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What Does An Xbox One Look Like

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The Xbox One might be the less powerful of the Xbox One family of consoles, but it’s still a gaming beast in its own right.

Like its nearest and dearest rival, the Xbox One is absolutely loaded with potential. While it may have struggled in both user confidence and PR status in its first 12 months, Microsoft has done a confident job in cutting away the dead flesh of previous errors.

A shadow of the console it unveiled at E3 2013, the Xbox One is still better for it. It’s now faster, more powerful and boasts enough base features to make even Sony look over its shoulder. PS4 may be selling more units, but the Xbox One is snapping at its heels with every passing month.

Xbox Series S Vs Xbox One: S Specs

Specs are where these two consoles differ significantly. The Xbox Series S is Microsofts more affordable next-gen console, and while it might not match the Xbox Series X in terms of pure technical prowess, it delivers a massive upgrade over the Xbox One S. These are the key Xbox Series S specs you need to know:

  • CPU: Eight-core 3.6GHz custom AMD 7nm
  • GPU: 4 teraflops at 1.550GHz
  • RAM: 10GB GDDR6
  • Framerate: Up to 120 fps
  • Resolution: 1440p with 4K upscaling
  • Optical: No disk drive
  • Storage: 512GB NVMe SSD

The Xbox Series S might be tiny, but theres a lot of power inside. The console targets a resolution of 1440p instead of native 4K , and is capable of 120fps gaming. Though its GPU is considerably less powerful than the Xbox Series X’s, it boasts an almost identical CPU and 10GB of GDDR6 RAM. Thats less than the 16GB the Xbox Series X, but its considerably more than the Xbox One S, which only has 8GB of GDDR3.

One important thing to note is that theres no disk drive on the Xbox Series S, and youll only have 512GB of storage to play with. Unlike the One S, though, it comes with a super-fast NVMe SSD instead of an achingly slow mechanical hard drive, and it can be expanded with the 1TB Storage Expansion Card from Seagate.

Here are the Xbox One S specs you need to know about:

  • Optical: 4K HD Blu-Ray Drive
  • Storage: 1TB HDD

How Xbox 360 Works

Xbox 360. See more

Microsoft’s first video game console, the Xbox, has sold more than 20 million units worldwide since its introduction in 2001. Despite the Xbox’s impressive power, the list of big-name video game titles to support it and the success of the Xbox’s online component, Xbox LIVE, Sony’s PlayStation 2 still outsold it.

As the game industry moved into the next generation of video game technology, Microsoft was determined to dethrone Sony’s PlayStation. Enter the Xbox 360.

Microsoft rebuilt the Xbox from the ground up. From the name to the look to hardware and features, the Xbox 360 is a radically different and more powerful machine than its predecessor. Far more than a video game console, the Xbox 360 is a total media center that allows users to play, network, rip, stream and download all types of media, including high-definition movies, music, digital pictures and game content.

In this article, we will learn about the hardware and features that make the Xbox 360 a leap forward into the next generation of gaming consoles.

  • Custom IBM Power PC-based CPU with three 3.2 GHz cores
  • Custom ATI graphics processor with 10 MB embedded DRAM
  • 512 MB 700 MHz GDDR3 RAM
  • Detachable and upgradeable hard drive — all models except the Core system
  • 12x dual-layer DVD-ROM
  • Support for up to four wireless game controllers
  • Three USB 2.0 ports
  • Two memory unit slots

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Power Gap Compared To Playstation 4

One slight negative you have to consider about Xbox One is that the PlayStation 4 is more powerful than the Xbox One. This is a fact, and not up to debate. Games still look great on Xbox One and are absolutely a step above what we had on the Xbox 360, but they don’t look as good or run as smoothly as PS4 versions of the same games. It isn’t a huge difference, but it is there. If you really care about graphics, this is something to consider .

With all of that said, most people will be perfectly happy with the visuals on Xbox One. The games still look great, and unless you’re looking at the PS4 and XONE version of a game side by side you probably won’t notice or care about the difference.

Initial Unveiling And Launch

E3 2017: This Is What Xbox One X Looks Like

Prior to the official unveiling, a rumor had circulated that the next Xbox console would be an “always on” system requiring a persistent Internet connection, though Microsoft had not confirmed this. This had drawn some concerns from consumers, which were heightened when Microsoft Studios employee Adam Orth stated in a message in April 2013 that said, “Sorry, I don’t get the drama around having an ‘always on’ console…Every device now is ‘always on.’ That’s the world we live in. #dealwithit”. Orth’s message drew further ire towards Microsoft, with concerns about digital rights management and practices against the sale of used games with an “always on” unit. Orth opted to leave Microsoft a few days later due to the backlash. Despite Microsoft’s statements following the situation, denying the rumors, the mood it created lingered over the next several months.

