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Is Xbox One S Worth It

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The Ssd And Gpu Differences Dont Really Matter

Xbox One S In 2020! (Still Worth It?) (Review)

Thanks to Smart Delivery, the fact that the Xbox Series S only has a 512GB SSD compared to the Xbox Series Xs 1TB SSD doesnt actually matter that much.

Games that make use of Smart Delivery will install the larger 4K assets on the Xbox Series X and smaller 1440p assets on the Xbox Series S. It may not break down to exactly half the file size, but it will make for much smaller installs on the Series S.

The Xbox Series S also uses the same Velocity Architecture expansion system that the Xbox Series X uses, so you can easily add another TB of storage to your system down the road.

Similar to the smaller SSD, the less powerful graphics chip in the Xbox Series S shouldnt really matter much in practical terms. Again, this system is designed for 1440p gaming and the GPU in the Xbox Series S is more than up to that task plus upscaling. The fact is, the speed off the CPU and SSD are pretty close to the same, with only the GPU a true downgrade, and for many gamers this shouldnt matter unless theyre after true 4K gaming.

Xbox Series S Review: Quick Resume

The Xbox Series S has one feature thats worth discussing by itself: Quick Resume. This novel innovation, also present in the Series X, lets you suspend a handful of games, then switch among them without having to restart each game and reload your save files.

A few caveats: Its not instantaneous, it doesnt work with every game, and you cant do it with more than about four or five games at a time. But its still a handy feature, particularly since it persists even after you turn your console off.

Quick Resume isnt perfect. After restarting my console, my games crashed sometimes, which meant I had to start the software from scratch anyway. But its a handy feature if you like jumping among multiple games in a single play session and not really worth writing home about, if you dont.

Xbox One S Has A Slight Performance Bump

Much like PS4 Pro, the Xbox One S is not the beginning of a new console generation, but an expansion of a platform we already know and love. But it does offer a very slight improvement over its predecessor.

The Coalition head Rod Fergusson revealed to Polygon that his team had taken advantage of additional raw GPU and CPU power for Gears of War 4 , to improve frame rates. Ferguson claimed his engineers have been able to, as Polygon puts it, leverage the additional power to reduce the frequency of the frame rate or resolution penalties.Related: PS4 vs Xbox One

A Microsoft spokesperson then confirmed, via The Verge, We have the same SoC architecture as Xbox One today.

For games that want to take advantage of HDR, we gave developers access to a small amount of additional processing power.

Overall though, dont expect games to look noticeably different on Xbox One S to Xbox One thanks to the additional power, instead only getting minor stability improvements.

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The Differences In Visual Quality Are Noticeable

The first game I played on my Series S was Assassins Creed Valhalla, and at first, I thought there was something wrong with it. Not only did it look worse than the Series X, which was to be expected, but it also looked worse than on my One X.

The One X was the system I had been playing the game on for review, so I was well-acquainted with it by this point. That last-gen system used a dynamic resolution during gameplay sometimes it would run at full 4K and sometimes it would run closer to 1440p, depending on what was happening on the screen. It seems that on average, the game would run at 1740p.

The Series S, however, caps game resolution at 1440p. I would have hoped that Valhalla would then be able to push to 60 frames per second on the console, but it was locked at 30 fps. Switching to the Series X, which runs the game at a consistent 4K60, was a drastic change, but even looking at it on my last-gen One X side by side, I was a little taken aback by the limited performance.

The first game I played on my Series S was Assassins Creed Valhalla, and at first I thought there was something wrong with it. Not only did it look worse than the Series X, which was to be expected, but it also looked worse than on my One X.

There is a way to have Valhalla run at 60 fps on the Series S, but it requires you to change the resolution to 1080p at a system level. Not only is that inconvenient, but that is a huge visual drop, especially as that disables the games HDR as well.

You Can Actually Buy It

Xbox One S Reviews

I could also say that the Xbox Series S is a solid 4K video streamer, but $29 Roku boxes or Fire Sticks have that handled. And the fact that it’s barely larger than a couple of hardcover books is greatly appreciated versus the Buick-size footprint of, say, the PS5. But here’s where the Series S closes the deal: You can actually buy it. While the PS5 and Series X remain in short supply, the Series S has been popping up in stock — and staying available for more than five minutes at a time. As of this writing, it’s available at Best Buy for its list price of $300 — no need to pay extra for pricey bundles. Even if it disappears again, we expect it to pop up soon at other retailers for the same price. That’s at least $200 less than a Series X to play all of the same games, and $200 less than a PS5 to play most of the same games .

A final note: If you don’t have Game Pass, another option is to bundle the Series S with a fresh subscription directly through Microsoft’s All Access program. Over the course of 24 months, you pay $25 per month to get the Game Pass subscription plus the hardware at 0% interest. After two years, you own the Xbox outright, and you’ve saved $60 on what you’d otherwise pay for both.

