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What Is Xbox Series X

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Both Horizontal And Vertical Positioning Is Supported By Xbox Series X Overcoming A Former Limitation Of Xbox One At Launch


Microsoft’s monolithic Xbox Series X design may require a reshuffle of your entertainment setup, but it provides the choice of vertical and horizontal orientation. It skirts a shortcoming that impacted the original Xbox One, with a sturdy rubberized base that won’t necessitate a clip-on vertical stand.

Xbox Series X Vs Ps: Games

Over the last few months, we’ve been getting a clearer picture of the sort of experiences you can expect to see on the Xbox Series X and the PS5.

First off, Microsoft confirmed that Halo Infinite, aka Halo 6, is no longer a launch title for Xbox Series X. The Halo franchise is a big seller for Microsoft, so its delay will have been deliberated for a long time. It was supposed to arrive day one on Xbox Game Pass, too, showing Microsoft’s continued support for its game subscription service. Our first look at in-game footage was certainly thrilling, even if we quickly found out it had been captured on PC rather than Xbox Series X.

At launch, the Xbox Series X will offer the likes of Dirt 5, Yakuza: Like a Dragon and and Viking-themed Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Further down the line, expect titles such as Vampire: the Masquerade Bloodlines 2 and The Medium to hit the console – plus much more. Here’s the current list of confirmed Xbox Series X games.

Even more thrilling was the announcement of a Fable reboot at Microsoft’s , along with a new Forza installment, and a medieval fantasy RPG from Obsidian called Avowed. Sony has traditionally won when it comes to exclusive games, but Microsoft is certainly gaining ground for its next-gen console.

As for PS5 games, among the launch games are Astro’s Playroom that comes pre-installed on every console, as well as enticing exclusives such as and Demon’s Souls.

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You Can Get Free Xbox Series X Upgrades For Some Games Via Smart Delivery Already Confirmed For Halo Infinite Cyberpunk 2077 Assassin’s Creed Valhalla And Destiny 2

Smart Delivery is Microsoft’s solution easing the transition into next-generation hardware, enabling free graphical upgrades, without the need to buy a second upgraded copy of the game. It’s only optional for developers but provides peace of mind when purchasing the new console. The standardized process is free, automatic, and works across physical disc-based games or digital licenses. Many third-party publishers have already demonstrated support, with a full list of Smart Delivery-compatible titles steadily growing.

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When Will The Xbox Series X And Series S Be Easy To Find

The Xbox Series X and Series S launched on November 10, 2020, and have been in short supply ever since. This supply shortage, which also affects Sonys PlayStation 5, PC graphics cards and other components, as well as microprocessors used in vehicle production and other electronics-based devices, is widespread, related to Covid-19 and other production problems, and is likely to persist throughout 2021. The Xbox Series S has recently become easier to find, though its often out of stock. We expect it will be difficult to find an Xbox Series X until some time in 2022.

Dont Throw Out Your Old Controllers

Xbox Series X Unboxing: How does Microsofts monolithic ...

Generally speaking, when new gaming hardware is released, the accessories for older consoles become obsolete. For instance, you cant use a Super Nintendo gamepad with a Nintendo 64 or a Wii U gamepad with a Nintendo Switch. Of course, there are some exceptions to that rule, and the Xbox Series X is one of them.

Even though the Xbox Series X ships with a slightly redesigned controller that borrows some elements from the Xbox Elite Controller, you can also use your old Xbox One controllers with the Series X, as well. It doesnt stop at controllers, either, as many Xbox One accessories will work with Xbox Series X. Have an old Xbox One Stereo Headset you want to keep using? Its compatible. The same goes for the Xbox One Chatpad, believe it or not.

In a big win for accessibility, the Xbox Adaptive Controller is also compatible with the Xbox Series X, so you can bring your accessibility setup into the new generation without having to change anything. If you have an Xbox Wireless Controller that you love , you can keep using that with Series X hardware. Sadly, the Xbox One Kinect sensor is one of the previous-gen accessories that arent compatible with Xbox Series X, so it looks like Kinect is well and truly dead.

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Xbox Series X Won’t Support Virtual Reality Headsets At Launch With Xbox Head Phil Spencer Stating Nobody’s Asking For Vr However Microsoft Remains Open To Vr In The Future

Microsoft has no plans to include VR support with Xbox Series X, with executive vice-president of Gaming at Microsoft, Phil Spencer, stating he doesn’t envision a return scaling its VR presence. While remaining open to the prospect in the future, it doesn’t appear we’re getting an Xbox VR headset, at least in the near-term.

