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What Is Wrong With Xbox

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Less Powerful Than The Playstation 4

What went wrong with the Xbox One. Problems and Failures with the X1

But for all the bad messaging and poor community management, it would all be worth it in the end if the Xbox One was the superior product, right? Well, we’ll never know, because in many ways the Xbox One proved to be less superior than Microsoft thought. The console’s primary competition was Sony’s PlayStation 4, which turned out to be a lot better in a lot of ways.

While they both came with a 500GB hard drive, the PS4 allowed players to swap it out for a bigger hard drive if they wished. The Xbox One had no equivalent ability, though an owner could plug in an external drive. Both consoles featured 8GB of RAM, but Sony’s machine had advanced GDDR5 RAM as opposed to the older DDR3 on the Xbox One. With other specs, such as the GPUs, being similar, that gave the decisive advantage to the PlayStation 4 over the Xbox One.

And for what it was worth: the PS4 even managed to be smaller, too. Oof. Confusing messaging on the less capable product was a disaster for Microsoft.

What’s Coming To Xbox Game Pass Soon

Microsoft loves to give Xbox Game Pass subscribers plenty of time to prepare for upcoming additions by announcing them early. This section of our Xbox Game Pass will help you keep track of all the games coming to Xbox Game Pass shortly, so you can decide what you want to play and whether you need to free up some space.

Review: Great Xbox One Game Streaming Decent Dvr Functions And Garbage Games Store

by Sam Machkovech – Aug 13, 2015 6:23 pm UTC

Original story: Throughout the 8-ification of Windows, Microsoft clearly failed to endear its OS to PC gamers. Above all else, Window 8’s root-level Windows Store, and its unclear messaging on how it would coexist with other gaming software, was so bad that it lit a fire under Gabe Newell’s ass to create an entirely new, competing OS built off of Steam.

It has been a long time since Microsoft was seen as an all-out winner in the “keep PC gamers happy” department. Sure, DirectX laid down the groundwork for the headache-free, high-end gaming we’ve enjoyed for over a decadewhen’s the last time you had to adjust IRQ and DMA settings for your sound card, for instance? But those are some long laurels to pin your reputation to at this point. Today, Microsoft is better known to PC gamers for Games For Windows, the Windows Store, and 2012’s unclear Xbox Games On Windows initiative. What have you done for PC gamers lately, Microsoft?

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Controller Is Not Synced

If you sync your controller to another device, you will need to re-sync it back to your console. To do this, turn on the Xbox One and hold down the sync button on your controller. Simultaneously, hold down the sync button on your console until the light on your controller begins to flash at a rapid pace. Once this happens, release both sync buttons. Your controller should now be connected after about five to ten seconds.

Why Is The Xbox Tough To Find

Essentially, Microsoft hasn’t been able to get the materials it needs to make enough Xbox consoles to meet demand. As with the Sony PS5 and most PC video cards, there’s a chip shortage right now that is slowing supply. The pandemic affected production for a lot of chip manufacturers, and industry watchers currently don’t expect the issue to be entirely resolved until the end of the year.

As a result, Microsoft makes as many consoles as it can and distributes them among its retail partners. Each retailer releases its available consoles in whatever way it deems appropriate. Most of the time, this means announcing ahead of time when you’ll be able to buy the console online and then releasing it for anyone to buy.

Check out this full breakdown by our own Stephen Shankland for more details on this.

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How Can I Improve My Chances Of Getting An Xbox Series X

It can be a little chaotic, constantly refreshing the screen and hoping to see a checkout link. And as many can attest, it’s pretty painful to punch in your payment information only to see that the purchase can’t be completed because all the consoles are already gone. Here are some of our tips:

  • Open multiple browsers: Got a laptop? A phone? Maybe a tablet? Use them all to try to make the purchase. Set yourself up ahead of time with multiple browsers open to the retail site of your choice and be ready to buy from all of them.
  • Don’t give up: Many of these retailers have started releasing the consoles over the course of 30 minutes, to keep bots from buying them all and reselling them at a price increase. If you see everything is sold out after the first 5 minutes, keep refreshing because your chance probably isn’t gone yet.
  • Have an account set-up and signed-in: The time it takes to enter your payment and shipping information can be the difference between getting your console and getting left in the dust. Avoid that delay by setting up an account on the websites you’ll be shopping on.
  • Make sure you have a confirmation email: There have been many reports of a purchase getting “stuck” and even though the website said the sale was complete, no confirmation email arrived and then no Xbox arrived. Keep an eye out and make sure you actually have an Xbox Series X headed your way before celebrating.

What Microsoft Got Right/wrong With Xbox One

Its hard to believe that both Sonys PlayStation 4 and Microsofts Xbox One launched nearly seven years ago back in November, 2013. Over this time, remarkable games have been produced, business strategies have been formulated and executed upon, and each mega corporation finds themselves confidently staring down the next generation of consoles. In this two-part article series, well be taking a look back at what Microsoft and Sony did right and wrong this past generation.

