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What Is The Difference Between Xbox One S And X

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Xbox One X Vs Xbox One S Vs Xbox One: Design

Xbox One X vs Xbox One S: What’s the difference?

Out of Microsofts three available consoles, the Xbox One X is definitely the smaller option. The Xbox One X measures 11.8 x 9.4 x 2.4 inches – with Microsoft bragging it’s the “smallest Xbox ever”, however the Xbox One S isn’t far off it’s size and is significantly lighter. The Xbox One S measures 11.6 x 9.0 x 2.5 inches which makes it around 40% smaller than the original Xbox One which measures 17 x 14 x 5 inches.

Both the Xbox One X and Xbox One S can also be lain horizontally or slotted into a tighter space vertically and have their power supply built in – saving even more space.

Really, this is just down to a more efficient use of space as despite their much smaller casing, the consoles’ exterior still have the same HDMI In and Out ports, the same three USB ports and the same Ethernet ports as the Xbox One.

However, the Xbox One X has a high-tech vapour chamber for cooling which pushes air out the back unlike the its predecessors which pushed air out the top and back. This means you can put items on top of the console without worrying about overheating.

Another advantage the Xbox One S and Xbox One X both have in terms of design is that neither have that bulky external power brick that takes up so much room alongside the Xbox One.

The Xbox One X is very much a clone of the Xbox One S. It’s made a few minor changes, like the disc drives move to the middle of the console, and the shift to a nice Space Grey color, it’s nearly identical. Well, on the outside at least.

Quick Resume Acts Like The Ultimate Pause Button

Using their fast storage access, the Xbox Series X and Series S allow you to suspend almost any game by creating a snapshot of it in system memory. You can then start another game, watch a movie, or even turn off and completely unplug your console. The next time you start the game in question, itll pick up exactly where you left off. Its a lot like switching between open apps on a smartphone, and you can do it with several games at once. Games already boot up faster on the new consoles because of their storage speed, and if youre playing more than one thing, switching between games using quick resume saves a lot of time and frustration because you skip any menus and save/load screens that you might otherwise be forced to navigate. And in the few months weve been using the console, every time we boot up a game for the first time in weeks only to load up exactly where we left off in seconds is a delightful experience.

Initially, Quick Resume support was somewhat spotty, with several games encountering problems with the feature but recent patches have improved overall stability, though there are still occasional, unavoidable issues. For titles like the 2018 remaster of Dark Souls, which uses an always online server system, Quick Resume just about always results in a server disconnect, which will boot you to the title screen .

Xbox Series X Vs Xbox Series S Games What Games Will They Play

The Xbox Series X and Series S are able to play the same games at launch, although it is still unclear when and if Microsoft will decide to develop titles than can only be played on the more powerful platform. We imagine this wont come into fruition for a number of years, since the company doesnt want to shut anyone out of its growing ecosystem.

Backwards compatibility play a huge role in the next-generation of consoles, with Microsoft standing at the forefront thanks to its implementation of Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Play Anywhere. A number of Xbox 360 and original Xbox titles are already playable and enhanced on Xbox One, all of which will be playable on the new series of machines.

The optimised enhancements you receive for certain games will differ depending on the console youre playing on, too. Games will still receive ample improvements, but they will always peak at 1440p and a certain level of performance, likely because the horsepower simply cant compete with its older sibling.

You also need to remember Xbox Smart Delivery, which grants you the same game across all platforms regardless of where its purchased. This includes all of your saves, achievements and other important information that might be associated with online and serviced-based titles. Cyberpunk 2077, Assassins Creed Valhalla and Yakuza: Like a Dragon are just some of the games confirmed to support it thus far.

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Xbox Series X Vs Xbox Series S Design How Do They Look

The Xbox Series X sports the most unconventional console design weve seen in decades, resembling a traditional PC far more than anything else on the market right now. To be honest, its a welcome change, even if some players might have trouble fitting it under their television. Its almost tiny compared to the PlayStation 5, and its angular design means its rather easy to slot into an existing entertainment centre.

Given the size of this gaming monolith, the Xbox Series S will be a much smaller affair considering its relative power in comparison. It is 60% smaller than the Xbox Series X, and it is roughly two and a half controllers tall in terms of height. Its a small yet powerful little beast, and should be much easier for fitting under your television.

It has a single USB port on the front alongside a small button for syncing controllers and other peripherals. Perhaps the most striking part of the design is the large black vent on the chassis, which is unusual.

