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What Games Support Mouse And Keyboard On Xbox

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Can You Use A Keyboard And Mouse Combo In All Games

10 Xbox Games With MOUSE & KEYBOARD Support

The short answer is that- it depends. Microsoft is pretty okay with their Xbox one users using a mouse and keyboard. But know that they will only work if the games developer allows for keyboard and mouse compatibility. So it is only then that you will be able to use it without any issues. However, we should mention that most games do allow for text input through the keyboard. But sadly, this isnt true for the mouse.

However, if the application you are using does support the mouse, you can configure it by heading to the Setting option and then selecting the Kinect and Devices function. Here you will be able to change everything from the pointer speed to the functions of the first and second buttons.

Razer Turret Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard And Mouse

This keyboard and mouse combo is the perfect setup to help transform your Xbox gaming experience. Razer even teamed up with Microsoft when designing this so you know its a great choice. And, with mechanical switches and an ergonomic mouse, youll be pleasantly surprised at how well they work for you.

While these are our top picks, they wont work for everyone. Be sure to check our full guide on the best Xbox One keyboard and mouse for more options.

If you want to also pick up a monitor or a tv to go with your Xbox One, check out our respectiveguides to find the best ones on the market.

Best Xbox One Keyboard And Mouse Compatible Games

Want to give a new control method a try? These are the games you need.

Image via Microsoft

Microsoft has been pushing to give its user base more options on how to play their games on Xbox One. Using a keyboard and mouse on your Xbox One is a great way to learn how to play before investing in a PC. It also allows Microsoft to take advantage of its unique platform, allowing them to push for greater connections between Xbox One and PC players, thanks to cross-platform titles that allow both groups to play together.

Controller players do not need to worry, competitive games with keyboard and mouse support put players only up against PC players or Xbox Live users using the feature too. As such, if you prefer to play with your controller, but want to test your skills with a mouse and keyboard, you will be put in the appropriate lobby each time.

We have put together the full list of games that have keyboard and mouse compatibility on Xbox One.

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List Of Xbox Games That Support Mouse And Keyboard

Xbox Mouse and Keyboard Games

ARK: Survival Evolved

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Works for some, but not others – see this reddit thread for a potential fix.


Block Puzzle INFINITE+ Keyboard only.

Bomber Crew

Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead

Bright Memory No keybinding support.

Casual Crossword Keyboard only and only during gameplay – not in menus.

Caverns of Moon Keyboard only.

Cities: Skylines

DayZ Mouse and keyboard support can be enabled in the options menu.

Deep Rock Galactic

Destroy All Humans! Limited: Supports mouse and keyboard after the first screen of the game, but does not support any configuration options.


DOOM 64 Supports mouse and keyboard after the first screen of the game.

Duck Sim Keyboard only.

Five Nights at Freddy’s 2

Five Nights at Freddy’s 3

Five Nights at Freddy’s 4

Flappy Space

HyperDot Choose game mode and then pick mouse and keyboard input once prompted.

Hypnospace Outlaw

Immortals Fenyx Rising

Maid of Sker Limited: Supports mouse and keyboard after the first screen of the game, but does not support any configuration options.

Metro Exodus

Monster Sanctuary Keyboard only, but no keybinding support.

Moonlighter Keyboard only.

Neoverse Limited: Supports mouse and keyboard, but does not support any configuration options. Also, mouse cursor is invisible.

Outriders Limited: Supports mouse and keyboard, but does not support any configuration options.

PC Building Simulator

Roblox Only in play mode – not in menus.

Sea of Thieves

The Sims 4

These Are All The Games That Support Mouse And Keyboard On Xbox One

Games with keyboard and mouse support xbox one ...

Xbox One is growing every day, just like on PC, now it offers cross-play support and even mods for some games. Some selected for the game, you can also use a mouse and keyboard instead of the traditional Xbox controller, which gives you more precision, so you can make your favorite one, easily, without spending hundreds of dollars playing on a PC.

Keyboard and mouse customizations like Razer Towers, and even development specifically for the Xbox One, but at least all players have discovered more that they can get the benefits of abandoning the gamepad. Other keyboards, but can also be used.

This is all supported by that mouse and keyboard game on Xbox. A number of names are used not only by mouse and keyboard but also by Razer Chroma integration to improve lighting and color for viewing. Some names are listed on Razers official website and repeated separately by the developers, and they have been given.

The list of supported games is constantly expanding, and games are usually played an additional once.

  • Wargroove
  • Razer Chroma integration
  • Razer previously listed several other games on its official list before later removing them these could be coming in the future. Those games are Gears Tactics, Sea of Thieves, and Surviving Mars, the last two of which support keyboard and mouse control in general. Each game is also available as a PC game, therefore implementing mouse and keyboard support would allow for less disparity between the two platforms.

