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What Games Are Free On Xbox 360

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Life Is Strange Episode 1

How to Get FREE Games on XBOX 360)

Life is Strange is another highly acclaimed video game on this list. It offers episodic gameplay, which makes it pretty unique from the other video games mentioned here. However, you cannot download and play the entire game for free. You only get the first version of the game for free. But, it is quite descriptive and offers vast gameplay. Hence, we have included Life is Strange Episode 1 in our list of some best Xbox free games.

The plot of this adventure game revolves around Max Caulfield, who is a photography senior. She has the power to rewind time, and while discovering it, she saves her best friend, Chloe Prices life. After that, they both start investigating the mysterious events of their city Arcadia Bay. However, sometimes when Max rewinds time, the future also gets changed.

The story of the game is quite detailed and covers several taboos. Hence, some of you may feel uncomfortable. The game offers several endings influenced by the decisions you make while playing it. The BGM is also pretty commendable. All these things, along with the hand-painted visuals, make Life is Strange Episode 1 one of the best Xbox 360 games that are free to download.

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Microsofts Production Of Xbox 360

As mentioned earlier, Microsoft launched its Xbox 360 console in 2005. Though it was the era when game lovers were going crazy after Sonys PlayStation series, yet the Xbox 360 made its way to peoples hearts. One of the main reasons it quickly received utmost admiration was its amazing games with exceptionally jaw-drop graphics.

Xbox 360 still rules over many hearts. However, Microsoft discontinued the production of their most fantastic console in 2016. But, many people still buy used consoles and enjoy their favorite games on them. There are tons of games still being released today and are highly compatible with the Xbox 360.

If you belong to the category of gaming lovers who bought the Xbox 360 before 2016, you must know that it provides users with a free subscription to Xbox Live, an online gaming platform. In addition, Xbox Live also allows users to download their most loved games for free. The Xbox Live also contains Xbox Music which has a lot of music from different world regions.

Xbox Players Can Now Download Divisive Xbox 360 Game For Free

Xbox has surprised Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X with a free Xbox 360 game. The catch? Well, for one, the game is quite divisive. Meanwhile, the free offer is limited to Xbox Live Gold subscribers. In addition to December’s Games With Gold lineup, all Xbox Live Gold subscribers on both generations of Xbox consoles — plus the Xbox 360 — can download a game some may remember playing back in 2012, but many will remember skipping because reviews of the game were divisive, to say the least.

More specifically, for an unspecified amount of time, all Xbox Live Gold subscribers can download Port Royale 3 for free. If you have deja vu, it’s because this isn’t the first time the game has been offered for free through Xbox Live Gold. And like previous times, it’s unclear why it was made free.

Developed by Gaming Minds Studios and published by Kalypso Media, Port Royale 3 is a business simulation game that hit back in 2012 to mixed reviews. Below, you can read more about it and check out an official trailer for it:

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Q: What Is The Red Ring Of Death

The Red Ring of Death also known as the RROD is the last thing an Xbox 360 owner would want to see. Unfortunately, the console was subject to various technical issues. On the bright side, these issues would be easy to identify thanks to the consoles lighting system around the power button. For example, an AV cable error would light up all four quadrants of the circle in red lights. However the most infamous without a doubt was the occurrence of three out of four flashing red lights. This indicated a general hardware failure. Unfortunately for gamers, this meant that the console would need to be replaced. Just like that, it became unusable. This would occur seemingly at random. Thankfully, a warranty would protect users from losing out on an entire console. The user would need to send the console to Microsoft who would either provide a replacement or fix the issue.

Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet

All Gaming: Download Madagascar 3 The Video Game (xbox 360 ...
  • Available 16 to 31 December 2021

This quite unique title is from the brains of animator Michel Gang and game designer Joe Olsen.

Orcs Must Die! and Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet are Xbox 360 games, available through backward compatibility. They are also available to Xbox 360 owners with Xbox Live Gold.

Of last month’s free games, Kingdom Two Crowns will still be available for download until 15 December 2021.

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Best Site To Download Xbox 360 Games For Free

After Sonys incredible series of PlayStations, Microsoft introduced Xbox with great features for video games. As a result, Microsoft has released a series of consoles with Xbox as the most important and earliest one. Moreover, the second one is Xbox360 about which we shall discuss in this article. It is famous for its top-grade graphics enabling video games to be even more exciting for you.

Considering all this, we shall discuss a list of top free Xbox 360 games and their sites to help experience a whole new super thrilling experience with electrifying features. So, continuing reading to learn about all the features of Xbox 360 and the best sites that you may utilize to download video games with a free subscription in just the blink of an eye.

List Of Xbox Games Compatible With Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 gaming console has received updates from Microsoft from its launch in 2005 until November 2007 that enable it to play select games from its predecessor, Xbox. The Xbox 360 launched with backward compatibility with the number of supported Xbox games varying depending on region. Microsoft continued to update the list of Xbox games that were compatible with Xbox 360 until November 2007 when the list was finalized. Microsoft later launched the Xbox Originals program on December 7, 2007 where select backward compatible Xbox games could be purchased digitally on Xbox 360 consoles with the program ending less than two years later in June 2009. The following is a list of all backward compatible games on Xbox 360 under this functionality.

