe music option, which will prevent streamers from receiving strikes while broadcasting.

    Other new features include harsher penalties for quitters in casual mode, as well as player to player trading improvements.

    Rocket League Nintendo Switch Release Date

    What is the Xbox Customization Pack?  Psyonix Support

    Nintendo recently revealed the release date of November 14, 2017 for the Nintendo Switch version of Rocket League. We don’t yet know what the price of the game will be when it eventually hits Nintendo’s latest console, but we do know that there will be some Nintendo-centric exclusive items, as we detail further down.

    As Rocket League is on a Nintendo console, Switch players can get access to exclusive items that arent available on other versions of the game, such as Mario and Luigi hat Toppers. The game will also function in every Nintendo Switch mode, running in 720p and 60FPS in both docked and handheld modes.

    Nintendo also recently revealed that there will be Rocket League cars themed around historic Nintendo franchises, including Mario, Luigi, and Samus. You can see the Mario and Luigi cars just below, the former of which will be available for the Orange team, while Luigi’s car will be available for the Blue team.

    The third exclusive vehicle for Rocket League on the Nintendo Switch will be the Samus car that you can see just below, which is available for both teams in different color schemes.

    Check out the trailer just below to see all three cars in action, which we’ll finally be able to get our hands on near the end of 2017.

    While we dont yet know how many people can play Rocket League on the same switch at once, we do know that online multiplayer for the game will support up to 8 people.

    What is Rocket League?

    Different Game Modes in Rocket League

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    Rocket League Season 3 Start Time

    The first thing to know about Season 3 is that an update will go live in-game at 7pm ET/12am BST on April 6, getting the game prepared for the new season.

    Then, the Rocket League Season 3 start time will be 11am ET/4pm BST on April 7, provided no issues crop up after the update is pushed live.

    As the developers say, “Once the season begins, new Competitive Tournament Rewards will be introduced, and the new Competitive Season begins. Season 2 Competitive Rewards will be granted shortly after Season 3 goes live.”

    Rocket League Season 7 Begins On June 15th

    Its hard to believe that Rocket League was first released via PlayStation Plus back in 2015. Seven years on, the game is going from strength to strength and developer Psyonix has announced that Season 7 will start on June 15th, bringing a new arena variant, rocket pass, competitive season, Summer anniversary event, and more.

    Heres the official word on what Rocket League Season 7 will include:

    • Utopia Coliseum Arena Utopia Coliseum Arena is receiving a glamorous makeover for Season 7 and will be available once the season begins.
    • New Rocket Pass Season 7s Rocket Pass will be headlined by the majestic Maestro car and include items such as the Carat Cutter Wheels, Marble Floor Decal, and more.
    • Summer Anniversary Event A new Limited Time Event celebrating the seventh anniversary of Rocket League will be available later in the summer and more information will be revealed at a later date.

    Psyonix also says that Season 6 competitive rewards will be distributed shortly after Season 7 begins, and says it will kick-off on June 15th following on from a game update that will hit the previous day at 4pm PDT / 11pm UTC.

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