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What Kind Of Batteries Do Xbox One Controllers Use

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How To Use Aaa Batteries In Xbox One Controller

How To Use AAA Batteries For Your Xbox One Controller

2022-08-01 by BatteryMentor

How to Use Aaa Batteries in Xbox One Controller? You can use two kinds of batteries in your Xbox Wireless Controller: AA batteries or the rechargeable battery from the Xbox One Play & Charge kit.

What type of battery for Xbox One controller? You can use two kinds of batteries in your Xbox Wireless Controller: AA batteries or the rechargeable battery from the Xbox One Play & Charge Kit.

How to put the batteries in the Xbox One controller? If like me you have been looking for more than 5s how to put the batteries in your Xbox One controller, in fact the terminal is indicated on the right directly on the metal contacts.

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Different Types Of Xbox Controllers And Cross

Xbox Controller
Hyperkin offers an original Xbox animated startup screen vibration feedback classic X, B, A, Y, LT, RT, Black , and White button layout Xbox One/ Windows 10 PC No batteries needed

The above list is created based on how comfortable is the layout, grip, and control for the gamer, and if they are compatible with major platforms.

This list consists of some of the best Xbox controllers, whether Microsoft patented, Microsoft licensed, or from a 3rd party.

You can make your pick based on whether you want a wired or wireless option, with or without batteries.

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How Long Can Xbox Controllers Run On Low Battery

When your Xbox controller reaches a critically low battery, your Xbox will notify you on your display. After that point, you have about 30 minutes to find new batteries. Soon your Xbox will give you another warning by flashing the middle X logo and shutting off even if you’re in the middle of a game.

Don’t risk losing an SND round in Call of Duty or crashing your car in Forza due to an unexpected controller outage. Stock up on AA batteries for as low as $0.50 each when you buy in bulk from Battery Products.

Microsoft Explains Why Xbox Series X Controller Uses Aa Batteries

FOR XBOX ONE Dual Charging Dock Station Controller Charger+2 Extra ...

Microsoft has yet again elected to go a certain way when deciding on how the Xbox Series X controller will be powered.

When working on refining the Xbox controller design for Xbox Series X, Microsoft decided to once again rely on AA batteries to power the controller, rather than rechargeable batteries.

This decision was particularly shocking for some. In part because they see the controllers lack of a built-in rechargeable battery as its only downside, but also because Microsoft itself add a rechargeable battery to the revised Elite Controller 2.

It turns out, that aspect was heavily discussed during development, but the design team ultimately felt the current design offers the most flexibility.

What it comes down to is when actually talking to gamers, its kind of polarising and there is a strong camp that really want AAs, Jason Ronald, partner director of program management at Xbox, explained to Digital Foundry.

So just giving flexibility is the way to please both people You can use a rechargeable battery pack and it works just like it does on the Elite, it is a separate thing.

This decision isnt particularly surprising, especially given how Ronald practically provides the same reason behind the decision to eschew rechargeable batteries all the way back in the Xbox 360 days.

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Xbox One Controller Will Work On The Pc But Not Yet

Also included in the article is a section about portability for PC gamers. Though not directly from Alam, Kotaku say that a Microsoft spokesperson told them that there is still some work to be done. Essentially they say that in order to create a seamless experience for the user, they need to spend a bit more time tinkering to allow the Xbox One controller to work for supported PC or Mac games. Expect to be able to use them in 2014 is the message to take from it.

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Xbox One Controller Rechargeable Battery Pack Of 2 By Hstek

These Rechargeable batteries are ofsuperior quality with a nonstop playtime of around 3 to 4hours. Thesebatteries come with a durable USB cableof 10 feet in length which allowsyou to comfortably charge your batteries even while you are playing.

Depending on your requirement you have two buying options.Check Latest Price & More User Reviews

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How To Remove Or Replace An Xbox One Controller Battery

When replacing the batteries in your Xbox One wireless controller, use only AA batteries that have an LR6 designation . Install them with their positive and negative ends positions as shown in the battery compartment. For the best performance, rechargeable AA batteries are not recommended.

Consult your product manual for all important health and safety information about using batteries with your Xbox One Wireless Controller.

Note:: Rechargeable AA batteries do not charge while in the Xbox One wireless controller. Only the Xbox One battery that comes with the Play and Charge Kit can charge while in the controller. Recharge standard AA batteries by the method recommended by the manufacturer.

More About This Story

How to CHANGE the Batteries on your Xbox One Controller

Every product in this list has been tested to ensure it meets the standards that a recommended pick should.