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Frozen Free Fall: Snowball Fight

You might have got an idea about this game with the name itself. Frozen Free Fall: Snow Fight is a game based on the popular Disney media franchise Frozen. Just like Snow White, Cinderella, and other Disney media franchises, Frozen is also quite famous among girls across the globe. Hence, no doubt why people consider Frozen Free Fall: Snow Fight as one of the best Xbox 360 & Xbox One games for girls.

Frozen Free Fall: Snow Fight is also quite apt for people who love playing matching puzzle games. It is entirely free on Xbox 360 and offers more than 375 challenging levels. You can also play it with other players as this Disney game comes with a local multiplayer mode. So, you can also play this one of the best Xbox One & Xbox 360 games for girls with your girl gang and family members. Along with the multiplayer mode, you also get several exciting characters, fights, & puzzles in the game.

Playstation Xbox 360 Features

Free Xbox One & Xbox 360 Games With Gold For September 2017

Accessories available with this Ps Xbox360 control unit include controllers , customizable front panels, headphones, and webcams for video chatting. Three sizes of memory modules and five modules of hard drives are included in the package to match the console design.

  • Memory used: disc 512MB of GDDR3 RAM clocked at 700MHz.
  • GPU used: 500MHz ATI / AMD Xeno

Xbox 360 also gives you a free subscription to Xbox Live, an online platform for live and download games. Also, the user takes advantage of Xbox Music with millions of tunes and music from all over the world, and Xbox Video for downloading movies and videos.

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Q: How Many Iterations Of The Xbox 360 Are There

There were numerous upgrades and hardware changes that came about during the Xbox 360s lifespan. However, in order to keep things simple, well focus on complete redesigns. In addition to the original version available at launch, the Xbox 360 earned two redesigns. The Xbox 360 S. The S is meant to signify slim. As you may have guessed the model sports a thin redesign. This slim model was not only physically lighter but it also reduced the chances of internal overheating which plagued the past version of the console. Next, we have the Xbox 360 E. The E model was the last model to release and therefore the most technologically advanced. It featured Kinect compatibility. Not only was this model faster but it also featured a brand new black color model. Regardless of which model players own, they can always enjoy the best Xbox 360 games.

Jogos Grtis Para Jogar No Xbox 360

O Xbox 360 foi um dos melhores consoles da Microsoft! Quem ainda tem essa belezinha pode encontrar bons jogos grátis disponíveis para baixar agora mesmo e sair jogando. Veja abaixo os 10 melhores, indo de Resident Evil a games do Kinect, que vão unir você e seus amigos para boas horas de gameplay em equipe!

OBS.: todos os jogos abaixo podem ser adquiridos pela Xbox Live.

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Resident Evil Revelations :

Este é o décimo capítulo da série Resident Evil, esse título da franquia sobrevivência se passa entre os episódios de Resident Evil 5 e Resident Evil 6, quando Barry Burton vai para uma ilha misteriosa em busca de sua filha, que foi sequestrada há seis meses. Lá, ele encontra uma mulher que se auto-intitula de a supervisora.

Resident Evil Revelations 2

6. Warface:

Warface é um jogo de tiro em primeira pessoa que permite conectar até 32 jogadores. São quatro classes de personagens com habilidades únicas e missões PvE, com também os modos PvP.

7. Paladins:

Paladins é um jogo de tiro em primeira pessoa baseado em times com controle de personagens e habilidades únicas. O jogo é bem semelhante a Overwatch, da Blizzard, porém gratuito.

8. Dauntless:

Em Dauntless, o mundo sofreu um cataclisma que trouxe monstros para o plano real. Esses conhecidos como Behemoths fazem dos humanos suas presas. É aí que os jogadores, que controlam os Slayers, devem entrar em ação para caçar e eliminar essas criaturas, sozinhos ou em equipes de até quatro pessoas.

9. Warframe:

Warframe é um multiplayer cooperativo de tiro em terceira pessoa com elementos de RPG que se passa em um universo futurístico. Cada jogador controla um guerreiro Warframe, que deve se preparar para o confronto contra os Grineer, uma raça que se espalha no sistema solar.

10. A Kings Tale: Final Fantasy XV:

A lista completa com os jogos gratuitos para Xbox One pode ser encontrada na Microsoft Store.

Star Ocean: The Last Hope

How To Get FREE Xbox 360 Marketplace Games!

With the announcement of Star Ocean: The Divine Force coming to Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, players can get familiar with the franchise with this entry from 2009.

As the fourth entry in the franchise, this game is actually a prequel to the original. Complete with classic JRPG gameplay, familiar story beats for franchise fans, and a sprawling world to explore, The Last Hope is a good way to get acquainted with the niche JRPG franchise.