RIGHT: Game Pass

Game Pass has got to be the success story this generation for Microsoft and perhaps even the console market as a whole. The thought had long lingered out there a Netflix for gaming sometimes even seemed like an impossibility. If a service like that existed, fans thought, it surely couldnt live up to the Netflix comparison. Thankfully, Microsoft had different thoughts for a subscription based video game service. They aggressively marketed and supported Game Pass even making all of their brand new 1st party titles available to the service on day 1. Couple this with a very enticing price tag and even more day 1 release support from 3rd parties and Game Pass quickly saw wild success. In April, 2020 Microsoft announced that there were more than 10 million active subscribers to Game Pass which vastly dwarves Sonys PS Now service which only boasts 2.2 million subs.

RIGHT: Backward Compatibility

RIGHT: Ditched Kinect and Rebranded Xbox One

WRONG: That Reveal

WRONG: Price

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Is It Safe To Buy An Xbox From An Unofficial Source

There are some places you can safely buy an Xbox secondhand. If you’re shopping at eBay or StockX, there are protections in place to keep you from spending money and getting nothing.

  • Stay away from Twitter links: If you see something on Twitter about an Xbox Series X restock happening somewhere, your best bet is to go straight to the retailer instead of clicking a link. In many cases, those Twitter links have turned out to be scams.
  • Only buy at the retail price: If someone is offering you an Xbox Series X for more or less than $500 or an Xbox Series S for more or less than $300, you should probably stay away. There are many of these sites offering “deals” or “bundles” that are frequently not actually worth it.

Best New Xbox Game Pass Games: September 2021

What the Heck Is Wrong with Tetris PS4? – IGN Plays

You’ll rarely go wrong with the diverse selection of games on Xbox Game Pass, but there are always a handful of titles that stand above the rest including but not limited to exceptional indie games, addictive multiplayer games, expansive AAA games, and Microsoft’s first-party games. These are the best new games that have recently arrived on Xbox Game Pass.

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The Five Biggest Problems With The Xbox One

From concerns over used games to questions about an always-online requirement, the Xbox One is growing more controversial by the day.

Sony’s PS4 reveal was met with mixed reactions by most gamers. This was largely due to the system’s mixed-bag debut—some things were good, some bad, but mostly it was all a bit lackluster. But at least we saw some games, some new exclusives, and a wide variety of developers and titles ranging from indies to big AAA stuff like the new Killzone.

Microsoft’s Xbox One reveal was decidedly more controversial, and while I think the new console will have a lot going for it, there is plenty of reason to be concerned.

Many of these concerns stem from mixed messages Microsoft is sending to the press and to gamers about what this new console will entail in regard to everything from the internet to used games.

We’re left to wonder whether this is merely a problem with communication or a much deeper and more worrisome problem with vision. While Sony has made it clear that they’ll target the “core” gamer demographic with the PS4, Microsoft’s target audience is more nebulous.

Now, to the list….

1. Privacy

The Xbox One comes packaged with the next-generation Kinect 2.0.

But the next Kinect isn’t a “peripheral” gadget. Not by a long shot.

Microsoft vice president Phil Harrison told Eurogamer that this doesn’t equate to “snooping.”

2. Region-locking

3. Used Games

This is one of the most controversial pieces of the Xbox One puzzle.

But it is different.

Xbox Game Pass New Games September : What’s Coming Leaving Soon

Xbox Game Pass is the ever-expanding Netflix-like gaming subscription from Microsoft, the makers of Xbox. For a monthly subscription, Xbox Game Pass partakers gain access to a constantly rotating catalog of hundreds of high-quality Xbox games. The best Xbox Game Pass games include third-party multiplayer games, older AAA titles, indie projects, all first-party Microsoft games, and pretty much everything in between.

Xbox Game Pass is also included in Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, an all-in-one subscription that gives players full access to Xbox Game Pass on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Xbox One consoles, Xbox Game Pass on PC, Xbox Live Gold, Xbox Cloud Gaming , and even EA Play. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate represents one of the best values in gaming, and that value only increases from month to month.

That’s because Xbox Game Pass is always adding new games, with announcements once or twice a month. While games occasionally leave the service, the number of games available through Xbox Game Pass has been steadily growing since its launch. In this Xbox Game Pass guide, we’ll go over all the new games coming to the service, the games about to leave, and the top games you should be keeping an eye on.

If you want the complete list, be sure to bookmark our ultimate guide to every game on Xbox Game Pass.

Note: Bold text indicates the game in question is coming to that platform, but is already available on other platforms through Xbox Game Pass.

