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What External Hard Drives Are Compatible With Xbox One

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How To Move Games To An External Drive On Xbox Series X Or S


When you connected and set up your drive, you probably chose to keep your current install location, because Series X or S games wont play when installed on a USB drive. If thats the case, youll need to move games to the drive from time to time to free up space for new games. Heres how to accomplish that.

  • Press the Xbox button to open the Guide, then select My games & apps.

  • Highlight the game you want to move, and press the view button on your controller.

  • Highlight the game, select it, and select Move or copy.

  • Select the game you want to move, and verify you are transferring from internal storage to your external drive. You can use the Select all option if there are multiple items on this screen.

    If you select an Xbox Series X or S game, you’ll see a warning on this screen that your external drive is too slow to play the game unless you have the Seagate expansion drive. You can still move the game to free up storage, you just won’t be able to play it until you move it back.

  • Select Move selected.

  • Wait for the game to move.

    You can do other things while the game is moving, but it may proceed more slowly.

  • When it finishes, your game will be on your external drive. You can move it back at any time, or play it directly from the drive if it’s an Xbox, Xbox 360, or Xbox One game.

  • Best External Drive For Ps5 And Xbox Series X

    The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X both support external drives, although the adoption of significantly faster NVMe SSD storage internally means that you won’t be able to run PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X games from an external drive.

    The two next-gen consoles each handle external storage differently too. Microsoft has partnered with Seagate to create proprietary expansion drives, 1TB in size, which should perform well while also being much more robust than your average NVMe SSD thanks to their plastic casing. Meanwhile, Sony is taking the opposite approach, with a standard NVMe M.2 slot and a validation program to ensure that sufficiently fast drives get the official nod of approval. However, Sony has yet to unlock support for internal expansion drives months after launch, so don’t buy anything without seeing official word – as it simply won’t work without the company’s say-so.

    While standard external drives aren’t able to play next-gen games, these drives still come in handy on the PS5 and Xbox Series X to store and run your PS4 or Xbox One games, leaving the faster internal storage free for next-gen games that can best take advantage of it. You could also back up Xbox Series X games to the slower drive for safe-keeping, then move them back to the internal storage when you next want to play them – saving you what could be quite a lengthy download. Therefore, feel free to refer the recommendations above, even for PS5 and Xbox Series X.

    Toshiba 1 Tb Canvio Advance Hard Drive

    Do you have a low budget but still want a compatible hard drive for your Xbox One? You should definitely consider the Toshiba 1 TB Canvio Advance Hard Drive. It is a pocket-friendly hard drive that performs just as well as other hard drive options available in the market.

    Its transfer speed is slightly faster than its contenders. The 1 TB storage capacity offers enough room to play games comfortably. The drive is super easy to use all you have to do is plug in the drive, format it as extended storage, and you are done. Also, it does not require an external power source to function. The USB 3.0 connection ensures good compatibility with your Xbox One.

    The Canvio Advance hard drive comes with an option to use Toshibas storage backup software, which schedules your backup automatically and keeps your content on the drive. It also allows you to download Toshiba storage security options which keeps your data protected with a password lock feature.

    The drive comes in four exciting colour options to fit your style. Toshiba offers a 2-year warranty with this product that allows you access to the company customer service.


    • Reliable and comes with a 2-year warranty
    • Good transfer speed
    • Drive gets noisy sometimes and that might be annoying
    • 1 TB storage space isnt enough for gamers these days


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    Q: Can You Play Xbox Games Straight From The External Hard Drive

    Yes! Better yet, you can take the same drive from one Xbox One to another, or from an Xbox One to an Xbox Series X or S, and play those same games there, too.As we mentioned before, though, you cannot play Xbox Series X/S games off an external hard drive. If you upgrade to one of either of the newest Xbox consoles, you may want to consider grabbing one of Seagates proprietary storage expansion cards.

    Best Ps4 And Xbox One External Drive For Portability

    Best External Hard Drive for Xbox One in 2020: Store &  Go

    If you want a rugged drive but you’d prefer more capacity to faster loading speeds, then the WD Black P10 Game Drive is the ideal choice. In our testing, it performed well compared to other external hard drives and it comes in a rock-solid metal case which helps it survive more accidental knocks or drops. It’s also small, which is great if you are intending to move it from room to room or house to house. If you need that extra durability, then the P10 more than justifies its higher price over the Seagate Expansion drive in our “best overall” pick.

