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Is Xbox One Region Free

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How Can We Make Xbox One Region Free For Dvds And Blu

Original Xbox Games region free on Xbox One

The answer is no. It is impossible to make Xbox One DVD/Bluray player region free. There is no region free hack for Xbox One. But the good news is that you can make your Blu-ray and DVD region free. There are two ways. One is to rip disc to a region-free digital file, the other is to copy the original disc to another disc. The first method is undoubtedly easier. After you get a digital copy, you can save it to a USB flash drive or external drive, and play it on Xbox One or other devices.

Here, we will show you how to rip DVD and make it region free.

First of all, you need to download a DVD ripper. We recommend you to try WinX DVD Ripper. It can bypass any region code and copy protection scheme on your movie DVDs and TV series DVDs. It has dedicated output presets for Xbox One, so users don’t need to create profiles by themselves. It works fast, 5 minutes maybe, and delivers quite good quality.

Now let’s download and install WinX DVD Ripper to create region-free DVD rip file for Xbox One.

Step 1. Insert target DVD into DVD drive. Then, open WinX DVD Ripper and click DVD Disc button to select and open the DVD.

Step 2. On the Output Profile, scroll down to Microsoft Device, hit to Xbox Video, and then choose an Xbox One profile, Xbox One or Xbox One . And, click OK.

Step 3. Hit RUN to begin ripping. Once done, simply transfer it USB and play it on Xbox One through USB.

Xbox One Games Are Region Free Reminds Microsoft

In the wake of European delays for the console, Microsoft reiterates that Xbox One games are not region locked.

Last week, Microsoft admitted that it wouldn’t be able to meet its original goal of launching the Xbox One in 21 countries worldwide in 2013.

As a result, a number of European countries will see the console delayed until 2014. Australia, it should be very firmly noted, is definitely in the initial launch line-up.

Microsoft has noted that the delay is not about production issues, but actually around getting the voice control working across a number of languages.

Somewhat strangely, Microsoft’s director of marketing, Albert Penello, took to a NeoGAF thread to slyly remind gamers, especially those in delayed countries, that Xbox One games are worldwide signed they’re not region locked and will work on any Xbox One console, no matter where the hardware was purchased.

Noting that there may still be issues around music and video services, Penello said:

You can use one of the 13 digital marketplaces corresponding to our launch markets, assuming you have a valid payment instrument for those countries. Lots of people in Europe specifically travel, move and visit family.

Later in the discussion thread, Penello added: “obviously, I support people waiting for the official supported launch in the affected markets for the best experience”.

Changing The Region Of Xbox 360 Game

Once the Xbox 360 is modified, you can either change the region of the game or turn your Xbox region free. The video below explains how to change the region of the game by uploading it your computer and burning it in the necessary region using the free 360 Flash Dump Tool.

If you’d like to turn your Xbox into a region-free console, you can read this articulate and well-written guide that details very closely what you need to do. The article is in French, so make sure to translate it .

These are the only ways to play other region games on an Xbox 360. It’s an arduous process and isn’t easy at all. It takes much time, money and effort, but is also a great learning experience for anyone interested in computer engineering. If there’s any other way you now to get around this problem feel free to comment below!

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Watch Region Locked Blu

Each Xbox One S console is manufactured for a specific Blu-ray and DVD region, following international standards. The Xbox One S console can play Blu-ray discs and DVDs that are sold in the same region as the console. Following are the region code of Blu-ray abd DVD disc in different countries.

Blu-ray discs regions and countries


If your Blu-ray or DVD discs are purchased from a country with a region code that doesn’t match with your Xbox One S, you will then receive a “THIS DISC NOT PLAY DUE TO REGION CODE SETTING OF THE PLAYER”. Then fix this problem, some people suggest to change the region of Xbox One S to make it fit with the region of Blu-ray or DVD disc, however, other people complain that this does not work.

Fix Xbox Error Wrong Region Code

Halo 5: Guardians Region Free Key Digital Download Code ...

Solution 1 Change the region code on your console

If youre moving to a different country youll have to make changes to your region settings in order to make purchases in your new location.

If you decide to change your region, you should know that all your profile information such as your gamertag, achievements and rest of Xbox profile information will be moved with you.

On the other hand, all funds that you have on your Microsoft account wont be moved, therefore be sure to spend them before moving.

Although your Xbox Live Gold subscription will be moved, it can only work in regions that support Xbox Live Gold, so keep that in mind.

Other subscriptions such as XNA Creators Club or Elite will remain active, but they will not work unless they are available in the new region.

As for Groove Music Pass, your subscription will be canceled after you move, but your collection will remain unchanged.

If you subscribe to Groove Music Pass in the new region, keep in mind that not all items in your collection will be available.

