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What Is The Red Ring Of Death Xbox

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And Yet The Red Ring Issue Raged On

How to: Fix: Xbox 360 – Ring of Death – Towel Trick

If anything, the first year or two after Microsoft announced its extended warranty showed just how many Xbox 360s were suffering from hardware defects. The problem could strike at any time, as the team at CNET learned. They watched their pre-launch Xbox 360 suddenly devolve into red-ring status randomly while playing , despite it never having issues before. That occurred in Fall 2007.

And then there was the story of Andy Phifer, who all the way in 2009 two years after Microsoft had extended warranties and claimed to have fixed the hardware was still having problems with the console. In total, Phifer sent faulty, red-ring-stricken systems back to Microsoft three times. And each time, he got an Xbox 360 in return that had the problem right out of the box.

This news clip can tell you a lot about the mood surrounding the Xbox 360, even after the company had made its grand announcement and extended the console’s warranty. It was clear, despite any changes Microsoft made, that hardware problems were still a concern, and no amount of swapping systems would make the issue go away.

Microsoft needed a major hardware change, pronto.

Situation : Xbox 360 With Three Red Leds Illuminated

The code of three red LEDs are illuminating means that there is a hardware failure.

You need to make sure whether it is really a hardware issue.

You can check the power source: the LED on the brick next to the power cable that goes into your gaming device.

If the LED is green, there should be something wrong with the console.

If the LED is red or orange, you can unplug the power source and then connect the console to another outlet to check whether the red LEDs are still lighting. If there are still red LEDs with a green light, you will need to repair your Xbox 360 console or replace it with a new one.

Xbox 3: **psuje Si** Microsoft: Fajnie Zrbmy Na Tym Hajs

Microsoft sprzedaje akcesoria zwizane ze swoj konsol. Niektóre, nawizujce do historii marki, mog budzi wtpliwoci.

Jeli mielicie Xbox 360 lub chocia pamitacie czasy tej konsoli, to na pewno wiecie, czym jest Red Ring of Death. To charakterystyczne, czerwone diody wokó przycisku wczania, które oznaczay, e urzdzenie napotkao na jaki problem sprztowy. Gdy czerwony piercie mierci si pojawia, oznaczao to, e Xbox 360 si nie wczy i wymaga naprawy.

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Plakat Red Ring Of Death

W tamtych czasach Red Ring of Death faktycznie oznacza mier konsoli, przynajmniej do czasu, gdy mona byo j wysa do naprawy. Istniaa gar domowych sposobów na naprawienie problemu, ale rezultaty byy róne, a metody wtpliwe i mogy spowodowa jeszcze wiksze szkody. Do popularn metod byo wygrzewanie konsoli, lub samej jej pyty gównej w piekarniku. Z racji, e problem wynika z zimnych lutów, to rozwizanie to czasami dziaao. Jednak zwykle na do krótko, a nieodpowiednia temperatura, uoenie pyty, zbyt dugi czas lub zwyczajny pech mogy spowodowa uszkodzenie innego moduu, lub cakowit mier konsoli.

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ródo: Engadget

The Fun Begins: Screws Washers And More Screwyness

Former Xbox Boss Opens Up About Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death Debacle

So far, we’ve prepped the heatsinks and the motherboard case for these 5MM screws. Now we get to make sumthin’ of it!

With the case sitting flat, fan hole in the back on the right, take note of where you need to stick these screws. The 4 holes on the left X are for your GPU, the 4 holes to the right will be for the CPU screws.

Now put the 5x15MM screws in the GPU screwholes, screwheads on the outside, so that they come into the case. Put tape over the heads to keep them from falling back out, as shown in the second photo. Now put the 5x20MM screws into the CPU screwholes and tape them just like the GPU screws. This tape is very important so don’t take it off until I say so! Ha ha.

Lay the case flat again and all the screws should be poking up at you, as they are in the main photo. Place 3 or 4 5MM washers on each of them, the idea being to get them level with the motherboard standoffs. Use a straightedge to check. If they come up too short or too high the motherboard will get warped and you won’t be fixing anything.

