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Is Xbox Live Gold Going Away

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Changing Landscape Of Console Gaming

Is Xbox Live Gold Going Away?

I expect Microsoft will continue pushing and heaping more value onto Xbox Game Pass. Perhaps they could even shift the free monthly Games with Gold straight into Xbox Game Pass instead to further encourage users to migrate to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Xbox Live Gold is certainly cheaper than Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, but it’s hard to deny the value contained therein. All of Microsoft’s exclusive games, Project xCloud streaming to mobile phones and later, PCs, and exclusive discounts on games you can buy-to-own before they leave the program. It’s a great service, and undoubtedly where the future of Xbox lies.

I truly believe Xbox Live Gold’s days are numbered, but I also believe it ultimately depends on how fast gamers uptake on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, when it comes to timelines. We’ll just have to wait and see.

How Discord Nitro Members Can Get Xbox Game Pass Ultimate For Free

To get two months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for free, Discord Nitro subscribers need to have not already redeemed the offer, have not become a Discord Nitro member for free through the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate offer, and obviously, need an Xbox.

Heres the full step-by-step process to acquiring Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for free:

  • Log into your Discord account
  • Head to your Gift Inventory
  • Find the free code titled Xbox Game Pass Ultimate
  • Note down the 25-character code
  • Now, head to your Xbox account to redeem the full code
  • Enjoy two months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for free and play some awesome games!
  • Microsoft Removes Xbox Live Requirement For Free

    According to an article by Verge, Microsoft had been testing removing the Xbox Live requirement on some consoles in Beta. Now, they have rolled out this feature for all Xbox series S/X consoles. In addition to removing the Xbox live for online requirement, Mircosoft has also unlocked the Xbox party chat and the Looking for Groups option as part of this rollout. This is a welcome move for Xbox owners, as they won’t have to pay a ridiculous mandatory fee to play a popular free game like Apex Legends or Call of Duty Warzone. As a result, the Xbox will most likely see a rise in sales as players can play a ton of free games on the Xbox platform without paying anything extra.

    Back in 2021, Microsoft had tried to raise the prices of Xbox Live Gold by almost double. Their move had backfired as the company received massive backlash from the gaming community for predatory pricing practices. Since then, many gamers had been petitioning for completely removing the Xbox Live subscription for playing free-to-play Xbox games.

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    Xbox Live Gold Requirement For Free

    Soon you won’t need to pay extra to play free-to-play multiplayer games on Xbox.

    The Xbox Live Gold requirement for free-to-play games looks like it’s even closer to ending for good. Microsoft has rolled out the latest preview for Xbox Insiders, and one of the key changes is that “Omega” users no longer need Xbox Live Gold for some free-to-play games. The takeaway here is that Omega is the final “ring” in the Xbox Insider program, which suggests Microsoft may soon drop the Xbox Live Gold requirement for everyone. This follows news of that eventually happening just a few months ago.

    The Omega ring is free and open to anyone–all you have to do is sign up for Xbox Insider program and opt in. Additionally, Omega users no longer need Xbox Live Gold to use Looking 4 Group or Party Chat features

    Currently, Destiny 2 and do not support free multiplayer, but Microsoft said it is working with Bungie and Activision to address the situation. Microsoft said these games require an update to get rid of the Xbox Live Gold requirement, and this necessitates coordination with the developers.

    Not only is the Xbox Live Gold requirement for free-to-play games going away, but Microsoft is phasing out the name Xbox Live Gold as well. In the future, the service will be known as Xbox Network, though you will still need a subscription to play non free-to-play games online.

    Xbox Live Gold Changes: What’s New For 2021

    Is Xbox Live Gold Going Away / Is Xbox Live Gold Going ...

    Microsoft just rolled out the biggest changes to Xbox Live Gold since launch, in turn shaking up the value proposition for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S owners. The drastic policy shift changes up a subscription that’s gone untouched in years, now opening previously paid features to any Xbox console owner. That chiefly includes dropping the Xbox Live Gold requirement on free-to-play multiplayer titles, plus opening multiple social features to all on Xbox.

