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What Is An Xbox Ambassador

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What It Takes To Be An Xbox Ambassador

What is an Xbox Ambassador 2019

Becoming an Xbox Ambassador is easy as 1, 2, 3 no really, it is. There are just three requirements you must meet to be accepted into the program.

  • Be 17 years of age or older
  • Have a Gamerscore 1500 or higher
  • Have no enforcement actions on your Xbox Live account within the last year

Having the title Xbox Ambassador is certainly a distinguishing mark, but the impact you get to have on the Xbox community is really what its all about.

Xbox Ambassadors Program Encourages You To Get Involved With Your Community On And Off The Console

Looking for more ways to get involved with the Xbox community? The Xbox Ambassadors Program has you covered! As an Xbox Ambassador, youll be able to interact with a growing community, help out fellow gamers and unlock cool Rewards. You may even find yourself spotlighted on This Week on Xbox and the Community Blog or actively participating in Xbox Ambassadors streams and YouTube videos.

You can find a quick menu of activities central to the Xbox Ambassador Program here, but opportunities for getting active continue to grow. Last October, the Program launched Project Watchtower, a tool that enables Ambassadors to reach out to other gamers Tweeting about Xbox. The current Ambassador community has made excellent use of the tool, and you can find a handy overview below.

Alongside a growing Twitter presence, the Xbox Ambassadors Program has also spread to YouTube. Videos already created by the Xbox Ambassadors team as well as community members can be found at this channel with more works in store for the future.

While the Programs main focus is building a stronger community of active gamers on and off the console, it goes without saying that the Rewards are pretty cool, too. Sign up and get started today for a chance at the March Sweepstakes, which includes two Xbox One S consoles, five Astro A40 TR headsets, ten Design Lab controllers and twenty EA Access 12-month membership tokens.

What Does Developer Mode Do

Developer options on Android devices are a set of features that allow users to configure system behaviors. By default, these dev options are hidden on Android devices since it was specially designed for individuals who are interested in testing additional options that can impact a phones performance.

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The Xbox Ambassador Pledge

Xbox Ambassadors uphold the following six principles of the Xbox Ambassadors pledge:i. Be inclusive and welcoming of all gamersii. Promote a safe gaming environment that everyone can enjoyiii. Celebrate the uniqueness of everyone in the gaming communityiv. Advocate for responsible and accessible gamingv. Positively represent the Xbox Ambassadors community onlinevi. And, above all else: make gaming fun for everyone

Why Did You Become An Xbox Ambassador And What Keeps You So Involved In The Program

Xbox Ambassadors

I got an email message inviting me to join in the Spring of 2019. I had never heard of the program before that so I started scouting the forums and seeing that I could be of help given my tech and teaching background. Im big on giving help and information on a level anyone can understand. Often not only explaining how to resolve the issue, but how to avoid it in the future.

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Introducing Community Champions A New Xbox Ambassador Role

Xbox Ambassador Community Champions lead by example and set the standard for what it means to be an Xbox Ambassador. Because theres no one right way to be an Xbox Ambassador, weve recognized Community Champions for a variety of accomplishments and contributions to the community.

Each Champion is trusted, equipped, and empowered to impact the community in their own unique way. One common thread connecting every Community Champion together is that each is expected to lead by example and conduct themselves in line with the ideals expressed in the Xbox Ambassadors Pledge.

How Do You Think Online Communities Positively Impact The Lives Of Gamers

Absolutely! Communities can bring together people from all over the world and different walks of life, in the case of the Ambassadors program its console gaming that initially links us. We often find lifelong friends through relationships that started online through this program or communities like it.

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A New Mission For Xbox Ambassadors

What does it mean to be an Xbox Ambassador? To some, it means sharing their unparalleled Xbox expertise with fellow gamers. Others define it as creating meaningful friendships with gamers from all walks of life. As for us, we think there are countless ways to be an Xbox Ambassador, all of which stem from a single commonalitya passion for community.

Frequently Asked Questions About A Xbox Brand Ambassador Salaries

Become an Xbox Ambassador

The national average salary for a Xbox Brand Ambassador is $35,056 per year in United States. Filter by location to see a Xbox Brand Ambassador salaries in your area. Salaries estimates are based on 1528 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by a Xbox Brand Ambassador employees.

The highest salary for a Xbox Brand Ambassador in United States is $54,353 per year.

The lowest salary for a Xbox Brand Ambassador in United States is $22,610 per year.

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Lucidsound Ls15x: Whats Not So Good

While LucidSound didnt compromise on the fundamentals, as in audio quality, it did downgrade the microphone versus some of its more expensive cousins. The flexibility is nowhere near as pliable as LucidSound mic booms often are either, but honestly its a minor gripe. There arent many gaming headsets out there that are truly suitable for content creation, and the mic here is still clear for comms chat, without generating any echoes.

Perhaps the biggest compromise is the general build quality and construction. While you wont notice it when youre wearing it, it does feel a little brittle in the hand, and not nearly as dense as a more expensive headset might be. The adjustable head strap doesnt quite hold its position either, which is a bit odd, although it doesnt affect the wearability.