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Xbox Gamescom 2021 Event Aug 28 2021

  • Age of Empires IV Oct. 28, 2021
  • Archvale No release date
  • Bushiden No release date
  • Chinatown Detective Agency No release date
  • Crusader Kings 3 No release date
  • Flynn: Son of Crimson Sept. 15, 2021
  • Forza Horizon 5 Nov. 9, 2021
  • Into the Pit Oct. 19, 2021
  • Midnight Fight Express No release date
  • Next Space Rebels No release date
  • Signalis No release date
  • The Gunk December 2021
  • Unpacking No release date
  • Unsighted No release date

The Halo Infinite Edition

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of Xbox’s original flagship series Halo, this year Microsoft released a special edition of the Series X console inspired by the series’ most recent title, Halo Infinite. The console was a limited edition and sold out quickly. While all retailers currently list the console as out of stock, there is a possibility that there are still a few of them floating around out there. If you’re truly committed to getting your hands on a Series X , it may be worth poking around for one. Read Jenae Sitzes and Oscar Gonzalez’s write-up on the special edition console here.

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What Is Wrong With You Achievement


    Flip five vehicles by shooting their horses.

    When driving a carriage and pursued by enemy carriages, press to climb on top of your carriage, which will drive on its own, and then use your revolver to kill the horses of enemy carriages, which will flip and crash. Alternatively , shooting the horses of your own carriage also counts.

  • This will make PETA mad.
  • PETA kill animals too. At least this is just a game.
  • I hope they flip like in the achievement picture. I want to see a carriage cartwheeling!
  • UntilTammaroHere is a video guide with English commentary for this achievement!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LCg-L5G-wDkHere is a playlist of guides for this game!https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-HeW6XkKdUK2zqCoVSQZZ1iH2dqgqxUf
  • Sm0keytrip0dOne of the first achievements I managed to unlock in this game….does that make me a bad person? :p
  • @5 Yes… yes it does
  • DarkShareFor this you must knock over 5 carriages shooting and killing the horses. In secuence 4 memory 6 there’ll be a flight in a carriage with many enemies. Just follow the video to do it. If you already completed this memory, just select to repeat it in the menu.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zRf0mVDZm64
  • got it

Xbox Series X: Black Friday Restock Scheduled For Select Gamestop Stores Tomorrow

With Xbox availability scarce online, the next big restock might require you to line up early outside a store.

There will be an Xbox restock at GameStop on Thanksgiving Day, but not online. In fact, it’s hard to find an Xbox Series X anywhere on the internet right now. A tweet from the company Tuesday makes it clear there’ll be some consoles in-store this week, but not every store and not at the same time. Some GameStop stores will open at 5 p.m. on Thanksgiving day and 7 a.m. on Black Friday, but you’ll need to check your closest participating store here to see what will be available and when. If you call ahead of time, they will confirm whether your local store has an Xbox Series X for this restock.

As for an online restock, we’ve seen two so far this week and we may see another on Thursday or Friday. Want to know how to better your chances of getting a console? Here’s what we’ve got.

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The Controller Drivers Are Not Installed

In Windows 7 and 8.x, the Xbox One controller is known to fail automatic driver installation. This issue is well documented and is caused by the lack of drivers bundled with these operating systems. The issue is made worse by the fact that Windows Update is somewhat notorious for detection issues in some situations. The standard controller offers two driver options:

Note: Correcting the issue by manually installing the driver requires administrator permissions. Users with Standard and Limited accounts will need the admin password to fix the issue this way.

Manual fix

  • Step 1: Plug in the controller. If the automatic driver installation fails, go on to the next step.
  • Step 2: Open Device Manager and find the controller. This is typically located under Xbox Peripherals in Windows 7 and 8.x systems.
  • Step 3: Select the Driver tab.
  • Step 4: Click Update Driver.
  • Step 5: Try using Search automatically for updated driver software. If this doesn’t work, go to Step 6.
  • Step 6: If this did not work, download the driver from Microsoft. Put this in a place you can easily find it on your computer. Once it is downloaded, select Browse my computer for driver software and manually select the driver.

If you did this correctly, your controller should now work.

Automatic install

Note:This driver is older. Some games may not work correctly until it is updated in Device Manager to the new version. However, this will allow you to quickly fix the issue.

The driver can be found here: 64-bit .exe

Upcoming Games Launching On Xbox Game Pass


Microsoft gives us updates on games heading to Xbox Game Pass a few weeks before those games become available, usually twice a month. However, Xbox and ID@Xbox events toss aside this expectation to announce a flurry of games that are hitting Xbox Game Pass day and date, meaning they’re launching into the service when they land on Xbox platforms. That means day one access to all of these games for Xbox Game Pass subscribers, including some of the best upcoming Xbox games.

Many of these games are far enough out that they don’t even have a release date, and we’re not certain exactly which platforms they’ll come to through Xbox Game Pass. Still, this list in our Xbox Game Pass guide will give you an idea of what to look out for in the future of Xbox Game Pass. We’ll constantly update this list as we get new information about release dates, when games become available, and what platforms are getting them.

The following events have been added to this section:

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