Testing batteries for game controllers is a fairly time-consuming business, as you might expect, since we have to gauge both battery life and recharge times. Both of these things also have natural variables, in the sense that it’s essentially impossible to test just how much power a controller is using in a particular game, or indeed how much power it’s actually taking on when recharging. Either way, we tried to perform like-for-like tests when using the options above, in order to gain a broad idea of how well it performs against others.

As with any roundup, it’s also not possible to deliver a list that works for every type of user, but we lean on the reviews, experiences and opinions of the Pocket-lint team – as well as thoroughly assessing the areas above – in order to do our best in this regard.

What we always tend to avoid when compiling these picks are granular comparisons and marketing lines we just want to provide an easy to understand summary that gives you an idea of what each product is like to use. Our verdicts are concise, but this is purely in the interest of brevity.

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Powera Play & Charge Kit

PowerA is a console accessory manufacturer with a long and successful track record. So when we started looking at Xbox Series X/S controller batteries, they seemed a natural fit.

The PowerA Play & Charge Kit is a simple, straightforward replacement kit. The main attraction is the pair of bright green lithium batteries. Each one is fat and broad, designed to take the place of a pair of AA batteries. In this regard, its a lot like the official Play & Charge Kit, but with one major advantage. You get two batteries instead of one, so you can power a pair of Xbox controllers. This is a great added value, especially if you like to game in person with your friends. In addition, each battery has an LED status indicator. When its plugged in and charging, the light will shine bright red. Once its fully charged, the light will turn green.

Xbox Series X Pad Will Be Compatible With Rechargeable Battery Packs

Aware that there are those who do not want to use batteries to play consoles, something that Sony will surely take advantage of when promoting its unknown DualShock 5, the managers of Xbox have decided to offer another option to gamers. You can use that double AA battery to use the pad, however, a rechargeable battery pack

A option that can already be seen available, but which in turn requires a greater investment in order to fully enjoy the gaming experience of this platform. It remains to be seen how the firm will be responsible for promoting both things once its console reaches the market in late 2020, as they claim despite the current situation.

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Other Products We Considered

The Pocket-lint editorial team spends hours testing and using these battery solutions before recommending the best picks for you. We always consider a range of factors when it comes to putting together our best guides, including physically testing the products ourselves, consumer reviews, brand quality, and value. As such, many of the batteries we considered didnt make our final guide.

These are the products we considered that ultimately didn’t make our top five selections, but they may still be worth considering for those who haven’t found a product they like in the picks above.

Charging The Xbox Series X Controller With Controller Docking Station

Dual Charging Dock Controllers Chargers +2 x Rechargeable Batteries For ...

Im a big advocate of docking stations as they help to keep your controllers off the floor away from the jaws of doggies and errant boots.

Game controllers are very expensive and just as fragile, so storing them safely is always a good idea.

Fortunately, 3rd party companies are creating some fab-looking Xbox Series X controller docks, such as the PowerA Dual charging docking station.

This rather snazzy dock comes with battery packs that have metal connectors on the back of them facing away from the controller.

Once the battery packs are inserted into the controllers, the controllers can be placed onto the dock, and the metal connectors on the back of the battery packs make contact with the charging plates to start charging.

The problem is, these back panels take up a lot of internal spacing leaving very little left for the actual battery. The batterys capacity is only 1100 mAh. Which is far lower than rechargeable AA batteries.

However, despite the low capacity, I do think they are a good choice if you dont have a draw or somewhere safe to store your controllers.

And, even though the battery packs offer very low capacity, you can conveniently place the controller on the dock every night to fully charge them.

So I think the PowerA Dual charging docking station is a good choice even when compared to rechargeable batteries.

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Play Games With A Wired Connection

If youve somehow managed to drain or destroy all of your AA batteries, you still dont have to stop playing your Xbox One or Series X. An Xbox One wireless controller can be converted into a wired controller by connecting it to your console with any Micro USB cable. Unlike the Xbox 360, which would only charge wireless controllers over a connection, connecting the controller in this manner on the Xbox One actually allows data to transmit over the wired connection. While wired, the controller does not need batteries to run and will not drain any batteries in the controller. If you have the Play and Charge Kit, the battery will charge.

This method isnt just an excellent way to save your batteries its also just a better way to play games. For the gamers who are wired in, your console will rely on rapid reflexes, which is similar to fighting games like Dark Souls III. You may realize theres a slight drop in your games input lag. That could ultimately prove pretty helpful, especially if youre battling in Injustice 2 or Dragon Ball FighterZ, where every single moment matters. Finally, its beneficial to wire your controller to your console because then youll never have to worry about your battery dropping out in the middle of a fight again.

