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What Sold More Xbox One Or Ps4

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Xbox One Vs Ps: Connectivity

PS4 sold more than Xbox One + The Next Civilization Is In Space! – GS News Top 5
  • You can’t upgrade Xbox One’s internal hard drive, but you can on the PS4
  • Both consoles support the use of external hard drives
  • The Xbox One has more ports on its rear

Depending on how your gaming setup is organized, the connectivity of your console could be an extremely important detail.

Both the Xbox One S and X have identical ports, each including two HDMI ports, one for receiving an input from a cable or satellite box, and one that inputs to your TV. On top of those, theyve each got two USB-3 ports, IR outputs, optical audio out, Ethernet ports and, of course, the power cable which is compatible with both versions of the Xbox. However, due to the quick and tragic downfall of Kinect, if you want to use a Kinect with either version of the Xbox One youll have to go out and get an adapter.

The PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim have similar inputs, although they are slightly different. Each has a single HDMI out, a single USB port in the back , an Ethernet port, and power. The only difference between the Pro and the Slim is that the Pro has an Optical Audio out, while the Slim drops it. One of the most compelling things about the connectivity of the PS4, however, is that both versions allow users to swap out the internal hard drive with another one of their choice.

All versions of both the Xbox One and PS4 support 802.11 ac Wi-Fi and Gigabit Ethernet so no matter which console you decide on, you wont have to worry about network compatibility.

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Xbox Game Pass Vs Playstation Plus

Xbox Live Gold on the Xbox One will set you back $9.99 a month, but it grants you online multiplayer access as well as some free games to download each month and game discounts. But we suggest a subscription to Xbox Game Pass for the same monthly price. It provides access to more than 100 of the best Xbox One games and other games for older and newer consoles, as well as online multiplayer access.

Opt to shell out for $14.99 and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate gives you access to Xbox and PC games, as well as cloud streaming and save syncing between all three platforms. Game Pass is basically a must have for Xbox fans and is one of the best bargains in gaming.

Comparatively, PlayStation Plus members get two free games per PlayStation console for $10 a month, as well as game save cloud storage Xbox One gets this for free. Discounts on on some of the best PS4 games can be had with PlayStation Plus memberships.

Winner: Xbox Game Pass. Xbox Game Pass is such a bargain that it’s hard for Sony to compete against it. And with new games set to launch day one on Game Pass, it’s now an essential service for Xbox players.

Xbox Vs Ps: Which Should You Buy In 2021

PS4 versus Xbox One S is a fight that’s lasted longer than it should have, especially as the answer to this question is dependent on who you are and what you value the most in your consoles. Do you like exclusive games? Hard-hitting technology? The ability to play your old games? The best specifications that money can buy? There are so many variables that looking into them all would take all day.

Thankfully, that’s why we’re here: to show you the best and worst sides of the PS4 and Xbox One by taking a deeper look at both Sony’s and Microsoft’s consoles, including the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro, on their price, console exclusives, hardware, specs, and even their size.

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Nintendo Switch 9287 Million

As of June 30, 2021, Switch had surpassed the sales totals of both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 with over 89 million units sold, according to Nintendo. That number grew to just under 93 million by the end of September. Over 630 million software units have been sold for Switch. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe remains the console’s best-selling game, with over 38 million copies sold. The Switch attempts to combine the console and handheld business lines Nintendo formerly supported with separate hardware and software.

Xbox One Vs Ps: Hardware

Xbox One top selling US console last month, Sony says PS4 No. 1 overall ...

The PS4 Slim and Xbox One S are both impressively sleek, offering attractive designs that look great under a TV and can fit into a backpack without a problem. The newest PS4 has a slight edge in terms of sheer smallness, though it lacks an optical input for high-end gaming headsets.

Sony’s 4K-ready PS4 Pro has a chunkier, hamburger-like design, while the Xbox One X, which is even more powerful than the Pro, is somehow slimmer than the Xbox One S.

Both consoles start with 500GB of storage that you can easily expand by connecting one of the best external hard drives for PS4 and Xbox One. PS4 owners also have the option of opening up their consoles to swap in a new 2.5-inch or SATA drive.

Each controller has its perks the Xbox One pad has textured grips and can be customized via the Xbox Design Lab, while Sony’s DualShock 4 is highly ergonomic and has a touchpad and reactive lightbar. The PS4 controller is the only one that supports micro USB charging right out of the box Xbox One owners will need to rely on AA batteries or buy a $25 charging kit.

Thanks to the $299 PlayStation VR headset, PS4 is the only of the two consoles to currently support virtual reality. The PSVR’s game lineup has grown quite compelling over the years, too, headlined by such major titles as Tetris Effect, Resident Evil 7, Astro Bot: Rescue Mission and Moss.

There’s currently no equivalent for Xbox One, and it doesn’t look like Microsoft plans to bring VR to Xbox anytime soon.