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    The Best External Hard Drives For Ps4 And Xbox One You Can Buy Today

    Balancing performance with price, there’s a reason WD’s Elements Portable Hard Drive remains the reigning champ of Amazon’s best-selling external drives. This is the drive I own and recommend to anyone looking to expand the storage of their console. You’ll have enough storage up to 80 games at a time . It’d be nice if the drive came in different designs like others on the list.

    If youâve never owned a Western Digital hard drive before, the company has been producing storage since the early â80s, and has a well-earned reputation for building products that last. In addition to storing a ton of different games, youâll also be able to hang onto them for a long time, which could be helpful if there are titles you want to revisit.

    From a design standpoint to software optimizations, this Seagate drive is for the Xbox power user. This drive comes in various Microsoft franchise designs, is incredibly compact and requires nothing but a USB connection to plug and play with your console. While these branded drives are a bit more expensive, the few dollars more alleviates worries and offers Xbox users a customizable no-fuss experience. The drive includes a one-month membership to Microsoft’s exclusive Game Pass game subscription service so that you can put your new storage to use immediately.

    How To Set Up An Xbox One External Hard Drive

    First, plug the drive into your console. You can use any available USB port the ones on the back work well to keep the cable out of the way.

    After a moment, you’ll see a message appear asking if you want to use the drive for media or games. While you can use an external drive to store music and movies, this isn’t what most people are after. Select Format storage device to format your drive for Xbox One games.

    Next, give your device a name. You’ll then choose whether you want to install games on the external drive by default. Based on the speed gains discussed above, this is usually a good idea.

    Finally, you’ll need to hit Format storage device again to confirm.

    Keep in mind that formatting an external drive for use with your Xbox One will erase everything on the drive, so make sure you’ve backed up any existing contents beforehand.

    Also, once you’ve formatted a drive for use with Xbox One, you can’t use it on other platforms unless you format it for those first. Thus, you should dedicate an external drive exclusively for use with your Xbox One.

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    How Much Is Portable Hard Drive

    Looking for an affordable portable hard drive? Check out our most recent deals! Here you’ll find things at excellent pricing, and you can be certain that you’re always receiving the greatest deal. We have everything you need, whether you’re looking for food, clothing, or electronics. In addition, we refresh our discounts everyday, so there is always something new to select from. Therefore, do not delay begin shopping today and take advantage of fantastic discounts on popular brands!

    Xbox One External Drive Compatibility

    The Best Xbox Series X/S External Storage Solutions

    If you own an Xbox One and currently have an external drive with Xbox One games on it, you can plug it directly into your Xbox Series X or S and it will work. As long as its a USB 3.1 drive that worked with your Xbox One, youll be able to play your old Xbox One, Xbox 360, and original Xbox games directly from the drive. You can also move Xbox Series X or S games to a drive like this to free up space, but you won’t be able to play them from that drive until you move them back.

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    Buying Guide For Best External Hard Drives For Xbox One

    The Xbox One is one of the most powerful gaming systems on Earth: it plays cutting-edge triple-A titles, streams every different kind of media you can think of, and its got a 4K Blu-ray player inside. Theres only one catch: every Xbox One comes with a limited amount of file storage, and you must install every game you want to play. Game files can be huge, so the storage space goes fast.

    At some point, youre going to run out of room on the Xbox Ones built-in drive, so youll have two choices: either delete content to make more room or buy an external hard drive. Most players opt to buy an external hard drive because theyre relatively affordable and can add terabytes of storage.

    Buying an external hard drive for your Xbox One is the best long-term option because youll be able to install games to your hearts content without having to worry about sacrificing fast load times. But not every external hard drive works with the Xbox One, and not every drive that works with the Xbox One is a good value, so it pays to do some research ahead of time. Thats probably why youre here, so lets dig in to everything you need to know to pick out the right external hard drive for your Xbox One.

    Best 10 Xbox One External Hard Drives 2tb

    • Seagate Backup Plus Ultra Slim 2TB
    • Seagate Backup Plus Slim 2TB
    • Seagate Game Drive for Xbox 2TB Green
    • Seagate 2TB Xbox One Game Drive
    • Seagate Expansion Portable 2TB External Hard Drive HDD USB 3.0
    • WD 2TB My Passport X for Xbox One Portable External Hard Drive, USB 3.0
    • WD 2TB Black My Passport Portable External Hard Drive – USB 3.0
    • WD 4TB My Passport Ultra Portable External Hard Drive – USB 3.0 – Black-Gray
    • WD My Passport Ultra 2 TB Portable External USB 3.0 Hard Drive with Auto Backup, Black
    • Toshiba Canvio Advance 2TB Portable External Hard Drive USB 3.0, White
    • Toshiba HDTB420XK3AA Canvio Basics 2TB Portable External Hard Drive USB 3.0, Black

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    How To Choose The Best External Hard Drive For Your Xbox One

    What are the most important things to look for?