Pdp Energizer Xbox Controller Batteries Pack With Charger

This is an officiallylicensedbattery for Xbox One by Energizer andMicrosoft. This charger charges 2 Xbox One controllers simultaneously. Itcharges the batteries wirelessly and that too at a very fast pace. Once charged,the batteries give a playtime of nearly 35hours.

You do not need to take off the batteries for charging them. You can place the controllers directly on the charge station for an easy and convenient charge. The light on the charge station indicates if the batteries are charged or not. Check Price & More User ReviewsB

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Charging The Xbox Series X Controller With The Official Play And Charge Kit

Microsoft offers the Xbox controller play and charge kit for the new Xbox Series X controller.

This battery pack is the only battery option that can be charged directly through the controllers rear USB-C port.

Unfortunately, the use of USB-C also means that the old Xbox One Play and Charge kit is no longer compatible with the newer controllers. The old Play and Charge kit used the Micro-USB port on the Xbox One controller.

And if thats not bad enough, the new play and charge kits cost $25. And they only work with one controller. So if you have two controllers, youll need to buy two at the cost of $50.

Also, they only offer a meager 1400mAh capacity.

Buying those Panasonic Rechargeable batteries is looking better and better.

What Type Of Battery Do Xbox 360 Controllers Use

How to use your XBOX One Controller without BATTERIES

Since the days of the Xbox 360, when wireless controllers became the standard, the argument has always been such: AA batteries allow for player freedom with the addition of rechargeable battery packs, rechargeable AA batteries, and more. Having a removable battery allows for hot swapping for players in the middle of a heated gaming session. Removable batteries also can encourage better long-term controller health, as a dying battery can be easily replaced.

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Xbox One Rechargeable Battery Pack By Yccsky

This battery by YCCSKY is fully compatiblewith Xbox One Controllers. It requires only 4hours for a fullrecharge. This battery maintainsits standard and provides you protection against overcharging, over current,over voltage, overheating and short circuit.

It comes with a longcable which allowsyou to easily charge your batteries while you play saving you from the troubleof changing the batteries in the middle of the game.

This pack offers you a pair of batteries so you have the freedom to charge one battery while playing with the other battery on. These batteries could be charged 2000 times, saving you a lot of money. Highly recommended, this product comes with a 6 months warranty as well.

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A Back Up To Batteries: Plug Your Controller Into Your Xbox

If all else fails, if youre caught short on battery power, you can always fall back on the good old wired power with a USB-A to USB-C cable.

The cable packed in with the Xbox Series X and S is quite short. So Id recommend an Anker Powerline+ 10ft as a great backup option thatll let you chill back and relax on the sofa even when plugged in.

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Recommended By Our Editors

By sticking with AA batteries, you can choose what power option to use for your Xbox controllers, which is in stark contrast to Sony and Nintendo, both of which opted for rechargeable batteries in their controllers. The deal with Duracell simply means your Xbox controller will ship with Duracell brand AA batteries and that doesn’t look like it will change any time soon.

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What Batteries Can I Use In My Xbox Controller

For XBOX ONE Controller Charging Dock+USB Cable+2PCS Rechargeable ...

While the Xbox controller is shipped with a pack of AA Duracell batteries, you can also use rechargeable batteries.

However, the rechargeable batteries must be bought separately.

So, if you are wondering what batteries Xbox series X controllers use, its the same battery for all.

You can use AA batteries and rechargeable batteries from any brand, charging solutions , or a USB-C cable.

The battery pack thats shipped with the Xbox controller, comes with the Xbox One Play And Charge Kit. It can be recharged using virtually any Micro-USB.

Therefore, you can power the Xbox controller using the USB connection to your console. This will transform the device into a wired controller.

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Should You Buy The Powera Play & Charge Kit

PowerA’s Xbox One Play & Charge kit offers value you won’t find elsewhere from an established third-party manufacturer. This set offers all you need to ditch those disposable batteries for two controllers, with the flexibility to adopt wireless charging later down the line. There are small cutbacks made to achieve this price, but these won’t have a huge effect on everyday usage. Provided you can deal with that vibrant orange, this is the battery pack for you. Definitely buy it.

The PowerA Play & Charge kit for Xbox One current retails for $15 on Amazon, with compatibility for all official Xbox One controllers.

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