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Must Have Xbox One Games

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Best Xbox Sports Game

Must Have Xbox One Games | TVGS

Rocket League

What happens when you combine rocket-powered sports cars with soccer? You get Rocket League. Dash across a wide range of neon-washed stages and game modes in this high-octane sports game that is addictive as it is fun.

Best Xbox game for kids

Minecraft Dungeons is an accessible four-player co-op title with infectious combat that will keep kids occupied for hours on end. It’s also a great entry-point into gaming in general, with highly customizable difficulty settings making it suitable for gamers of all ages. While it was a bit slim at launch, the game has grown in content and replayability, making it easily one of the best Xbox games of its time.

Set in the famous blocky world of Minecraft, Minecraft Dungeons ditches the scavenging and crafting of the base game for something entirely combat-oriented. Battle huge hordes of Minecraft enemies while seeking out a massive array of unique items and loot as you grow your personal power.

Best Xbox One Xbox Series X And Series S Games 2021

We’ve bundled our picks for best Xbox One and best Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S games into a single list for the time being since the lineup of next-gen exclusive games is still very small. We expect that in the next couple of years, the amount of games exclusive to the more powerful Xbox Series X and Series S will swell, justifying a separate list entirely. Until then, though, know that all of the best Xbox One games are fully playable on Xbox Series X and Series S thanks to pervasive backward compatibility. There’s also a list of backward compatible Xbox 360 and original Xbox games that work on the new systems too. We’ve collated our picks for best Xbox 360 games further below.

These games were chosen for their quality, universal praise, and popularity among the Windows Central editorial team. These are the games from the biggest genres that represent the upper echelons of what it truly means to be a “best Xbox game,” which isn’t always necessarily “most expensive Xbox game.” Even smaller-budgeted games can dig deep and reach high in terms of fun, with Minecraft as a very clear example. We’ve also added some editor’s picks further below for games that are either from smaller genres or deserved an honorable mention. These are our top picks for best Xbox games you can play today.

Dying Light: The Following

A deadly virus has taken over, but hope might be found on the outskirts of town.

Zombie killer extraordinaire and parkour master Kyle Crane hopes to find the cure to the virusif he can survive long enough.

Dying Light: The Following is an excellent expansion to the original Dying Light, and it plays out in a map thats twice the size of the original.

Everything you loved about the first game is back and better, as well as some new additions.

Players can decimate zombies in style with a slew of new weapons, and getting around the expansive map is made easier with a new dune buggy vehicle.

If you like a little bit of action with your zombie horror, this is the game for you.

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The 20 Best Xbox Series X Games So Far

This list of the top Xbox Series X and Series S games you must have is only growing larger.

The Xbox Series X|S will celebrate its first birthday next month, and what a year it’s been for Microsoft’s latest gaming console. Though it’s still difficult to find an Xbox Series X in stock, those who manage to secure one have a wealth of great games to choose from, many of which offer 4K visuals and eye-popping performance. We’ve rounded up the best Xbox Series X games so far . Keep in mind that the vast majority of these games can also be played on Xbox One. We’ve also only included Xbox games before the Series X’s time that have received performance updates for the new console.

Many of the games we’ve chosen are available on Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft’s subscription-based service that gives you access to hundreds of games in addition to other perks. Keep in mind that while the Series X boasts the best performance and visuals, the Series S also offers noticeable improvements and upscales to 4K.

Xbox Series X|S owners should also check out our roundups of the best Xbox One games and the best games on Xbox Game Pass, as every game on those lists is also playable on the new consoles. If you own other consoles, take a peek at our best PS5 games, best PS4 games, and best Nintendo Switch games guides too. And if you’re considering signing up for Xbox Game Pass on your new console, new subscribers can get their first month of Ultimate for $1.

Call Of Duty: Warzone

Must Have Xbox One Games

Warzone sees players drop into Verdansk, an ever-changing virtual battleground packed with opportunities for action even after your hundredth drop. This tactical spin on the military shooter retains the signature pillars that defined the previous Call of Duty games, including an emphasis on robust gunplay, leveraging various gadgets and perks. It’s all about knowing your whereabouts and outsmarting opposing squads, and eventually topping its last-man-standing setup.

Warzone isn’t for the faint-hearted, with punishing high-stakes gameplay a far departure from Call of Duty’s usual virtual mosh pits. While there’s nothing more satisfying than scoring the top spot, supplementary respawn-enabled modes also tone down the heat.

Activision continues to pour resources into Warzone, with regular events, battle passes, and a continually evolving world. The game hosted the Call of Duty: Vanguard and Cold War reveals, 2021 brought tie-ins with Die Hard and Rambo, and Activision even permanently nuked Verdansk to debut an all-new map. But if you’re looking for a battle royale with hours of rewards ahead, Warzone is one you need to try.