Xbox Series X User Interface

The Xbox One dashboard underwent so many revisions that it often felt as if it were in a perpetual state of beta. It has been heavily scrutinised and revised over the years, and Xbox Series X launches with what is perhaps the best Xbox dashboard to date as a result. It’s flexible and fast, designed to let you navigate high-traffic areas of the dashboard with ease and shift the elements that slow you down out of your way.

While the user interface may look aesthetically identical to what is currently available on Xbox One, the speed and responsiveness make it effectively unrecognisable. The console takes fewer than 20 seconds to go from a full shutdown to the dashboard, and just a fraction of that should you have the Instant On startup mode activated. Once you’re onto the dashboard, navigating between the various sections of UI and Guide has been made as frictionless as the Fluent Design will allow.

The dashboard can be customised to introduce specific blocks for your most-played games and entertainment apps, or used to pin different elements of Xbox Live to the landing page to cut down on friction specific Friends, Clubs, Communities, and even services like Xbox Game Pass. That customisation also extends to the Guide, where you are able to reorder the tabs to prioritise access to Achievements, Capture & Share, People, Parties & Chats, and Profile & System settings.

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Xbox Series X Entertainment

Microsoft understands that acting as an all-encompassing entertainment portal is a redundant ambition in 2020. This is a console designed to be played through new 4K televisions, and few of those are going to come without robust, built-in support for Smart TV and entertainment applications. The loss of support for HDMI-In makes OneGuide redundant. As Kinect stirs six feet under, so too does the need to beg and plead with your Xbox to pause a show. In an age where the use of second-screen devices is ubiquitous and so the Xbox One’s Snap functionality the ability to run an app or watch television side-by-side with a game was removed from the OS back in 2017, and no picture-in-picture solution has been re-introduced for Series X.

Instead, the Xbox Series X keeps it simple and comes loaded with just about every application that you could need. There are over 28 entertainment apps available through the store, so if any of your favourites are missing on Xbox One they will be missing here too. Media control for 4K UHD, Blu-Ray, and DVDs also shares the same underlying architecture with the Xbox One player, which is to say that it is functional and inoffensive. While the console is quiet in just about everything that it does, expect to hear a little bit of noise when using physical media as the disk drive whirrs into action.

Xbox Series X Hardware And Design


The Xbox Series X casts a commanding silhouette. It’s a monolithic slab of matte black plastic that stands 11.8 inches tall, 5.9 inches deep, 5.9 inches wide, and weighs in at 9.8 pounds. On its face, you’ll find a pairing button that handily conceals an IR receiver, a 4K UHD Blu-ray optical drive, a USB 3.1 Gen 1 port, and an Xbox logo power button that lightly glows white while you play.

While the Xbox One was built to fade into the background of your home entertainment centre, the Xbox Series X is designed to quietly dominate it. If you can find a suitable place to stand it , it’ll soon feel like another fixture not unlike that of a PC tower. The Series X doesn’t draw attention to itself, like the provocatively designed PS5 an angular mass complete with pulsing strips of blue lighting that seems purpose-built to attract the eye.

Even with all of these system-intensive features in play, I have been pleasantly surprised to find that the console runs quietly and efficiently, even after lengthy sessions with games optimised for Xbox Series X. The console also runs considerably cooler than the Xbox One X, although there is clearly some expectation that owners will think carefully about where they place the Xbox Series X so that air is able to flow unimpeded from behind the console and up through the curved venting array that sits at the north end of the console.

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Microsoft Has Developed Audio Ray

The Xbox Series X internals accommodate ray tracing, tracking how light travels within an environment for more accurate lighting, shadows, and reflections. Microsoft tinkers with similar audio technology through “Project Acoustics,” with advanced sound physics to represent echoing, obstruction, and more. The initial demo highlights Gears of War, with impressive side-by-side results.

What To Look Forward To

Well continue to test the Xbox Series X and Series S as software arrives, and well update this guide with our thoughts and impressions on the user experience accordingly. Additionally, Wirecutter senior staff writer Chris Heinonen, who is responsible for much of our television coverage, has tested the Xbox Series X as well as just about every major 2020 and 2021 television model with HDMI 2.1 support, and has screen recommendations for various budgets to get the most out of the new consoles.

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System Software And Features

Both consoles feature a similar user interface to the Xbox One, but there has been a 40% reduction in memory use to improve its speed. According to the UI development team, the Home section loads in about half the time as it did on the Xbox One. Other changes include adding rounded UI elements, a more-readable font for text elements, rearrangement of certain aligned features, and improvements to the sharing functions. These changes were brought to the Xbox One system software, the Windows’ Xbox application, and the Xbox mobile application around September 2020. Based on system previews, about 200 GB of space was reserved on the internal drive of the Xbox Series X for system files.

The console’s Quick Resume feature will allow users to suspend and resume more than one game at a time, and also resume suspended games after a reboot of the console.