Another grievance I have with LucidSound headsets in general is the lack of information on what the dials and buttons do. Many competing headsets have an on-board voice that tells you which buttons youve pressed and what each of the controls do. The dials make a chime when you hit their maximum setting, and dont offer any sort of feedback when youre moving through levels.

Who Are Xbox Ambassadors

Xbox Ambassadors are more than a community. We are a worldwide network of gamers who celebrate the uniqueness of everyone, promote a safe gaming environment, and above all else, make gaming fun for everyone. When you connect with and are welcomed by that many gamers, its impossible not to find your own Xbox family. Whether they are streaming, welcoming an Xbox newbie, or sharing Xbox knowledge with fellow gamers, Xbox Ambassadors represent what gaming is all about, community.

What do Xbox Ambassadors do?

There is more than one way Xbox Ambassadors are making gaming fun for everyone. With countless activities and ways to participate, there is something for everyone! As an Xbox Ambassador you will have the opportunity to join playdates, participate in the Xbox Community Game Club, chat with like minded gamers, participate in exclusive Xbox surveys, and interact with the community, your way, all while unlocking XP for exclusive rewards.

If youre interested in making an impact on the Xbox community as an Ambassador, wed love to have you. Plus, one thing is trueXbox is the best place to play, and the community is what makes this, our home, so special.

Dont take it from us, hear what the community has to say:

Is being an Xbox Ambassador for me?

Xbox Ambassadors want to positively impact the gaming community. To make things quick and easy, here are a few questions that should help you answer your burning question: Is being an Xbox Ambassador meant for me?

Your answer

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Can You Tell Us A Bit About Your Life And Interests Outside Of Gaming

Outside of gaming I am a PC/IT support technician with 40 years of experience. I also believe in public service, something that was instilled in me from a young age. At the ages from 9-11 I served as the Northern California March of Dime Poster Child. As an adult Ive served on the board of directors for a therapeutic horseback program and a youth football program. I also volunteered at a community center for 14 years.

Lucidsound Ls15x: The Competition

Xbox Ambassadors

The LucidSound LS15X competes with the likes of the official Xbox Wireless Headset from Microsoft, and the Turtle Beach Stealth 600 for affordable wireless supremacy. The only advantage the Xbox Wireless Headset has here is the addition of Bluetooth and direct-to-Xbox wireless connectivity, the LS15X body slams it on literally every other facet, offering better sound across the board.

The Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Gen 2 comes a little closer, but is generally $20 more expensive. The onboard assistant makes the Stealth 600 a little easier to use out of the box, but considering the LS15X has a more impressive sound stage and a lower price point, Id say the unintuitive controls are a worthwhile trade-off. The Stealth 600 does have direct-to-Xbox wireless connectivity, but the LS15Xs USB dongle can be swapped between Xbox and PC at whim, saving you from buying an additional Xbox Wireless dongle.

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Navigating The New Layout

Lets do this top-down style, starting with the current intro text on the Missions page: Making Xbox fun for everyone one checkpoint at a time. We trust everyone to keep that message in their hearts. That, along with all the other information at the top of the page, is going to be replaced with a status bar similar towhats on the Profile page.

This status bar will reflect the current Level of an Xbox Ambassador, how much Lifetime XP is needed to unlock the next Level, and their Seasonal Tier.;

Oh! It will also show the Level Modifierthats the percentage bonus that gets addedto any unlocked XP.

Moving along, the Self-report Activity will no longer exist as a drop-down menu. Instead, it will live as its own Mission that you can mark as complete. ;

The way other Missions are currently listed will also appear differently. The sidebar to the left we have now is going to be replaced with Mission cards. These cards will update with your progress automatically . They are also going to make skimming throughwhat Missions are going on a whole lot easier.

Mission categories are getting renamed to make it easier to identify what they contain. The cards will also help for a quicker read, with color-coded backgrounds.

Xbox Ambassadors Build Community Reinforce Inclusion And Positive Gaming

Paul Martin grew up playing video games as a way to do things he couldnt do in real life: play baseball, walk, fly.

But for a time he stopped engaging in multiplayer titles. It got too toxic, too negative.

For Martin, whose gamertag CerebralPaul#921 is a play on his name and his cerebral palsy, it was too much to deal with people who didnt know his situation.

After a while you just you get tired of telling people, Im doing the best I can. My hands dont work that good, says Martin, 54. Every time you got into a public match, if you did something that they thought was stupid, youd hear about it. So after a while, I was done.

But he came back to multiplayer games in 2018 and found a volunteer community that accepted and celebrated him for who he is, thanks to the Xbox Ambassadors program.

I do love multiplayer gaming more than I used to. It allows me to step outside myself and right now, especially with COVID, its my social outlet, says Martin, whos been enjoying games such as Cyberpunk 2077 and PGA Golf 2K21 on his Xbox Series X since its launch in November. He opened up about his life on livestreams and now a weekly podcast on YouTube . I owe a lot of that to the Ambassador program. Theyve returned the favor, spotlighting him as an Ambassador of the Month.