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Best Xbox One Remastered Game: Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Pros: Switch between re-mastered and the original game, plays the original 23 multiplayer maps

Cons: The multiplayer mode isnt in full screen

If youve been a fan of Xbox for a while, youve likely played Halo before. With the latest Halo: The Master Chief Collection, youll get more of what you love and get to play remastered versions of the original Halo 2. Youll instantly be able to switch between the re-mastered game and the original game from 2004. You can uncover new Halo 5: Guardians elements in hidden terminal videos. All the new skills you have will allow you to experience campaigns in new ways.

Play the 23 original multiplayer maps that fans remember as well as six new maps. There is a Master Menu to seamlessly navigate The Master Chiefs storylines. There are cross title themed campaign playlists created by the game designers. Your favorite multiplayer games are enjoyed across over 100 multiplayer and Spartan Ops maps. Plus, Halo: Nightfall is a live-action digital series you can enjoy with this.

Best Xbox 360 Racing Game

Project Gotham Racing 3

Project Gotham Racing 3 might not be backward compatible, but if you have an Xbox 360 console it’s worth nabbing a copy to experience this industry-leader from its time. PGR3 is an exciting and explosive racing sim that holds up.

Best Xbox 360 open-world game

While it may not be the prettiest or smoothest RPG in terms of graphics and gameplay, Fallout: New Vegas is still arguably the best post-apocalyptic RPG ever made due to how nuanced the game’s world, characters, and quests are.

Set in the remnants of the Mojave Desert years after nuclear bombs annihilated most of humanity, players will have to make engaging and thought-provoking choices about where they fit in amongst warring factions, opposed ideologies, and a desolate wasteland juxtaposed by the bright neon lights of New Vegas, a portion of Las Vegas saved from destruction by the mysterious Mr. House.

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It’s All About The Games

If you want top-notch racing action, Microsoft has two series that’ll zoom into your heart: Forza Motorsport and Forza Horizon . Want platforming action? Check out the beautifully animated Cuphead. Dig high-seas adventure? Sea of Thieves has you covered.

Xbox One, naturally, has many of the third-party games you’ll find on other consoles. If you want Dragon Ball FighterZ, Final Fantasy XV, Red Dead Redemption 2, or Tekken 7, you can purchase them for Xbox One.

In terms of features, Xbox Play Anywhere is one of the coolest to emerge from Microsoft’s video game division. When you purchase select digital titles, such as Cuphead or Resident Evil VII: Biohazard, it becomes yours to play on both Xbox One and Windows 10 PC. In fact, your progress is saved via the cloud, so you can start a game on Xbox and finish it on PC .

Likewise, Xbox Backward Compatibility offers additional play options. With it, you can fire up Xbox 360 and original Xbox titles on your Xbox One. This applies to classic digital games, as well as disc-based titles. Xbox Backward Compatibility also boosts those games’ pixel counts and expands the color details. Even better, if you’re playing Xbox 360 games, you can fire up your old game saves, achievements, and Gamerscore. And if you sign up for Xbox Live, you can play those classic games with friends.

Tom Clancys The Division 2

Xbox One S Must Have Games

Set a few months after the events of the first Division game, tactical agents take to the streets of a post-apocalyptic Washington D.C. to restore order and eradicate the newly formed enemy factions.

This excellent tactical shooter offers both solo and multiplayer options, allowing you and your friends to take on the capital city of the United States in force.

In addition to the many story missions to complete, players must also accomplish smaller objectives in order to control the city.

An extensive leveling and upgrade system lets you craft and equip awesome weapons and gadgets, including portable turrets, defense drones, and more.

New patches and updates ensure the longevity of the games online community, with tons of end-game content to keep players invested.

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Kill Nazis: Wolfenstein: The New Order

There was a lot of hesitation going into Wolfenstein: The New Order, a reboot of the classic shooter series, but it’s unfounded. The New Order is a total refresh, keeping the fast-paced, ultra-violent, gonzo sci-fi world and gameplay of the originals while making the story of B.J. Blazkowicz more meaningful. This isn’t just a game about killing Nazis anymore, although that’s certainly the main draw. How is MachineGames able to successfully balance a character-driven story with some of the most bonkers shooting gameplay? You’ll have to download it to find out.

Brave The Cold: The Long Dark

The Long Dark is an incredible survival experience that is quintessential to the genre. Set in the bitter climbs of the Canadian Rockies, The Long Dark sports both an on-going story mode and an endless sandbox mode, challenging you to manage your temperature, your thirst, and your hunger in a lonely apocalyptic wilderness filled with animals driven mad by a climatological catastrophe. The Long Dark’s dynamic systems and emergent gameplay make for some of my most memorable gameplay experiences of recent times.

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Xcom 2 And War Of The Chosen Dlc

Firaxis Games managed to revive a long-dead strategy series in 2012 with XCOM: Enemy Unknown, and things only got better from there.

XCOM 2is a harder, more diverse, and more engaging game than its predecessor. It requires players to master both turn-based strategy and resource management as they attempt to overthrow alien occupiers before they unleash a mysterious weapon.

WithXCOM 2, failing to move your units into correct positions or taking too long to complete objectives could result in them being overrun and killed. Once theyre dead, theyre dead for good. Its enough to cause an anxiety attack, but with enough perseverance and a hefty dose of luck, you can repel the invaders and save the world.

