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What’s The Difference Between Xbox X And Xbox S

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Xbox Series X Vs Xbox Series S Games

Xbox Series X|S – Whats The Difference?

So heres what you need to know: both the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are able to play exactly the same games, although theyll undoubtedly look best on Xbox Series X.

The kind of compromises we expect to see on Xbox Series S will focus on the drop to 1440p resolution from 4K, and maybe some more minor changes that probably wont be as noticeable.

Both consoles offer full backwards-compatibility with Xbox One, Xbox 360 and original Xbox games. So while we’re still waiting for some of the biggest next-gen exclusives like Fable 4 and Halo Infinite to launch, there’s still plenty to play, particularly if you have a large library of titles already. If you own a lot of physical copies, though, be mindful that these wont work on Xbox Series S due to the lack of disc drive.

Xbox Series X Vs Xbox One X Price

The Xbox Series X costs $499 / £449 / AU$749, and matches the original MSRP of the Xbox One X. While this is, admittedly, very expensive, the Xbox Series X packs a lot of technology into its cuboid frame.

The problem right now is that the console is notoriously hard to find, with stock continuing to snapped up as soon as it appears, which can make it hard to find where to buy Xbox Series X.

However, the Xbox One X has had big price cuts over the past few months. Weve seen the console drop well below its original asking price, but as Microsoft has since discontinued the Xbox One X, stock is becoming harder to find. If you do see an enticing deal, then, its worth snapping it up straight away.

Better Graphics On Old Games Great Graphics On New Games

The Xbox Series X and Series S feature a new generation of graphics hardware that is more capable than the components of previous consoles in a variety of ways. In most titles, you can expect higher resolutions, higher frame rates, and more detailed characters and environments compared to the same games on Xbox One or PlayStation 4, all with better image quality. Effects should also be more pronounced and sophisticated, as the new graphics hardware in these consoles can pull off greater amounts of fancy tricks like smoke and fog that has physical properties, and lighting that creates shadows and reflections more like it does in the real world.

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Xbox Series X Vs Xbox Series S: Which Xbox Is Right For You

Heres how the Xbox Series X compares to the Xbox Series S

If youre trying to decide between the Xbox Series X or the Xbox Series S, then this guide is for you. At first glance, there doesnt seem to be a big difference between Microsofts two next-gen gaming consoles. But look deeper and youll find there are some key differences between their power and capabilities.

Importantly, there is no outright winner in the Xbox Series X vs Xbox Series S battle. The one thats right for you will be entirely dependent on what youre looking for from a games console. Both have their merits but the choice will come down to two things: your budget and your preferences. By which we mean how much do you need a disc-drive? And how high is native 4K output in your list of priorities?

We’ve reviewed both the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S in depth, which means were familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of both consoles. Our opinion is that the Xbox Series X is undoubtedly the powerhouse and the top-of-the-line option. However, the Xbox Series S has its much lower price on its side. Read on to help you decide which of the two you should buy to suit both your setup and your budget.

Xbox Game Pass Comparison

$9.99/£7.99/9.99 $9.99/£7.99/9.99

Suffice it to say, if you dont have the cash to make a big upfront purchase, then Microsoft still wants to get you on board for its next generation of consoles. You wont own any of the games you can play , but thats the trade-off you make.

Microsofts plans for the next generation of gaming are sprawling. Two consoles that are available via subscription and can play a huge chunk of your existing Xbox games, a new roster of games that will be playable on your existing Xbox One, a continuing focus on PC gaming, and a game streaming service mean that, no matter what hardware you own, theres a decent chance youll be able to pay Microsoft to play its games.

Weve written before about how the focus on trying to sell subscriptions rather than premium hardware means that the true next-gen Xbox is the subscription itself, rather than the hardware it plays on. Microsoft is casting its net wide, and it doesnt want any hardware requirements to get in the way of you subscribing.

Sony, meanwhile, is doing what its always done: its making a new console, developing exclusive games for it, and selling it. Its hard to argue too much with the approach when its done so well for the company so far, especially with the PS4.

Update November 12th, 1:30PM ET: Added hands on impressions now that the Xbox Series S and Series X have launched.