Now the fun begins. You gotta get the motherboard back in the case with the goal of getting the screws into those orange holes that the X-Clamp posts went through. All while you try to keep those washers on the screws! If they fall off at any point, you’ll have to take the motherboard out, put them back on the screw, and repeat. So try not to do it, eh?

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Co To Jest Czerwony Piercie Mierci Na Xbox 360

Czerwony piercie mierci to problem, który wystpuje tylko na oryginalnej konsoli Xbox 360.

Czerwony piercie oznacza cztery diody LED, które znajduj si wokó przycisku zasilania konsoli Xbox 360. Gdy konsola dziaa normalnie, lewa górna wiartka piercienia wieci na zielono. Natomiast jeli co jest nie tak z konsol, od 1 do 4 diod LED bdzie miga na czerwono.

Widzisz wic, e istniej cztery róne sytuacje czerwonego piercienia mierci Xbox 360. W tym pocie pokaemy Ci wszystkie te cztery sytuacje, a take jak naprawi czerwone piercienie mierci na Xbox 360.

Kassas April 2007 Investigation

During the February 2007 investigation report, Kassa stated that either not all Xbox 360s without protective pads would spontaneously scratch discs, or that the complaints were from Xbox 360 users who had moved their Xbox during use, or who used an unstable setup. Kassa’s February 2007 investigation left open the question of whether consumers contributed to the rounded scratch problem by moving their Xbox 360 during the playing of a disc. This resulted in Kassa receiving an additional 1,000 complaints over the subsequent two months, with many consumers denying the Xbox had moved when the scratching occurred, or that it had been placed in an unstable position.

One day before the airing of the April 14, 2007 show, Kassa received a response from Microsoft Netherlands stating that “as a result of regular use it is possible that scratches on discs can arise”, and that Microsoft Netherlands “would seek a solution for the Dutch customers with this problem”. Additionally, Microsoft released the following statement ten days after the show, on April 24, 2007:

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Czerwona Dioda Mierci Xbox 360 Red Ring Of Death

Nawet po wprowadzeniu na rynek nowej generacji konsoli, wielu uytkownikom niezwykle trudno jest zrezygnowa z grania na Xbox 360. Dziaa sia przyzwyczajenia i sentymentu. Podczas wielu godzin rozgrywki, nawet do sprztu atwo si przywiza.

Rozstanie majaczy na horyzoncie, gdy na powierzchni konsoli zawieci RROD. Ten niepozorny skrót oznacza wystpienie nikczemnego bdu, znanego pod nazw czerwonej diody mierci. Xbox Red Ring of Death oto czsta przyczyna przedwczesnego skrócenia ywota sprawdzonego produktu Microsoftu.

The Yellow Light Of Death

xbox 360 false 3 red ring of death explanation

While 360 owners were dealing with the Red Ring of Death, PlayStation 3 owners had a few issues of their own to contend with. Neither were as prevalent, nor were they as widely reported, but they were just as devastating. The Yellow Light of Death affected launch models and occurred due to a thin layer of thermal paste deteriorating over time. Without this paste, the system struggled to divert heat from key components causing the system to power down.

A similar issue, sometimes referred to as the Red Blinking Light, happened when the console’s exhaust fan became clogged with dust. Players could repair the issue themselves, although this usually required taking the machine apart and thus voiding the warranty.

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Peter Moore Published An Open Letter Apologizing To Xbox 360 Customers

Before kicking off his plan to make amends with Xbox 360 gamers, Peter Moore first felt compelled to apologize. The Xbox 360 had been out for nearly a year and a half when Moore penned an open letter to Xbox customers, officially acknowledging the Red Ring of Death and the hardware failures associated with it as a widespread issue.

“We have been following this issue closely, and with on-going testing have identified several factors that can cause a general hardware failure indicated by three flashing red lights on the console,” Moore stated. “To address this issue, and as part of our ongoing work, we have already made certain improvements to the console.

“We are also implementing some important policy changes intended to keep you in the game, worry-free.”

Those policy changes, of course, were part of the plan Moore had cleared with Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer: the plan that would cost Microsoft a pretty significant chunk of change, but would hopefully make things right with customers and help save the Xbox brand.

It would be unlike anything the video game industry had ever seen.