In response to these pre-launch changes and a belief that Microsoft’s initial decisions for the console were in poor judgement, journalists and consumers jokingly gave the Xbox One nicknames such as the “Xbox 180”, in reference to the Xbox 360 and Microsoft’s decision to reverse its controversial decisions, and “Xbone”, suggesting that the company was “throwing a bone” to consumers by making these changes.

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Second Screen And Streaming

The Xbox SmartGlassapp provides extended functionality on Xbox One, allowing devices running Windows Phone, Windows 8, iOS and Android to be used as a companion device for Xbox One features, such as powering on the console, a remote control, accessing messages and the Activity Feed, purchasing content, and providing integration with certain games and content. The SmartGlass app can also be used to stream live television to Android and Windows devices if the console is using a USB digital television tuner.

On Windows 10, SmartGlass is succeeded by the Xbox App, which supports the local streaming of games from Xbox One to personal computers and tablets running Windows 10. An Xbox One controller must be used, but Windows-compatible headsets and microphones can be used for voice chat. Games requiring Kinect are not supported, while Game DVR and online streaming are not available while using this functionality.

Per a partnership with Oculus VR, users will also be able to stream Xbox One games to the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset by means of Xbox app for Windows 10 as of 2015 there were no immediate plans for direct integration between Xbox One and Oculus Rift.

Looking Forward To Project Scorpio

Microsoft’s messaging about its console offerings can get confusing. It’s best to think of the Xbox One and One S as their own tier. In terms of graphical horsepower, they’re equal. The next jump in visuals and performance will come along with Project Scorpio, which is being targeted for the 2017 holiday season.

Details on that machine are scant at best, but it’s safe to say it will significantly outperform the Xbox One and One S, the PlayStation 4 and — if we’re going on rumored specs — the PlayStation 4 step-up console, the PS4 Neo.

This will usher in a sizable upgrade in all aspects of gaming with native 4K resolution output and HDR support. And Microsoft has already pledged that Scorpio will be “VR ready,” presumably for a forthcoming virtual-reality headset.

The current messaging as to how games will work across Xbox One platforms seems simple enough. Any Xbox One will be able to play any Xbox One game, though the Scorpio will be able to take advantage of better graphics, performance, frame rate and resolution. This seems to mostly fall in line with the PS4 Neo plan as well.

If we’re just comparing raw specs, Project Scorpio’s rumored details still fall short of what an Nvidia GTX 1080 graphics card is capable of.

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Xbox One Vs Xbox One S: Design

The most noticeable difference between the Xbox One and Xbox One S is the body. First, Microsoft had ditched the black for a beautiful white shell. But more impressive than the new color scheme is that the Xbox One S is a whopping 40% smaller than the Xbox One. But it gets better. Microsoft has managed to fit the original Xbox Ones external power brick inside the Xbox One S now, so all you have is a thin cord running from the S to your outletno bulky power brick to trip over anymore.

Another great design difference between the two units is the Xbox One S can also stand vertically now. This allows it to take up a smaller surface area next to your TV. The S also gets rid of the prior versions slits in favor of dozens of holes that allow for cooling the insides.

E3 201: This Is What Xbox One X Looks Like

Xbox One S exclusive first look

Also, a name!

Microsoft’s E3 2017 press briefing is currently happening, and it started out with a bang: it revealed the look of the Scorpio console.

Not surprisingly, it is a sleek, boxy console, similar to the Xbox One S. But it’s entirely black, and seems really small for a console that’s a dramatic step up in power from the Xbox One. It is, in fact, the smallest Xbox console ever. Check it out:

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Credit for the first two comparison photos goes to Jeff Bakalar, editor for GameSpot sister site CNET. You can see more comparison photos, courtesy of CNET, below.

In addition, Microsoft announced that the console is now called Xbox One X, dropping the Scorpio moniker. The system launches in November.

The company’s talking a lot about the console, so keep an eye on GameSpot’s liveblog and E3 hub for more news.

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What’s New In The Xbox One S

There’s a short but significant list of improvements and changes to the Xbox One S.

Smaller, cleaner design: To start, it’s 40 percent smaller, which considering its power supply is now internal, is impressive. It’s also stark white, with some slick plastic moldings flanking the entirety of the box. I think it’s the best-looking Xbox Microsoft has ever designed.

The One S can also stand vertically, too. The 2TB model we received for review packs in a stand. If you buy one of the other models, you can get the stand separately for $20.

4K and HDR video: Xbox One S gets a fairly beefy upgrade on its video capabilities, with 4K resolution and HDR . Keep in mind: those features only work on compatible TVs and 4K functionality only works with a small but growing list of compatible video content. 4K can currently be accessed through streaming video services such as Amazon and Netflix and those new 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray discs. Certain games, meanwhile, will eventually be able to take advantage of HDR visual improvements, but don’t look for PC-like 4K graphics — the games are merely upscaled to 4K.