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Verdict: Should You Upgrade

Theres no doubt about it: the Xbox One X is the most powerful game console ever created, and it represents the pinnacle of reasonably affordable, non-PC gaming today. If you absolutely must have the best of the best on your TV, then yes, youll find it here.

Does that warrant the upgrade from a past Xbox, though? Again, only if youre the sort that needs to live right on that cutting edge of gaming. If youre tired of “mere” 1080p gaming and you want something to match the 4K TV youve splashed out loads of cash on, then go right ahead: you wont be disappointed with the graphics.

On the other hand, if you dont have a 4K TV, dont start your spending spree here. Get yourself a nice 4K set and then think about buying the Xbox One X afterwards. There are some performance enhancements in 1080p, but theyre not vast enough to warrant the spend here. Heres our list of the worlds best TVs right now, if you need some help there.

For everyone else, though, this isnt a slam dunk of a recommendation. If youre still happy with the Xbox One or Xbox One S, then stick with it: Microsoft isnt going to hobble either of those earlier boxes, and all games will be fully compatible with all three console editions.

Think your games look good enough? Thats great: you have no reason to spend £449 on a new console right now. Grab a couple new games instead and save the rest of your cash for the next big tech splurge.

Overall: Should you upgrade?

Xbox One S Vs Xbox One X

Microsoft has officially discontinued the Xbox One X and Xbox One S, focusing its manufacturing on the newly released Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. That said, its possible to find stock of Xbox One consoles available at certain retailers, and considering the Series X|S is still nearly impossible to find right now, you may want to buy one of Microsofts last-gen consoles at a discount for the time being.

Between the Xbox One X, Xbox One S, and the original, previously discontinued Xbox One, theres a big difference between their respective hardware specs, processing power, supported display resolutions, and prices that you should consider before making a purchase. They all run the same games, but how well those games run couldnt be more different across the machines.

Before you decide which last-gen Xbox to buy, well cover how the Xbox One X and S compare in important areas like framerates, resolution, HDR support, and more. Lets see who wins this console duke-out and if either offers anything that the new Xbox Series X and S dont.

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Xbox Series S Vs Xbox One S Verdict

With comparative price points and similar sleek designs, the Xbox Series S and Xbox One S are easily mistaken at a glance. Delve deeper, though, and the power gap between Microsofts two cheap consoles become abundantly clear.

The Xbox One S will soon be seen as a legacy system, unable to provide the next-gen bells and whistles like ray-tracing and blazing fast load times, but its a tempting value proposition nonetheless, particularly if you can find a good Xbox One S deal.

The Xbox Series S, however, is the console of choice for those looking to experience the next-generation of gaming at a superb price point. Its digital-only, of course, so youll be at the mercy of your internet connection when it comes to downloading games. If thats a problem, the Xbox Series X might be the next best choice.

Xbox One Vs Xbox One S: Is A Mid

Is the Xbox One S Worth It?

And, with the Xbox Series X and Series S having just released, players who want to join the next generation might want to hold off on purchasing any form of Xbox One. What might be even more enticing to Xbox One S buyers is the Xbox Series S an affordable, all-digital version of the Series X. If you are in the market for an Xbox One, however, heres an in-depth comparison between the Xbox One and Xbox One S.

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3.5 out of 5 stars

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Pay For The Optical Drive

The Xbox One S All-Digital is a slightly less expensive version of the Xbox One S, and in terms of power, graphical capability, and gaming experience, the two consoles are identical. The lack of an optical drive significantly hurts the system’s flexibility, however, with its inability to play games on disc or any form of optical video media. One of the big aspects we’ve praised the Xbox One S for is its capability as an Ultra HD Blu-ray player, and a one-time savings of $50 simply isn’t enough to justify its removal.

If you just want a system you can play Xbox Game Pass games on, or you don’t mind building up your own download-only library of Xbox One games, the Xbox One S All-Digital is a perfectly functional console. Considering how much more functionality you get for paying just a bit more, though, the Xbox One S remains our recommendation, unless you’re willing to shell out siginificantly more for the Xbox One X.

Xbox Series S Review: Controller

Another Xbox Series S innovation that does more with less is its controller. For the most part, the Xbox Series S controller is identical to the Xbox Ones: two extended hand grips, two staggered analog sticks, a D-pad, four face buttons, four shoulder buttons, two options buttons and a power button, all in the same place as before.

Its not until you get an Xbox Series S controller in your hand that you begin to feel the difference. The surface is matte and a little more resistant to sweat than before. More importantly, the grips are now textured in the back, which makes the controller easier to hold and more comfortable overall. Theres also a share button in the center of the controller, which lets you take screenshots and video clips and whatnot I never actually used it, but you might.