    Xbox consoles have required an Xbox Live Gold membership to access online multiplayer since their inception, but changes introduced this April drop that mandate for free-to-play games. You no longer need to pay the monthly fee on many popular titles, including Fortnite, Call of Duty: Warzone, and Apex Legends, to name a few. While all paid Xbox games still require Xbox Live Gold, those with zero-cost entry are now entirely free on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

    The platform has also lifted the Xbox Live Gold requirement on Party Chat and Looking for Group on Xbox consoles, two popular social features for multiplayer. The former, Microsoft’s staple voice chat system for Xbox, finally goes free and opens communication among all players. The LFG system also provides a platform to search for teammates and like-minded players across the Xbox network, filtering users by game and various social preferences.

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    Microsoft Is Doing Away With Xbox Live 12

    In a very interesting move by Microsoft, the 12-month Xbox Live Gold memberships are coming to an end. This means you will no longer be able to pay for a 12-month membership via Microsofts own store, leaving you with just 1-month or 3-month memberships to choose from .

    Microsoft has not yet released why this move has occurred, but it is likely due to their push toward cloud gaming surrounding Project Cloud and the Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

    This means they are likely pushing to convert the 12-month subscribers toward Game Pass Ultimate subscriptions to increase both revenue and function of these accounts when it comes to the upcoming Xbox Series X console. Either that or a complete overhaul on how all of these subscriptions interact with the new console and consoles to come.

    They have no commented on what will happen to the currently subscribed 12-month memberships and if they will continue out their life or be converted to modern or new subscription plans. There are still plenty of 12-month membership codes circulating the market both digitally and via gift card-like formats. So if you want to take the gamble of getting your account automatically converted at the current rate, you might want to snag one these codes available via other markets while you still can, so that you can guarantee an active subscription before these other sources dry up.

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    Xbox Live Gold: What’s Not Good In 2021

    While Xbox Live Gold delivers upon all its promises, unlocking the full multiplayer experience on Xbox consoles, the subscription has its shortcomings. For some, it’s the concept of paid multiplayer, whereas free online gaming is an overlooked luxury for many on PC. But the subscription’s current offering has also fallen under scrutiny, especially in light of the recent changes to free-to-play gaming.

    While paying for online multiplayer has proven the norm for Xbox, that’s not to say it’s dodged heavy scrutiny at times. According to reputable reports, Microsoft even looked to phase out paid multiplayer back in 2019, as Xbox Game Pass takes the spotlight moving forward. The recent tweaks to free-to-play multiplayer have since materialized in a move that, for some players, could eliminate the need for Xbox Live Gold.

    Free-to-play games now make up some of the most popular Xbox games like Fortnite, Call of Duty: Warzone, and Apex Legends. There’s a valid argument to cancel your Xbox Live Gold subscription if among those only using a console for those no-cost titles. That hugely restricts which experiences you can play, but it’s an ideal way to save on your upgoing gaming costs.

    Xbox Live Gold’s “Games with Gold” program, offering four free games each month, pales in comparison to Xbox Game Pass offerings.

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    Microsoft Will Discontinue Xbox Live Gold And Make Multiplayer Free Its Claimed

    I heard between 19 million and 23 million before E3, but theyre at least approaching 23 million, he said, and as we get close to Halo I bet they easily hit 23-25 million by the end of this year, and once theyre at 30 million theyll probably reassess what theyre doing with Xbox Live Gold.

    probably still wont go away until its probably closer to something like 40-50 million active users for Game Pass, but all that stuff seems within their grasp right now as long as they keep up the marketing side and promotional side along with all these games that are getting announced.