Several video and streaming media services will be available through the system software on the consoles’ launch notably, it will be the first time that Apple TV+ will be available on Xbox consoles.

Microsoft plans to migrate the xCloud service from Xbox One S-based blade servers to Xbox Series X-based systems by 2021.

The Xbox Game Preview program, which allows games to be released through an early access model, continued into the Xbox Series X/S line with Spacebase Startopia in January 2021.

List Of Xbox Series X And Series S Games

Official Words Are Out, Xbox Series X Will Arrive On ...

The following is a list of games that have been announced for release on Microsoft‘s Xbox home video game console family including the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. Both were released on November 10, 2020.

The Xbox Series X and Series S have full backward compatibility with Xbox One games as well as several Xbox 360 and original Xbox games that were supported on the Xbox One, excluding those that used Kinect. Most Xbox One games that also have an Xbox Series X/S version will automatically download the Xbox Series X/S version for the system via Microsoft’s “Smart Delivery” program, without an additional purchase. This list excludes backward compatible games.

Developers can also target for an “Optimized for Xbox Series X/S” branding, indicating that the game is running natively as an Xbox Series X/S game and not under backwards compatibility.

There are 330 games currently on this list.

PA Xbox Play Anywhere SD Supports Microsoft Smart Delivery EN Xbox One version can be upgraded to an enhanced Xbox Series X and Series S version OP Optimized for Xbox Series X and Series S
Blast Brigade vs. the Evil Legion of Dr. Cread
  • Action-adventure
  • ^This number is always up to date by this script.
  • ^Excludes those already within the Smart Delivery program
  • ^Release based availability for Xbox Series X and Series S, if previously released
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    Quiet As A Whisper But Pretty Toasty

    A major upside of the Xbox Series X is how unexpectedly quiet it is. We’ve almost become accustomed to consoles revving up like they’re about to take off when running games that really put them through their paces but the Xbox Series X is the quietest Xbox we’ve had the pleasure of playing on, even if we need more next-gen-specific games to truly make a call on this.

    When you’re on the home screen, the console puts out around 30dB of sound that’s about the audio level of a whisper and this changes very little when you actually load up and play games. When playing Sea of Thieves, No Man’s Sky and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, we found the decibels never exceeded 33dB.

    That said, when installing a larger update we recorded levels up to 45dB, which is roughly as noisy as a printer in action. Even then, that’s not too loud, and it barely registers over the sound of actually playing a game. This was also the case when playing the next-gen titles we’ve sampled so far.

    It’s welcome news for those who don’t want their gameplay interrupted by the whirring of a struggling machine but with this quietness still comes a fair bit of heat. The Xbox Series X is on a par with the Xbox One X when it comes to heat emission, with heat dispersed through the cooling vents at the top, which we advise leaving ample space for. The console itself does get toasty, too, but we didn’t find that this impacted performance when running more intensive next-gen titles.

    Xbox One X Vs Xbox Series X Verdict

    The Xbox Series X is an enticing prospect, especially for those who are already invested in the Xbox ecosystem. Its graphical grunt combined with the excellent Xbox Game Pass subscription service means Xbox fans should seriously consider the latest and greatest console, with its impressive technical specs and plenty of hope for the future.

    For early adopters, the Series Xs lack of exclusive games is at least offset by an instant collection of great games thanks to Game Pass and backwards compatibility. Numerous games are receiving Xbox Series X optimizations, too, making them look and play better than ever before. And with Smart Delivery, those looking to upgrade from their Xbox One X can buy supported games now and upgrade for free to the Series X version once they can afford the new unit.

    Since the cost of the Xbox One X is likely to continue to fall, particularly now the Series X is approaching a whole year since launch, there are few reasons to buy it at full price right now. Even then, the better value prospect is the cheaper, but less powerful, Xbox Series S, though you will have to make do with a 1440p resolution output.

    All things considered, it’s not really a battle between the Xbox One X vs Xbox Series X. Instead, Microsoft seems to be ensuring a harmonious, flexible transition between consoles for those who can afford an upgrade and want the best of the best from an Xbox.

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    The Best Tvs For Gaming On Xbox Series X

    To get the most out of the Xbox series X, youll need a 4K television.

    Many next-generation games allow you to choose between a performance mode and a graphics mode. The former downgrades the visuals slightly for smoother framerates, while the latter mode enables higher resolutions and more fancy effects at the expense of framerate.

    If your TV only goes up to 1080p, you wont be getting the most out of your new Xbox series X. To help you upgrade your set without breaking the bank, weve pulled together a list of the best 4K TV deals for entertainment, movies and gaming.

    Whether its 32 inch, 40 inch or 50 inch, weve found the best 4K TVs from Samsung, Song, LG, Panasonic and more

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