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Is Xbox One S Good

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Xbox One Vs Xbox One S: Features

Xbox One S Review: 4K HDR

Speaking of Xbox One vs Xbox One S, there are some new features in Xbox One S. Xbox One S supports 4K ULTRA HD and 4K BLU-RAY video playback. This means that you can play 4K Blu-ray and stream 4K content from Netflix and Amazon on Xbox One S.

However, Xbox One S does not support 4K games, of course, you need a 4K TV to watch video boost. The original Xbox One provided a Blu-ray player, but it did not support 4K discs.

One feature removed from Xbox One S is the dedicated Kinect port. Therefore, if you own a Kinect, you need a USB adapter to use it with Xbox One S. Xbox One S gets an IR blaster, so you can use a remote control to switch between all AV peripherals.

You Can Still Play Your Old Gamesand Theyll Look Better

If you want to get the new system but dont see many new games youre interested in, virtually all of your old games will work on the new consoles. The Xbox Series X and Series S offer nearly blanket backward compatibility, meaning that your existing libraries of Xbox Onecompatible software will run on the Xbox Series X and Series S. Whats more, every Xbox Onecompatible piece of software will, according to Microsoft , run and look better on these new systems than it did on previous-generation consoles. The Auto HDR feature, which uses an algorithm to tweak a games picture to take advantage of modern televisions ability to show brighter images with better contrast, leads to a beautiful new sense of vibrance in games like Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2. There are a few games where this feature results in image quality that looks a little funny, but it can be disabled on a per game basis.

Microsoft also recently introduced FPS Boost, the official term for a proprietary software technique that allows the Xbox Series consoles to effectively double the targeted framerate of backwards compatible games without the need for official patches from the original developer. For some games, this means 60 FPS or thereabouts for the first time on consoles. For others, it means 120 FPS with supported televisions.

Is It Worth Buying An Xbox One In 2022

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Image: Microsoft

Is it worth buying an Xbox One S or Xbox One X in 2022? The two consoles have since been succeeded by the new Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X which released in November 2020, but millions of people have yet to make the jump, and the Xbox One still remains a very popular line of consoles right now. So, is it still enjoyable to use one in 2022? Are there still games being made for it, how does it cope with modern titles, and are you throwing your money away by paying for an Xbox One now, rather than waiting to buy a next-gen system? We’ve put together this little Xbox One buying guide to try and help you make an informed decision this year.

Note: This guide was originally published in March 2021, but we’ve updated it for 2022.

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Looking Forward To Project Scorpio

Microsoft’s messaging about its console offerings can get confusing. It’s best to think of the Xbox One and One S as their own tier. In terms of graphical horsepower, they’re equal. The next jump in visuals and performance will come along with Project Scorpio, which is being targeted for the 2017 holiday season.

Details on that machine are scant at best, but it’s safe to say it will significantly outperform the Xbox One and One S, the PlayStation 4 and — if we’re going on rumored specs — the PlayStation 4 step-up console, the PS4 Neo.

This will usher in a sizable upgrade in all aspects of gaming with native 4K resolution output and HDR support. And Microsoft has already pledged that Scorpio will be “VR ready,” presumably for a forthcoming virtual-reality headset.

The current messaging as to how games will work across Xbox One platforms seems simple enough. Any Xbox One will be able to play any Xbox One game, though the Scorpio will be able to take advantage of better graphics, performance, frame rate and resolution. This seems to mostly fall in line with the PS4 Neo plan as well.

If we’re just comparing raw specs, Project Scorpio’s rumored details still fall short of what an Nvidia GTX 1080 graphics card is capable of.

Reasons To Buy An Xbox One S

Best Xbox One Games Under $20

ByMichael Andronicopublished 25 July 16

Wondering if the Xbox One S is for you? Here are the best reasons to buy and avoid Microsoft’s slim new gaming machine.

Like an overpriced sports car, the Xbox One S isnt something you need but damn does it look pretty. This slimmed down redesign of Microsofts games console launches this August for $399 , and introduces new features such as 4K video streaming and up to a whopping 2TB of storage.

But while it’s tempting to pick up an Xbox One S based on looks and fancy extras alone, it’s not necessarily a great buy for everyone. If you’re on the fence, here’s why you should and shouldn’t pick up Microsoft’s eye-catching new console.

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Reasons To Buy An Xbox Series S Instead Of An Xbox Series X

The Xbox Series S is an incredible value for all but the most hardcore Xbox fans.

For a long time now, weve known about Microsofts Xbox Series X next-gen console. For about the same amount of time, weve speculated that the company would release a less-powerful, more compact Xbox Series S.

Microsoft announced the Xbox Series S just under two weeks ago, and both systems go up for pre-order tomorrow. The question for potential Xbox Series S/X buyers is which of Microsofts two new consoles should you buy?