    Well see how it goes with Halo. If Halo is a big lightning rod for adoption for Game Pass then theyll know: Oh, and when Starfield comes thats going to be our next major lightning rod, and everything in between is going to be sort of connective tissue.

    And as we get these big games coming out on a faster cadence and by 2023 they should be hitting a pretty fast cadence in terms of releasing games Game Pass should at that point really hit its stride and they should be well on their way to getting rid of Xbox Live Gold.

    But the point is, for now, Xbox Live Gold is still sticking around, but its still on the roadmap to go away for good.

    In January, Microsoft reversed plans to increase the price of a six-month Xbox Live Gold subscription by 50% to $60.

    Jeff Grubb Believes That Nintendo Switch Pro Will Still Arrive


    Besides the disappearance of Xbox Live Gold in the future, Grubb also said that the arrival of the rumored Nintendo Switch Pro would still happen despite the recent coming of Nintendo Switch OLED.

    According to NME, Jeff Grubb said that it would likely be introduced in 2022, and he added that it would have a 4K output, as well as an improved processor and DLSS.

    This article is owned by Tech Times

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    Xbox Live Gold Is Reportedly Still Set To Be Discontinued ‘at Some Point In The Future’

    Friday, July 09, 2021

    Rumours have been doing the rounds for some time that Microsoft could be planning to ditch Xbox Live Gold, lifting the paywall for multiplayer, and shifting its focus to Xbox Game Pass subscriptions. In April, Microsoft removed the Xbox Live Gold requirement for free-to-play games, following a proposed price increase, and eventually, the service may be scrapped altogether.

    The latest rumblings about Microsoft potentially dropping Xbox Live Gold come from journalist Jeff Grubb, yet again, who went over his previous claims that the service could soon be made obsolete, before reiterating that it could be going away at some point as part of a roadmap the platform-holder has planned.

    I just wanted to reiterate, Xbox Live Gold is still on a board somewhere saying ‘this is going to go away at some point’,” Grubb remarked during his Giant Bomb GrubbSnax show . Whether or not theyre actively talking about it right now, I dont know, but they still have it on a roadmap saying ‘Xbox Live Gold will be dropped at some point in the future’.”

    Grubb added that Microsoft is reportedly waiting for Xbox Game Pass membership numbers to reach a certain milestone, before it’s prepared to outright bin Xbox Live Gold. might take years, because the focus right now still very much is getting Game Pass into a very healthy position, he said.

    Microsoft Has Quietly Discontinued 12

    Can we expect a total overhaul of Xbox’s services?

    Following the news that Microsoft’s Xbox One X and One S All-Digital consoles have been discontinued ahead of the upcoming Xbox Series X’s release, it now appears that the console maker is quietly phasing out its current implementation of Xbox Live Gold too.

    The company confirmed to True Achievements that it is no longer selling 12-month subscriptions to the service on its online store, instead offering only 1-month and 3-month subscriptions only.

    “At this time, Xbox has decided to remove the 12 months Xbox Live Gold SKU from the Microsoft online Store,” said a Microsoft spokesperson to the site, further explaining that “Customers can still sign up for a one month or three month Xbox Live Gold subscription online through the Microsoft Store.”

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    Xbox Live Gold Isn’t Going Away After All Microsoft Confirms

    The rumors turned out to be false

    Rumors of Microsoft planning to re-brand or completely put an end to Xbox Live Gold have been circulating ever since the company began shifting its language when referring to Xbox Live Gold as “Xbox online service” in an .

    To further add to the credibility of these rumors, Microsoft has recently discontinued 12-month subscriptions of the service. However, this could have easily also just been an attempt at boosting the value of their Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, which would cost a user $14.99 a month.

    However, now these rumors are being denied by Microsoft. In a statement to The Verge, a Microsoft spokesperson claimed that “there are no changes being made to the experience of the service or Xbox Live Gold.”