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Why Is Microsoft Xbox Series S Better Than Microsoft Xbox One X

  • 1.57x faster CPU speed8 x 3.6GHzvs8 x 2.3GHz
  • 393MHz faster GPU clock speed?
  • Has an external memory slot?
Store Price

Sony PlayStation 5 Digital Edition

8 x 2.3GHz

8 x 3.6GHz







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Initial Unveiling And Launch

Industry rumors of new Xbox hardware had started as early as June 2018, with Microsoft’s Phil Spencer confirming they were “deep into architecturing the next Xbox consoles” at that time. The hardware was believed to be a family of devices under the codename “Scarlett,” including a low-cost version following a similar scheme as the Xbox One family of consoles, with major emphasis on game streaming and backward compatibility. By March 2019, further industry rumors had led to speculation of two consoles within the Scarlett family under codenames “Anaconda” and the low-cost “Lockhart” version.

Microsoft confirmed Project Scarlett at its E3 2019 press conference. Microsoft said they wanted a “soft” transition from Xbox One to Scarlett, with Scarlett supporting backward compatibility with all games and most hardware supported on the Xbox One. During a presentation at The Game Awards 2019, Microsoft officially revealed the design of Scarlett and its branding, “Xbox Series X,” as well as a late 2020 release date. Following the event, a Microsoft spokesperson stated that Xbox Series X constituted an entry in a fourth generation of Xbox hardware, which will be branded simply as “Xbox” with no subtitle.

On July 16, 2020, Microsoft announced that it had ended production of the Xbox One X and all-digital version of the Xbox One S in preparation for the new products.

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Xbox Game Pass Vs Xbox Live Gold: What’s The Difference

Both subscriptions offer more gaming options for Xbox owners, but they’re not the same thing. We break down the differences.

Does the PS5 have an edge on the Xbox Series X/S in terms of its lineup of current and upcoming exclusive game titles? Maybe. But where Xbox has a distinct advantage is its Game Pass subscription option, which lets Xbox owners play more than 100 games for single flat fee . It’s a great deal, but the only problem is that Microsoft has some confusing messaging around the available Game Pass options: There are three versions of the subscription, along with a Xbox subscription called “Xbox Live Gold.” Gold, meanwhile, is included in some versions of Game Pass, but not others.

Need help untangling the differences? Read on.

Xbox Series X Vs Xbox Series S: Design And Build

Xbox Series X vs. Xbox Series S (full comparison)

The Series X measures 30 x 15 x 15cm compared to the Xbox One Xs 30 x 24 x 6cm. Its weight is 4.45kg, vs the 3.69kg of the older machine.

As you can see in the above image, the Series S is much more petite. It measures 28cm x 15 x 6cm and is a relative featherweight . In fact, the Series S is almost 60 percent smaller than the Series X, making it the smallest Xbox yet. This should make it more portable and easier to throw in a bag to take to a friend’s house.

The two consoles look quite different. The Series S is finished in what Xbox calls Robot White, and is a lot less imposing than the X. It also has its cooling vent on the side , whereas the X passes air out of the top .

The Series X’s internal fan might be huge, but it runs nice and quietly. Sadly the same can’t be said of the disc drive it makes a real racket. Its not really a problem with disc-based games as they install to and run from the consoles internal storage, requiring the disc to spin only briefly on start-up, but it is an issue when watching Blu-rays and DVDs. The Xbox can easily be heard during low-volume scenes a dedicated player is unsurprisingly significantly quieter.

The Series S doesn’t have a disc drive, of course, so doesn’t suffer from this issue.

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Xbox Series X Vs Xbox Series S: Which Game Console Is Best For You

Is the more expensive 4K Xbox Series X the right choice, or should you stick with the 1440p Xbox Series S?

Is 4K resolution and an optical drive worth an extra $200 to you? That’s the main difference between the $500 Xbox Series X and $300 Xbox Series S. Unless your life is ruled by FOMO, if money is any object, the console choice clearly comes down to talking yourself into buying the Series X rather than talking yourself out of it. And If you want a fan model, like the Xbox Series X Halo Infinite Limited Edition, your only choice is the Series X it’s in preorder now and slated to ship in early November.

If you want one of the consoles now, though, or are trying to decide between the two for holiday gift giving, note that both are in short supply but it’s easier to find the Series S than the Series X. Newbie gamers will likely be happy with the S. But a lot of more seasoned gamers pooh-pooh the Series S, with its lesser storage capacity and components, as not a very future-proof choice.

Xbox Series S Vs Xbox One S Price And Release Date

Both the Xbox Series S and Xbox One S come with similar price points, though we expect the price of the Xbox One S to drop dramatically as time goes on. The Xbox Series S retails for $299 / £249 / AU$499 and is the cheapest next-gen console available.

The Xbox One S has been out for some time now, making its debut on August 2, 2016. Its price is holding steady at $299 / £249 / AU$499 but can often be found for much cheaper. Again, we expect the Xbox One S to drop in price now that the Xbox Series S has been out for a while.