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Jogos Grtis Para Xbox 360

Com a chegada do Xbox One, é natural que o Xbox 360 deixe de receber jogos novos. No entanto, alguns títulos ainda podem ser encontrados na loja do console.

Para baixar os títulos abaixo no seu videogame, basta comprá-los pelo site, usando a conta da Microsoft, que eles serão baixados automaticamente no Xbox.

What Games Are Currently Available On Games With Gold

Currently, you can pick up the following games as a member of Xbox Live Gold:

  • Moving Out November 1 November 30
  • Dead Lands November 16 November 15
  • Rocket Knight November 1 November 15
  • LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes November 16 November 30

All of these games will be available throughout the month and you can read more about the here.

That covers everything you need to know about Xbox Games With Golds December 2021 line-up. If you are looking for more great games to play on your new Xbox Series X|S during the holidays, why not browse our list of the best Xbox Series X games.

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Vampire: The Masquerade Shadows Of New York

If you are looking to try a new genre out during the holiday break, then this visual novel from Draw Distance set in the Vampire universe will tick the box.

This visual novel allows players to make decisions, which branch off into different endings for the narrative, as you shape the players personality, outlook, and role within the Lasombra vampire clan.

Xbox Free Games With Gold December 2021

Top 5 FREE Xbox 360 Arcade Games From Marketplace
  • Orcs Must Die
  • The Escapists
  • Tropico 5
  • Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet

Xbox One gamers, meanwhile, can claim The Escapists 2 for their digital library. The Escapists 2 is a strategy game where the ultimate goal is for players to escape from prison. The Escapists 2 received mostly positive reviews at the time of its original release and now Xbox Live Gold subscribers can check it out for free.

Orcs Must Die and The Escapists 2 aren’t the only Xbox free Games with Gold games for December 2021. Later in the month, subscribers can look forward to adding Tropico 5 and Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet to their collections. Both games will be available starting December 16, with Tropico 5 free to claim until it’s removed from the lineup on January 15 and Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet free until December 31.

In the meantime, Xbox Live Gold subscribers still have the chance to claim the Xbox free Games with Gold for November 2021. Those games will be removed on December 1, so anyone interested needs to act fast.

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How To Download & Play Free Games On Xbox 360

There are some certain freebie options to help you to download Xbox 360 games for free. Below we have mentioned them.

  • Use Xbox Store Demos
  • Use The Xbox Live Games Service With Gold Subscription
  • Play Xbox Free Games Using Trial Account Of Gold Subscription

Now, as we know about the free Xbox Live service and the freebie options, lets proceed to the list of games available for free on the Xbox 360 console.

Q: How Did The Xbox 360 Get Its Name

Two factors influenced the naming of Microsofts most iconic console. The first was a result of the fierce console war going on between Sony and Microsoft. The Xbox 360 is the successor to the original Xbox. Thus many have suggested it could have been called Xbox 2. However, the 360 would be competing with the PlayStation 3 upon release. Naming the console Xbox 2 would suggest that Microsoft is one step behind their rivals at Sony. The 360 moniker is derived from Microsofts attempt to place the player at the center of the gaming experience.

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Warhammer 4000: Space Marine

Here we have mentioned a third-person shooting & hack-n-slash free Xbox game. Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine is more than just an average shooter video game. It offers plenty of violent battles engaging both ranged and melee weapons. Relic Entertainment has developed this action-packed game. Along with the Xbox 360, you can also play it on your Windows PC and PlayStation 3. You can play the game in both online and offline modes. It also offers a multiplayer mode that you can play with your friends.

Now, lets discuss the gameplay and story of this free Xbox 360 game. It revolves around the event of Orks invasion on the Forge World Graia, where the production of military weapons takes place. After the invasion, Space Marines try to regain control of the planet under the leadership of Captain Titus, who is the lead character of the game.

Xbox 360 Free Games With Gold For 2021

All Gaming: Download Winter Stars (xbox 360 game) Free
  • The King of Fighters 13
  • Breakdown
  • LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes
  • Orcs Must Die!
  • Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet

Since the start of the Xbox free Games with Gold program, Microsoft has given away two free Xbox 360 games every month. And even though we’re two console generations ahead of the Xbox 360 at this point, Xbox Live Gold subscribers are still treated to two Xbox 360 games each month. One could argue that the Xbox 360 offerings were even more substantial and higher-quality than the Xbox One free games, which is significant since all of the games are backward compatible.

Subscribers enjoyed games like Tropico 4, LEGO Batman and its sequel, and Injustice: Gods Among Us, with the latter being one of the most significant Xbox free Games with Gold games released for the entire year. Another popular release was Zone of the Enders HD Collection, as it gave Xbox Live Gold subscribers some serious bang for their buck.

Publisher Capcom had a significant presence when it comes to the Xbox free Games with Gold games for 2021, with multiple Capcom games featured in the lineup. Subscribers were able to claim Lost Planet 2 and Lost Planet 3, as well as Dark Void, not to mention Resident Evil Code: Veronica X, with the latter being a perfect pick for the Halloween season.

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