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    The Best To Use The Mouse And Keyboard On Xbox Consoles

    • ARK: Survival Evolved. One of the quintessential games when it comes to thinking about survival with more people swarming through your world. Thanks to the keyboard you will have many shortcuts at hand. Not in vain its origins go back to the PC.
    • Grounded. Obsidians developing hidden gem continues to improve by leaps and bounds, especially after the Shroom and Doom update. If youve grown up with Honey Ive shrunk the kids you should give it a try.
    • Minecraft. Having emerged in computers, it is logical that it is the most demanded option for purists and all those kinds of people who want to enjoy the most reliable experience with this modern icon of video games.
    • Sea of Thieves. RARE has been grinding his work to be one of the most beloved games of Xbox Game Studios. And it also supports mouse and keyboard.
    • State of Decay 2. A survival game within a zombie apocalypse that we will not stop claiming, especially if you are into extreme experiences. It has also been expanded and polished quite a bit over the years.

    Adventure Rpg And Other Unclassifiable Genres

    We finally came across genres like adventure and RPG. Of the former, the absence of point & click , although if we speak in general terms, most of the games that we will see next are better played with control, things as they are. But we go back to the beginning: the more options the better.

    On the other hand, some like Valhalla still dont work 100% correctly.

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    Can You Use A Wireless Mouse And Keyboard On Xbox Series X Or S

    The USB transmitters that ship alongside wireless gaming mice and keyboards handle all the data communication between your peripherals and your console. This means that almost all wireless keyboards and mice will work with Xbox Series X and S.

    If the two devices share a single transmittera common thing in package dealsthere may be small hiccups, though. The quality of the transmitter used usually happens to be the deciding factor. Any wireless mouse and keyboard like Razer Turret will have no problems, while over-the-counter mouse and keyboard combos will be a coin flip.

    Best On Budget: Blackwidow Lite Mechanical Keyboard

    5 Best Xbox One Games That Support Keyboard And Mouse | Xbox One Games with Keyboard and Mouse

    Razer’s hit BlackWidow line goes fun-sized with this mini model, ideal when looking for a more compact keyboard or simply cutting back the cost. That includes Razer’s orange switches for high performance without disruptive noise, a removable cable for secure storage, and all the RGB lighting you’ll ever need.

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    Connecting A Mouse Or Keyboard To Your Xbox

    This applies to the Xbox One family , and newer Xbox Series X and S consoles.

    The easiest way of connecting a mouse or keyboard to your console is to use a wired USB connection. You can plug the mouse or keyboard into the USB ports on the front or back of the console.

    Wireless mouse and keyboards should also work, provided they use their own wireless USB dongle. No Xbox console can connect directly to a Bluetooth keyboard or mouse that doesnt come with a dongle. This also applies if you want to connect a wireless headset to your Xbox.

    Once youve connected your mouse you can configure things like pointer speed and swap buttons by pressing the Xbox guide button and navigating to Profiles & system > Settings > Devices & connections.

    Some peripheral sets use a combined dongle for both the mouse and keyboard. Some users have reported issues getting these two-in-one dongles working on their Xbox, so your mileage may vary. You should consider using a wired USB connection if you encounter these issues.

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    Learn How To Use Your Mouse And Keyboard On Xbox One

    If you’ve been playing on consoles for a long time, you’re probably used to joysticks. Those who migrated from PC consoles may miss the keyboard and mouse. However, you can also use a keyboard and mouse on Xbox One. Not all games support this option, but the Microsoft supports alternative controls.

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    Fortnite Will Match Keyboard And Mouse Xbox Players With Each Other

    Have you played Xbox One X?

    Adam Bankhurst is a news writer for IGN who can take on anyone in Fortnite with a mouse and keyboard using just a controller. You can follow him on Twitter

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    Xbox One Games That Currently Support Mouse And Keyboard

    Xbox One Keyboard And Mouse Support " Definitely"  Still ...
    • Fortnite
    • Vigor

    As of this writing, there is only one official mouse and keyboard combo for the Xbox One: the Razer Turret, which currently runs at $250.

    Previously, you could hook a keyboard to your Xbox One, but it didn’t always work that’s not to mention there was no way to use keyboards while playing games. What’s more, mice were no dice on the platform.

    This list will be updated as more titles support mouse and keyboard functionality. In the meantime, be sure to check out our list of games that should get support next. Let us know which games you’d like to see added.

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    Microsoft Poland Accidentally Leaks Mouse And Keyboard Support For Xbox One

    Microsoft Poland has seemingly announced keyboard and mouse support for Xbox One ahead of time.

    Though keyboard and mouse support for consoles has always been a controversial topic, Microsoft always maintained that it’s open to the idea. It now looks like Xbox One owners will be getting the feature sooner rather than later.

    Microsoft Poland confirmed that mouse and keyboard support is in development in a post that’s since been deleted . The Google-translated version is rough, but it gets the point across.