Theres obviously no correct answer to that questiononly arguments in favor of one or the other. For the purposes of this post, Ill make the case for the Xbox Series Sthe little guy, the underdog.

Here are five reasons to buy the Xbox Series S over the Xbox Series X, starting with…

Microsoft Xbox One S Verdict

If the Xbox One S is meant to atone for the original Ones botched launch, its job done. This is a great 4K Blu-ray player, looks sensational with HDR enabled and does a fab job of upscaling your favourite games into Ultra High Definition. Perhaps most importantly, the One S is extremely well priced at £250 for its 500GB incarnation. That makes it the cheapest 4K console you can buy.

Even though its more expensive, not backwards compatible and lacks an UHD Blu-ray drive, Sonys PlayStation 4 Pro is a better machine. Its upscaling is more refined and has a superior catalogue of exclusives. As much as games consoles nowadays want to be home entertainment hubs you still buy them to have fun blowing stuff up, and the PlayStation 4 Pro does a better job of this the Xbox One S. Simple.

So why should you buy an One S? Maybe you cant stand the sight of your old Xbox One or fancy a second console to sit alongside your PS4. Both reasons are more than good enough to make the upgrade. Just remember a superior Xbox Project Scorpio the one with proper 4K is due out later this year, and brace yourself for a serious case of FOMO in nine months or so.

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Fit For The Living Room

Unlike the original Xbox One, the One S actually looks like a media box that would fit comfortably in your existing living-room setup. It measures 11.63 inches wide , 9 inches deep, and two inches thickthe original Xbox One, on the other hand, is about 13 inches wide and 11 inches deep.

While thats about 40 percent smaller by volume , the One S comes with another bonus: the integration of the previously massive power brick into the system. Its a welcome subtraction, and makes the lighter weight of the One S even more impressive.

The Xbox One S moves the Ones third USB port to the front.

Cooling appears to be a priority. The dimpled front panel lacks any obvious vents. If laid flat, however, both the sides and top include an ample grille of small holes, about the diameter of spaghetti noodles, above roomy cutouts. Although there appears to be what looks like a second grille inside, guarding some of the components, itll be interesting to see how much cat hair and other gunk accumulates inside the One S over the course of its life. That said, in its clean state, the One S remained cool to the touch and without any apparent fan noise when tested in an air-conditioned house and office with ample airflow.

The rear of the Xbox One S.

The Xbox One controller versus the new Xbox One S controller .

A subtle texture on the white One S controller helps sweaty palms grip the controller.

Xbox One Review: Kinect

The History of the Xbox One: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

There’s a good chance if you’re reading this review anytime after the initial first few months of launch that you don’t have access to a Kinect sensor, but we’ll round up its functions and usability because we’re thorough like that. The Kinect sensor has been re-vamped since its first introduction on Xbox 360. It can now monitor heart-rate and muscle density meaning the virtual drill-instructors on the Fitness App will be doing players more good than ever.

Kinect also comes into its own on the video calling in Skype. Not only does the sensor produce a streaming video of the player at a pretty reasonable quality, but if they get up and wander about the room, the camera will track them.

The sensor’s fidelity and spatial requirements have been vastly improved players no longer need to stand so far back from their TV set although players may find themselves having to repeat the odd voice command.

Kinect can also track more players up to four players can jump into a Kinect game now, and the sensor’s facial recognition technology can differentiate between them.

Finally, it’s worth pointing out that Kinect is better able to filter out intruding lights and sounds.

Unlike the previous iteration, the new Kinect module can work in almost pitch dark and isn’t interrupted by lights angled towards it. It’s also able to differentiate between the players voice and sounds coming out of the TV’s speakers.

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Can The Xbox One S Do 4k

Kind of, yes. For those not in the know, 4K is a resolution for your TV. It packs in four times as many pixels as a 1080p HDTV, which makes the picture sharper and a lot more detailed. To be able to watch 4K and the video technology HDR, you need a 4K TV and an Xbox One X or Xbox One S.

If you set your console resolution to 4K UHD, some things on the console, like Home and apps will display at 4K. But games are a bit different. Games on the Xbox One S get upscaled to 4K. What that means is that although the picture tends to be smoother and more detailed than native 720p or 1080p, upscaled 4K isnt as rich or detailed as native 4K.

Xbox Series S Vs Xbox One S Price And Release Date

Both the Xbox Series S and Xbox One S come with similar price points, though we expect the price of the Xbox One S to drop dramatically as time goes on. The Xbox Series S retails for $299 / £249 / AU$499 and is the cheapest next-gen console available.

The Xbox One S has been out for some time now, making its debut on August 2, 2016. Its price is holding steady at $299 / £249 / AU$499 but can often be found for much cheaper. Again, we expect the Xbox One S to drop in price now that the Xbox Series S has been out for a while.