Microsoft is making an obvious effort to differentiate both consoles on the market, making it clear to casual consumers the difference between power, features and the general offering of both consoles. Otherwise, it stands to muddy waters which are otherwise very easy to navigate. Given its asking price, the Xbox Series S will be a very tempting proposition for those who dont fancy breaking the bank.


Xbox Series X Vs Xbox One X: Which Is Best For You

Xbox Series S vs. Xbox Series X: What

Ultimately, the main decision to make is whether you want to invest in the future of gaming or you’re happy to settle for the best the last generation has to offer.

The Xbox Series X is an extremely powerful, exciting new console. But we also have a massive sweet spot for the Xbox One X still. The latter is an amazing machine for the current price and if you can find one for sale, it could be a better option for a tighter budget.


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Difference Between Microsoft Xbox One S And Xbox One X

The gaming industry one of the most elaborate entertainment sectors. However, it is more than just gaming, it builds bonds and friendships that last a lifetime, helps people get through a difficult time, and of course, is always entertaining.

Among the most well-known manufacturers are Sony with their Playstation consoles and Microsoft With their Xbox series.

The Xbox X and S series are two very coveted gaming consoles, all over the world and very rightly so. They are fast, interactive, and highly futuristic in the feels. Xbox X is known for its black matte finish and minimalist style, the Xbox S is also aesthetically pleasing and have similar specs and user interface.

A Refined Design Of A Proven Controller

An interview with Ryan Whitaker, a senior designer at Xbox, revealed that the most crucial design choices made while developing the new controller were about improving inclusivity. The Series X controller is smaller than the Xbox One controller and built to fit an average eight-year-old’s hands.

Improved handling choices exist throughout the new Series X controllers. The glossy finish on the Xbox One controller’s buttons are now matte finishes with a more robust texture. Also, tactile dots have been added to the triggers to improve grip during gameplay.

Perhaps the most noticeable change on the Series X controller, however, is the redesigned D-pad. Whitaker explained that the Series X D-pad was designed using lessons learned from the swappable D-pad on the Xbox One Elite controller. The new D-pad is a hybrid between a traditional pad with strong cardinal directions and a more flexible pad that makes it easier to input diagonal directions. The Series X controller’s D-pad also reacts to minimal movement to make it more responsive and deliver a performance boost for players.

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What Is Optimised For Xbox Series X/s

Like with the Xbox One X, which had games listed as “Enhanced for Xbox One X”, the Xbox Series X and Series S will have titles badged as Optimised for Series X/S. They even come with their own, snazzy logo . But what does that signify?

Well, it basically means that when a game runs on the all-singing and dancing Xbox Series X or more affordable Series S, it will offer graphical performance enhancements over the same game running on an Xbox One, maybe even some extra in-game extras.

That could mean developers raising the frame rate of the game, up to 120fps, or ensuring it plays in native 4K on Series X rather than the cut back or dynamic UHD resolutions many Xbox One X titles offer.

They could even add further draw distances, ray-tracing, or any other graphical wizardry that only the Xbox Series X/S are capable of.

Any of these extra features could result in a game being tagged as Optimised for Xbox Series X/S.

One thing to note though, a game doesn’t need to be native 4K/1440p HDR to be badged, it could have enhancements in other ways, such as Smart Delivery, as explained below, or simply faster loading times.

Nor does it need to hit 60fps minimum . Ubisoft, for example, will only guarantee that Assassin’s Creed Valhalla will run at 30fps on Series X and S.

New Games No Hardware

Xbox Series X|S – Whats The Difference?

Say you dont own an Xbox or a gaming PC, but you do have an Android phone. Does Microsoft have any next-gen gaming options for you? Thanks to game streaming, it does. On September 15th, Microsoft added game streaming to Xbox Games Pass Ultimate, which costs $14.99 a month. The feature, which was known previously as xCloud, could give you a way to play many of the biggest Xbox Series X games without having to own any gaming hardware at all. You can stream them to a device as simple as an Android phone, for example .

Game streaming isnt an entirely new idea Sony launched its PlayStation Now service way back in 2014 to a muted response but Microsoft is taking a much more interesting approach. Rather than focusing on older titles, as Sony did with PlayStation Now, Microsoft says its new games will be available to stream the day they release and lists recent first-party titles like Forza Horizon 4, Gears of War 5, Tell Me Why, The Outer Worlds, and Ori and the Will of the Wisps as being among the 150-plus games available to stream at launch.