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Xbox One Vs Ps: Game Library

Given both consoles are now last-generation machines, there’s not a huge gulf between the game libraries of the PS5 and Xbox One. Both have access to some of the best games ever like Red Dead Redemption 2 and The Witcher 3, as well as a suite of indie games.

There are some core differences. The Xbox One gets access to a wider range of backward compatible games dating back to the original Xbox, as well as access to Xbox Game Pass, which provides a huge suite of games, old and new, to play for a monthly fee.

But the PS5 has access to a range of simply kilter exclusive games from The Last of Us 2 and Ghost of Tsushima to Uncharted 4 andGod of War. These games are very good and arguably give the PS4 the edge.

That’s not to say the Xbox One is devoid of great first party games titles such as Gears 5, Forza Horizon 4, Halo 5, Ori and the Blind Forest and Sunset Overdrive are all major standouts.

Winner: PS4. Both systems have a lot of great games, but Sony’s system has more hit games that you can only play on a console.

The Microsoft Xbox One

Microsoft followed up on Sony’s PS4 launch soon after, releasing the Xbox One on November 22nd, 2013 in North America. The Xbox 360 had proven to be a genuine competitor to the PS3, so one might expect Microsoft to continue this trend with the Xbox One.

However, this was not to be. At least, as far as we can tell. Microsoft has always held its cards close to its chest in terms of sales figures, and it actually stopped reporting Xbox One console sales back in 2015, according to an IGN article. It did the same with the release of the Xbox Series X it wouldn’t give away the sales figures for that console, either.

This being said, the same article tells us that, by the end of 2018 Microsoft had sold in the region of 41 million consoles. This figure is likely to have grown in the three years since so, in the absence of concrete sales figures from Microsoft, we’ll make a conservative estimate of between 45-50 million Xbox One consoles sold in total.

So, in terms of sales, the Xbox One isn’t the strongest of the three consoles, and those sales figures clearly don’t place it as the winner in this analysis.

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Nintendo Wii 10163 Million

  • Initial release date: November 19, 2006
  • Production status: Ended
  • Highest-rated games: Super Mario Galaxy , Super Mario Galaxy 2 , The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

According to official sales figures from Nintendo, Wii ended its run as the sixth-best-selling console of all time. With over 100 million systems sold, Wii generated 920 million units of software sales the second most for any Nintendo console.

Sega Master System/mark Iii 20 Million*

Game Scoop! – Can PS4, Xbox One Sell 33M this Year?
  • Initial release date: October 20, 1985
  • Production status: Ended
  • Notable games : Phantasy Star, Alex Kidd in Miracle World, Sonic the Hedgehog

*According to a compilation on NeoGAF of available sales data, Master System sold 6.2 million units in Europe. In Brazil, its biggest market, sales reached over 8 million, bringing our total to 14.2 million. Estimates for sales in Japan and the U.S., meanwhile, generally sit around 2 million per territory. Accounting for another 2 million in remaining territories such as Australia and South Korea, where the console reportedly sold fairly well we arrive at our final estimate of 20 million.

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Ps5 Vs Xbox Series X: Vr

If your new-gen gaming dreams involve wearing a headset to truly immerse yourself in your chosen digital worlds, then youre going to want to choose a PS5. Microsoft has repeatedly written off any specific virtual reality peripherals for console but Sony has happily announced a follow up to the original PSVR headset. The PSVR does still work with the PS5 but the future of PSVR sounds very interesting and its great to see Sony moving forward with the medium with confidence.

A Sony blog post revealed that while the next PSVR wont be out in 2021 – boo, hiss etc. – it will have significantly improved resolution, field of view, and tracking. It will be wired with a single cord and Sony is teasing a new VR controller which will incorporate some of the key features found in the DualSense wireless controller.. Given that the PSVR is still reliant on Move Wands its exciting to know that a more haptic experience is coming and Sonys talk of great ergonomics hopefully means controllers akin to the intuitive Oculus Quest controllers.

Disc Drives And Storage

The Xbox One S, Xbox One X, PS4 Pro and PS4 have physical disc drives, with the Xbox One consoles also able to play 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays. Sony, even as a founding member of the Blu-ray Disc Association, decided against adding a 4K Blu-ray deck to either PS4. They are still able to play conventional 1080p Blu-rays, but not Ultra HD discs.

The Nintendo Switch can do neither. The Japanese firm opted to dispense with discs altogether, with games coming on cartridge instead, much like the 3DS and Nintendo consoles of yore.

Games are also available via download stores, but considering how stingy Nintendo has been with on-board storage, you’ll have to invest in a microSD card to store more than a couple at a time.

The Xbox One S was originally available in a 500GB size, although the 1TB version is the standard model you’ll find in stores these days. The Xbox One X also sports a 1TB drive.