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Xbox Series S Review Graphics And Performance

  • Loading times are fantastic thanks to the NVMe SSD
  • Visuals and performance generally operate at a lower benchmark
  • HDR and Ray tracing are present in a number of different games

Thats enough of the jargon and teraflop numbers. How do games actually look on the Xbox Series S? Unfortunately, Microsoft was only able to provide us with a handful of optimised games ahead of the review embargo, including Gears 5, Gears Tactics and Tetris Connected.

Gears 5 was comfortably the best example of what the Series S is capable of, with clear visual improvements compared to the Xbox One S. With the added GPU power, The Coalition has been able to hike up the graphics to a higher setting, so the Series S matches the performance of a high-end PC.

Without getting too technical with terminology, The Coalition has implemented more sophisticated techniques to make in-game environments, lighting and character models appear more realistic. As you can see in the photo below, the improved lighting effects result in greater contrast between bright light sources and shadowy corridors, helping to create a far more immersive atmosphere.

On left: Xbox One S. On right: Xbox Series S

Metal objects, such as the room vents and pipes stretched out across the wall, now appear more reflective. On the One S, these objects look like theyre made of plastic.

On left: Xbox One S. On right: Xbox Series S

On left: Xbox One S. On right: Xbox Series S

Xbox One S 4k Gaming: Almost But Not Quite

How to change your Xbox One Gamertag

This is especially the case when it comes to the One S 4K capabilities. Put simply, if you dont own a 4K TV and wont be upgrading to one anytime soon then dont buy an Xbox One S. This shouldnt be a particularly great revelation to anyone though. Its a bit like saying, If you dont like chocolate then dont go on the Cadburys factory tour.

More so than its newfound facelift, the Xbox One S is a console thats being sold on its 4K and HDR capabilities. In technical terms, this means the Xbox One S has an HDMI 2.0a port that enables a 4K 60Hz output. The Xbox One supports only HDMI 1.4a, which simply cant handle 4K video or gaming.

What does this all mean? The One S picture quality is, in theory at least, four times better than its elder sibling. Even if maths isnt your strong point, youll know thats quite a big difference.

Better still, the One S is also the best value 4K Blu-ray player you can own by quite some margin. In contrast, Samsungs UBD-K8500 player costs £380 and cant play Tetris, let alone Gears of War 4 or Super Hot. If youre looking to get more value out of your new 4K TV, buying either this console or the also 4K-capable PS4 Pro feels like a no-brainer.

The only catch? 4K gaming on the Xbox One S isnt really true 4K. Confused? Allow us to get all techie on you.

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Xbox Series S Review Specs And Technology

  • Is the least powerful next-gen gaming console, but still packs a punch
  • Uses the same AMD Zen 2 CPU as Series X and PS5
  • Targets a 1440p resolution with 120fps at maximum

The Xbox Series S isnt as powerful as either the PS5 or Xbox Series X, but dont let that fool you into thinking it is a half-baked next-gen console. The graphical fidelity of which the Series S is capable is outstanding, packing high-end specs youd normally only find in a £1,000-odd gaming PC.

This tiny box features the exact same AMD Ryzen Zen 2 CPU as the Series X, with eight cores running at a peak 3.8GHz frequency. One of those cores is dedicated to the operating system, which ensures you can flick through the homescreen and menu settings without any delays or stutters.

Its GPU is the biggest difference between the Series S and Series X. Both consoles feature custom AMD RDNA 2 GPUs, but the former sees just 4 TFLOPs of performance power compared to the 12 TFLOPs found in the Series X. Its important to avoid getting caught up with teraflop numbers when judging the performance of any device, but it does emphasise the graphical gulf between these two Xbox consoles.

The bigger issue here is the lack of GPU headroom that developers have to work with. Weve already seen Devil May Cry 5 cut ray tracing support for the Series S, and there may well be further compromises for other games down the road when compared to the more powerful next-gen consoles.

Many Gamers Wont Need A Disc Drive

Heres what youre paying for with the $499 Xbox Series X: 4K gaming and a UHD Blu-Ray disc drive. Weve covered the 4K bit already, so all thats left is the drive.

This is going to be the second biggest factor for many gamers for one very significant reason: Used games. I totally get that for many gamers, the ability to buy used games or trade in games is important. For some households, being able to play your Blu-Ray collection is also important. If these factors are important than you should absolutely not buy the Xbox Series S. Opt for that excellent $35/month All Access deal for the Series X instead.

If, on the other hand, youre like me you probably never put discs in your consoles at this point. I only very, very rarely play a DVD or Blu-Ray. I have some, true, but I could always play them on my PS4 Pro or Xbox One X if I need to . The fact is, I get most of my games digitally at this point, whether Im buying them or getting review codes .

I was actually able to snag a PS5 Digital Edition, which means that I may very well opt for the Xbox Series X just to be safe, just to know that at least one of my consoles has the disc drive, but if Id gotten the PS5 with a drive I would be more inclined to go with the Series S.

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