Now that you know what happens when you change your region, lets see how to actually do it. On Xbox One, do the following:

  • Make sure that youre signed in to your Xbox.
  • Scroll left on the Home screen to open the guide.
  • Select Settings > All Settings > System.
  • Select Language & location.
  • Choose your new location from the list and select Restart now.
  • If youre using Xbox 360 you can change your region by doing the following:

  • Sign in to your Microsoft account.
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    Xbox One Bc And Region Locking

    • The original code is still region locked, however it only checks in the emulator.
    • The emulator is set to match the game image.
    • Since every game has its own copy of the emulator, the games themselves are region free on the Xbox One.
    • Appearance in the “ready-to-install” list is dependent on the store region of the XBO console.
    • Once installed, a game will run, even if the store region is changed, as the XBO “wrapper” for an emulated game is still region free.
    • Xbox 360 games can only be purchased by an account of the same region .

    In short, the XBO store region impacts what you see as available to purchase/install, but all BC titles are region free once installed on your XBO.

    Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Is Region Free

    Xbox One backwards compatibility is the years biggest feature along with the New Xbox One Experience. Players are now able to play their Xbox 360 games on Xbox One and even use DLC.

    Great feature indeed, but theres even more good news. Xbox One is now a region free Xbox 360. This means that stackable games, that have region specific versions, can be played on an Xbox One from any region. Feel free to play Japanese versions of Gears of War 2, Just Cause 2 etc.

    This is especially good news for achievement hunters who can earn region specific achievements and achievements for both versions to add to their collection.

    If you wish to play games that are only available in certain regions and didnt get a worldwide release, they wont be playable until they are added to the backwards compatibility list.

    Microsoft is making all the right moves and Backward Compatibility is pretty much a system selling feature and this region free capability is icing on the cake.

    Anyhow, what region exclusive Xbox 360 games would you like to see on Xbox One? Comment with your choice down below.

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    Fix: Xbox Error Wrong Region Code

    • The wrong region code error appears when you try to access content designed for a different region. You can fix that by following the steps in our guide below but also read about the implications.
    • If you change your region, all your profile information such as your gamertag, achievements and rest of Xbox profile information will be moved with you, but not your finances.
    • Fix Xbox One issues section should be the starting point if you have any other problems with your Xbox One.
    • If you don’t know exactly what’s the problem with your Xbox, check our Xbox troubleshooting hub.

    If you moved recently or got any new games from another country or region for your Xbox, you might experience the wrong region code error on your console.

    This error can prevent you from playing any games from a different region, but you might be able to fix this problem by using one of our solutions.

    Regional locking is a digital restriction management that prevents users of one region from accessing content designed for a different region.

    Regional locking is used to delay the release of certain content in some regions or to prevent the grey market import of foreign products.

    Lastly, region locking is used to prevent users from accessing content that is banned in their country or region.

    And this is because of censorship laws or because the distributor doesnt have the rights to certain intellectual property outside of a certain region.

    How To Remove Region Code And Convert Blu

    2DARK Unboxing/ UK Import/ Xbox One Region Free

    Free download, install and run Brorsoft Blu-ray Ripper, the trail-before-purchase quick download icon provide here, you can also turn to Brorsoft page for downloading.

    Keep in mind that you have download the right version, Mac OS .dmg files cannot be installed on Windows platform and vice versa.

    Step 1. Click Load Disc button to load Blu-ray discs to load your Blu-ray movies. You can also click IFO/ISO icon to load your Blu-ray ISO image files.

    Step 2. Select video format.

    Here we select mp4 with H.264 codec for Xbox One S. Click the Format drop-down list, and select H.264 HD Video from Common Video or HD Video category.

    Tips: Xbox One S has updated to support 4K streaming. So if you think the video resolution is low, you can click Settings to reset video size, bitrate, frame rate and sample rate.

    Step 3. Copy Blu-ray to Xbox One S

    Hit the red Convert button on the interface to start copying Blu-ray to H.264 for Xbox One S. When it finishes, click the Open Output Folder icon to quick locate the converted video.

    Note: Why no remove region code step in the guide? Program remove the Region Code automaticlly when the conversion begin.

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    You Have Two Ways To Stream Your Local Media To Xbox One S

    Method 1: Play Blu-ray Rips to Xbox One S via USB

    Copy the Blu-ray movie media file to a USB flash drive and plug it into USB port on game console then you can play it on Xbox One S.

    Method 2: Stream Blu-ray Rips to Xbox One S from PC

    1. Make sure that your PC and Xbox One S are in the same network.

    2. In Xbox One S, follow Settings Preferences and make sure Allow Play To streaming is ticked.

    3. Select the media on your PC and right click it to select Play To option.

    4. A dropdown menu will appear showing you a list of devices detected in your network.

    5. Choose Xbox One S, and the stream will begin, and then start playing movie with Xbox One S.

    Are Xbox One Games Region Locked

    • Short answer: No, but some content and apps might not be available in all regions

    The Xbox One console itself is region-free. That means that any game from any region can be played on any console from any region. Yes, that means even those notoriously tricky-to-play Japanese-only games, so get to importing!