The latest PS4 is available in 500GB and 1TB sizes, while the PS4 Pro is a 1TB console. All Xbox and PlayStation machines have the ability to increase the storage through third-party hard drives – via external USB 3.0 HDDs. In addition, all PS4 models can be expanded through swapping the internal 3.5-inch internal drives.

The Switch, on the other hand, comes with 32GB of built-in storage. Big-name games, especially those from Nintendo itself, often take up at least half of that.


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The Sony Playstation 4

Sony released the PS4 on November 15th, 2013. It is the fourth iteration of Sony’s popular home console. During its time since launch, the PS4 went through several changes, with variations on the original console seeing release. These included upgrades like the PS4 Pro, which allows for 4K gaming and features twice the GPU power of the standard edition of the device.

Upon launch, the PS4 sold 1 million consoles within the first 24 hours of sale, which is an impressive feat on its own. This is the figure for the US alone the console sold 250,000 units in the UK at launch, in just 48 hours.

In the eight years since Sony launched the console, it became the best-selling console of all time. According to the latest figures from, the PS4 sold 144 million consoles in its life cycle, prior to the release of the PS5 in November 2020.

These impressive figures may well be enough to seal the PS4’s victory in this article, but let’s look at how the other two consoles fared first.

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Game Boy/game Boy Color 11869 Million

Xbox One, PS4 Among the Best
  • Initial release date: April 21, 1989
  • Production status: Ended
  • Highest-rated games: Metal Gear Solid , Super Mario Bros. Deluxe , The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages

This sales figure comes directly from Nintendo and includes sales of both the original Game Boy and subsequent Game Boy Color. 501 million units of software were sold for the console good for third on Nintendo’s all-time software list.

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Ps4 Vs Xbox One: The Price

The original Xbox One has been discontinued since 2017, but that hasn’t stopped the Xbox One S from being pretty cheap all the same. Of course, the same can be said for the PS4. It isn’t exactly difficult to find good, well-priced bundles of the two consoles that won’t leave you breaking your bank account in the process.

For example, a PS4 Pro 1TB console bundle that comes with Red Dead Redemption 2, can be yours at only $399. Considering you can buy that console for the same price, with zero games involved, that’s a pretty fine deal as far as we’re concerned.

Of course, if you just want the PS4 slim without the need for the added features of the PS4 Pro, then the PS4 Slim bundle with is also a catch for $320.

But the Xbox One X has more than a fair amount of great deals at a good price too. An Xbox One X 1TB console with Fallout 76 included, all for the price of $399? A bargain!

And if you’d rather play some sports than participate in the world of Fallout, the Xbox One X with NBA 2K19 for the same price is only a click away.

That said, there is a huge difference of price between the Xbox One S and the PS4 Slim, the more regular consoles of the bunch. While you’re able to get a deal for $320 for the PS4 Slim 1TB, you’re able to get a complete starter bundle of the Xbox One S for $250 coming with over 3 months of Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Passes. That’s a $70 difference!

Relative Underperformance Could Be Hurting Microsoft’s Access To Exclusive Games

by Kyle Orland – May 9, 2018 3:49 pm UTC

New statements from Electronic Arts suggest that Sony’s PlayStation 4 has sold 2.5 times as many consoles as Microsoft’s Xbox One through the end of 2017, with Sony now controlling over 70 percent of the “two-console” market worldwide.

As Variety noticed this morning, the numbers can be derived from a recent EA investor conference call, where CEO Andrew Wilson mentions “sales of current-generation consoles from Microsoft and Sony” totaling 103 million at the end of 2017. Combine that with Sony’s own reports of 73.6 million consoles sold through the end of 2017, and you get a rough estimate of 29.4 million Xbox One consoles on the market. That amounts to just under 40 percent of the PS4’s reported sales.

Even with a bit of wiggle room to account for EA’s market-size estimation methods, that’s an extremely tepid result for Microsoft’s console. The last time public estimates of the Xbox One’s installed base leaked out at the beginning of 2017, they fell in the 25 million to 30 million unit range, suggesting Microsoft sold less than five million systems in the 2017 calendar year. The PlayStation 4, meanwhile sold roughly 20 million consoles in 2017, expanding its already sizable lead in overall installed base.

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Removable And External Hard Drives

Only the PS4 offers a removable hard drive, which means that users can upgrade the factory 500 GB unit if necessary.

Xbox One also offers a 500 GB hard drive, but users cannot replace. Xbox One does include two USB ports intended to offer external storage in case console owners use up all 500 GB. There is also a 1TB version of the Xbox One that costs $50 extra , which is a better choice for gamers seeking more storage space.

In March 2017, Sony announced the 4.50 “Sasuke” update to the PS4 and PS4 Pro consoles. This update lets PlayStation VR headset owners watch 3D Blu-ray movies and also supports external hard drives up to 8TB. The external hard drive connects to the PS4 via USB and you can install games on the external hard drive instead of the PS4’s built-in hard drive. The Xbox does not support external hard drives.

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