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Is Xbox Game Pass Free

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Xbox Game Pass Games List

How to Get Xbox Game Pass FREE – (2022)

Despite all the games that leave the service periodically, Xbox Game Pass is still jam-packed full of fun. From award-winning Control to fan favourite The Witcher 3, theres something on this list for everyone.

Here are all the console games currently available on Xbox Game Pass across console, PC, or the cloud:

Xbox Game Pass Games List: Every Xbox Game Pass Game Currently Available On Consoles

Below is a full list of every Xbox One, 360, Xbox Live and original Xbox game available in Xbox Game Pass:

  • 7 Days to Die
  • A Memoir Blue
  • A Plague Tale: Innocence

Interested in learning more about Microsoft’s next-gen plans?Here is everything we know about Xbox Series S vs X, the full set of confirmed Xbox Series X specs and features and the console design, size, dimensions and ports, the Xbox Series controller and confirmed Xbox Series games, including those which support Xbox Smart Delivery.The Xbox Series line of consoles will also support the ongoing library of Xbox Game Pass games.When you’re ready, you can look for some Xbox Series X/S stock.

How To Get Free Xbox Game Pass With Microsoft Rewards

  • Log into your Microsoft account or register for one if you haven’t already.
  • Go to the Microsoft Rewards page.
  • Earn points by searching with Bing and completing tasks.
  • Redeem the points for a free Xbox Game Pass.
  • The best Game Pass deal at the moment is for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. This service is usually sold for $44.99 for 3 months of access. You can get Ultimate right now for 98% off.

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    What Is Xbox Game Pass And Game Pass Ultimate

    Xbox Games Pass gives you access to well over 300 games to download and play on your Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S for one monthly fee.

    If you upgrade to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you also get Xbox Live Gold, PC Game Pass, EA Play and access to Xbox Cloud Gaming, all for the same price.

    You can download the games and play them as often as you like, as long as you continue to pay the monthly fee. Some titles might become unavailable as others are added, but you also have the option of buying any of the collection outright at discounted prices.

    Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and original Xbox games are part of the line-up, the latter two through backward compatibility, so there are plenty of top titles to choose from.

    Microsoft adds releases of its own and many third-party games on the same day they are released in stores. This includes Halo Infinite and Bethesda’s new, forthcoming sci-fi RPG, Starfield.

    It could also include all of Activision Blizzard’s vast back catalogue of titles, when Microsoft’s acquisition completes, including legacy and new Call of Duty games.

    The included Xbox Live Gold also gives subscribers exclusive discounts on many games on the Xbox Store.

    What Are Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Perks


    Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Perks can best be described as free downloadable content provided by Microsoft as a reward for those who subscribe to the service. These Perks can take the form of in-game items like player costumes, weapon skins, playable characters, or even in-game currency that can be used to purchase content from the in-game stores.

    Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Perks aren’t just for video games they also apply to third-party apps. For example, some Perks can grant you temporary free access to the premium features of a third-party app like Discord or Spotify, which generally require you to pay a separate monthly fee to access.

    There are some caveats when obtaining Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Perks. For starters, the Perks are only available on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. If you only have a free or an Xbox Live Gold account or are only subscribed to Game Pass PC or Game Pass Console, you will need to upgrade it to an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate account to claim the Perks.

    Secondly, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Perks are available for a limited time, so you will need to claim the Perks before the time limit on them expires. Once you have claimed a Perk, you then receive a grace period where you must redeem the Perk’s code before the appointed deadline. And thirdly, you will need to own the game or app the Perks are associated with before you can use them.

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    Eternal Return Skins And Boosts Premium Bundle Claim And Redeem By Sept 1 2022

    Eternal Return is a free-to-play battle royale with MOBA elements where you are forced to fight powerful superhumans to escape from being stranded on a deserted island. Increase your chances of survival while looking cool at the same time with the Skins and Boosts Premium Bundle. This Perk bundle contains A-Coin and XP Boosts and three cosmetic character skins: Midnight Shinobi Yuki skin, Champion Jan, and Magnolia Oracle Hyejin.