Sytuacja : Xbox 360 Z Trzema Czerwonymi Diodami Wieccymi

wiecenie kodu trzech czerwonych diod oznacza awari sprztu.

Musisz si upewni, czy to naprawd problem ze sprztem.

Moesz sprawdzi ródo zasilania: diod LED na kostce obok kabla zasilajcego podczonego do urzdzenia do gier.

Jeli dioda LED jest zielona, co powinno by nie tak z konsol.

Jeli dioda LED wieci na czerwono lub pomaraczowo, moesz odczy ródo zasilania, a nastpnie podczy konsol do innego gniazdka, aby sprawdzi, czy czerwone diody nadal si wiec. Jeli nadal s czerwone diody LED z zielonym wiatem, musisz naprawi konsol Xbox 360 lub wymieni j na now.

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Situation : Xbox 360 With One Red Led Illuminated

The code of one red LED is illuminating means that there is a hardware failure. It always comes with an error code like E-74 on your TV.

You can follow these steps to fix red rings of death on Xbox 360:

  • Shut down your Xbox 360 completely.
  • Unplug all cables and devices from the console. These components include power sources, controllers, USB sticks, and other accessories.
  • Remove the external hard drive from the console.
  • Plugin the power source and then reboot the console.
  • Connect controllers and other accessories once at a time to check when the Xbox 360 red ring of death error appears again. This can tell you which hardware is faulty.
  • If these components can work without issue, you need to shut down the console and then install the hard drive again. Then, you need to reboot the console to check whether the error appears again. If yes, you will need to ask for professionals for help to repair or replace the faulty hard drive.
  • Engineering Disaster: The Xbox 360 Red Ring Of Death


    The Red Ring of Death in 2007 was the hardware error signal from the Xbox 360 video game console that announced your machine was toast. There was no coming back from the red disease — your machine had to go back to the mothership for serious revamping or replacing.

    The problem happened to more than a few unlucky users. In July of 2007, Xbox producer Microsoft Corp.told analysts in a conference call that it was taking a $1 billion-plus charge against earnings to extend the warrantee on all Xbox 360 consoles because of an “unacceptable number or repairs.”

    Under the new warranty, any Xbox 360 console that displayed three flashing red lights — the error signal for a general hardware failure — would be repaired free of charge for up to three years from purchase, shipping included. Customers who had already paid for out-of-warranty repairs would be reimbursed.

    Major failure rates

    The Xbox was plagued with hardware difficulties from its initial release in November 2005. There were a number of issues such as discs becoming scratched in the drive. After its release, articles started appeared in the game media portraying Xbox 360 failure rates ranging from 23.7% to 54.2%. A German game magazine revealed that representatives of the three largest Xbox 360 resellers claimed that the failure rate of the Xbox 360 was between 30% and 33%.

    What is Red Death?

    What caused the Red Death? Amateur ASIC or Lead-Free Solder?

    Scratched discs

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    A Whole Lot Of Xbox 360s Started To Fail

    It started with a trickle a few forum posts here and there, published by Xbox 360 customers who were all experiencing the same issue with their console. When powering the system on, they were greeted not by the typical green glowing lights on its front, but instead, by an ominous red circle.

    The issue, according to Microsoft’s support documentation, signaled some kind of hardware failure within the console or its power supply. The console displayed a “System Error,” wouldn’t load the Xbox 360 dashboard, and wouldn’t load games. And as time wore on, what first appeared to be an isolated number of instances soon grew in size.

    The red ring wasn’t just showing up on a couple of consoles: it was showing up on a lot of consoles. YouTube, only a few years old at the time, soon filled up with tips and tricks for dealing with the issue. And video game blogs and tech news sites picked up the story, and Microsoft’s support line seemed to struggle with the influx of reported issues.

    As reports of what was dubbed the “Red Ring of Death” piled up, Microsoft increasingly came under fire from both the press and its customers. Something had to be done. A few the most important people at Microsoft, and within the Xbox division, came together to hash it all out and, hopefully, solve the problem.

    Microsoft Kicked Off An Unprecedented Recall And Replacement Plan

    Microsoft was aware a substantial number of Xbox 360s were having hardware issues, and not just those already sold consoles on shelves at retailers were essentially ticking time bombs. The company needed to cover as many consoles and take care of as many customers as possible, regardless of when they purchased their Xbox 360.