Read our full XCOM 2 review

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

7 MUST HAVE GAMES OF 2015/2016 (PS4,Xbox One &  PC ...

Buy it now on Amazon

Iceborne is the major expansion to Monster Hunter World and was released on September 6, 2019, for the Xbox One.

The expansion brings new maps, hunting areas, monsters, quests and extra story content to make the already awesome game even better.

According to Metacritic, Iceborne has received universal acclaim with critics focusing on the sheer size and scale of the expansion.

After Iceborne was released, Capcom reported global shipments, including digital and retail copies, exceeding 2.5 million a week, with the total sales for Iceborne reaching around 4 million by January 2020.

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Geometry Wars : Dimensions

Engage in fast paced and colorful battles against unrelenting enemies in this twin-stick shooter with a distinct geometric style.

Geometry Wars is a force to be reckoned with in the twin-stick shooter genre, and the third entry in the series makes that even more apparent.

This entry adds an entertaining Adventure mode, which tasks players with completing a variety of challenges across different modes of play.

The classic experience is still available, as well as a plethora of game modes.

However, the addictive objective of Geometry Wars stays devilishly simple always aim for a high score.

Its a blast to play both solo and with friends, and its a game that will surely see many hours of play time.

The Bottom Line On Our Favorite Xbox Shooters

Home to more shooters than ever, Xbox One stows some unmissable action-packed gems. Shooters, whether first-person or third-person, run the gamut of genres and play types, ensuring that there’s something for everyone. If you find yourself getting bored by a shooter style, there’s probably a different game that’ll rekindle your love for that kind of gameplay.

We may earn a commission for purchases using our links. Learn more.

Not So Fatal Flaws

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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

FromSoftwares hack-and-slash hit proves itself an even more brutally tough customer than Dark Souls. Yet despite being furiously tough, the masterfully balanced Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice never feels overly unfair. Encouraging controlled bouts of aggression, this is a game that rewards seriously steely nerves. And how about those boss fights? Demanding expert parrying and unblinking attacks, even the most skilled shinobi can end up getting downed by a monstrous ape and its poisonous poo. Dont ask. Yet master Sekiros sharp, responsive combat and toppling its hardest enemies offers cathartic highs that are tough to top.

Upcoming Xbox One Games

Top Must Have Xbox One Games (Early 2018)

The best Xbox One games list is only likely to expand, as future Xbox Series X games are also set to come to the Xbox One for the next year or so. As such, you can expect to have access to Halo Infinite, Psychonauts 2, The Ascent, Hades and more.

These games will come to Xbox Game Pass from the day they launch. Just bear in mind that some upcoming Xbox Series X games like Starfield might be a little too demanding for Xbox One hardware, meaning you may need to take the plunge and seek out an Xbox Series X restock.

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Shadow Of The Tomb Raider


The last part of Lara Croft’s origin trilogy is also the best. It is bigger than her previous two outings, has a more involving storyline and plenty of tombs to raid. The skill tree and role-playing elements are superbly realised and the graphics are simply stunning at times – especially when presented in 4K on an Xbox One X.

Red Dead Redemption Ii

Rockstar Games Red Dead Redemption II takes players back to the American Wild West where they have to rob, steal, and fight their way across the land to survive. With the law on their heels, players must also take caution of the storm brewing within the gang members that threatens to tear the gang apart.

If taking on the harsh open world with your trusted steed piques your fancy, then you shouldnt make the mistake of letting Red Dead Redemption II pass. Its definitely a must-have title for Xbox One players, nay all console players, and even though Ive played it already I wouldnt mind playing it again on PC, that is if Rockstar blesses us with a PC port sometime soon. We were all full of praise in our Red Dead Redemption II in-depth look, and you can go check it out if you want more details.

Buy Red Dead Redemption II

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Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

marks the latest in Activision’s long-running military shooter, this time touching on the height of the Cold War while drawing inspiration from the greatest movies of the 1980s. The setting drives home various new themes for the franchise but means an action-packed, Hollywood-inspired campaign and robust multiplayer sandbox. The result is another blockbuster shooter with hours of content, and deep-rooted integration with Warzone, for those bridging its various modes.

Black Ops Cold War plunges players into a Cold War-era CIA operation, assuming the role of an operative codenamed “Bell,” just one member of a close-knit team hunting down a mysterious ringleader dubbed Perseus. Fans of past games will know Mason, Woods, and other returning cast members, and while touching on the same “corridor shooter” tropes, it also explores new open-end stealth sequences. Activision also toys with a branching plotline delivering some of the most memorable twists and turns in a Call of Duty game to date.

Multiplayer is more refined, varying from small arena matches with classic modes to larger 40-player battlefields. The create-a-class system remains prevalent, unlocking new weapons and attachments over time, and seasonal battle passes feed players ample cosmetics. Activision has also revived its cooperative Zombies mode, with a narrative and supplementary content beyond its wave-based origins.

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