The controllers only major drawback is that it still relies on AA batteries out of the box, rather than a more environmentally friendly rechargeable battery. You can still buy rechargeable battery packs separately, but its just one more unnecessary cost that Microsoft could and should have borne, especially since each set of AAs will net you only about 30 hours of life.

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Xbox One S Vs Xbox One: Should You Upgrade

Theres no doubt the new Xbox One S is a better all around console than its predecessor. Not only does it slim down the original consoles bulky frame, the Xbox One S comes with a load of features that make a far more desirable device.

Firstly, you get a 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray player. Currently, those things will cost you upwards of £400 on their own. Secondly, you can stream 4K at the proper 60 Hz in HDR from apps such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video. Plus, theres even a slight performance boost. The console benefits from extra processing power, too.

It probably isnt worth it for most Xbox One owners if you dont care about 4K video, but it looks like a good upgrade if you fancy getting into Ultra HD Blu-ray. And if you dont already own an Xbox One, the smaller size and great features make it very tempting indeed.

Xbox Series S Vs Xbox One S: The Cheapest Xbox Consoles Compared

Xbox Series S Review

Two similar looking boxes with very different specs

Xbox Series S vsXbox One S: whats the difference? These consoles might have similar names and look the same at first glance, which is why it can be easy to confuse the two. However, the differences between the Xbox Series S and Xbox One S are stark. So to avoid buying the wrong one, it’s important you know more about what each console offers, and which is the right one for you.

Both consoles are good entry points into the Xbox ecosystem. But which is right for you? There’s a case to be made for either one, depending on your requirements. Lets take a look at the key differences between the two.

The Xbox Series S is capable of 1440p resolution, upscaled to 4K,120fps and includes graphical features, such asray tracing. It might not be as powerful as Microsoft’s flagshipXbox Series X, but it is a next-gen console. The Xbox One S, meanwhile, isnt nearly as powerful. However, its cheap price point makes it a solid purchase if the Xbox Series S is out of your budget.

Weve had the chance to spend serious time with both options, which you can read about in ourXbox Series S review andXbox One S review. That means we can now definitively say which one is better for you.

If youve been scratching your head over which Xbox S to buy, in our guide below well compare both of Microsofts budget-friendly consoles below to help you make an informed decision about which one will suit you, your budget and your gaming preferences.

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You Shouldn’t Buy An Xbox One S If

You’re seeking the most powerful console out there. The Xbox One S isn’t the only new piece of hardware up Microsoft’s sleeve next year, the company is launching Project Scorpio, which is being dubbed “the most powerful console ever.” While details are currently scarce, Scorpio is designed to support true 4K gaming and high-end virtual reality, both of which are currently limited to tricked-out PCs. If power is your priority, you should stick with your chunky old Xbox One for now.

You’re content with your Xbox One. Despite a few new features, the S is still an Xbox One. There aren’t any games that will require an Xbox One S to play, meaning the console you have now is perfectly ready for Gears of War 4, Halo Wars 2 and every other game headed to the Xbox One family. While the S console’s High Dynamic Range support will apparently offer richer colors for select games, you shouldn’t expect any serious performance benefits on the newer machine.

You really love your Kinect. Remember that thing? If you’re particularly fond of Microsoft’s motion- and voice-sensing Xbox camera, you should know that the S lacks a Kinect port. Fortunately, Microsoft is offering a free adapter for those who want to use a Kinect on their Xbox One S, though you won’t be able to request one until after your new console arrives.

Xbox One X Vs Xbox One S: Should You Upgrade Your Xbox One

22 January 2019

The Xbox family is bigger than ever, but where in the generation should you come in?

Both the Xbox One X and the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition have now been disconnected by Microsoft. however the Xbox One S is still available.

Gone are the days when the big gaming companies would just bring out one console, wait a good few years, then bring out another. Now the biggest names in the business tend to bring out consoles aimed at certain users with certain needs.

Thats right, were mostly talking about Microsoft and its many, many Xbox consoles. But with so many on the market, how do you know which one is right for you?

Until recently, if you were thinking of jumping into the newest generation of Xbox gaming, you only had two points of entry: the original Xbox One and its more powerful mutation the Xbox One S.

But now there’s a powerful, native-4K option in the wild too: Xbox One X.

The Xbox One X system brings 12GB of DDR5 memory and a crazy 6 Teraflop GPU. Not only can it do native 4K UHD gaming with ease a feature no other console can currently do but it also allows you to play games in HDR and most games at higher frame rates. In short, it’s one of the finest pieces of hardware Microsoft has ever made.

With rumors circulating about the next console generation the Xbox Scarlett, which could be with us as early as 2020 gamers will need to think carefully about when and how much they want to invest in a current-gen console.

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