Microsoft promises to let you stream major Xbox games straight to your phone.Game streamings future on iPhones is uncertain


Xbox Game Pass briefly explained: console, PC, xCloud streaming and more

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Xbox Series X And Series S

Jump to navigationJump to searchX series S series XboxXbox One XXbox One SXbox 360 S

  • Xbox Series X
The Xbox Series X with controller
Also known as
8 million
  • Series X: 3.8 GHz, 3.6 GHz with SMT
  • Series S: 3.6 GHz, 3.4 GHz with SMT
Seagate PCIe 4.0 Storage Expansion Card
  • Series X: 52 CUs @ 1.825 GHz, 12.16 TFLOPS
  • Series S: 20 CUs @ 1.565 GHz, 4.01 TFLOPS
  • All previously released Xbox One-compatible controllers and accessories
Built-in power supply
Current firmware
Series X: 15.1 cm × 15.1 cm × 30.1 cm Series S: 15.1 cm × 6.5 cm × 27.5 cm
  • Series X: 9.8 pounds
  • Series S: 4.25 pounds
All Xbox One games and select Xbox 360 and original Xbox games

The Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S are home video game consoles developed by Microsoft. They were both released on November 10, 2020, as the fourth generation of the Xbox console family, succeeding the Xbox One family. Along with Sony’s PlayStation 5, also released in November 2020, the Xbox Series X and Series S are part of the ninth generation of video game consoles.

Xbox Series X Vs Xbox Series S Features What Can I Expect From Each Console

Aside from the difference in technical specs, the core experience across Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are almost identical with features like Quick Resume and fast loading times enabled by the SSD both being supported. The latter can fluctuate across both systems according to our testing, although the general consensus is that each console is incredibly fast regardless of the difference in power.

The SSD storage of both consoles can be upgraded by purchasing bespoke expansion cards from Seagate, although these are very expensive at the time of writing. If youre picking up a Series S and plan to expand the storage, it might be worth just cutting your losses and picking up the Series X for all the added benefits that come with the more powerful console.

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Disc Drive Or No Disc Drive

Aside from the price, one of the biggest differences between the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S is the fact that the Xbox Series S does not include a disc drive. This means you will not be able to play any of the Xbox games you purchase at the store using their physical discs. Youll only be able to play games that youve downloaded over the internet.

Physically, the Xbox Series S is a much smaller console than the Xbox Series X, so if space near the TV is a concern, keep that in mind.

Xbox Series X Vs Xbox Series S Price How Much Do They Cost

Xbox One S VS Xbox One X: See the Differences Between Them

Xbox Series X currently retails for £449/$499. Thats a fairly high price, but you do get native 4K support in return to make it worthwhile.

The Xbox Series S costs a far more affordable £249/$299, but is limited to a 1440p performance. Youre still getting a slew of high-end features here though, including ray tracing, speedy SSDs and the same CPU as the Series X. The only major differences to the Series X are the lack of disk drive and a weaker GPU.

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Xbox Series X Vs Xbox Series S: Performance

Whereas the Xbox Series S has a clear price advantage, the Xbox Series X has a clear hardware advantage. While the two systems have the same CPU, they have different storage and RAM capacities. There’s also a significant difference in the two consoles’ GPUs. Consult the chart below for a full breakdown of Xbox Series X vs. Xbox Series S specs:

Xbox Series X
8K, 120 fps 1440p, 120 fps

In our tests, the Xbox Series X performed better than the Xbox Series S across the board- not surprising, considering the Series X’s hardware. While the Xbox Series S has 4K upscaling and HDR features, it’s not quite the same thing as having a native 4K display. The Xbox Series X supports ray-tracing on a huge variety of games, while the Series S has much more limited ray-tracing support. The Series X also has much better draw distance in optimized games.

Qualitatively speaking, the Xbox Series S looks good and plays well, even on 4K displays. If you have a 1080p TV or 1440p monitor and plan to keep using it for a few more years the Series S is an easy sell. But if you have a high-end TV, save your pennies for the Series X. It’s worth the upgrade price.

The Xbox Series X also has a 4K Blu-ray player built in the Xbox Series S is a purely digital console. This means that if you have a lot of physical media be they movies, TV shows, or backwards-compatible games the Xbox Series X offers a huge advantage over the Series S.

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