    This perk is available for the PC version of Eternal Return and can only be claimed once per account.

    Smite Nickelodeon Starter Pack Claim By Aug 28 2022 And Redeem By Sept 22 2022

    Smite is a free-to-play MOBA where you play as legendary gods and engage in epic battles to determine who is the mightiest of them all. Grab the Gods needed to play as your favorite Nickelodeon characters with the Nickelodeon Starter Pass. This Perk pack contains Janus, Danzaburou, Cupid, Gilgamesh, and Freya, their voice packs, and a Deal of the Day Token.

    This perk is available for the Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One versions of Smite and can only be claimed once per account.

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    Xbox Game Pass September 2022 Leaving Games

    We dont have any details about the September 2022 leaving games for Xbox Game Pass, but we will know the first lot at the beginning of the month. Another group of games will then leave at the end of the month.

    For more on Xbox Game Pass, check out the full Game Pass games library available right now across all platforms!

    How Much Does Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Cost

    How To Get Xbox Game Pass Ultimate For Free

    Xbox Games Pass Ultimate is priced at $14.99/£10.99 a month. You can cancel at any time.

    As mentioned, it includes Xbox Live Gold, Xbox Games Pass for PC and EA Play. Plus, Microsoft’s cloud service, Cloud Gaming, is part of Ultimate at no extra cost.

    The standard console-only version of Games Pass doesn’t include Gold, EA Play, Cloud Gaming or the PC version. It costs $9.99/£7.99 a month. It’s the same price for the PC-only version when subscribed to separately. Ultimate is clearly the better deal.

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    Discord Nitro Claim By Oct 26 2022 And Redeem By Nov 26 2022

    Discord is one of the best voice chat and text messaging apps for gaming, and with this perk, you can experience the best features it has to offer. The Discord Nitro Perk grants a free three-month trial of Discord Nitro, an enhanced version of Discord that usually requires a monthly payment for its services, unlike the standard free Discord app.

    Discord Nitro’s features include uploading 100MB video and image files at high resolutions, a bigger library of emojis to use, server boosts, streaming via screenshare at HD quality, and more.

    Fifa 22 Supercharge Pack Claim By July 31 2022 And Redeem By Sept 28 2022

    FIFA 22 is the latest entry in the EAs long-running video game soccer franchise. Take your game to the next level with the FIFA 22 Supercharge Pack. This Perk pack contains 10 players rated 80 or above and a choice of one of four Team of the Season Loan Players rated 95 or above for five games.

    This perk is available for the Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One versions of FIFA 22 and can only be claimed once per account.

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    What Games Are Coming To Xbox Game Pass On Consoles In July

    Here is the confirmed list of Xbox Game Pass games coming to consoles in July:

    • Far Cry 5
    • Yazuka 0
    • Yazuka Kiwami
    • Yazuka Kiwami 2
    • DJMax Respect V
    • Matchpoint: Tennis Championships
    • Road 96
    • Solasta: Crown of the Magister
    • Garden Story
    • Escape Academy
    • My Friend Peppa Pig
    • PAW Patrol The Movie: Adventure City Calls
    • PowerWash Simulator
    • As Dusk Falls
    • Watch Dogs 2
    • Raji: An Ancient Epic Enhanced Edition
    • Raji: An Ancient Epic Enhanced Edition
    • MotoGP 22
    • Torment: Tides of Numenera
    • Inside

    Note – Sam Barlow’s Immorality was originally scheduled for July 26th, but has been delayed until next month.

    There will be more to come in future announcements from Microsoft every few weeks, so stay tuned.

    What Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Perks Will You Take

    Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 14 Day Free Trial

    The free items and codes from these Perks is just the tip of the digital iceberg when comes to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate’s benefits. With this list, we hope we have informed you of these bonus rewards, so you can claim extra content for the best Xbox Game Pass games on the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Windows PC.

    Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

    With the power of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you can experience hundreds of the greatest video games at a meager monthly cost. This subscription service is too good to miss out for any gamer, whether they want AAA blockbuster extravaganzas or artistic, thought-provoking indie treasures.

    Buy from:

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    Halo Infinite Pass Tense Rocket Warthog Bundle Claim By Aug 16 2022 And Redeem By Sept 9 2022

    Don the armor of Master Chief once more to defend the galaxy and finish the fight in Halo Infinite. Give your warthog a brand new look with the Pass Tense Rocket Warthog Bundle. This Perk bundle contains the “Pass Tense” Rocket Warthog Vehicle coating, four 2XP Boosts, and four Challenge Swaps.

    This is available for the Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, and PC and Steam versions of Halo Infinite, and only be claimed once per account.

    All Previous Xbox Game Pass Game Releases

    Xbox Game Pass console games added June 2022:

    • For Honor: Marching Fire Edition
    • Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection
    • Assassin’s Creed Origins
    • Chorus
    • Disc Room
    • Spacelines from the Far Out
    • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge
    • Omori
    • Naraka Bladepoint
    • Shadowrun Trilogy
    • FIFA 22
    • House Flipper

    Xbox Game Pass console games added May 2022:

    • Loot River
    • Trek to Yomi
    • Citizen Sleeper
    • Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair Anniversary Edition
    • Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising
    • This War of Mine: Final Cut
    • NHL 22
    • Jurassic World Evolution 2
    • Little Witch in the Woods
    • Umurangi Generation Special Edition
    • Farming Simulator 22
    • Floppy Knights
    • Sniper Elite 5
    • Pac-Man Museum+

    Xbox Game Pass console games added April 2022:

    • MLB The Show 22
    • Cricket 22
    • Chinatown Detective Agency
    • Life Is Strange: True Colors
    • Lost In Random
    • Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion
    • 7 Days to Die
    • Research and Destroy
    • Bugsnax
    • Unsouled

    Xbox Game Pass console games added March 2022:

    • Far: Changing Tides
    • Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII
    • Kentucky Route Zero
    • Lawn Mowing Simulator
    • Young Souls
    • Shredders
    • The Dungeon of Naheulbeuk: The Amulet of Chaos
    • Kraken Academy!!
    • Tainted Grail: Conquest
    • Zero Escape: The Nonary Games
    • A Memoir Blue
    • F1 2021
    • Crusader Kings 2
    • Weird West

    Xbox Game Pass console games added February 2022:

    • Contrast
    • Dreamscaper
    • Telling Lies
    • Besiege
    • Edge of Eternity
    • Skul: The Hero Slayer
    • The Last Kids on Earth and the Staff of Doom
    • CrossfireX
    • Ark: Ultimate Survivor Edition
    • Infernax
    • Lawn Mowing Simulator
    • Madden NFL 22
    • Super Mega Baseball 3

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    How To Convert Xbox Live Gold To Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

    The most basic description of what youll do is this:

  • Buy Xbox Live Gold
  • Activate the $1 Xbox Game Pass Ultimate trial
  • Agree to a conversion of your Gold and/or standard Game Pass subscription to Game Pass Ultimate
  • However, you can run into a few pitfalls during this processespecially if youre going for the maximum of three years. The detailed instructions below will help you avoid those mistakes.

    Step 1

    Add months to an Xbox Live Gold subscription using digital subscription codes purchased from Microsoft or another retailer . Increase the time on Xbox Live Gold, not standard Xbox Game PassXbox Live Gold is the cheaper option.

    Note: Microsoft discontinued selling 12-month Xbox Live Gold subscriptions on its website during the summer of 2020, but third-party retailers still sell them for now.

    Amazon is one of the easiest places to purchase digital subscription codes for Xbox Live Gold, but you can sometimes find better prices at other retailers.