    Microsoft extended its Xbox 360 warranty from its original one year period to a pretty remarkable three years. This meant that, if you purchased an Xbox 360 console and experienced the Red Ring of Death problem at anytime within a three year window, Microsoft would replace your system at no cost.

    Not only that, the company would also pay your shipping costs in both directions, and would work to get you a new or repaired console as quickly as possible. “I always remember $240m of that was FedEx,” said Peter Moore. “Their stock must have gone through the roof for the next two weeks.” Finally, Microsoft offered to reimburse anyone who’d previously paid out-of-pocket for repairs to their Xbox 360.

    In interviews shortly after the announcement, Moore stated that changes were being made to the Xbox 360 hardware to prevent further red ring issues from happening. Unfortunately, we’d soon learn that those changes weren’t enough.

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    What Does Three Red Leds Illuminated Mean

    This is the Red Ring of Death referred to earlier. Three LEDs are the code for a general hardware failure.

    Before you write off your console, make sure this is the problem.

  • Look at the power source. There should be an LED on the brick next to the power cable that goes into the gaming device. If that LED is green, the issue is with the console.

  • If the LED is red or orange, unplug the power source and check the console on a different outlet. You don’t need to plug it into a TV. Instead, ensure the red LEDs don’t light up. If you still see red LEDs with a green light on the power source, have the console repaired or buy a new one.

  • If the console needs repair, remove any accessories or external hard drives. This helps you pick up where you left off on a new Xbox 360 if your original console can’t be repaired.

  • Sytuacja : Xbox 360 Z Dwoma Czerwonymi Diodami Led

    20 Times People Got The Red Ring Of Death On The Xbox 360

    wiecenie kodu dwóch czerwonych diod oznacza, e Xbox 360 przegrzewa si.

    Twój laptop moe si przegrzewa . Twój komputer stacjonarny moe si przegrzewa . Oczywicie twoja konsola Xbox 360 równie moe si przegrzewa.

    Kiedy konsola Xbox 360 si przegrzewa, musisz pozwoli jej odpocz.

    Musisz wyczy konsol, a nastpnie usun rzeczy wokó maszyny. Musisz szczególnie sprawdzi otwory wentylacyjne lub wentylator urzdzenia, aby upewni si, e nic nie jest zablokowane. Okoo godzin póniej moesz ponownie uruchomi konsol, aby sprawdzi, czy problem znikn.

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    How To Fix Original Xbox Red Ring

  • There is no one-size-fits-all answer to fixing an Xbox Red Ring, as the issue will vary depending on the specific model of the Xbox and the extent of the damage.
  • However, some common fixes for Xbox Red Rings include cleaning the consoles power supply unit and fans, replacing burned-out components, and resetting the console.
  • What You Need To Know

    • Microsoft recently launched a six-part documentary covering the history of the Xbox brand.
    • To commemorate the release of the series, Microsoft is selling posters with images inspired by the history of Xbox.
    • One of the posters features the infamous Xbox Red Ring of Death.

    Microsoft’s new documentary, Power-On, details the history of the Xbox brand. The series covers the ups and downs of the last two decades, including the decision to make the original Xbox and the failings of the Xbox One focusing on TV. It provides a look behind the curtain of the Xbox team, and Microsoft decided to commemorate the series with a collection of posters. There are seven posters in all, including one that features the Xbox Red Ring of Death.

    While the infamous Red Ring of Death caused frustration for many console owners, it is undoubtedly part of the history of the Xbox family of devices. The initial batch of Xbox 360 consoles had a high failure rate, and a variety of errors were indicated by three red LEDs lighting up. While the situation improved, issues persisted throughout the lifecycle of the Xbox 360.

    The fifth chapter of Power-On covers the saga of the red ring. “By the time we looked at the cost of repairs, the lost sales that we factored in, we had a $1.15 billion problem,” said former Xbox chief Peter Moore.

    Many of the Power-On chapters focus on negative periods in the history of Xbox. This approach makes the documentary series interesting and also inspires some unique posters.

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