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Faster Storage Delivers Much Shorter Load Times

All games and saves on an Xbox Series X or Series S are stored on a much newer and much faster type of storagecalled NVMethan the platter-based hard drive the Xbox One uses. This new storage helps provide some of the most obvious improvements to the overall user experience and games for this new console generation, with a night-and-day difference in console startup, game boot-ups, and in-game load times.

The Xbox Series S Is The Best

Xbox Series S vs. Xbox Series X: What

Ill be honest a big reason why I bought the Xbox Series S is because I simply love the way it looks. Whereas the blocky, tower-shaped Xbox Series X and the ridiculously gargantuan sci-fi behemoth that is the PS5 both command a decent amount of space, the Series S is an adorable little white rectangle that kind of looks like a large Bluetooth speaker. Its about half of the weight of both higher-end consoles, and a fraction of the size. This tiny box is just nice to look at especially sitting next to the matching white Switch OLED in my entertainment center.

But the Series S sleek design isnt just pretty its also practical. Moving the console from my living room to my PC area whenever I streamed on Twitch was a breeze, and far less of a hassle than lugging my PS5 from room to room. And if I ever find myself going on a long trip where Ill want a console handy, the Series S is the only system small enough to fit in my backpack.

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Xbox One X Vs Xbox Series X Verdict

The Xbox Series X is an enticing prospect, especially for those who are already invested in the Xbox ecosystem. Its graphical grunt combined with the excellent Xbox Game Pass subscription service means Xbox fans should seriously consider the latest and greatest console, with its impressive technical specs and plenty of hope for the future.

For early adopters, the Series Xs lack of exclusive games is at least offset by an instant collection of great games thanks to Game Pass and backwards compatibility. Numerous games are receiving Xbox Series X optimizations, too, making them look and play better than ever before. And with Smart Delivery, those looking to upgrade from their Xbox One X can buy supported games now and upgrade for free to the Series X version once they can afford the new unit.

Since the cost of the Xbox One X is likely to continue to fall, particularly now the Series X is approaching a whole year since launch, there are few reasons to buy it at full price right now. Even then, the better value prospect is the cheaper, but less powerful, Xbox Series S, though you will have to make do with a 1440p resolution output.

All things considered, it’s not really a battle between the Xbox One X vs Xbox Series X. Instead, Microsoft seems to be ensuring a harmonious, flexible transition between consoles for those who can afford an upgrade and want the best of the best from an Xbox.

Which Console Is Best For Backwards Compatibility

Xbox fans have enjoyed playing old Xbox games on their newer consoles, and the Xbox Series X and S are no different. The Xbox Series X and S will feature amazing backward compatibility, so you need not worry about either console’s ability to replay the classics.

However, there’s one caveat that’s important for those who love replaying their old library. The Xbox Series S is designed to be download-only, so it doesn’t have a disc drive. This means you can’t open up an old game case and put your CD in the console.

The Xbox Series X, however, has a Blu-Ray optical drive. This means that you can put in any supported game disc, and your console will recognize it.

The Winner: Xbox Series X

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Xbox Series X Vs Xbox Series S Specs And Features: Which Should You Buy

ByWhat Hi-Fi?published 5 November 20

The Series X is the more powerful machine but does the Series S offer better value for money?

November is gearing up to be a big month in the gaming world. Microsoft is launching the Xbox Series X and Series S on the 10th, while the Sony PS5 and its disc-less sibling, the PS5 Digital Edition will touch down the following week.

While Sony’s consoles boast plenty to get excited about, we’re going to focus on the latest Xboxes, which are available to pre-order now .

So which next-gen Xbox should you buy Series X or Series S?

We’ve reviewed both consoles, so we now know how they stack up against each other in terms of features, power, price, availability and looks. Wondering which new Xbox console to buy? Step right this way and we’ll explain all…

The Xbox Series S Could Be Significantly Cheaper Than The Xbox Series X

Xbox One X vs Xbox One S: What’s the difference?

At just $299, we can fairly safely predict that the Xbox Series S will be the cheapest next-gen console by a potentially considerable margin.

Honestly, that $299 price point is simply shocking. While the optimistic projections suggested that the cheapest next-gen console could check-in at under $300, most reports hinted that even low-end models would likely cost $349 or more.

Granted, Microsoft has made quite a few sacrifices to the Xbox Series S design in order to reach that price point, but that could prove to be a very attractive figure for those who are more interested in continuing to play the latest games than they are in accessing the highest-end gaming console on the market.

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