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What Is Mic Monitoring Xbox

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How Can You Enable Mic Monitoring On Playstation

What is the MIC monitoring on Xbox one?

Even though Mic Monitoring comes enabled by default on your PlayStation,you can change the volume.

To enable Mic Monitoring on aPS4, you mayfollow these instructions:

  • Navigate to Settings, then choose theDevices tab.
  • Choose Audio Devices. After which, you should see an option named sidetone volume.
  • Now, you can adjust the volume as you want.

Reasons Why Mic Monitoring Is Essential

Mic monitoring offers several key advantages:

  • Creates crystal-clear sound while gaming
  • Balances out noises and voices
  • The other sounds get drowned out so as not to become too distorted and peak
  • Real-time troubleshooting is possible adjust your voice based on what you hear
  • It solves the problem of people talking too loudly
  • Mic monitoring could be helpful on platforms and programs such as Skype, Zoom, and Google Voice

Fast And Efficient Troubleshooting With Mic Monitoring

Mic monitoring won’t keep you guessing if there is something wrong with your audio. Nowadays, when remote online work is the norm, it’s important to be ready for remote business meetings, Zoom meetups, client conferences, Teams meetings, etc. And being ready is not just about knowing what to say and looking great, but you must make sure that your equipment is perfect for your activity.

Mic monitoring lets you hear your voice even before you start a meeting, a call, or any activity. By hearing your voice through your headset, you can adjust the audio settings of your device accordingly. You can raise or lower the volume, adjust or remove any effects or replace a faulty headset or wiring. You can troubleshoot ASAP and be ready for your activity in no time.

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How To Disable Mic Monitoring

It is easy to disable mic monitoring on any of the devices listed above.

PC: To uncheck the box Listen to This Device when you are on a computer, go to your microphone tab.

  • A small window will open. Double-click the default microphone device by clicking on the tab at the top.
  • A new window will open. Click the tab at the top that says Listen.
  • Click OK to uncheck Listen To This Device.
  • You shouldnt be able to hear yourself if you have done it correctly.


  • Click on Settings, then click on the Devices tab.
  • Select Audio Devices, and you will see Sidetone Volume.
  • Slide the sidetone volume to the left.

Xbox: To monitor your Xboxs microphone, you need to lower the volume to zero.

How To Turn Mic Monitoring Off Again

Mic Monitoring: What Is It and How It Is Relevant to Gaming

Mic monitoring is best used as a way to check the level of your voice and make any necessary adjustments before you begin playing. Although you can continue to play with microphone monitoring enabled, it is unlikely to produce the best gaming experience and you may find that in-game sounds, including music, dialogue, sound effects and other players voices, are all drowned out by the sound of your own voice.

You can use mic monitoring to know if you are too close to your microphone or to see if it is picking up excess background noise. Once you have done this and are satisfied, it is recommended to turn it off again.

The precise method for doing this will depend on the system you are using, but generally, it will be a case of either turning down the Mic Monitoring or Sidetone slider on your console, or disabling the Listen to This Device option on your Windows 10 PC. You may also be able to disable it directly from your headset.

Once you have successfully disabled mic monitoring, you should no longer hear your own voice through the headset, but you will have a better appreciation of how others are going to hear you.

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Enabling And Disabling Mic Monitoring On Your Xbox Gaming Console

Mic monitoring is very helpful in console gaming, especially on an Xbox gaming console. However, your headphones must support mic monitoring to work. This is because gaming consoles are unable to redirect signals from your mic to the speakers. You need another device or system, which is your mic monitoring-enabled headphones.

How to power on mic monitoring in an Xbox console

How to disable mic monitoring in an Xbox console

  • Unplug your headphones from your Xbox gaming controllerUsually, just by unplugging your headphones from the gaming controller will disable the feature. But if you still want to use your headphones, proceed with the next steps.
  • Press the Xbox button
  • Move the leftmost tab to go to System and Audio
  • Adjust the Xbox mic monitoring volume slider according to your needs

To disable Xbox one monitoring, move the mic monitoring slider down to disable the feature. You can always turn it up anytime, even in the middle of a game.

What Are Some Common Mic Monitoring Issues On Xbox

You might encounter several issues when using the mic monitoring feature on Xbox One, and here is how you can fix some of these.

1. Mic monitoring on Xbox One is greyed out

This mostly happens when you use an adapter instead of a 3.5mm jack pin or your wireless headset is not connected correctly. To fix it, simply unplug the headset, clean the jack and port on both ends, and reconnect the headset or adapter to the controller.