    “Some players prefer to conquer the virtual world with a pad in hand. Others, above all, value the precision of the mouse movements. Others, however, can not imagine playing on anything other than a keyboard. Now, owners of Xbox One consoles can choose these accessories and decide for themselves what they will use. PC Master Race? Thanks to the keyboard support, we can already successfully talk about ‘Xbox Master Race’,” the post said.

    Gamerpros captured a screenshot of the message before it was pulled.

    As both sites point out, someone may have pushed the button early. Beyond that, it’s not clear how limited this implementation is going to be, so we’ll need to wait for a proper announcement to find out more.

    How To Use Mouse And Keyboard On Xbox One

    First, let’s talk about mouse support. Wired USB mice work only on select apps and games that have enabled mouse navigation. Make sure your games offer this option.

    To configure, follow this step by step:

  • Press the Xbox button on your controller to open the panel
  • Press “Mouse”. You will see options for cursor speed and switching of primary and secondary buttons
  • It is worth mentioning that the mouse does not work in the Xbox user interface when navigating the panel, nor at the beginning. In addition, the mouse does not work on Microsoft Edge. Finally, you need to use the Xbox One controller to configure the mouse.

    The next step is to configure the keyboard. Unlike the mouse, the keyboard allows the player to navigate the Xbox One menu. You will have several shortcuts and it will be easier to enter text on the console. Check out:

    Move to the next element Tab
    Move to the previous element Shift + Tab

    The keyboard does not require configuration to be used, just connect it to a USB port on the Xbox One and it will be active.

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    Mouse And Keyboard Xbox One Games

    Relative to the amount of Xbox One titles out there, this list is relatively limited, but there are still a fair few games in there, both big and small! Let us know in the comments if you prefer using an Xbox controller or a keyboard and mouse and which, in your opinion, gives you better in-game performance.

    For gamers, the battle between PC and console has always been a contentious one. With platform-exclusive game titles meaning many of us invest in multiple systems, its becoming more and more common to see console games, including Xbox One games, playable with a keyboard and mouse instead of a controller.

    We all know that cross-platform multiplayer games often see keyboard and mouse players flying past those on controllers. Thats where Xbox One keyboard and mouse games come in you can have the power of a console with the accuracy of your favorite peripherals.

    Many of these games are available on both PC and Xbox consoles with a game pass subscription.

    How To Use Keyboard And Mouse On Xbox Series X Or S

    10 Xbox Games YOU DIDN’T KNOW Had Mouse & Keyboard Support In 2020

    If you don’t like controllers, you can always rely on your trusty mouse and keyboard.

    Controllers are the universal input device when it comes to console gaming.

    Theyre more convenient and slightly more comfortable to use than a mouse and keyboard combination. Considering how consoles are mostly associated with sitting back and relaxing while gaming, its quite challenging for gaming mice and keyboards to replace them.

    Thats unless youre struggling with camera controls in first-person shooter games or using your console as an entertainment center. Though most FPS games are perfectly designed and fully compatible with controllers, long-time PC gamers will find it impossible to adapt to playing on a controller. The way movement sticks function makes it extremely difficult to balance a one-to-one sensitivity transition with your fingers and the game. Some people can pull this off with enough training, but its only understandable if you would like to skip forward the adapting part to enjoy your games as if youd do on a PC.

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    Cut The Cable: Logitech G613 Wireless Keyboard

    Cut the tether with the Logitech G613 wireless keyboard, positioned as the ultimate cable-free solution for gamers. Wireless is increasingly appealing, especially with console gaming, and Logitech boasts a one-millisecond report rate with its in-house Romer-G mechanical switches. With up to one year of battery life, this is the best hassle-free keyboard for Xbox, including the Series X|S.

    Made For Xbox: Razer Turret For Xbox

    The Razer Turret is the first officially licensed Xbox keyboard and mouse and is fully compatible with both the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. It features a lappable wireless design for comfortable couch gaming, is lined with mechanical keys, and has a dedicated Xbox button. It’s weighty and feels outstanding in hand. Premium features and fantastic design make this an excellent choice, if you can overlook that expensive price tag.

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    Selection With The Best Of Its Kind

    • Cities: Skylines. Managing a city is not easy, much less with a remote control, hence the option to use a mouse and keyboard in this Colossal Order job is a blessing as it saves us a lot of trouble.
    • Gears Tactics. Este Gears of War en plan XCOM its a spin-off sensational that gains in comfort when using the everlasting pair of accessories for Windows.
    • Microsoft Flight Simulator. We have another game that wins integers in this way in this Microsoft aviation simulator, as it has an infinite number of shortcuts from the keyboard. Ideal if you do not have their official accessories as they are much more expensive products, although the most complete.
    • Wargroove. The best alternative to Nintendos Advance Wars. And to top it off with a great level editor with endless possibilities and crossover play.

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