    What Is Microsoft Planning For Next

    Xbox Live Gold Going Away Just Makes Sense

    While no reason was given for the decision, it may be an indication that Microsoft is planning a major overhaul of its online services going into the next generation, and will likely reveal those plans closer to the launch of Xbox Series X at the end of the year.

    So what could Xbox’s online services look like going forward? Given the enormous success of its Xbox Game Pass subscription, it’s entirely possible that Microsoft could roll Xbox Live Gold’s functionality into that, ending the need to subscribe to two separate services. Whether that would result in a price hike is, at this point, obviously an open question.

    And then there’s Microsoft’s upcoming game streaming service, Project xCloud, which has so far seen “hundreds of thousands” of beta testers stream Xbox games from PCs to mobile devices, according to Xbox boss Phil Spencer.

    It’s entirely possible that Microsoft took a good, long look at Xbox Live Gold and what it offers, and has decided that it was one online service too many for Xbox’s future. Of course, for now this is all just speculation, but given there are still many unknowns around the Xbox Series X family’s launch, Microsoft looks like it’ll have a lot to announce later in the year.

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    Jeff Grub Has Some Announcement In His Stream

    Xbox Live Gold members have been around for years and have tested several games in the platform, which Microsoft opens randomly.

    Jeff Grubb, an RPG designer, stated that the disappearance of the feature will likely happen since many multiplayer games would become free-to-play soon on Xbox.

    What Grubb wanted to point out is that there is no need anymore to buy the subscription for the Xbox Live Gold, wherein players can immerse themselves in playing multiplayer titles.

    Currently, free games such as “Apex Legends” and “Fortnite” can be played without subscribing to them, but the rest of the multiplayer games will require the users to avail the package.

    “I just wanted to reiterate, Xbox Live Gold is still on a board somewhere saying ‘this is going to go away at some point. Whether or not they’re actively talking about it right now, I don’t know, but they still have it on a roadmap saying ‘Xbox Live Gold will be dropped at some point in the future,” Grubb announced on his stream.

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    Will Microsoft Really Remove The Xbox Live Gold Paywall For Multiplayer

    Xbox Live Gold is a recurring subscription service required to access multiplayer services on Xbox consoles. It costs around $60 per year if you purchase annual time cards, although Microsoft itself is no longer offering the option to buy 12 months of Xbox Live Gold digitally, although it remains available via some other retailers.

    Microsoft’s official line on why they’ve decided to do away with the 12-month digital subscription is fairly vague and non-committal, but it hasn’t stopped rife speculation that Microsoft has removed it because it’s gearing up to do away with Xbox Live Gold entirely.

    Is this a realistic thing to expect in the future? Yes, it is. But I would be surprised if it happens any time soon.

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    Warzone Pacific Dev Responds To Low Fps Issues On Xbox Series X

    Xbox players have been suffering from low FPS on Warzone Pacific Caldera, but a senior Raven Software dev has now responded to the issue.

    Warzones Pacific update appears to have reverted the Xbox Series X|S consoles 120 FPS mode, forcing players to play Caldera at 60Hz. Now, a senior Raven Software developer has responded to the issue.

    FPS is an ever-important statistic in shooters, where high frames-per-second will improve your reaction time and make the game feel smoother and more pleasant to play.

    Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 consoles can run Warzone at 120 FPS double the 60 FPS that PS4s and Xbox Ones can handle. However, it appears that the Warzone Pacific Season 1 update removed the 120FPS feature from Xbox Series consoles, and now a senior developer has responded to the issue.

    Xbox players have become extremely frustrated with the issue, and one player brought up the issue to Raven Softwares Creative Director Ted Timmins.

    Daniel Hart said that they can no longer get 120 FPS while playing on the Xbox Series X and asked Timmins if the team are aware of it and if there will be a fix.

    I play on Xbox Series X too so Im in the same boat, responded Timmins. Team is aware but Ill find out why its not on the Trello board.

    For more Warzone Pacific, you can check out the best MG42 loadout to use in Caldera.

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