2. Mic monitoring on Xbox One is not working

  • Press the Xbox button on the controller to open the menu, go to Profile & system on the right, and then select Settings.
  • Now, select Volume & audio output on the right in the General tab.
  • Click on the Party chat output option.
  • Select Headsets and speakers or simply Headsets from the list of options.
  • If the audio output is routed through the speakers, mic monitoring would not work on Xbox One. Make the necessary changes and check if it starts working. In case the problem persists, update the Xbox controllers firmware.

    3. Mic monitoring not showing on Xbox One

    This generally happens due to an issue with the console, and resetting it should do the trick. But, before you do that, try connecting another headset to verify if the problem actually lies with the console settings or if its the headset to be blamed.

    Also, make sure to check that the headset is properly connected since in that case too, the mic monitoring option is greyed out.

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    You Can Avoid Shouting When You Use Mic Monitoring

    Most people have developed a loud voice after talking and communicating using their headsets. They feel that they need to speak louder so that the person they are talking to can hear them better. But what they are doing is only making this worse. They sound louder and will even speak louder if they are not satisfied!

    Mic monitoring will make sure that youll never have to shout again. Because you can clearly hear your voice through your headset, you can gauge whether youre talking too softly or too loudly. You can also modulate your voice to sound more professional or to sound your age. With mic monitoring, you can also clearly hear and correct any problems, not just the volume of your voice.

    Sometimes, people mistake us for the sound, tone, and volume of our voices. Talking to a client in a loud voice can translate to being angry, too risky, and too demanding. Meanwhile, talking too softly can translate to being too soft, unreliable, and unprofessional. Use mic monitoring to correct your voice right away.

    How To Turn On Mic Monitoring On Ps4

    What does MIC monitoring mean on Xbox one?

    Same as PC, you can enable mic monitoring on PS4 if you are using compatible headphones. PlayStation 4 named the function Sidetone instead of mic monitoring.

    You can follow these steps.

    Click here, and you can control your mic monitoring volume to a higher to lower.

    In this way, you can enable mic monitoring on ps4.

    You also can enable mic monitoring on Xbox. Now know in detail about it.

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    Setting Up Mic Monitoring On Playstation 4 Or Playstation 5

    To make use of microphone monitoring on your PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 console, you will need a mic monitoring headset. Most of the best gaming headsets offer this feature, including the official headset from Sony.

    Within the PlayStation user interface, microphone monitoring is referred to as sidetone. Mic monitoring should be enabled by default, but you may need to manually adjust the setting on your actual headset.

    Once this is done, you can control the volume for your mic monitoring from your PlayStation console by doing the following:

  • Go to Settings, then select Devices.
  • Go to Audio Devices.
  • You should see an option labeled Sidetone, with a slider. Move this slider up and down to adjust the volume. Once you have set the slider where you want it, simply leave the settings menu.
  • What Is Mic Monitoring And How To Use It To Improve Gaming

    If you are anything like me, youve spent several hours playing co-op games with friends on your PC or console. After years of engineering audio, it bothered me that I couldnt hear myself when I spoke into my microphone. This lead to a lot of confusion about how loudly I was talking and didnt allow me to adjust accordingly.

    Thankfully, mic monitoring is becoming a widespread feature in gaming headsets and a setting on newer consoles. Lets take a look at what mic monitoring is and how it can help your gaming experience.


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    Enabling Mic Monitoring On Playstation 4

    Setting out to appear as something else, PS4 calls mic monitoring sidetone. As with a mic monitoring Xbox one, assuming that you have PS4, you should be certain your earphones are outfitted with a mic monitoring highlight. Its a default empowering here as well, however, you can fix the volume as you would prefer.

    Whats more, doing as such is probably the easiest thing you can do.

    Find SettingsSelect the tab that says GadgetsYoull see Sound Devices later that so pick itThen, at that point Sidetone Volume will be a choiceHead there and you can handle your mic monitoring volume to a sequential setting

    How Can You Disable Mic Monitoring On Windows

    Mic Monitoring: What Is It and How It Is Relevant to Gaming

    To disable Mic Monitoring on Windows on your PC, follow these steps:

    • A small window will appear. Choose the Recording option.
    • Select the default microphone device by double-clicking it.
    • A new window will appear. Tap on the Listen tab.
    • Next, uncheck the tab that says Listen to this Device, then click OK.

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    How Can I Get Latency

    Before how to get latency-free mic monitoring can be answered, a thorough understanding of what latencies are will be necessary. Latency is the time that a signal takes to travel from a source to a destination.

    In the case of microphone monitoring, the time it takes for the microphone to create an audio file of your voice and for you to hear it on your headphones.

    How To Turn On Mic Monitoring On A Pc

    To activate it on your computer, you need to connect a pair of headphones and a microphone to it. Since Windows 10 is the most common right now, know the activation process with windows 10.