    Interface type: The Xbox One series of consoles supports up to two external hard drives, connected via a USB 3 cable. This is important: the Xbox One doesn’t support newer USB 3.1 gen 2, or indeed USB-C or other miniaturised versions of the USB connector . Fortunately, most modern external hard drives have a USB 3 cable, so you won’t need to worry too much about this.

    Portable or desktop? We will always recommend buying a portable external hard drive for your Xbox One. These drives don’t require a dedicated mains power supply, which just means you have one less cable to worry about. The downside is that they tend to max out at 4TB if you need more space, you’ll need a desktop external hard drive, and therefore a spare wall socket to plug it in.

    Optional extras: Some of these drives will double as a USB 3.0 hub. While they will take up one USB port on the back of your Xbox One, youll gain two ports that are easier to reach.

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    How much storage space do I need?

    Let’s assume you want to keep your entire game library installed. It depends a little bit on how many games you own, although if you’re in the market for an external hard drive you’re clearly looking to install more than just Fortnite, Apex Legends and the latest FIFA.

    Game storage requirements – Xbox One S/Xbox One X


    Should I buy an external SSD?

    How To Choose The Best External Hard Drives For Ps4 And Xbox One For You

    Buy WD Black 4TB P10 Game Drive Portable External Hard Drive Compatible ...

    The primary thing to consider when purchasing one of the best external hard drives for PS4 and Xbox One is storage space. If youâre running a bit short on space but donât buy games all that often, a 2 TB hard drive â or even less â will do just fine. On the other hand, if you find yourself with some huge new game every week or two, only an 8 TB model is going to keep pace with your library.

    You should also consider brand name. As computer parts go, hard drives are relatively prone to failure â Iâm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but itâs true. As such, itâs important to have a major manufacturer backing its product up, rather than a no-name company thatâs going to disappear as soon as something malfunctions. A reliable hard drive manufacturer also makes it less likely that your device will fail in the first place, which is quite important, considering that youâre entrusting a hard drive with your games and save data.

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    You Can Use External Ssds On Xbox One Too

    Most people are interested in buying an Xbox One external hard drive to increase available storage. However, you can purchase an external solid-state drive instead, if you prefer.

    SSDs are much faster than traditional hard drives, but are more expensive for less storage space. If you have a few specific games that you like to play and want them to load as fast as possible, consider an external SSD. For everyone else, though, the sheer size of HDDs makes them the better value.

    Best Cheap External Hard Drive For Xbox One

    Even with the arrival of the recent powerful Xbox Series X|S Duo, the old Xbox One consoles still offer excellent gaming experiences to millions of gamers. However, games are continually increasing in size with time, and gamers need enough space to store their favorite games. Luckily, it is possible to connect an external drive or SSD with Xbox One.

    Nowadays, getting an external hard drive of Xbox One is a necessity. All top-notch games need a great space, and top sellers like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Red Dead Redemption can easily exceed the 100GB mark. Most people save some cash by getting an Xbox One with 500 GB of internal storage, and its no wonder that an external hard drive is necessary.

    All Xbox One consoles can connect with up to two external hard drives, ranging between 500 GB to 8 TB in size. This allows you to store all of your favorite games in one place and you dont have to spend much to buy one. Here, we have prepared a list of the best cheap external hard drive for Xbox One .

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    Things To Consider Before Buying An External Drive For Xbox One

    After almost nine years, the Xbox One has been around the block a few times. Technically speaking, it is a last-generation console, though supply shortages of the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X have led developers to continue optimizing Xbox games for it.

    Unlike the new consoles, which have internal solid-state drivesSSDs, for shorta hard drive is a hard drive to the Xbox One. As long as it hits the minimum requirements, which well go into a moment, your Xbox One doesnt care how fast or large your drive is. That would change when and if you upgrade to an Xbox Series X or S. For the time being, though, you are mostly free to get a very large hard drive without worrying too much about its specs.

    Q: Can You Use The Same Drive For Xbox One And Playstation 4

    Guide To | Xbox One External Hard Drive Expansion

    Not really. Both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 require you to reformat your external hard drive to store and play games. If you use an external hard drive for Xbox One or PS4 games, you cant use it for anything else. Theres one small exception: Both consoles can play mediamovies, photos, or musicoff of a hard drive that isnt formatted for games. That drive will work across both consoles.

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