    Add time in the largest increments possiblea 12-month code for Gold works out much cheaper per month than the one-month, three-month, and six-month varieties. When purchasing codes, always remember that Microsofts servers wont let you redeem a code for a duration that exceeds the 36-month cap. Short multi-day trial codes for Xbox Live Gold wont work for this promotion, like those for three days or two weeks.


    What’s The Catch How To Get A Free Subscription

    How To Get Xbox Game Pass FREE Code!!

    The new offer is promising, but it has a catch.

    Users need to be new to the service, and their email addresses to use for this venture should not be affiliated with Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass in the past. Moreover, it is available for users that use the PC platform, and it is not available for console gamers. It means that the Xbox One and the Xbox Series S and X are not eligible for this.

    Lastly, Microsoft is giving this to gamers that played “Halo Infinite,” “Forza Horizon 5,” or “Age of Empires IV” before February 28.

    It is important to note these conditions before availing, or they will get charges for these three months that are supposedly free.

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    Super Animal Royale Season 4 Xbox Perks Pack Claim By Sept 28 2022 And Redeem By Oct 5 2022

    Super Animal Royale is a 2D battle royale game where you play as vicious animals fighting one another to claim supremacy as the ultimate apex predator by any means necessary. Deck out your animal and their gun with stylish Xbox-themed cosmetics with the Season 4 Xbox Perks Pack. This Perk contains a Green & Black Thomas Gun, a Green & Black Sniper Rifle, a Green & Black Onesie, and a Green & Black Nightcap

    This Perk is available for the Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Windows PC versions of Super Animal Royale and can only be claimed once per account. It’s also unavailable in Austria, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, and Taiwan.

    How To Get Xbox Game Pass For Free

    Xbox Game Pass lets you access over 100 popular titles on both the Xbox One console and PC. It works just like a movie streaming platform, but with video games. Members pay a monthly subscription fee in exchange for access to the game library.

    If you’re looking for totally unlimited access to Xbox Game PassI’m afraid you’re out of luck. The only way to get a free subscription is to take advantage of trials. There are also special bundles that offer Game Pass access at a discounted rate. These deals can save you some serious money, so be sure to check them all out.

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    New Xbox Game Pass Game Is One Of Its Best So Far

    There’s a new Xbox Game Pass game today, and it’s one of the best games added so far this year, and some may argue, one of the best additions in the history of the service. The new game is available to both Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers and supports all three versions of the subscription service: cloud, console, and PC. In short, every Xbox Game Pass subscriber can play it no matter the tier and no matter the platform.

    The game in question was released back in 2016 on June 29, and, at first, the game was an Xbox One exclusive, though it’s since come to other platforms. If you haven’t connected the dots, the game is Inside from developer Playdead. Nominated for Game of Year, Best Narrative, and Best Music/Sound Design at The Game Awards, and the winner of Best Art Direction and Best Independent Game at the same show, Inside was released to a 93 on Metacritic, making it one of the highest-rated games of the last generation.

    “Hunted and alone, a boy finds himself drawn into the center of a dark project,” reads the opening of an official elevator pitch for the game. “Inside is a dark, narrative-driven platformer combining intense action with challenging puzzles. It has been critically acclaimed for its moody art style, ambient soundtrack, and unsettling atmosphere.”

    World Of Warships: Legends Mythical Might Bundle Claim And Redeem By July 25 2022

    Another free Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Code for 14 days. : xboxone

    World of Warships: Legends is a free-to-play, competitive multiplayer game where players control the world’s most powerful battleships and engage enemy fleets in epic naval battles. Upgrade your roster of ships with the Mythical Might Bundle Perk. This bundle contains Tier V U.K. cruiser Leander, the Tier III French Premium battleship Turenne, an assortment of in-game goods, extra boosters, and premium account time.

    This perk is available for the Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One versions of World of Warships: Legends and can only be claimed once per account. Do note that this Perk is not available in BE.

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