    At first, open the Control Panel . Then click on the Sound icon.

    A small window will come out. Then you have to click on the second tab on top, which says, Recording.

    In the Recording tab, double click on the default mic.

    Now another window will pop up. Click on the second tab on the top that says, Listen.

    In the Listen tab, you will see Listen to this device and click on this box.

    Now you will find Playback through this device.

    Next, select the playback device that you want to listen to the output of your mic and click OK.

    Finally, test it out, and you will be able to listen to yourself through the mic in your headphone.

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    How To Turn Off Mic Monitoring On Xbox One

    Again, turning off mic monitoring on Xbox One is a fairly simple and straightforward process. Just access the Audio settings on your Xbox One, and drag the Mic monitoring slider all the way to the left.

    If you are still able to hear your own voice through the headset, mic monitoring has not been completely disabled. So, check the position of the slider and ensure that its to the extreme left.

    Xbox Wireless Headset Mic Monitoring

    How do you use the mic monitor on Xbox one?

    The mic monitoring on the headset is VERY low, even on the highest setting. If the mic would’ve been closer to the mouth it would be fine…

    Maybe it’s possible to adjust the mic monitoring levels in the accessory app in a future update? The base-level in the “low” setting should be considerable higher.

    If you compare the mic monitoring levels to, for example, Turtle Beach Stealth 700X Gen 2 the highest level is lower than the lowest one on the Turtle Beach.

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    Same for me, very low, almost useless and will have to return headset if cannot be resolved in software

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    How To Turn Up Mic Monitoring On Xbox One

    Turning up the Mic Monitoring on Xbox One is simple. Just Press the Xbox button on your controller and choose the Speaker icon to enter Audio and Music settings. There, verify if the Headset mic option is enabled. If yes, scroll down to the Mic Monitoring option and drag the slide to the desired level to turn up Mic Monitoring.

    Setting Up Mic Monitoring On Xbox One Or Xbox Series X

    X|S consoles refer to microphone monitoring as mic monitoring, making the setting easier to find. You will need a compatible headset to adjust this. If you do have one, these are the steps to enable mic monitoring.

    • To access the Xbox button, click on the Home screen.
    • Scroll down to System and then click on the option for Audio.
    • Move the slider labeled Mic Monitoring up or down to adjust the volume. Once youve placed the slider exactly where you want it to be, and your voice is at the desired level, you can close the settings menu.

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    Alternatives For Mic Monitoring

    If your headphones dont support the mic monitoring feature, there are some alternatives that you can consider.

    Did you know? UK gamers spend £253 every year on new gaming accessories!

    You can try a third-party controller like The Turtle Beach Audio Controller which can customise the volume without you having to manually change your settings. Additionally, this device offers four different audio presets that you can use to control the volume of the game and the chats.

    Another alternative for Xbox headset mic monitoring is the Astro Gaming MixAMP Pro. This headset is versatile, has excellent volume control options both for gaming and work, and has a Dolby Digital Surround Sound feature that balances the sound between the voice chat audio and the game.

    How Important Is Mic Monitoring

    How to use your own headphones on Xbox One

    Mic monitoring is a significant component since it permits clients more control and mindfulness in the game. It makes an orchestrated client experience that gives you constant input on the sound youre putting out there without destroying your gaming experience.

    As somebody whos lived in the BEFORE time, I can tell you, mic monitoring is so significant. My explanations behind that feeling:

    Talking and not having the option to hear yourself is peculiarThat is to say, am I saying genuine words, or is it simply sounds?Truly, however, I cant determine whether Im making some noise enough to be heard or yelling everybodys eardrums outHowever, you should check with specific gaming frameworks that may coincidentally sidestep the componentMic monitoring takes into consideration consistency all through the gameWith VR, you certainly need this mic monitoring highlight

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    What Is Mic Monitoring Xbox One 2022

    What is Mic Monitoring Xbox One? Mic monitoring is a feature that allows players to hear their own voice in the game chat. This is useful for ensuring that players are able to properly communicate with one another. Lets be with Dreamcheeky to learn more useful information.


    The Mic monitoring feature permits you to hear your own voice when speaking on the microphone.

    This feature is now available in all wired and wireless headphones.

    It is compatible with both PCs and other gaming consoles such as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox.

    It is important to be curious as to why mic monitoring is used.

    What Is Mic Monitoring On Xbox

    Written by, Mihajlo Trajcheski

    Choppy mic audio is not only unpleasant for those on the receiving end but it can be detrimental to your gameplay in co-op games.

    Thats where the mic monitoring feature on your Xbox comes into play.

    But, what is mic monitoring on Xbox, how can you enable it, and when does it come in handy?

    Lets find out.

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