So no, you’re not getting native 4K gaming out of an Xbox One S. In fact, only a limited number of games will feature HDR and none of them are out yet. They are Gears of War 4, Forza Horizon 3 and 2017’s Scalebound.

The One S controller , compared with its predecessor.

Xbox One Vs Xbox One S: Performance

  • Save

With full support for HDR and 4K upscaling, the Xbox One S wipes the floor with the original Xbox One. It offers better gameplay visuals, providing you have an HDR-ready TV, and it can even upscale to 4K if needs be.

Inside, you also have advanced audio that uses Dolbys Atmos and DTS:X audio for truly immersive gaming experiences. But the Xbox One S is also a very competent media player too it can handle 4K output for Netflix and Amazon Prime and it even doubles as a UHD Blu-Ray player.

Add in the list of amazing Xbox gaming titles you can play on it, and youre looking at one of the best value gaming consoles around. Period. Sure, the Xbox One X is massively powerful and does native 4K gaming, but it is A LOT more expensive.

For value for money and non-4K gamers, the Xbox One S still offers exceptional value for money and should not be overlooked.

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Which One Should I Buy

With three main consoles and one variant in the Xbox One family, some gamers may not know which one fits their needs the most. Heres our short buyers guide to help you make the best decision between all of them.

The original Xbox One is quite dated, even though its graphics are still holding up well. That said, unless you find a good deal, you should stick with the Xbox One S or X. These two are more powerful and can run games better.

If you cant afford the Xbox One X, the Xbox One S is a great choice. It might not offer a considerable boost in performance, but its still better than the original console. You can also watch 4K media on it if you own or stream it.

The Xbox One S All-Digital Edition is a surprising alternative for gamers who dislike piles of discs and covers. It doesnt truly replace the first Xbox One S, but you dont need to worry about physical media copies with it.

However, if you value having a disc for collectability, you shouldnt buy one. Theres no way to make the All-Digital Edition run physical games, and youre stuck with the 1 TB of storage space.

The Xbox One X was easily the king of consoles before the next-gen consoles were introduced in 2020. It can play games in 4K natively and even boost older titles to 120 FPS if supported. Whats more, it has practically everything the older consoles have.

Overall, the Xbox One S and X are the best choices among the four.

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Make Your Xbox One X Look Like OG Xbox

While the Xbox One might be Microsofts latest and greatest console, sometimes going back to a systems roots results in finding something just as fun whats on store shelves today. I recently purchased an original Xbox and plenty of games for it, and its great to see how it all started. The system was Microsofts attempt to get into the console market back in 2001, and it ended up revolutionizing it.

The original Xbox was the most powerful console in the sixth generation of consoles, and was also the very first console with a hard drive. This meant that gamers no longer had to keep buying memory cards, like with the PS2 and Gamecube, or rely on save batteries in cartridges like the Gameboy Advance. This also gave the Xbox the ability to store ripped music from CDs and downloadable content .

The systems processor was a custom made 733MHz Pentium III, and the GPU was a custom card made by Nvidia with capabilities similar to the GeForce 3 Ti500, the system also had 64MB of RAM, and a 8GB hard drive. For comparison, the PlayStation 2 had a 294MHz processor , 32MB of RAM. There was no hard drive, although external ones could be purchased.

The cord for each controller also featured a fairly innovative design, too. Each cord had a breakaway cable on the end, which would disconnect from the controller if yanked too hard. This prevented any of the usual damage youd expect from pulling the cord, and its actually helpful.

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‘but I Heard About The Xbox One’

A lot has changed about the Xbox One from the time it was announced in May 2013. Microsoft had some fairly unpopular policies in place back then, but after listening to fans they have actually changed a lot of them. This has resulted in a fair bit of confusion for folks trying to keep track of all of the changes, but it has also led to the Xbox One being a much better system because of it with pretty much the same features and policies as the PlayStation 4. Here are the three main policies that people still have questions about.

  • Yes, You Can Sell and Trade Games. You can buy and sell your retail game discs just like you could before on every other game system. The Xbox One works just like every other system.
  • No, There Is No Mandatory Online Check-In. You don’t have to keep your Xbox One connected to the Internet to check in constantly. You may have to connect it once to update the system software, but that’s it. You can play entirely offline after that if you want. Of course, why you’d want to only play offline when there are so many nice features on Xbox Network is a bit odd, but the option is there if you want it.
  • Kinect Is Not Required. You don’t have to keep Kinect plugged in and turned on all the time if you don’t want to. In fact, you don’t even have to buy Kinect at all anymore and can save $100 on the price of the system.

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