    The only real exception to this is Bluray movies, which come down to the movie studios instead of any restrictions Microsoft have put on.

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    How To Change Region On Xbox One

    If you are looking for a method to playback regional locked discs, the answer to is Xbox One region free will be frustrating as a NO. However, you are allowed to acquire the solution for how to change region on Xbox One. Move on after turning on the Xbox One. We are here to help you go through the conundrum so as to play Blu-ray across regions.

    Step 1. Find the System menu from the Home entrance interface.

    Use the controller to stay in the Home panel that is the first genre among the top options. Or you can press the Home button to call out a left column. Slide to the right till the end where the System sits. Then click on the Settings.

    Step 2. Navigate to the Language & location label.

    Scroll down on the left list and stop at the System headline whereas you enter the settings window. Look to the right part of the screen, get the block named Language & location. Keep clicking on it to visit the next configurations.

    Step 3. Make changes to the Language region and Location.

    Under the title of System, three items are available as you can extend each option by pressing the A key on the remote. For example, if the disc location is set to Singapore, you should switch the language region option to the corresponding languages like English .

    Step 4. Push the Restart now option.

    Be patient for a couple of minutes to let the console renew the settings. When it is done, try to reload your regional Blu-rays and DVDs.

    Is Xbox One Blu Ray Player Region Free

    Region Free Consoles Will Benefit Japanfans ...

    Xbox OneBluraydiscsregionBluray discsregionRegionfree Bluray discsXboxdiscsXbox One

    Likewise, which Blu Ray players are region free?

    • Samsung BD-J5100 Region Free SMART Blu Ray Player.
    • Sony BDP-S1700 Region Free Blu-ray DVD Player.
    • LG BP165 Region Free Blu-ray DVD Player 110-240 volts Multiregion.
    • LG BP350 Region Free Blu Ray Player with Wifi.
    • Sony BDP-S3700 Region Free Blu-Ray Player with Wi-Fi.
    • Samsung BD-J5700 Region Free SMART WiFi Blu Ray Player.

    Additionally, are all 4k Blu Rays region free? When it comes to regional restrictions, the good news is4K Bluray discs have just one region code:worldwide. Essentially, they’re regionfree. They canbe played on any 4K player, in any part of theworld.

    Just so, are Xbox one’s region free?

    Xbox One is region free, meaning gamesfrom any region will work on any Xbox Oneconsole.

    Does Xbox play all regions of DVD?

    No, a region 1 Xbox is like anyother DVD player – it will not play DVDs fromother regions: Each Xbox 360 console is manufacturedfor a specific DVD and game region, followinginternational standards. The Xbox 360 console canonly play discs that are sold in the same region asthe console.

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    Your Xbox One Is Now A Region

    Saturday, November 14, 2015

    Hello achievement friends! I have some good news for you. With the recent “New Xbox One Experience” and “Backward Compatibility” updates that launched on Thursday, something extra magical has happened: Xbox One has now become a region-free Xbox 360 for the applicable backcompat titles. This means that if a game on the backcompat program has more than one achievement list due to a regional “stack,” you can now import the other version and use them on your Xbox One without issue. Previously, you’d be required to purchase an entirely new console that matched the game’s region to play games outside of your home region. No longer! What’s more: you only have to buy any DLC once. If you own the Borderlands DLC on your home account, it will work with any version of the game.

    Currently there are five games of the initial 104 that have “stackable” achievement lists. You can play Japanese versions of Borderlands, Gears of War 2, and Just Cause 2, the German version of Rainbow Six Vegas 2, and the European version of Wolfenstein 3D. As more games are added to the backcompat program, likely more stackable versions will be playable as well.

    For a complete list of “Stackable” games for achievements, go here. I have updated our backcompat FAQ on the forums here with this new information.

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    Faqs Of Xbox One And Xbox 360 Playing Dvds

    1. Can Xbox 360 play Blu-ray?

    Xbox 360 cannot play Blu-ray files directly. But you can download the Blu-ray drive into Xbox 360 and play the Blu-ray files. Moreover, you can also convert the Blu-ray to Xbox 360 supported formats for playback via the USB. For more details about playing Blu-ray on Xbox 360, you can check it here.

    2. How to fix Xbox 360 play DVD error?

    If your Xbox 360 console gets the error while playing DVD, you should visit Xbox Disc Drive Solution to fill in the information one by one to get help from Xbox support. If your Xbox 360 cannot play DVD, just try the solutions below to fix it.

    3. Why does my Xbox 360 not play DVDs?

    You only need to insert a DVD into the disc drive of the Xbox 360 console and turn on the console. The console automatically starts to play the DVD. If Xbox 360 does not play DVD, you can try the solutions. Firstly, check the DVD region and format. Secondly, make sure the wireless microphone is enabled. Thirdly, make sure the family settings are enabled for you to control which movies and TVs that you can watch on your console. The last solution is that contacting Xbox support team for problem solving.

    4. How to play DVD on Xbox One without Internet?

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