The pandemic has showed us that we really wouldnt be able to manage this community without their help, Natalello says.

Ideal Ambassadors, she says, have a desire to make gaming fun for everyone.

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Lucidsound Ls15x: Should You Buy It

Become An Xbox Ambassador Get Xbox Rewards

Honestly, this is $ for $ the best budget wireless headset Ive used. It doesnt make any compromises on the fundamentals, offering an impressive and tactical soundstage ideal giving you advantages without sacrificing immersion. The soundscape sounds warm and naturalistic with impressive bass effects, which can be accentuated further with an EQ adjustment key.

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Can You Tell Us More About Your Livestreams Why You Call Them Gaming Differently And Why Its Important For People To Have A Better Understanding Of What It Means To Be A Gamer With A Disability

Originally the stream was called The Short Bus because I have a sense of humor about my disability and limitations. Over time it was pointed out that I might inadvertently be offending people that dont know me. At that time The Short Bus was parked and Gimpy P was retired. After much thought and trying to figure out how I could still communicate the fact that I was not like most of the gaming community. When I play a game I am forced by limitation to adjust my play style, to Game Differently. Cerebral Paul is a play on both my name and my condition. My name is Paul, and I have Cerebral Palsy. When my mother saw it she asked if I was trying to show peoples how smart I amyes, that too.When I stream, if I have trouble shooting straight, game mechanics that require fine motor skills, or control schemes that need adjusting, I point it out. Even when I get frustrated I tend to work through issues by adjusting how I approach the issue in the game.

Is Being An Xbox Ambassador Meant For Me

Xbox Ambassadors want to positively impact the gaming community. To make things quick and easy, here are a few questions that should help you answer your burning question: Is being an Xbox Ambassador meant for me?

  • Do you want to make a positive impact on the Xbox community?
  • Do you like connecting with other gamers from around the world?
  • Do want to make Xbox the most enjoyable and safe place for everyone?
  • Do you like to learn more about new features on Xbox?
  • Are you interested in providing feedback by participating in surveys that directly impact Xbox?

If you answered yes to one or more of those questions, then the Xbox Ambassador program is for you.

Being an Ambassador makes me a better person. Helping others is something I was encouraged to do when I was growing up. Being able to do it for the gaming community is just a perfect fit for me. Being an Ambassador gave me the opportunity to be more involved and connected me with so many cool people. Bowski47

Being an Xbox Ambassador truly is about making your mark on the community, in your own way. And, were here to help you do it. If your love for Xbox means you also want to engage, welcome, and connect with other Xbox community members, this program is for you.

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Hispanic Heritage Month : Xbox Ambassadors Share Their Stories

Hey, happy Hispanic Heritage Month! Highlighting and amplifying community voices is core to the Xbox Ambassadors community, so in celebration, we asked those who identify as Hispanic/Latino how games with diverse representation have impacted them and to share their own stories about being a member of the Hispanic/Latino gaming community.

We received hundreds of responses,;and;with much consideration, selected the following to share.

Here are their stories in their own words:

Choose Your Own Adventure

Become an Xbox Ambassador, help out fellow gamers and ...

There is more than one way Xbox Ambassadors are make gaming fun for everyone. With countless activities and ways to participate, there is something for everyone! Ambassador activities range from adding friends on Xbox to starting a forums discussion about positive gaming to helping a fellow gamer. Here, we have something for everyone.

We have social spaces like Discord and Twitter, where you can connect with other welcoming gamers, talk with people who have similar interests as you, and even make new friends!

As an Ambassador, youll have the unique opportunity to participate in exclusive surveys that make Xbox a better place to play. And when new features and announcements are launched on Xbox, we stand up missions to learn more about all things Xbox.

If that wasnt enough, we love to reward and recognize Xbox Ambassadors through Xbox Live badging, exclusive swag, and editorial spotlights.

With so many ways to participate, it really makes you wonder, what isnt there to love about being an Xbox Ambassador?

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Guy Who Claims To Be Xbox Ambassador Threatens To Get Me Banned During Overwatch Game

OK, so I was playing Overwatch last night when I got a teammate with the gamertag “ConjunctnJunctn” who started looking at his team mate’s profiles. He claimed he was checking the gamerscore to see if any of us were smurf accounts. Then he looked at my profile and claimed I must be a cheater, because I have 160000 gamerscore, and he kept saying my account was less than a year old. I have no idea why he kept insisting that my account was less than a year old. I tried explaining to him that that it was very easy to disprove my account was new, all he had to look at the timestamps on my Left 4 Dead achievements that say 2009, the first game I played on my account. He said that meant nothing and he was going to have me banned, because my profile “doesn’t have a number saying how old it is” or something like that. I don’t even know what that means. Now, I realize it is probably just a troll, but the idea of an Ambassador abusing his power worries me, and if I lost my account I frankly would lose everything. If he is just a troll, I believe impersonating an Xbox rep is a huge violation of the TOS. What do you guys think I should do, if anything?

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